Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Straight from Camp LeJeune - What the media won't report.....

Warning - Political rant. Obamam lovers, just move on, nothing to see here......

This is one of many e-mails out of the Camp LeJeune area regarding Obama's recent visit. Most report that the visit was closely orchestrated by Obama's handlers to ensure he got the best photo ops.

".....but my main point would be, why did it tee me off to hear Obama spout out Semper Fi and OooRah! This moron has no right to be trying to sound like he knows what we share!!! I am surprised he did not wear his basketball t-shirt with USMC in bold. The only thing as bad was Kerry "Reporting for duty" with a salute!
Well, the enemy knows our plan now! I would not want to be a civilian contractor in Baghdad in 2010; or an Iraqi anywhere in country who had helped America !"
SF, Ron

February 27, 2009
Obama skips National Anthem at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune
Camp LeJeune, NC -- President Barack Obama did NOT come out on stage for the singing of the National Anthem at his Camp LeJeune speech given at 12:00 Noon today.

The Marine Band played "Ruffles and Flourishes" but Obama did not come out. The Secretary of Defense, Marine Corps Generals and a Navy Admiral came out. The Marine Corps Chaplain came out and said a Prayer.

A lone female sang the National Anthem and after it was sung, the Marine Band again played "Ruffles and Flourishes," a speaker introduced the President and only then did the Band play "Hail to the Chief" and did President Obama come out.

This struck me as very odd. Why did the President not come out for the prayer? Why did the President not come out for the National Anthem?

This was no mistake. This was a slap in the face by the President, to the entire nation and it did not go unnoticed.

I tried to find disputation out there that this wasn't true, and can't. Not even snopes. It was sent to me from family who live there and are tightly connected to the troops. Retired Colonel. I trust the source. That being said, and assuming this is correct, what else is not being reported to us? (Or maybe you all have already known this, and it's old news, and I'm just reeeeeaaaallly slow on the uptake)

I think it begs the question, what kind of President of the United States, which, by the way, is "one nation under God", would be so arrogant as to intentionally bypass the prayer and National Anthem? He is the commander in chief to the troops, yet right on their own home turf displays an utter lack of respect for some core values that they are sacrificing for. Not only am I severely disappointed in President Obama's particular choice on this occasion, but am greatly concerned with the message that he chose to send. In fact, as I have read, and re-read this email, I have been struck with some deep thinking. You're wondering, deep thinking? From little-miss-flippant? Who knew she had it in her? Well, I do. And I am.

Things with our current President and his administration are NOT boding well. What can I do about it? Is there anything I CAN do? Am I stuck just sitting by, stocking up on cash and food and waiting for the Apocalypse while watching my country, it's constitution, values and principles be flung to the wayside? Do I stand idly by while an administration continues to move us from a capitalistic nation (on which we were founded) to one of socialism? Nope. I'm only one voice, but being the mother of boys, I am a LOUD voice, and don't need to stay quiet.

While many express fear and uncertainty with the current economic crisis, unemployment rate and lack of health care, I am expressing concerned interest. I refuse to be scared. Now, I'll be the first to admit that I am not the sharpest tool in shed, the brightest bulb in the four-way or whatever other clever analogy you choose to insert here. But I will say that I won't just follow along with what the government tells me is the best way to do things. God put me here on earth, gave me agency and a brain, and I will use it.

So be forewarned, from time to time, maybe once a week, but not any more frequent than that, I'll be posting a rant or other political discussion. Mostly for my own venting benefit, perhaps to educate others by sharing information, and finally for my posterity sake. This is my on-line journal after all. I will not post something that I don't personally feel is valid or is untrue. Will some things be incorrect? Hopefully never, but know that if something slips through that doesn't pan out as fact, that my intent is not to deceive but is a sincere desire to be as accurate as possible and if proven otherwise, will quickly rescind any inaccurate information. However, the majority of the time, it will be my own feelings on a particular current event.

I'll be fair and warn you at the beginning of the post so if you are completely uninterested, you can just clickety click out, or hit 'mark as read'.

And until I start getting nasty comments, I'll leave them turned on, because I love to know what others think as well. Even if we disagree. Okay, not really, but it sounds good right? Noooooo just kidding, if I didn't want to know what others thought, I would turn off comments right?

So, consider this the first official Red-Faced Rant.......

Tickle Me Pink Tuesday

After yesterday, and my mini-melt down (something about being on call, the weather, being cold, head hurting and sick and tired of snow)..... I was wondering if I could possibly come up with anything that was "tickling me pink" today. Well after a little time thinking whilst getting my butt kicked in weights this morning, some things came very clearly to me!

Ticking me pink today:

That Splenda is getting a bonus! We are blessed to have jobs but even more blessed that he gets a little extra right now. And, being the Splenda that he is, will pay off the last of his car. Gotta get ready for the 'stang you know!

That the Shark thinks enough of me to get me a prize for attaining a goal on Saturday. Although she is also a saboteur of my healthy eating strategy, I can't wait to get going on these bad boys......

That Ohmgirl had a birthday and we can have Cafe Rio today aaaaannnnnddddddd that she found her hawt hooker heels picture so I could post it. Now would your voting have changed? I know that the sock line on her sexy leg would have done it for you! (I never saw it myself, until she pointed it out - awesome!)

That I am no longer on call. 'Nuff said.

What's "tickling you pink" today?

Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday - Missionary Update

Subject: What? Winter?


How are you guys doing? Things are going good her. Pretty good as far as the missionary work here. We had one of our best weeks yet! Loved getting the letters, and especially the pictures. It is always good to SEE how things are going, not just by letter haha.
We are really starting to see the change in weather right now. It has been raining and it is cold. There is just one problem. I dont know if I told you guys the other emial, or even a while back, that the way cool jacket that I bought was left in one of the buses? That bus took off to Osorno, and there was no way of getting it back. It was a bummer cause that jacket was way warm. Now, I dont have another jacket like that haha. I do have a jacket for the rain, the same blue jacket that I have been using and that is working out just fine, but I think that I am going to need a jacket for the cold, because from what I heard, this winter is going to be COLD!! I am going to buy one. When? I am not sure, but I need to do it soon. I guess that it would be good if I wait for you guys to put more money in so that I can buy one .
I did get the package! Wow it was awesome, seriously! Thank you so much for everything that you guys sent me wow! The shirts fit fantastic and are perfect. The only thing that they dont have is a pocket in the front haha. That is okay though cause now that we are getting into winter, I will have to use a jacket so I guess that wont matter. The CD and the HYMN book is awesome, really thanks! The candy was great too! The only problem with that, is when I got the package, all of the chocolate was melted haha. It was just a bag of melted resses. So I just put it in the fridge and I have been eating it every morning haha. Also I did get my sctripures and I will be sending you guys some pics of that! They are so rad!
Speaking of good ideas, I got one. I am going to send you guys an SD card, full of pics and videos so that you guys can put it in your camera or even in the T.V. and see them all. After seeing them you guys can put pics and videos and then send it back to me! What do ya think? I really think that would be cool to see the pics, and especailly the videos haha. I will send it the same way that you guys sent me the Debt Card okay? As long as you guys put the pics and video in the comp or even on CD, you guys can erase what I send to you guys, and put your own stuff haha.
About you guys coming down there, it was just a thought. It really would be awesome seriously. Also, I am not sure what happens with the missionaries with the families that come to get them. Like, I dont know if they all can leave and take a look at all of the other sectors, or would it be just that little time in the mission home and off to the states. What I do know, is that when I do come home, I will be able to go through the Santiago Temple! That should be really cool!
Oh yeah also this week there was a funeral here in La Union. It wasnt a murdering or anything, but some dude, member of the chruch died. It was “speacial” in the fact that he was disabled. Was pretty sad, and there wasnt that many people there either. Two of my missionary buddies spoke. I am pretty sure that it was hard for his family, speacially since, they were less active.
Anyway that is about it for the week. This week if all works out should be a lot better than the lest. I guess that is what we want right? That every week we are improving? Anyway I hope you guys also have a good week! Love you guys and miss ya!

Elder Catmull

He also included pictures of the scripture covers he has been talking about for awhile. A woman makes these by hand and he ordered himself some. Very cool

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spiritual Sunday - thoughts of Dad

Warning - very long journal post. Feel free to click "mark as read"

Jose Isauro Ramon Ferran Jr

August 7, 1944 - March 29, 1981

Yes, you read that right, my dad died at age 36. Myocardial infarction. Or in regular people terms, a heart attack. He had had one about a month earlier, and was to be taking it easy, but this one was a big one. They don't even think he had time to take a pill or get to a phone to call for help.

A little background. My parents had been separated for several months and their very ugly divorce was final that January. I was 14 years old, my brother was 17, my younger sister was 3 and then baby sister was, well, a baby, not a year yet. We came home from a visit to Springville and Mom's parents to a phone call. Wow. How does one prepare for that? I had just spent Saturday with him. Our weekend visit. He mentioned he wasn't feeling well, but when you're 14, you don't really pay much attention to anyone else, so I didn't even process it or think about it. A 14 year old is thinking strictly of herself. And I was still emotionally wrapped up in the divorce, losing our home, moving to a new neighborhood,new ward and still adjusting to the fact that my parents were really divorced. Not the best mentally. Am I thinking about anything else? Nope.

We were told that it hit hard and fast. There is comfort in that. He went quick and likely without pain. What's not cool is that no one found him until Sunday night. Not cool at all. My brother freaked as any 17 year would do, and headed out for a walk. At night. In the dark. In the now snowing cold. My aunt (Dad's sis) came to get me and we went to Dad's apartment. Just sitting. Numb and in shock. And cold. Lot's of crying. Dad had recently returned to the religion of his childhood and was a very devout Catholic. His priest, Father Mearsman, was there. I remember him talking to me, but not what he said. The coroner is there and they are going to take out the body now. Father Mearsman suggests I be taken home before they do that.

Aunt Rosie takes me home, brother still not there. Now concern for him. Where is he? His best friend is called and he and his dad found my brother at some baseball fields. Dad and he spent a LOT of time at the fields. Dad loved it, brother hated it. But somehow, that is where his walking took him.
Now have everyone home. It's snowing and cold. I have begun shaking uncontrollably. I think shock and cold core body temperature have now overcome me. I get a priesthood blessing and immediately, the shaking stops.

Next day, we didn't go to school, instead a lot of sitting in the living room watching the snow fall. And on the TV was the attempted assassination of President Reagan. Over and over again, the footage. Who freakin cares? MY DAD IS DEAD!
Funeral plans are made, but since Mom and Dad are divorced, Grandma F and his siblings are making the arrangements. Probably just as well.

March 31st, there is a viewing in Springville. That's where Mom and Dad grew up. They allowed us kids to go in alone and see him before everyone else. Some time to adjust and be alone. He looked exactly as he did when he was alive. EXACTLY. My Dad always had a stray eyelash on his cheek, and he did lying there in the casket as well. Brother pinned a boutonniere on Dads's suite lapel. His hands were wrapped around a rosary. I didn't understand that, but it seemed to fit with who Dad was the last couple of years. Didn't bug me. Family starts coming in. Lot's of crying. My Uncle gives my brother a bullet. "Bite down in this, and don't cry". They're a tough breed, those Ferran's. I have learned alot about them since Dad's been gone. My Grandmother had been through more than a good little Hispanic catholic girl ever should have been, and I respect my family heritage. I now understand the "bite the bullet". I didn't then, but I do now. I love them.

April 1 is his funeral. A regular Catholic mass administered by Father Mearsman. He happened to be the priest for the Utah State Prison. Dad was serving on the Utah State Parole Board and so they were close working friends as well as Father Mearsman being Dad's spiritual advisor. I didn't get any of it. It was in Latin for most of it, so not only did I not understand the language most of the time, but the ceremony itself was a completely foreign. I just knew that MY DAD WAS GONE.

Limo ride to the cemetery. I don't particularly care to ride in limo's any more. No allure for me there. Cold at the cemetery, but Father Mearsman points out a very interesting thing. The cemetery where my Dad was buried overlooks the valley that he grew up in. And to the south is the mouth of Spanish Fork canyon. At the mouth is a cross monument dedicated to Father Esclanate, the Spanish Priest who traveled/settled this particular area. That would mean a TON to my Dad. He was proud of his heritage, he was proud of his religion. Every time I visit the cemetery, I look towards the canyon and find the cross.

Don't remember much after that except that when we got a box of his stuff, and I could smell him, the pain cut right to my very core. Unless you have lost a close one, it's hard to explain or define that feeling that simply smelling them again can have.

It's been 28 years today. I still miss him. For awhile, I deluded myself that he wasn't really dead. I built an entire fantasy that he faked it, and went into hiding because of mounting debt and some shady clients (he was an attorney). I fantasized that when "all was safe" he would find us kids and come out of hiding. It wasn't for several years that I learned, that my fantasy was just that. A fantasy. A way for a child to deal with trauma.

I missed him when I got married. He needed to walk me down those steps in the backyard to Splenda. He needed to help me with school and decide a career. I needed to work for him. I needed him there when my sons were born. I needed him there when they played ball. I think that has hurt the most. My Dad LOVED sports, and was quite the athlete himself. To see all three of my boys play sports at the levels that they did would have THRILLED him. I needed him there. I needed him when we struggled with our children. I needed his advice, counsel and smart mind. I needed him when Sissy was born. I needed to see the joy on his face of being a grandpa and a great grandpa. I needed him when I got sick last year. I need him now.

Many times in the past 28 years, I have moaned and complained of life not being fair. Poor me. My poor kids. Poor Splenda who never met him. But the truth of the matter is this: Life isn't fair. It's never going to be. Each of us have hands we are dealt, and we decide how to play the cards. Do I fold, or do I strategize a way around the crappy hand, knowing that next deal, I'll get something different?

My comfort is my knowledge of forever families. A few years ago, all us siblings got together and did Dad's temple work. It was an amazing experience. We are now in the process of getting his Mom's done. It's actually sitting in my court right now, I need to get a move on. What would I do without the knowledge that not only will I see and be with my Dad again, but so will my children? So will my Splenda? Knowing that my children likely spent time with Dad before they ever came to earth is an amazing thought. To feel him here sometimes and know that he is nearby when I need him is a blessing that I do not take for granted.

So yeah, life sucks sometimes. You get a crappy deal of the cards. But somehow, ALWAYS, it will be for our benefit. I see lots of things in my life that might not have happened if Dad had been here after all. I rely on the faith that things happen for a reason and are ultimately for our good.

Yay for Forever Families. Yay for the Gospel, and Yay for personal testimony and conviction to see us through this challenge we call life.

And Dad, while I love you and miss you and still feel gypped at losing you too soon, I also know you are nearby, and watching over me. You were at my wedding, the ball games, the births, the graduations, the missionary farewell, all the special occasions. Albeit, in different form and unseen to me, you were there and I know it. I love you.

PS - on August 7th, we share a birthday. I'll be old, you'll still be young and it will be a blast!

And the winner is............

Remember my little contest involving the Hawtest Hooker Heels?

Such fun. Really! Some of you gals have some pretty HAWT shoes! The voting began last week and ended last night at midnight. All total there were 96 votes. Is that a lot? I have no idea, I've never done a voting contest before. Maybe it's not, and I really AM not popular and no one wants to be my friend (my suspicion all along). But I digress.

The race stayed very tight between two sets of heels.
Exhibit Bsubmitted by Cadance over at The Rowland Family

And Exhibit Gsubmitted by Shauna over at Trying to Stay Calm
Right up until last night, it was still close. Within 11 votes! But in the end....... with 52 votes the winner is...............
oh wait, there is an honorable mention. Ohmgirl forgot to get her heels picture to me in time, but heck, let's post it anyway.

Oh crap, I just went to go find the picture and I am a SCHMUTZ! I can't find it. So sorry Arianne, but you are an honorable mention. Even if you are now a year older. Happy Birthday! But I digress yet again. What was I doing? .......????......Oh yeah! Announcing the winner.

The winner is.................

Did I mention again what the winner gets? I might not have. They get this little treasure trove of delights:
A flirty apron made by the EG Karen at Karen's Little Korner Hop on over there and tell her to post more!
A tube of Miracle Foot Repair for your feet. Best stuff evah!
A beautiful purple polish to make your toes sparkle
A Burt's Bee's lip gloss - because, really, is there anything better for your lips than Burt's Bees?
And a signed copy of Having Hope by my BFF SIL Terri. If the winner hasn't read the first one, Finding Faith, let me know and I can probably get you a discounted, signed copy so you can read them in order (not that you have to, you don't). GREAT BOOKS!

Okay, so now to the big announcement............

Exhibit G!!! Shauna - you are the WINNER! Congratulations to YOU!! Send me you mailing deets and I'll get the treasure trove of delights right out to you.

And thanks everyone for playing. For either submitting heels and/or voting. I'm so glad that I didn't have to pick the winner. Just too.much.pressure. And the past week, my blog got so many hits that I was validated as a human being for a little while. So much in fact, that perhaps another give away will be in the near future.

Last three items of business for this post -
A big shout out to Cadance (my newly adopted cousin/sister) for amusing us with her pictures of her pole. Mmm, wonder what she uses THAT for? Maybe on her next trip to Utah, we could do a meet and greet and she could teach us Utah girls a trick or two!

And a final big congrats to Shauna!! She really pulled it out and was a FUN contestant! YEAH for her!

And finally, xoxoxox to all!

Mimi and Sissy - BFF's!

Every weekend I get time with my bestest BFF ever! My Sissy!
This weekend was no different. She played with her Daddy while I raced, and went to Terri's book signing
which was cool in itself. Lot's of good deals at Seagull Book, prizes (no winning here for me) and time with mi familia. The above pic is Mom, me and Terri. She did well, selling several books and I did well finding some great deals and spending more of Splenda's money!

Then it was to the REAL fun! My girl! Let's say our day involved some playing outdoors on her mini fourwheeler

Some shopping, without much success, I might add, and then dinner at the McSlop shop. Still a chocolate milk-frenchfry dipper (ugh) and still overwhelmed by the big playground, but always has a blast.hamburgers are NOT for eating, they are for poking!

And we have to always be sure to include some icecream Each week I find myself loving her more and more and more. I didn't think it possible!

Poppa and pigtails

Sissy LOVES her Poppa. Poppa LOVES his Sissy. Throw in some pigtails, and some tossing in the air, and you have the perfect Friday night date.

If only my hair were long enough for pigtails. I might get so lucky!

Goal - Accomplished!! YESSSSSSSSSS

I had made some New Year goals, and one of which is to participate in at least one race a month. I had planned on the Rex Lee cancer race until our Priests had their championship game that day. Had to pass. So I frantically looked around and stumbled on the "April Fools 5k". Just a little, and I do mean little, event put together by the City Center county rec center to raise some funds. I really didn't care who was doing it, I just needed a race to stay with my goal and I wanted to best my 5k time.

So Saturday morning bright and early, I hit the gym for an hour of weights and then off to Sugarhouse park for the run. I get there, and I realize that City Center is simply another way of saying "inner-city". 'Sokay. I realize that I am in the minority of Caucasians and that's okay. I get registered despite a language barrier and went back to my Pete to stay warm. I sit quietly and watch the people. Kids. Lots of kids. Lot's of kids that appear to not have very much but are here in the cold, in their mismatched shorts and falling apart shoes to run a race to help their community center. I.am.touched. I am fascinated by their smiles, their happiness and can't help but get caught up in their excitement of an event that many of them have obviously been looking forward to. The youngest kids are doing a mile run, so they gather them up and put them in a short little blue bus to take them to their drop off point. I now am just fixed on the finish line so I can watch them come across. A short time later, here they come.....oh.my.gosh. They are so cute! These little faces huffing and puffing and pushing themselves to finish while their parents, grandparents and community leaders are standing by cheering them on! I think the littlest one I saw couldn't have been more than 5 years old. Running. On his own. One word - inspiring! They did their awards ceremony and began setting up for us old people to run the 5k. I figure I better get out of the car and start getting acclimated to the cold. Start some brisk walking, trotting and adding a few quick sprints to get the muscles warmed and loose.
I realize that there are a lot of adults and most of them are the parents of the kids who ran earlier. They have made this a family event. I am thinking, "what a cool thing". That as a family, they have decided to participate together in a physical challenge that requires hard effort, and a lot of support from each other. So.Cool.

I start reminding myself, the whole purpose of this morning is to stay on track with th race a month goal, so just finish. But then the competitive side reminds me that, oh yeah, you want to better your time. What's the point if A. You don't win, and B. You don't get better. ?? I know, I know. I can hear all your lectures. Whatev.

Now the whole time (an hour) I have been sitting here, I am waiting for Splenda who had to go run a load of YW/YM to do their ditch cleaning. He has the camera and has said he will be here. No Splenda. As the time has approached to get going, I have resigned myself to the fact that he isn't coming, he couldn't get away. Fine. It's not the first time I've had to race solo and it likely won't be the last. I'm disappointed, but nothing to be done, so just move on to the start line.

The instructions are given, and the horn sounds off, I take off, AGAIN TOO QUICKLY! Why can't I learn to start out of the gate at a slower pace? Really. I hate myself for it about 5 minutes later. And by this time, we are turned and heading the hill. I HATE THIS COURSE. I've done it a couple of times before, and HATE IT EVERY TIME. Oh well, sucks to be me. Just keep going. Crest the hill and now am finding a comfortable pace. Down hill, let the strides widen and pick up seconds. Crap, next hill. Crest it and now flat. Great, pick up the pace. Back to a comfortable cadence, but getting a little side ache. Keep going and then the coolest thing! I see to my right, in the middle of the parked cars, Splenda's car!! He made it! He's at the finish line! Words cannot even describe how I felt! I've tried to find words for the feelings but I can't. Let's just say, I got all twitterpated and excited and relieved and now have a completely different attitude about finishing this race. My speed picks up and down the hill I go. Again, let the stride lengthen and shave a few seconds. Now, I have to start the loop all over again. Up that mother-truckin hill one more time! I tell myself, it's the last time for this bad boy - go! Crest and flatten out, lengthen stride for the downhill. Crap, next hill. Oh, but this is the last one - yes! Crest it, flatten out. There's Splenda's car again - twitterpated happiness. Lengthen stride, take this down hill hard and shave as many seconds as I can. Make the turn into the flat ending to the finish line. The sun is out now and shining bright. YESSSS. See the cones and line for the finish line. Pick it up - full RUN! See Splenda on my left with the camera - YEAH!!! Push harder. Lungs burning, completely anaerobic but that's okay for the last few seconds. And then I've crossed! YES!! I look down at my watch and according to my time, which is never accurate but will give me a good idea, I'm at 24 minutes and some change. I can't remember my best time, I forgot to check before I left the house, but I know I am in range. And for this hated course, I am feeling okay with it. Finished the race. Check March off my list. Finished respectably. Great.

Splenda finds me, gives me a hug and a kiss and heads back to his youth. He's got to get them all home again. I stick around to wait until I can get my official time and since I was first for my age division I know that there will be something. I watch the other runners come in. Now it's reverse, their kids are cheering them on! Again, I am touched by the whole event and seeing these "central city" families come together and enjoy this.

Awards ceremony. I finished 1st for my age group. 3rd for overall women and 9th overall of runners. They hand out ribbons and then the raffle drawing. I am the lucky winner of a pedometer. Not sure what to do with it, but it counts and tracks something so it's right up my alley!

They thank everyone for coming and participating and supporting them, then announce that the official race times are now posted on the board. Everyone hustles over and it's this tiny computer print out that I CAN'T READ! I have my contacts in, not my glasses and I CAN'T READ THE PRINTOUT!! Help! Someone, can you tell me the time posted for number 9 - at least point to where it's at on the board?? A gal next to me finds it with her finger, I follow, and when I squint REALLY hard, I read along with her 23:58. YES!! I did it! I finally broke the 24 minute mark, annnnnnnnnnndddddd, on my most HATED course! I.am.thrilled!

Phone call to Splenda. Phone call to Tuffy. Phone call to Corbin. Phone call to the Shark. Phone call to Purdy. I am riding high! Goals good. Accomplishing goals even better. Yay! for me. Now to stretch out the cramp in my tricep from reaching around and patting myself on the back all day..... : )(thanks Tuffy for telling me I was holding the pedometer upside down. Does not bode well for me and this piece of techinical wizardry.)

Slang Gang Word of the Day


noun: the new disease. Much like chronic bronchitis that can take months, even years to go away.

The new excuse to not do anything. This is the act of excluding yourself from social activities because you simply just can't afford it.

Amber: Hey are you coming out with the girls tonight?

Amy: Ahh man I wish I could... but I have a really bad case of recessionitis

Can also be used as the excuse to exclude yourself from ANY activity, just cause you don't feel like it. ie: family reunions, RS functions, ward swim party etc.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

In God we Still Trust

Some of you may have seen this circulating via email. I just got it today, and loved it. Great music, great video and great lyrics. It's country, so if you're a hatah - get over it..... Enjoy
The artists are a group called Diamond Rio. You might be familiar with them. I had heard of them, but now love them

Friday, March 27, 2009

Slang Gang Word of the Day


Describes the complicated love and affection shared by two straight males.

Steve: Ah, Dave!!! I can't believe you stole this first pressing of Aladdin Sane from your record store for me. We were just talking about this the other night.

Dave: No sweat, pal.

Steve: That is some full-on bromance. You're the man.


Is she a REAL friend?

So, I got forwarded one of those little "tests" to see how much your "friends" really know about you. I got several BFF's and knew off the bat that most of them would know all the answers so I only forwarded it on to the Shark. Does she really know me? mmmmmmmm - you be the judge.
Tell me two things. First, did she get the answer right, and second, if not, what is the right answer
Ready, Set, GO!

Where did we meet? Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting

Take a stab at my middle name? Matilda

Do I speak a second language? Yes, the International Language of Love

Am I a cat lover or dog lover? You like the kitties. The hairless kitties.

Do I smoke? Only the ganja.

Color of my eyes?: Red like blood

Do I have any siblings? Just me. Your soul sista.

What's one of my favorite things to do? Make fun of people.

What's my favorite type of music?: Classical.

Am I taller than you? I think we are the same height.

Am I shy or outgoing? Painfully shy. I look forward to the day we can get you out of your shell.

Am I a rebel or do I follow the rules? Total rebel. Someone you don’t want to get mixed up with.

What is my birth month? August

Have you ever heard me sing? Unfortunately

How many children do I have? 3. But I am pretty sure you only admit to having 2.

Have we taken photographs together? You bet your fat ass we have.

When is the last time you saw me? About 9 hours ago.

When will I see you again? 5:30am

Have we ever had a falling out? Never.

If you and I were stranded on a desert island, what is one thing that I
would bring? Lo Carb Monster

Am I right handed or left handed? Right handed. At least that is the hand you use to backhand me with

What type of work do I do? Computer dork stuff.

You tell me, is she a real friend and how many did she get right??

Funny Bone Friday - Things I may have heard, or said, or just thought in my head

1. "Stop denying your inner-self" (said to a three year old)

2. "So are those dead bodies cataloged with the Dewey Decimal system?"

3. "It's a Full Monty? Really?"

4. "My hamstrings are so sore, they are squealing like the big fat pigs they are!"

5. "Could you hurry and get in the shower so I can turn on the hot water?"

6. "3 units of blood?! Um, no I don't do that."

7. "Lesson learned? - ALWAYS consult a professional. Always."

8. "I'm not into do-it-yourself hack jobs"

9. "She's the Ethel to our Lucy"

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Slang Gang Word of the Day

Passenger Brake

The passenger brake is the nonexistent brake pedal located on the floor of the passenger (shotgun) side of the front seat of your car.

It is used instinctively by the passenger when the driver is driving insanely too fast, and the car needs to come quickly to a stop, which may not seem very possible at that particular moment.

It is sometimes used in conjunction with the OH SH**! handle by the passenger door.

Doris was using her passenger brake all the freaking way here. She's the one who made us late getting started from home by taking so long to get herself ready! I was just trying to make up some time getting through traffic...


Really??!?!!? Isn't it supposed to be Spring?

I've had enough!

I can't do another day of having to drag out the Nanook of the North coat! And apparently, neither can Tuffy.

Uncle!! For the love of all that is holy, can we PLEASE be done with winter?! I think I might have a complete hissy, meltdown, come-apart!


Thankful Thursday

And yet, another week has gone by and here we are back to Thursday, and thank goodness for that! It means that Friday is tomorrow!

But, pausing for a moment to give thanks:

1. Modern Medicine. We all know Splenda is undergoing some testing and diagnostic reviews. Hopefully by 4/6, we will have more definitive answers. I've gone from lows to highs back to lows again (and that's NOT my mood swings), so I will be grateful, as will he, when we can get a definitive diagnosis. The tests they have nowadays and the diagnostic resources available are amazing, I have full faith that answers will come.

2. For the support of family and friends. WOW. I can't even begin to describe the outpouring of support from everyone. Blogging friends and FB friends - you really know how to do it! I have appreciated every single kind word, email, comment and feel your good thoughts and prayers. Thank you.

3. Bloggey meet and greets. No, I haven't been to any really recent ones, but the last one or two, were great. Putting faces with pages and getting to know you better is such a cool thing. Especially for a people lovin person like I am. And then when many of you took the time to talk with me off-line and do the roller coaster ride this last week by my side is, well, there are no words. Just. I love you.

4. That my Shark friend is on the mend. For real's. 'Nuff said.

5. That said Shark friend will design a super cool TT logo for April and let me lift it.

6. And finally, that I was able to learn my lesson with a razor and come away only mildly scathed. Three words: Veet or Wax. The.End.

Whatcha thankful for today?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Slang Gang Word of the Day


A person who is able to stick to a tight budget while still managing to dress stylishly.

She's superstylish, always able to buy a round of drinks and still seems to be wearing a new outfit every time you see her. She's a recessionista, that New York marvel who's a magnet for a good deal. And in this economy, she's got a lot to teach us.

See also Cadance

Giveaway?! Did someone mention Giveaway?!

It's that time again to pimp out some of my besties and their giveaways.

Mindi over at Word to Your Mother - now fur sure check her out. Not gonna lie, the girl always has something funny for the day!

And Cadance - NOT CANDACE! CADANCE - as in rhythm or step..... over at The Rowland Family is having a cool give away as well. She's a bestie from clear across the country!! Go check her out!

Now as usual, I really wanna win, so if you HAVE to enter, fine! Just share the booty if you're the lucky one!

If it's Wednesday, then I'm wondering WHY?

WHY do I crave carbs after a workout? Shouldn't it be protein? Shouldn't I want the carbs BEFORE the workout? Okay, admittedly I want carbs all the time, but after last night's workout, I thought I would die if I didn't have some cereal. WHY?

WHY was I not warned about the dangers of a razor BEFORE I attempted a new, um shall we say, style?

WHY aren't more of you voting for hawt hooker heels contest? Granted I am getting lots and it's fun to see whatcha think, but you don't have to be a follower to vote you know.....

And most importantly, WHY have I not heard from Hershey's about my free or at least coupons for some of these?I have pimped them and pimped them and still nuthin! I'm kind of getting discouraged right about now. C'mon Hershey's where's the love??

Any pressing items on your mind you are wondering about?
and no, do not ask about number two, I will NOT be answering.....

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Slang Gang Word of the Day


A completely worthless conversation, wherein nothing is illuminated, explained or otherwise elaborated upon. Typically occurs at parties or other events where meaningful conversation is nearly impossible.

Smith: What a waste of time it is talking to that guy.

Jones: I know, every time I do, it's like a complete nonversation.

Is it a problem that I nonversate with myself daily?

I can't even think up a title for this.....

I'm so immature!

Really I.am.

Tickle Me Pink Tuesday

Lot's of little things are just "tickling me pink" today:

1. That I was able to shave 7 seconds off my mile. I clocked in at 6:55 Monday morning. YESSSSSS!!!

2. That Tuffy is so self-reliant. He does early morning seminary and I am gone to the gym when he needs to get up. EVERY morning, he gets himself up, ready and goes. He really is the most self-sufficient kid I have ever known. If he's hungry, he'll make something. He's been known to make a pan of lasagna after school just cause he's hungry. If he needs clean clothes, he does laundry. The list could go on and on. It just "tickles" me that he is so self-reliant!

3. That it appears Shark is on the mend! Really, I have had more than enough of her sickness and gym absence already.

4. That today is C's birthday and that we get to celebrate with our traditional lunch together. I started this when they were just toddlers. They pick the place. I take them. If they were in school, they got to get checked out to go for their special date with just me. A very fun tradition. Happy Birthday C! Big double deuce!

5. Most of all I am tickled with some good news we got yesterday. Splenda had a CT last Friday. Doc said, he thought it would confirm his initial dx and that we would discuss next steps when he gets back into town. Well, who wants to wait clear until 4/6 for news? Not us! Especially when the information we had just been given was so depressing. So, a little consent form signed here, a little faxing there, and one email later and we had his COMPLETE exam from beginning to end from last Friday. Let me qualify. We are NOT medical experts. But I've been in the business long enough to know enough a few things. Right now, things are looking good!!!! Real Good!! We still of course need to talk to Doc and there is definitely something there, but as for dire? Perhaps not! Here's to being "tickled" by this news and the feelings of hope and joy it has instilled. Splenda is still shopping for his 'stang GT though..... : )

Anything in particular "tickling you pink" today?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Missionary Monday - update

Subject: Waterfalls!


Well I just thought that you guys should know, that this week was great! Went flying by really fast, but it went great. Sounds like things going back home also went pretty good. Sorry for emailing so late. Me and some of the other missionaries in our Zone, really took advantage of the P day. We went down to a town called Rio Bueno (Good river) to hike up there to get to a waterfall. It was so tight. I am going to send you guys some of the pics, because really it was one of the coolest things that I have seen. Now, the only problem is that it took almost the whole day, and I really don’t have much time to write you guys.

I loved the pics that you guys sent me. I really love getting the pics haha and I am sure you guys feel the same. It is good to see how the things are changing, and how some of the things still stay the same. Talking about things staying the same, I really still am a fan of the French Toast. I actually made it this morning for my comp and I. I haven’t found syrup here yet, but we are just using jam. I also think that I am going to make pancakes. I gotta get the recipe because here they don’t sell Bisquik haha.

To answer your questions, I haven’t gotten the package, but then again, I don’t get it tomorrow. We have a zone conference tomorrow and I will be in Osorno all day tomorrow. I think that I am going to take advantage of that time also and buy some clothes and a jacket. I don’t think that I told you guys this, but I lost that sweet jacket that I had, the black one. So it looks like I am going to have to buy another one. Not sure how much it is going to cost, but I really do need one. I can really feel that the weather is starting to change. Daniela hasn’t come back yet, she wont get back for another 2 weeks, and then it wont be another 2 weeks until she gets baptized…..so we just gotta be patient. I don’t know if I told you guys but her mom started reviecing the missionaries also and loves it. They both ran into the missionaries almost at the same time, the difference is that she was here in La Union, and her mom was in Santiago haha. Suprisingly I don’t have allergies. At first when the weather started like this, hot and stuff, I had it. But I took some pills and ever since then, haven’t had anything at all, so I am holding up good. Also my sunscreen is good to go. I still have tons.

Sorry that this email is going to be so short, I really don’t have a lot of time. I love you guys sooo much. Have a great week! Looking forwared to the packages 

I know that we talked about NOT going down there to pick him up, but pictures like this make me want to change my mind! And WTC? The pictures were all the right way when I published!!