Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The = sign on facebook, why I don't change my profile pic but why I still love everyone

I've been fascinated all day by watching friend after friend change their profile pictures to resemble something like this:

As I understand it, it's a symbol of solidarity as the Supreme Court begins ruling on Gay Marriage rights - click here for latest news.

I wasn't surprised by many of my friends who changed their pictures, I fully expected it, and quite frankly might have been disappointed if they didn't stand up for what they believe in.  
Others surprised me somewhat but only because I had not previously understood their views.

I then read one thread where a friend exclaimed how proud she was to see so many profile pictures changed and more so because several of the people that she least expected to, joined in the movement.

I got thinking about what message am I sending when I don't jump on board and change my profile pic.

Does it mean that I don't love gay's or lesbians?
Does it mean that I am threatened, scared or afraid of their lifestyle?
Does it tell people that I refuse to allow others equal rights?

As of this moment.  Right now.  Let me be clear.
NO to all three above questions.

Years ago, after meeting an incredible woman, her wife and child - I wrote a blog post sharing my feelings.  Click here, if you are interested in reading it.

I have gay family members, friends and acquaintances.  I'm not afraid of them nor their lifestyles which are different than mine.  Just as I am not afraid of someone who follows a different religious sect than mine.

I believe all people should and can receive equal rights without destroying what other people hold sacred.

Ahhh, that's where it gets tricky.

See there are many of us who believe in the bible, God the Father and Jesus Christ His Son.  We believe God ordained marriage to be between a man and a woman.  Key word Marriage.

In my faith, as through all my life, Marriage is held sacred.  It's not to be entered into lightly.  We made covenants with one another (more than vows).  That in itself makes Marriage and the very word Marriage something different and holy.

For one who believes these things as part of their religion I am compelled to stand strong for those principles.

I do understand that many do not share my beliefs.  Other religions, faiths or belief's in a different kind of high power are common in all walks of life.  I do not expect them to hold the same value to a word that I do simply based on the fact of our varying beliefs.  And I appreciate when I am given the same respect in return.

That being said, for those gay/lesbian couple who are in committed relationships, have children, and enjoy all the benefits of a legal Civil Union, I believe are entitled to all the same legal rights as a marriage is.  Insurance, children decisions, end of life decisions etc.  Their Civil Union is legally the same as a Marriage but I believe simply called something different.  

Can Marriage be reserved for those of us who believe in God, the bible and His mandate for marriage to be with one man and one woman.

Can Civil Union be reserved for those who believe in unions that are different than that?

Legally, I would like to see no difference.  I have no problem with same sex couples enjoying the same legal benefits.

Religiously, it makes all the difference in the world to me.  As one who believes in God and his mandates of what Marriage should be, I want to obey and honor that directive.
Just as I don't want other people to tell me how I should believe or practice my religion, the tolerance goes both ways.  Those supporting the equal rights/marriage are in turn attempting to force me to accept something I don't believe in.  
No win situation.

There has to be a compromise.

Can it be merely a difference of a use of words?
Marriage = between a man and a woman.
Civil Union = between same sex couples.

And maybe instead of the Federal Government making that decision, it could be left up to the individual states.  Just as was originally intended when the United States was created.  The states to govern themselves.

I don't know.....just some thoughts.

Guess I needed to clarify that just because I don't change my profile pic to be an equal = sign like everyone else today, doesn't mean I don't love everyone and want them to be happy, enjoy freedoms and legal rights just like me.

I guess I just want to hold the name Marriage as sacred as I believe it to be and as the God in which I believe in, commanded it to be.

But I like giving my gay and lesbian friends their special name that is just as sacred to them and entitle them to all the same legal rights.

Just my thoughts.

Love you

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Chloeefornia Palooza wrap up

Okay, so I was doing so good and then something hit me Monday and I haven't quite been the same since.  Think vertigo-ish without nausea, can't focus eyes, feel "wonky" like I'm on gas at the dentist.  Monday was a complete wash.  Chloee went to school,

(celebrating St Patty's day with her Leprachaun trap)

 the kids went for a run and lunch, I laid on the couch trying to sleep whatever the crap it was off (with no success). Here is it 3 days later and I'm still "wonkish".

Anyhoodle - we stretched out Chloee's birthday a little longer by giving a present every single day.

(a shark bank from Tiburon - how cool is this? She loved it)

Enjoyed the last few days with the kids even if it WAS overcast, gloomy and cold.  This was one of those nice vacay's where we really didn't do much but just hang out.  Nice quiet time doing nothing but being together in the same rooms.  Love it.

Tuesday, Chloee went to school.  Corb went back to work.  Karalee and Splenda took a run and I tried to walk off the wonk's.

Hardest part is leaving when Chlo is at school. I wanted just one more little goodbye.  We showed her special BD present that should be delivered this week so it's kind of like dragging it out even a little more....yeah I like to milk them.

Overall, a great time spent with my favorite SoCal kids! Always love it on base.  Always love time spent with them just hanging around, playing, talking, watching the Jazz.....you name it, we can make it enjoyable.

Now babysteppin our way to April when we get EVERYONE together for the nuptials!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Chloeefornia Bouncin Birthday Extra's

and a few more random pic's
Karalee's hard work and stress

was worth it for this beautiful smile!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Chloeefornia partying - Day 3 of Chloeepalooza

Today was the day!!  Her 6th birthday!!

She of course, woke up early - excited to get on with the day.

Karalee did an AWESOME job decorating (as always)
Look at all those presents!

Karalee left early for a run while the rest of us slept in.  
Then it was time for the birthday girl to open her presents!!

 Corb, Splenda and I snuck away for a nice easy run along the coast.  Spectacular!

We came home to a package from Grandma Leslie and Grandpa Jon so she got to open those 

And then it was time for the party!!!

okay so I joined in the fun and yes my hair looks like medusa's.  So what.

Karalee did a STUNNING job with the cake as per usual

Chlo wanted a pink shark, so a pink shark she got!

And a shark PINATA!!  HELLO!!

Holy smokes!  I think it was filled with 6 lbs of candy and the kids were in heaven!
Cake with ice cream and opening presents kinda completed the gig

After everyone left and we all sat down to catch our breath, there was one more important thing to do.

Corbin's party guy had brought a helium tank for balloons which we never really quite got around to, but before he took the tank and left he filled up one special balloon
(I love you mommy Jill)

(I love you Casey dog)

(I miss you)

We went outside and Chloee made a quiet little ceremony of thinking special thoughts and wishes and then sending the balloon to heaven for Mommy Jill and Kasey

So touching.  I have to give serious props to Corbin and Karalee for making sure Jill's memory is kept alive for Chloee.  They are so good about talking with Chloee, letting her share her feelings, helping her keep memories and always having pictures of Jill for Chloee.  I know that throughout her life, she will need and GET all the understanding and help she will need.  They are amazing parents.  I just couldn't be happier for their family!

A few more palooza presents from Mimi and Poppa (we are stretching it out all week long)

and then it was wrapping the night up with dinner (Subway for Kar and Chloe - Chipotle's for the rest of us) and Jamba Juice to top it all off

Aren't they just the greatest little family?  

Happy Birthday Chloee!!  

Her traditional video to come.........