Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday fun with the Chunch

I got to take the afternoon off and spend it with my favorite 22 month old, the chunchie. She was a good sport while we got our Costco on, our Wal-mart death race and the Macey's-wrap-it-up-with-a-treat expedition.
Now keep in my mind, I have no control over how she shows up at my house. And usually, I just let her be until bath time and then clean it all up, but today was particularly ghetto. I can't believe we ventured out looking so rag-a-muffy....
Really, who goes out with looking like this?at least we weren't in the Wal-mart at the time. At least we had moved up in the food supermarket chain to Macey's. But still. And this one just reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where George gets caught on the big jumbotron with ice-cream all over his face. True confession, I might have been as messy as her, I'm just behind the camera.....
And what a difference a good tubbie makes
She is learning the art of saying cheese and really posing!

She is also working on her Zoolander face....
And finally how to implement props.....
My Chunch in prime form!

You thought I was exaggerating didn't you.....

My office is on the 9th floor.
Again the question begs, what does the crapper, and two of them at that, need to be doing hovering this high up?Just curious......

Funny Bone Friday - Things I may have heard, or said, or just thought in my head

(My giggling little chunchie)

"You are a delightful little devil, you got rid of my beeps!"

"Dad, your ideas are........ well...... how can I put this mildly........ CRAPPY!"

"Did she really make you kiss the heart and make a wish? Suckah!"

"Are you serious? I'm my best self on 1/2 a LorTab."

"Help! My head is stuck inside the Doritos bag! I shouldn't have tried to lick the crumbs from the bottom."

"Please! Go wipe your daughters bum before it dries and gets crusty."

"You realize what you've done don't you? You've let her in the BFF circle!"

"Best hunker down, Mama's on board!"

"What's for dinner Batman?"

"I'm all about the good, solid pinch."

Thursday, January 29, 2009

An award? For lil 'ole me? Why thank you, thank you very much!

My favorite Diva gave me this fabulous award! Thanks CJ!

Now, here are the instructions.
1. Post on your blog.
2. Link back to who gave you the award.
3. Nominate 10 other bloggers who display great attitude/gratitude.
4. Link to them on your blog.
5. Let them know you have awarded them by commenting on a post of theirs.

That simple!
Now, the hard part..... just 10? Really only 10? Crap-a-doodle! I'm no good at choosing.........
1. Brianna
2. Martie
3. Karen
4. Missy
5. Kim
6. Tib
7. Kristina
8. OMgirl
9. Mindi
10. Pedaling
11. Jamie
Yeah I cheated, what of it?

HELP! Please, for the love of all that's holy, HELP!!

This is my friend Martha, or Martie as we call her.

I've known her for about 4 years now, and well, we have a problem. What's the problem you say? Why just look at her, she is a beautiful specimen of a human being, with her twinkling eyes and contagious grin, what could possibly be the problem?
Well, let me just say it like it is. She hasn't found Mr. Right yet. And, seriously, it's buggin. It's just not right. Now we all know that some people have no business gettin hitched and then breeding, but this gal, she's a hidden gem!
I finally have had enough. Who can Splenda Daddy and I double date with that will laugh at all my jokes? Who can I drag to Passion parties and get embarrassed with? Who can I discuss marital issues with and know that she'll giggle me to recovery? Or even better, who can I advise on marital issues with my vast array of marital knowledge? One word. Martha. So, I am taking matters into my own hands. I am "laying it all out there" for her and begging for my bloggy friends (all of whom I trust) to help me find the right "George" for my Martha.

So let's get down to business. Let me start off with a few pertinent and maybe not so pertinent facts about said work BFF.

She is 5'9"; 36 years of age; hazel eyes; dimple in her cheek (not the nether one, but up north); is a regular gym attender; loves to go to movies, is open minded and most of all, LAUGHS A LOT. Does that get annoying you ask? He** no! We call her The Giggler for a darn good reason. She makes you feel funny, smart, witty, and all warm/fuzzy about yourself just by her continual smile and positive attitude. She has traveled the world in her days and speaks not only English, but French and Russian. I'm gonna take the liberty of adding that she did have one semester of Spanish so she can order at McDonald's if necessary, though not her preferred place of dining.
She has a great sense of humor and can laugh not only with and at others, but at herself. She does hold an Olympic gold in belching (of which her brothers are so proud), so all applicants must be able to keep up. Though she is not a fan of camping and the outdoors she would be okay with a man that does. And while we are seg-waying into what she is looking for, let's simplify and just do a list. I'll indicate any deal breakers.
1. Must be LDS and card carrying or eligible (deal breaker)
2. Any and all divorces must be final (deal breaker)
3. Be between the ages of 32 - 40
4. At least 6' tall
5. Gainfully employed
6. Not crazy (deal breaker)
7. Not currently married (deal breaker)
8. Not living at home with Mother
9. No crazy ex's but children okay
10. Confident without being cocky
11. Must be willing to accept her current relationship with the electric sex leg lamp (nightlight)Alegra, and her ultimate BFF Michelle.
12. No smoking, no drinking, no heroin. Crack okay on special occasions.
13. No "home grown sweater" unless willing to laser or wax on regular basis.
14. No felonies, although misdemeanor's acceptable if the right kind.
15. Must be able to understand the difference between: there; their; they're and your; you're. (little bit of a grammar freak)
16. Nunchuk and computer skillz preferred.Martie with her Ultimate BFF. Mart is on the right.....

Now that is really just about it. Not a bad list at all, I think completely reasonable. And obviously, there are some items thrown in for humor content. So if you have specific questions regarding any above items, please address them with me and I can clarify.
Aaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnd one last little ditty, she is willing to re-locate. IF it's the right man. (I would cry big crocodile tears though)
So calling all matchmakers! Dust off your matchmaking skills and let's find our Martie a man!
Please send all potential applicants my way for screening first (see my sidebar for email address). I am protective of this one, she is my sistah from another mistah after all!

Happy husband hunting, I'm counting on you!

Thankful Thursday - with a snarky twist today

Feeling a little snarky today, so while I am thankful for many things, there are several that are just "buggin" today....

1. I am NOT technically inclined in the least. I HATE the fact that I need help with anything remotely technical, computerized, get the idea. However, I AM THANKFUL that Tiburon has my back and not only lets me lift her Thankful logo, but helps me with my heart rate monitor. Both in the set up and reading the da** thing in the morning.

2. I HATE winter. I hate the wet, the cold, the snow, the deadness all around me. However, I AM THANKFUL that I have a nice warm house, with a furnace and a hot cornbag to warm me up and keep me warm.

3. I HATE the new president's "economic stimulus package". I'm not exactly sure how it's going to simulate the economy in any time soon and think it's a bunch of agenda stuff that his particular party has wanted for years and now have the ability to giftwrap it in the form of a "stimulus" package. However, I AM THANKFUL that I live in the United States and while our economy is suffering, I am not watching my babies die from cholera, lack of nutrition, aids or other diseases. That we have the freedoms we do and the ability to voice our own opinions.

4. I HATE the fact that Splenda Daddy's company is loading the lay-off gun. Don't know how many rounds or where the barrel will be pointed yet. But, I AM THANKFUL that I have a job that is recession/depression safe.

5. I HATE driving 32 miles round trip to my office. Waste of time, gas and frustration with other koo-koo drivers. I AM THANKFUL though, that I can WFH once a week. Seriously, best blessing ever, and I really get more work done. No lie.

6. I HATE the fact that Splenda Daddy is sick. We all know what that means. You know, when your DH is sick...... However, I AM THANKFUL for Splenda Daddy in my life. Cold and all. In fact, his voice is so low, it's sexy.

What are you thankful for today? Or what's buggin? I am interested in either.....

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

If it's Wednesday, then I'm wondering WHY? The illustrated version

Many important pressing issues today that have me scratching my head and wondering why.......

WHY have I not learned my lesson about wearing my heart rate monitor watch on my wrist during kickboxing? WHY when we were doing backfists and I kept feeling pain, did I not remove the watch and place it somewhere else on my self? WHY do I always have to be such a dork and learn these lessons the hard way and multiple times?

WHY do I find such perverse pleasure in this sight that greets me EVERY time I pull in the driveway? That dang dog has ruined more furniture and the window sill by his desperate need to see outside at all times, but yet, I still find my self singing "How much is that doggie in the window", every time I pull into the driveway and see him perched in his spot watching the world go by. It makes me smile even though I'd like to spank him silly for this terrible need of his!

And WHY is it that I can fall so head over heels in love with this group of 14 and 15 year's so quickly? I don't even like girls, but within weeks, they have completely stolen my heart and I think about them and worry about them all the time. WHY?

Please feel free to share any wise enlightenment that you have for me and what your pressing questions of the day are for you......

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Fabulous Giveaway!

The Diva directed me to a muy excellente give away!

Go here to check it out.
Or not, then I have a better chance of winning! Anywhooo, the blogger is a fun read!

Tickle Me Pink Tuesday

Things that are just "tickling me pink" today:

My fantastic dream about Elder L last night. AWE.SOME. He is good, he is happy, and he is safe!

When Tiburon tells me she was a "champ" last night. HA.HA!

Watching Jordan quiver with happiness and excitement when she sees me heat the corn bag and get the home office set up. It's like paradise for her!

That Tuffy helped me find my checkbook. If he would have just looked in the pocket with the tampons and pads in the first place, we would have found it faster!

That the pager has been so quiet(knock on wood). Keeping fingers crossed.

That it is Tuesday and that means Yoga!

What "tickles you pink" today?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Missionary Monday - update

Found three cool websites that published the story Elder Luke refers too in his weekly update. And, even better, it's translated into English. Spanish doesn't translate straight across to English, but you get the idea.
Somehow, I feel peace. Call me crazy, but I know he is right where he needs to be, right now.
If you're interested check 'em out.

Of course it's all about me, it is my blog after all.

I can't even remember how this started but I know that I asked to play along. Sher over at SHer the Love sent me 5 questions about me. Who knew that they would require so much thought and introspection on my part? And who knew that when I finally got the gonads to answer the questions honestly and post them, I would feel a little narcissistic? I guess we all are to a certain level are we not?
Anyway, here's the email and the questions.......

Hey there Melissa!

Here are the questions I came up with. Sorry, if they're lame, or if you've already answered some of them on your blog.
I thought it would be more fun to get to know you if I asked some thought provoking questions, so here you go.

Love, SHer

1. How did you and your hubby meet? How long did you date? How did he propose?
Splenda Daddy and I met on a blind date my senior year in high school. The date was November 6th 1983. I had just moved out, and it was my first weekend on my own. I shared a house with some girlfriends who had graduated the year before. My BFF at that time was dating SD's BFF and thought we would like each other. The minute I saw him, I immediately felt like I was in over my head! He was a MAN! Not a kid in high school! 5 o'clock shadow and all! But after my initial butterflies, I was caught. Hook, line and sinker. Once I met him, there was no other. We were "promised" by Valentine's day and got married a week after I turned 18 in 1984. We were both raised in the LDS faith but neither was active at the time. About 10 years into our marriage we grew up a little bit and embraced the gospel. We got sealed as a family in 1995. There was no formal proposal, just one night he started talking like he was going to break up with me and instead gave me the promise ring (tease). Now, 24 - almost 25 years later, he is still my one and only. Scary how much you can love a person isn't it? I can't imagine life or eternity without him. We have fun, we make each other laugh, and we have been through so much together it's unreal. He is my ultimate BFF!

2. If you were told you had only 1 year left to live, what would you do? What would you change, if anything, in your life? I would immediately quit work and spend every single day with family and friends. If I had the money, I would travel to all the places that I love or have wanted to see. Taking all my loved ones with me. Cancun would be my first stop and then Europe, particularly Spain and Scotland to learn more of my heritage. I don't know that I would have changed anything except the period of my life that I chose not to live the gospel principles. However, that's hard because then I wouldn't have met SD. I guess, your life happens the way it happens and there is no looking back, only forward. I would definitely have taken school more serious and been more passionate about learning while I was young and still had the brain cells to do it.

3. What is your life's passion. Tell us about why, and how you came to love that thing. My life's passion is people. I know that sounds weird. But really, people. I love meeting new people, I love to be surrounded by people all the time and I love to people-watch. I could and often do, to the chagrin of SD, carry on conversations with complete strangers. I love getting to know what makes people tick and I enjoy the diversities that so many different people in my life have brought. I love the fact that I have finally learned that I can love someone different than me. I can see and embrace the differences and not allow them to hold me back from some very rewarding experiences. Also, that when I take off my judgemental glasses (need to do that more), I can see so much good in others and that when I really try hard, I can let that good build me up and I can aspire to emulate their positive qualities. i just love people! Why? I have no idea, but I do know, I have been this way my entire life. Shy is NOT in my repertoire.

4. What would you consider to be your greatest accomplishment in life, other than having a family. This is hard. Of course family. Although sometimes I feel like it's not an accomplishment at all. If it was, wouldn't I have perfect kids? So, looking elsewhere for accomplishment. I think it's the fact that I could overcome the many challenges I faced growing up and am actually a stand-up, productive member of society. That I can acknowledge my childhood and it's trauma's and not let it interfere with who I can become. I see it for what it was, know that I am, to an extent defined by it, but also understand that I am a work in progress and all things in our lives are part of the polishing and refining we need. I like to think I have a unique perspective on some things simply because of my experiences. Just like anyone really.

5. What is your greatest weakness. Why? (If this is to personal, then tell us what your favorite food is or something)Mmmmmmm favorite food? Pizza, Mexican and a damn good steak! : ) Weakness. Wow, introspection begins. It would be interesting to see what others thought my greatest weakness is. But you aren't asking everyone else are you? Okay, enough stalling. I think my greatest weakness would have to be my snarky, judgmental, sarcastic side that surfaces more than my kind, soft and empathetic side does. Who am I to judge another? Really. I know that in my heart, but most of the time, that is just how my brain works. Spot on immediate judgements. And if that isn't enough, I usually can't keep my big mouth shut. I figure if I am thinking it, then everyone MUST be wanting to know. I think that is self-centeredness and pride. Two qualities that I KNOW need to be reigned in and given the boot. Working on it, really I am. Which would be one of the reasons I love SHer's bucket filler's. For a few minutes every day, I reign it in and think good positive thoughts!

Well, there you have it. I really must thank the wonderful SHer for these questions that made me think and think hard. Great exercise in self-acknowledgement and resolution to work harder.

If your interested in playing along, let me know. I would love to learn more about YOU!

This post brought to you by the letter.......

Tammy over at Time Flies played this on her blog and I thought it would be fun too. I asked her to assign me a letter and......ta da..... The letter R !!

So my 10 favorite things that begin with the letter R:
1. Rebuttal's - I like me a good argument, I mean, debate.
2. Rick Reed. A gym BFF who had the nerve to up and move back to Denver. Waaahhhhh.
3. Races - I love running and I love the competition. Must.measure.everything. Not just myself but against others. I know, I know, SICK!
4. Raspberries. Especially on vanilla ice cream. YUM!
5. Reese's Peanut Butter cups. Who ever invented Peanut Butter and Chocolate together deserves a freakin award of some sort.
6. Red - the color red. I wear a lot of it, and love it!
7. Roses - my favorite flower and I love getting them as surprises just because..... *hint hint Splenda Daddy*
8. Rewards - meaning the rewards that Splenda Daddy will be getting shortly on his Amex Express. He's so freakin smart and disciplined with the plastic!
9. Re-do's. I screw up so much, that I am grateful for the opportunity to call "mulligan" and re-do some things.
10. Reading. Love reading. Will read just about anything I can get a hold of and sit still long enough for.

Kinda fun huh? If you're interested in playing, give me a shout and I'll assign ya a letter! Thanks Tammy, this was a fun mental challenge for me. I think I need a rest.

A big shout out to Big D construction company

Dear Big D construction company,
Thank you, thank you, thank you for your oops-a-doodle this morning! Now, please know that I have been more than patient through all the demolition the past year or so while the Downtown Rising project has been going on. The many detours, sidewalk closures, building shaking, power losses, strange noises, vibrations and most importantly, the crane hovering around the windows ready to swing and smash at any moment. And who can ever forget the many times something caught my attention in the corner of my eye to see a porta-john being hoisted high above? (who needs the crapper up there anyway? Just wondering)
But today, well today is the icing on the cake! It made my Monday the best Monday ever! Nothing spells happiness like getting a phone call just as you get out of the shower from a work BFF who explains that whilst working early (the butt-crack of 7:00am), a loud announcement was made to "cease operations and evacuate the building immediately!" When said work BFF questioned construction worker (after safely evacuating), that the problems encountered would likely take all day to repair it just took a quick phone call to the boss, and then we all got the word to just go ahead and "work from home". Oh Big D! How could you possibly know that I needed a WFH day today? What with the storm and the roads being a skating rink and all. How did you know that I needed my hot corn bag, my baby Jordan and be in my home office today?
For this wonderful treat, I SALUUUUUTE you! Again, many thanks, and just a small request.....could you oops-a-doodle a lot more for the next 3 weeks until I move office's? I would sure appreciate it!

The work from home fiend

Monday - Missionary Update - WOW

What an update this week! I'm sure the Spanish at the end is done better than his English : )

Dear Fam,

Wow, i cant even begin to explain how this week went haha. wow it was honestly sooo craZY AND i kinda dont know where to start. loved getting your guyss emails and hearin from ya, and the pics, wow awesome! the chunch is getting so big wow! she is so cute. okay so i think that i am going to start with some changes that were made in the mission.......
drum roll please......nah jk that was lame, but seriously.... haha okay there are some minor changes that i am aware of....for example: 1 i cannot email more than two to the family, and one to the mission president. I cant even email seperately. I guess that there is some problems with some elders in the mission and they had to change that rule. sorry, but i am just going to have to email mom, dad, and tuffy in the same. But i guess that is not tooo bad right? and about the transfers, wnt know until tongiht or tomorrow. and i cant email you guys until next monday, sooooo i guess you guys are going to have to wait to find out haha sorry. you guys all know what i am hoping for...
here is a story for the books. haha this week was crazy, and here is the story:

Wednesday afternoon after our intercambios with the zone leaders, we went and ate lunch with the good old mamita cleme. in the middle of lunch, we get a phone call from one of the members of the chruch telling us that Barabra, the recent convert of the branch is in the hospital. we rush over there as soon as possible to see what has happened. It was not a pretty sight. she had the flu and an infection. ouch, not good. she could barly open her eyes. we gave her a blessing and then after visiting with her, we headed out. and here is where it gets crazy. we noticed that there was a ton of people at the exit of the hospital, or i guess that would be the entrance also. this was very unsual. as we make our way through the people, i see a man, complety bloody. i didnt reconizge who it was, until he looked at me. i knew him. he was an investigator of our zone leaders. i asked, what happened? he told me, complety tramatized, they killed my son. i didnt know what to say. he son had 4 years old. the people then surrounded him and we could no longer talk. his wife, who was going to be baptized this Friday, was crying and was devestated. i couldnt believe what was happening. we imediantly called the missionaries there are in her sector to come over. well, they were in intercambios, so the whole disrtict was over her in a matter of mintues. to make a really long story short, we spent almost the entire day with them, the family, helping out, and with whatever they need. quick backroung of what happened. in that family there are 4. the dad, juan carlos, the mom, the daughter (13 years old) and the son (4 years old). the parents had left their kids for the first time ever in the house alone to go to work. two guys broke into the house and were going to rob a comp. they ended up stabbing the boy 7 times, the last stab in the next, and twisted the knife to instantly kill him. and the girl, 13 stabbings....and she lived. the parents came home to see that their kids had been murderd. wow, it was terrible. the mom and the daughter were boht going to be baptized Friday, two days later. the day before they were teling ht emissionaries about their testimonies and how excvited they were to be a member and be baptized. the funeral was this friday. there was tons and tons of people. my zone leader spoke, and was on the radio. everyone in La Union went into a riot. there is a video on youtube i thihnk. type in La Union 2 ninos muertos. there you can see a video. but wow, where we in the right place at the right time. i knew that family and couldnt belive what was happening. that fam left to santiago to get away from La UNion. the missionaries there will visit them.

this whole week has been basicyl delt around that. it was a busy one for sure haha.apart of that things are going good. kinda just counting down the time if you know what i mean haha. that is cool to hear tuff that you are doin good. keep up the good work dude, datin and stuff. i am going to buy a little mini guitar here, called a chango and going to learn how to play it here haha. should be pretty cool! okay here is some of the emial in spanish:

Bueno, con el tiempo que tengo en la mision, yo puedo decir, facilmente, que es lo mejor dos anos de mi vida. no hay nada mejor que ayudanding personas a ser feliz en esta vida, y siempre estar en servicio todos los dias. estoy un pocito triste porque se que en mas o menos once meses, me voy a mi pais, y termino la mision tiempo completo. segurament seguiré ayudando personas por todo mi vida.las experiencas que uno tiene en la mision, son unicos and van a servirme por todo mi vida. AMO LA MISION!

Okay, Splenda Daddy and I are a little FREAKED and would like Luke out of La Union himself. However, we are more than certain he will be staying and crazy comp will be leaving. Loved getting new pictures. Isn't he a stud? I am so happy for him!
And finally, if anyone knows Spanish and would like to translate the last portion and leave in the comments, I would appreciate it!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

April's Giveaway!!

Found a new blog that has totally caught my attention. No, not for the giveaway, that is what linked me over there. But check out her bag! For the love of all that's holy! The bag ROCKS!
Go give April a whirl!

How I spent my weekend - An essay of randomness

Is the weekend over already?? FREAK! Where did it go? A minute ago, I swear it was Friday afternoon and I was racing to get home so Jill could drop Chloee off, and here it is now, Sunday night, and I've lost two whole days!

Friday night was....... hmmmmmm. I can't even remember. We must have done something fun. Or not. It's gone like a good dream.

Saturday was..... hmmmm, I remember a little more about that. It started with the gym. Our good friend Rick who had the nerve to up and move back to Denver Friday, got his last request in for weights and he chose 200 push-ups. No, that is NOT a typo! 200 push up's. I missed him so much that morning, but today and those 200 pushups later - not so much! Yikes! Entire upper body muscles are crying big crocodile tears, not to mention I lost a bet with the shark and had to pay up with a candy bar.
Then off to church ball. Our priests played the ONE WARD we ever have problems with. Why this particular ward and the competitiveness, I have no idea. But it's been that way for YEARS! It was a close game, but in the end, our boys out-played them, and our coach out-coached them. Go Tuffy and Splenda Daddy! It was funny when one of our ward members mentioned that maybe we will all need to take the sacrament twice for the words and attitudes this game : ) At least no technical fouls and no one having to talk to the Bishop. That was a regular occurance with my oldest son.
Then Kim and Natalie brought the kids over for a visit.
How FUN!
The puppies are already so big.
and as for Hummer
he's just plain HUGE (for a small dog anyway).
They made themselves right at home and remembered exactly where the food was. Mom and Kasey got in on all the play.

I think those puppies probably slept for hours after all the action! So cute and so fun to see them again! It makes me lean toward doing another litter.....(don't tell Splenda Daddy).
Then Tuffy and I were off to get his answer ready. His answer ready you ask? What the?? See he got asked by a cute friend to go to "Sweethearts" at school. She brought him some McDonald's Friday night at work. A big Mac, shake and fries. With a note that said "Would a Big Mac like you, wanna shake it up with a small fry like me?" How cute is that?? So he got a couple bags of sweethearts, a few packages of DingDong's and then we headed off to Build-a-Bear. He made the cutest RockStar bear complete with rockstar shades and drum sticks.
Named him Tuffy's Rock Band name of "Kramer", and then put it all in three separate boxes.
Box #1 has the sweethearts with a note that says "Me, go to Sweethearts with you?". Box #2 has the DingDongs with a note that says "Don't be a DingDong".
Box #3 has the bear with a note that says "I'd be BEARY happy to!". Cute huh?! Yes, I helped with general idea however, the details he came up with and worked on. He'll be leaving it for her in Seminary tomorrow. I can't wait to hear how she likes it!

Sunday......mmmmmm would love to tell you that I went to church and had some amazing spiritual experiences. That I have been enlightened and uplifted. Nope.Nada.Zilch.
The chunch did NOT sleep well. She was up at 1:30am, and then wouldn't go back to her own bed. Which meant she was with us, so does that equal anyone sleeping well? NO!
Splenda Daddy had to get up early for meetings so she was up early again and when I finally got her back to sleep, it was back to snooze-land for myself. And since Splenda Daddy didn't make it back home before church, Tuffy got the pleasure of sleeping in too. WOW. And once that whole groove was thrown off, well the rest of the day we just kissed off! Seriously. You know what I am talkin about. Where you just really can't/won't/don't do ANYTHING the rest of the day. Nothing that didn't HAVE to happen like basic care taking of the chunch and potty breaks. Other than that, NON-PRODUCTIVE. Would love to tell you that I read my scriptures and prepared my lesson for next week. Would love to say I got caught up on all my Ensign reading. NOPE! But I did get all my daily crossword puzzles caught up, read half of one the two People mag's waiting for me, and read the paper. Also did a little on-line quiz about my real age versus my calendar age. Seems I am younger than I really am.
Calendar Age 42.5 Difference -2.8 RealAge 39.7
I'm really only 39. Niiiiiiiiice.

Did watch videos with Chunch and chill with the Tuffster.

Did a LOT of just laying around and basically vegging/playing.

Can you say day of waste rather than day of rest? Complete and utter breaking of the Sabbath! Would love to tell you that I feel bad about it. That I am repentant and will never do this again. NOPE! Don't feel bad for a millisecond. Wish I had a whole next day to continue this lazy journey. I have lots more things to not get done. Next Sunday will be better. I'm not a total slacker. I'm dedicated and try to do the right things, just today went terribly awry.

So now here it is Sunday night, and I have nothing but a few random pictures and thoughts to amount to my weekend. I'm okay with it really. In about 12 hours the pager for work will get turned over to me for the next 7 days, and I will have plenty to do and to complain about. Could be, off to do the last bright thing of the weekend, email my missionary!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Spreading the Sunshine Give-away!

Clickety click here and then go spread some sunshine yourself. BTW - not in the farming sense!

Funny Bone Friday - Things I may have heard, or said, or just thought in my head

"I'm sorry I didn't hear the phone, I was vacuuming the dog."

"Hold it for as long as you can Mom. 'That's what she said.'. Admit it Mom, that was funny, you totally have to put that on your Friday blog post."

"Yeah, I'm old, just remember, the riper the berry, the sweeter the juice."

"Here in Hickville Hell, we do have some standards"

"So are you thinking that eating a handful of almonds is going to counteract all the Chinese you just downed?"

"I think you need to go totally cougar on him"

I didn't even get ID'd.......and here I was feeling so good about myself. Good feeling - Gone.Destroyed.Over.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Wow, believe it or not, the list is gonna be smaller than usual. I don't know if it's because I feel a little outta sorts or if it's because of all the comments on Kristina's Secrets post about how dumb people think stuff like this is, and so I am therefore a little self-conscious..... dunno......
But today I am thankful for:

The new blog button that the uber-darling Purple Diva gave me.

Seriously, LOVE IT! Will be adding it to my sidebar as soon as I stop getting an error on the page.....

Learning what "cougar" means. Really?! I had no idea. "Going cougar" (not to be confused with 'go cougars'- that would be wrong). I felt so naive, but now I am feeling a little more like I am in the "crowd".

Tib telling me "in a non-lesbian way" that my butt looked good today. Self-esteem soared a notch or two!

For a job (yes I know, I mention it ALMOST EVERY WEEK), that allows me to have so much fun with some of the best besties ever, and that I get paid!

Wednesday's. Work from home day. In my jammies. In my bed. With a laptop. With my baby Jordan nestled nearby. Wish every day could be Wednesday.

That Splenda Daddy gets a hankering for Chinese every now and again. Enjoy!

What are you thankful for today?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Facebook boredom......

You know those STUPID quizzes on Facebook? Well, I was a little bored this afternoon and took several of them that seemed amusing.
How insightful. I think I have come to completely understand myself now.

What Toon's character are U?
Romantic little skunk, with the sneaky nature of a ghost. Really bad judge of species. SHE ISN'T A SKUNK!!!

What Disney Character are U?
You have attitude written all over you! But that isn't bad at all it will make you a great leader for now and the future.

Which Gangsta are U?
Noisiest Of Them All. Your Mouth Is Like A Bazooka. A Young Baby But Gangster Enough To Be In Da Club. 1 Scream And Your Opponent Is Paralysed For 14 Days

Are you a knife, fork or spoon?
You are sharp, people may be scared of you. You like to slice things. Maybe you're even be a psychopath (some one who likes to hurt things).

What Deadliest Sin are U?
YOU ARE WRATH (r u REALLY that scary?) Wrath (or anger) may be described as inordinate and uncontrolled feelings of hatred and anger. These feelings can manifest as vehement denial of the truth, both to others and in the form of self-denial, impatience with the procedure of law, and the desire to seek revenge outside of the workings of the justice system (such as engaging in vigilantism)[citations needed] and generally wishing to do evil or harm to others. The transgressions borne of vengeance are among the most serious, including murder, assault, and in extreme cases, genocide. Wrath is the only sin not necessarily associated with selfishness or self-interest (although one can of course be wrathful for selfish reasons, such as jealousy, closely related to the sin of envy). Dante described vengeance as "love of justice perverted to revenge and spite". In its original form, the sin of wrath also encompassed anger pointed internally rather than externally. Thus suicide was deemed as the ultimate, albeit tragic, expression of wrath directed inwardly, a final rejection of God's gifts.

Lesson's learned from these very professional and highly recommended personality quizzes?
That I am a romantic, sneaky little knife with a lot of attitude who will one day be a leader. I am loud and my mouth is like a bazooka (deadly), and for the love of all that's holy - don't piss me off, because I am full of wrath and would likely kill you.

Yup. That's me in a nutshell.

Hello Ma'am? This is NASA calling.....

Seems that the astronauts on the space station, WAY OUT IN SPACE, saw a frightening thing and needed to get the all clear:

What am I 14? Wait....don't answer that!