Saturday, January 17, 2009

Leg Lamp saga continued......more taunting

Really Martha? Really?!?!

I thought you were my friend. In fact, I thought you one of my BFF's! But today, I hit your blog and see this?! More taunting? !
Oh wait, it's NOT you! It's the lamp itself just begging, just PLEADING for me to come back and caress it once more.
Don't worry my little slice of electric sex. I'll be there bright and early Monday morning, I mean, sometime Monday morning. Don't you worry your pretty little fishnet stockings. Although, I am bringing a little friend, I hope you won't be jealous.
But since I am an equal opportunity lover, I have room in my heart for both delicious dishes.
For now, Leggy, the leg lamp. Turn your tassels down, get some rest over the weekend, and get ready for me Monday.
As for you Miss Martha - get ready to take what you have been dishing. Just.saying.


CJ, the Purple Diva said...

THIS IS HYSTERICAL! I LOVE IT! What a clever idea! I can't wait to hear more of this saga!
By the way, you've been tagged on my blog...whenever I get it done! :-) Right now I see more funny stuff on your blog I need to read!

Martha H. said...

That cheatin' leg lamp!!!! I can't believe she loves you more than me. Whatever! I was thinking about naming her Alegra. ha ha ha

tiburon said...

Oh no she di'in't!!!!!

Paybacks are a bitch.

Tanja said...

Oh, it's on!