Friday, December 26, 2014

An open letter to Dish Network

To whom it may concern,
    Okay, okay,.... you've had your fun. Time to get back to real business.  And by real business, I mean start airing FNC again.

When you dropped CNN, I was annoyed.  As one who likes to be informed from multiple sources, you dropping one of the major cable news providers seemed silly, but then a few days later when CNN reappeared, I figured you must have realized your mistake and quickly rectified it.

Not so this time.  I'm more than annoyed, I'm downright ticked off.  Not just because FNC has some of my favorite anchors such as Megyn Kelly and Bill O'Reilly, but there was a certain comfort in knowing that I had all angles of the news cycle,  Left leaning is provided, and then there was the Right leaning.  Now it's all off balance.

Moreover, I'm confused at your business decision.  Agree with or disagree with Fox News Channel and it's reporting, they are the number one rated cable news provider.  Number one.  In ratings.  You can't argue the numbers, so I'm curious as to which executive hit the eggnog a little too early and a little too hard to have made that poor business decision.  Or was there a deal made with that Kim dude over in North Korea?  (we call him Satan's Soldier, but that's beside the point).

At any rate, I guess our relationship is over.  I've been patient and waited but it seems that you are dead set on ticking me and thousands of other loyal customers off.  Just know that this break up is you, not me.  Come Monday, I'll be contacting Direct TV or Comcast and seeing which one offers me the sweetest deal.  And you know, they'll be offering all kinds of deals to swing us over.  I'll gladly take advantage of them.

It was a good run while we had it.  I'll miss the hopper and the prime time recordings, but all things I can live without. FNC, I cannot.

a once loyal and valued customer of Dish who now will spend her dollars with someone else.

PS (the slam on North Korea?  Just a joke. Kinda.  I pray for those people daily)

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014 from the Catmull's

In the words of my late good friend Rob, "HOLY SMOKES!"

Where the freak did the time go?  Here it is, Christmas Eve and I'm barely getting our card and newsletter out.  I'm taking procrastination and making an art form out of it.

So what's been happening with the mCat and her clan?

Let's start with Corb, Karalee and Chloee.  Corb just finished up another semester at school with, of course, excellent grades.  They are renting a town home about 30 minutes away and are going to be looking for a home this next year.  He just started a job at the University of Utah in the Finance department of the Neuropsychiatric area.  So far, he is loving it, and they are offering phenomenal benefits.  I think he's going to be very happy there.  Karalee is back working with the dentist she was with before going to California and they are both serving in very time demanding callings at church.  He is the Young Men's President, and she is the Young Women's president.  I think it's safe to say the youth are in good hands there.  Chloee is in the middle of second grade, excelling, reading on a 4th grade level, still loves stuffed animals and has recently gotten into Barbie's.  She's also a whiz at Minecraft and while she tries patiently to teach me, I think she's come to the conclusion I'm a lost cause.  Her sense of humor is hysterical and I think she makes us all laugh on a daily basis.

Mindy and Luke are still in Saratoga Springs as well.  Luke was promoted to a  manager at the same company (internet coaching) he's been working for and he's doing well.  After taking most of the year off to focus on her health, Mindy recently began a new position with the Intermountain Donor Team.  She'll be scrubbing in and assisting in organ transplants.  A great position for her since it's prn (as necessary).  If for some reason she is not available, no big deal.  But when she does participate, she is doing life saving work.  An amazing blessing for her and a dream job.  They are currently serving as Sunday School teachers to the youth in their ward and they love it!  No little Lukindy's yet, but for now, they are loving on their little Zoey who is seriously one of the cutest little puppies ever.

Preston and Montana are still in their same apartment in Sandy.  Preston was promoted to a sales position a few months ago, and while it's hard work, he's loving what he does.  Montana has helped open a new Village Baker location in Sandy is still working part time while being full time Mommy to Addy.  Addy has grown in leaps and bounds.  Crud - she's gonna be speaking in full sentences before we know it!  Her blue eyes, and hair full of cowlicks is just like her Daddy, the rest is all Montana.  She is absolutely adorable and our family is so blessed to have her.  It's so fun to see them as a cute little family.  Makes my heart so happy!

Splenda and I went to Boston this past April so I could run the marathon and had an awesome experience.    It was a once in a lifetime experience that I have no interest in attempting to repeat.  When asked if I'll go back to Boston to run?  Nope.  One and done.  It was perfect and I don't want any other memory of it.
Splenda got a nice promotion and with the extra money came a whole lot of extra work.  He's immersed in a ginormous project for about the next year.  He'll breath again in late 2015, but until then, he and his laptop are besties.  As for me?  Still working part time at Wasatch Running Center and loving every minute of it.  We have the best crew, the best customers and there is much to be said for doing what one loves.  And although, I've been sidelined the past little bit with some neck and back issues, I've got some big running/triathlon goals for 2015.  Splenda is still serving on the High Council in our Stake and I'm still teaching Sunday School.

This summer we were able to get all of us up to the family cabin for a weekend and I think it was seriously the best time of our lives.  We have never laughed so hard, or enjoyed being with each so much!  It has been a huge relief having all the kids back home in Utah and so close by.  We are close to each other, talk frequently if not daily, send funnies to each other in a group hangout session and often just drop in for quick visits.  I could have never dreamed that my little family would be so happy!  We've had some bumps with some health issues here and there, but overall, we are a most blessed family.

2014 has been an awesome year for the Catmull's and here's looking forward to an even better 2015!

Peace, Blessings and Merry Christmas