Sunday, February 28, 2010

Spiritual Sunday- Dad, are you still there?

The Power of Personal Prayer

Today was yet another wrestle with Sissy.  I used to scoff at others who make the same old stale joke of having kids when you are young...blah  blah  blah.  I no longer scoff.  I'm freakin tired. 
The usual morning battles of eating a decent breakfast, not throwing every toy in the house, and adding in potty training all made the idea of attending church a little overwhelming.  However, knowing that the times I find myself making an excuse to miss church are the times that I need to be there most.  Today turned out to be no exception.

Luka woke up ill (too much Leatherby's?  He's such a party animal), and since it was too late to find a substitute for his Sunday School class, I offered to pinch hit.
I can usually whip something up, teaching comes easy to me.  It's about the only thing that does, and since I knew the kids in his class, I figured it would be fun.

After taking Sissy potty, and safely depsositing her in her nursery class, I made my way towards Luka's group of kids.  I had read through the lesson material during a few quiet minutes while Splenda had Sissy out in the foyer during Sacrament meeting, got the gist, and had prepared my thoughts of what to include in the time I would have to teach.

Our discussion centered on personal prayer.  We talked about why, how and when we should pray.  Pretty standard answers.  We used some every day experiences to relate to applying the principles and then I wrapped up with a story from the lesson manual that touched me on a very deep level.

It told of a young girl named Stephanie who was babysitting for a family in her neighborhood.  She was doing great and felt comfortable while she was caring for the children, but once they had gone to bed for the evening, she became frightened.  The nighttime creaks of an unfamiliar house and listening to neighbors arguing made her uncomfortable and uneasy.  She was fearful and wondered what to do. 
The thought occured to her that she could call her father who was a firefighter.  He would still be awake and she could get a hold of him on his private line at the firestation.

She was able to reach her father and poured out her fears to him.  He tried to calm her down and instructed her to lie down on the couch, try to relax and rest.  She was too scared to do that.  He assured her some more by explaining that he would stay on the line with her, until the parents returned.

She followed his guidance, lied down on the couch and kept the phone to her ear.  Over the next two hours, she would find herself bolting awake out of fear and calling out, "Dad are you still there?".
He would gently answer her yes, never once hanging up

Of course, by the time I was done, I was in tears.  But then again, I kind of roll that way.  When I feel the Spirit, I'm a crier.  And in front of these 12 year old's no less, but to me the analogy of this story is powerful.

Life on this earth is often frightening.  Many times, I am afraid, uncertain, and need reassurance.  My Father in Heaven is there, on the other line, all the time.  I simply need to place the call, share my fears and concerns, and then relax knowing that he won't hang up.
I thought a little deeper about the telephone comparison.  I live and die by my cell phone.  If I have forgotten it, I feel like I have forgotten my right arm.  I use it to make sure my loved ones are safe, to check on the whereabouts of my children, to chat,  keep in touch and strenthen bonds with friends and family on a daily basis. 

Personal Prayer is much the same thing.  It's our line of communication to our Father.  Our way of checking in, letting Him know we are safe, our whereabouts, chatting to stay in touch and strengthing our bond.  I can no more leave my home in the morning without my "call" to my Father in Heaven than I can my cell phone.

I shared those feelings with those cute 12 year old's.  I think they might have been a little freaked out that Luka's mom was bawling.  Well, maybe the boys were, the girls are used to it from YW.  And while I have no idea if they felt the same Spirit that I did, I do know  that I walked out of classroom 1 a little better.  More committed to being a better daughter of God.  Better at staying in touch with Him.  Better at relying more on my Father for help. 

"Dad, are you still there?"      
Yes, He always will be. 
This I know.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

You know it's a great weekend when....

At the post office, Sissy is attempting to run around like a banshee, so you carry her, wrestling the package you have to mail and hoping you aren't irritating everyone around you.  She spies the gentleman in front of us wearing a Yankees coat, points to the logo and loudly proclaims "GO YANKEES".  He turns smiling, you explain your indoctrination, and then said gentleman begins minor chit chat with gentleman behind you chiming in.  Wrestle with Sissy and package continue, NY gentleman allows you to go ahead of him.  As you walk in front of him and EVERYONE else in line to the USPS employee, Sissy starts pounding on your boobs yelling, "BOOBIES....BOOBIES.......BOOBIES  MIMI - 'DIS IS YOUR BOOBIES".  You scramble to get your card swiped and walk out of the post office with your head hung in embarrassment.  (Boobs still sitting pretty though in their new VS bra)

At the store with Sissy, you get distracted and by the time you get to the check out, this has happened. She's grabbed a lipstick from the shelf and prettied herself up.  It's not even your kind of color, so you pay for it and then ask them to just throw it away.

You let her pick out her special good girl panties........and she chooses boy ones. No princess, hello kitty, dora - nope! What to do with those pockets up front?

She then proceeds to pee in three of them over the course of the next couple of hours. So sorry Poppa - you got the brunt of it.

But then she has success and gets her emmy-m's (M&M's)

You go get a pedicure with a bestie before she leaves for YOUR favorite place on earth (Cancun).

But you don't feel bad because you are going there in a week yourself.

You do a kick a** workout with your kick a** trainer.  You are literally jello as you wobble your way out of the gym, but smiling like a cheshire cat 'cause your BACK!

You take Sissy to Thanksgiving Point and the museum.  She plays in a cave, in the sand, with dinosaurs in the mud, and a 3D movie.  BTW - movie was kinda lame.  The "brought to you by Al Gore" kind.

You then stop for dinner at Texas Roadhouse where Sissy is perfectly behaved and busting through the peanuts like a champ.

You get a page (being on call) and they have assigned it to the wrong team.  You can dismiss and continue with your fun!

You get to check out your BFF SIL's new ride.  Her dream car.  Her new baby.  Sure you're a TICH bit envious, but you couldn't be any happier for her

You celebrate your brother's birthday knowing that he will ALWAYS be older than you.  ALWAYS!

You get to share your piece of birthday cake (no frosting; lot's of walnuts) with two adorable little girls

And that my friends, is how you know you have had a great weekend!

Dinner at the White House

Post of note today is


Thursday, February 25, 2010

An open letter to my Token Male Reader

Dear Token Male Reader,
You know who you are.  You that lives in a very sunny warm place.  You, who just got your mission call and will be heading east and speaking Mandarin Chinese.  You, who doesn't have an email with your comment so I could reply privately.
Yeah you!

Congratulations!  I couldn't be happier for any other perfect stranger than I am for you!  You are about to undertake a most amazing and growing experience.

I wonder if I could trouble you for a favor.  Maybe two years worth of favors.........????

I have been missing my Monday Missionary updates.  I've had a few readers who've mentioned they miss them too.  Would you be willing to drop me a small note on your P-days, I mean Preparation Days, and give us an update?  You can stay anon if you like, you can send it to my email.  If your mission rules state only one email to family per week, could you include a paragraph in your parents email and they could forward to me?

I would love to hear all about your adventures, your experiences and amazing stories that you are certain to have.  It would make for fun reading and learning on my end.  Below is the picture I'll use just for your profile only.  Unless, you want to get brave, and "come out".  Otherwise, you will be heretofore be known as "The Male Token Reader what is now a Missionary"  (yes I used improper English, it's an inside joke)

Anyhoo, MTR - I would love it if you would participate, I will also understand if you can't.

Drop me a line via email  here

And any 'posers' who try to dupe me into thinking they are the MTR - I will definitely know!

The silly old blogger that wants more missionary stories from a young entertaining lad, M-Cat.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Why didn't I think of this?


An engineer (ex-NASA project director) has what I think is

the near perfect solution for airport security!

Begin forwarded message:

*Date: *February 3, 2010 1:35:01 PM PST

*Subject: **Problem solved for airport and federal bldg security*

*Here's a solution to all the controversy over full-body

scanners at the airports. Have a booth that you can step into

that will not X-ray you, but will detonate any explosive device

you may have on you.*

*It would be a win-win for everyone, and there would be none of this

crap about racial profiling and this method would eliminate a long

and expensive trial. Justice would be quick and swift..*

*Case Closed!*

Wish I had thought of this.  Maybe we can get a petition going for legislature.
PS - thanks for the email TR

A strongly worded letter to Chili's

Oh how I USED to love you.  Serious love.  The make-out and marry you kind of love. 
 I could come there, order my chips and salsa, diet coke with vanilla and make a selection from your guiltless grill menu.  I enjoyed the fact that there were so many healthy options on that guiltless grill menu for me to choose from.  I could visit often (and did), because I could get something different each time and yet still stay within my caloric restrictions.

What happened to the Guiltless Grill menu items?  It is now completely missing from your menu.
No more Guiltless Tilapia.  No more Guiltless Pita. No more Guiltless Chicken Platter.  In fact, the word Guiltless doesn't even exist anymore on your current menu.  What the crap???

And don't even start me on the Southwestern Cobb Salad.  I realize it wasn't a "guiltless" item, but Splenda and I could share one with a small bowl of soup and it was the perfect portion of food.

And the soup?  I'm a Chicken Enchilada girl (no cheese on the garnish) but the last time I had a cup, I bit into a piece of chicken that turned out to be nothing but gristle.  Or chicken fat, or whatever the correct technical term is.  That is enough to make me never order it again for the simple fear of another such bite.

I'm so sad.  So sad indeed.  Now it appears that the only thing I can order from your establishment is the Chips and Salsa.  To go of course.  No server wants a table with nothing but chips and salsa.

Please for the love of all that's holy and sacred at least don't go messing with those mmmkay?
And if you can find it in your heart to at least bring back the Southwestern Cobb salad, I could return as a regular.

A chips and salsa loving, chicken gristle hating, former patron.

Alex - He is an inspiration.

I have the good fortune of knowing and working with his Mom.  One day I'll meet Alex.  He is an amazing inspiration! - Young wrestler serves as inspiration to peers

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Cute Laurie over here, bestowed this award to me:

And to accept the award, I have to list 10 things that make me happy and do at least one of them today and then pass it on to 10 other bloggers. So here goes...

1) Working out HARD at the gym (done)

2) Hanging with my sons one on one for at least a few minutes (will do as soon as they wake up, and/or get home from school, spent time with oldest last night - he is making me a very proud mom right now - deets later)

3) Talk to BFF's (done)

4) Read the paper and do the daily crossword puzzle (will do later tonight)

5) Enjoy a few minutes under UV lights (will do later tonight)

6) Kiss and snuggle with my Splenda Daddy (will do later tonight)

7) Snuggle with my Jordan (as we speak)

8) Spend time giggling with my Young Women (will do tonight)

9) Scour my house til it sparkles ( will have to wait until this weekend)

10) Just BEING with Sissy (will have to wait until Friday)
First of all, thanks Laurie for the award!  I love getting these and it sure gives a shot in the 'ole self esteem arm!
Second, I know the rules state to pass on to 10 other bloggers, but I can NEVER choose just 10!  I know, I am awful at that - so instead, I bestow to anyone reading this.  Grab the button, post it on your blog and create your list!
It makes for a happy, happy, joy, joy day!

Wednesday's Wrandom Wrambling

10 more days.  That's all I can think about.  10 more days............

I'm back.  I mean really back!  I have been in the worst slump, funk, depresson, whatever you call it for several weeks.  Couldn't get myself out of bed to the gym.  I just didn't even care.  Something happened over the weekend.  I don't know what, but my mojo is back.  This morning I did a tri.  300 meters in the pool, 13 miles on the bike and ended with a 5k. It felt amazingly good.  I am better when I am being true to myself.  And being true to myself is being a gym rat.  An athlete.  A competitor.
Yeah, it feels good.

The last of the snow melted from my northfacing front yard.  That makes me so happy.  And even though it's cold and more snow is predicted, I know that it won't be sticking.  It's late enough in the season now, it leaves as quickly as it comes.  And that pleases me immensley.  The only thing that would make me even happier is if it snowed and was nasty here in UT, the week I am in Cancun.  It would give me a sick sense of self-satisfaction.

I like to watch Rachel Ray on Wednesday's.  I don't know how much watching I actually do, but it's on in the background while I work.  Her recipes always look so good until the end.  At the end she dumps ALL KINDS OF CHEESE ALL OVER IT!  It doesn't matter what she is making, there is cheese involved.  I am considering writing her a strongly worded letter.  Give me recipes that don't require cheese as a basic ingredient.  Oh who am I kidding?  I wouldn't cook them anyway.  I am fundamentally opposed to cooking.

Speaking of strongly worded letters.  I am composing one to Chili's.  Stay tuned.

I am totally craving Cafe Rio.  (fist shaking in anger)

Instead on the menu for tonight is tostada's.  Not appealing.

Sissy is getting so FUN!  Her vocabulary is growing, her sense of humor and her style of play is, well in a word - cute.  Everything darn thing about her is cute.  She is so fun to have around.  Come Monday nights, we are already missing her.

Parent Teacher conferences tonight and tomorrow night.  Tuffy assures me we have nothing to worry about.  A couple of more months and the kid will be graduating.  That makes me giddy with excitement.

Speaking of giddy...did I mention only 10 more days?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tickle me Pink Tuesday

Things that are just tickling me pink today!

Meeting Shawn!  I have been dying to meet this lady.  She is an amazingly creative,  and talented performer. And a hoot to sit and chat with. I can only hope to be as cool as her one day!  And I loved meeting all the great ladies there as well!

Learning that while Zupa's is mighty tasty - my stomach doesn't like it.  I am always grateful to learn those bits of information.  

That Tiburon can crop any touch up any photo and make us turn out a decent.  Actually, I was the only one that needed work, the other ladies are naturally gorgeous.  And like how she left her self out of it?  She was there, looking beautiful as always, I promise!

That a person close to me is seriously considering joining the Marine corp.   I can't think of anything more honorable.

That I am browning up nicely, and hopefully while on the beach in 11 more days, no one will mistake me for a beached sea animal and try to roll me back in.  There is still the possibility, but since I don't think brown whales exist, I might have a shot.

That the Olympics are almost over so I can get back to my regularly scheduled TV.  I tried really hard last night to watch ice dancing and just couldn't get into it.  I need the Biggest Loser and The Office back.

Anything tickling you pick today?

Monday, February 22, 2010


I'm the luckiest Mimi in the world!

(comments off)

How to make an idiot of yourself

Or, as I like to say.......why a 43 year old woman shouldn't ice skate.

The girls were fantastic!  They each made it look easy.  Aaahhhh to be young again!

Thanks cuties for having fun with me!

Friday, February 19, 2010


You asked.  I promised to answer.  I did mention that I would be honest and truthful, but seriously?  Some of the questions beg for a smart A** response. 

I'll answer them in the order they were received:

From Tiburon -
Q.  How do I love thee?
A.  I don't know, how DO you love me?  I hope as much as a fat kid loves cake.  As for my love for you?  It's as big as the sea.

MommyJ -
Q.  Have you always lived in Utah?
A.  Since I was 5 years old.  We lived in Las Vegas before that, while my dad attended UNLV, and then moved here.  My parents grew up in Utah County so it was really just moving back home for them.
Q.  What started the love for the Yankees?
A.  My dad.  He was a huge baseball fan.  I remember watching it on TV and following what he taught be about the game.  It was when Reggie Jackson was big and the Yankees were in the spotlight.  They were his team, so they became my team.  Not until my boys came along did I get back into them big.  Now, I have my own Yankee room!!

Glittersmama -
Q.  How did you get into running?
A.  I liked to run a little bit when I was in high school.  It was a quick way to lose weight and get rid of the cookies I indulged in too many times.  After my third son, I took it up again for awhile until my knees wouldn't take it anymore.  Life came at me fast and hard and not until I had gained a significant amount of weight, did I get back to the gym and rediscover my love for it.
Q.  Do you really love it?
A.  Yes I do.  I know that is hard for many people to understand.  Splenda thinks it's just plain boring.  But there is something about being outside, ipod in my ears, and just running.  Even though I am in a serious exercise funk right now, I'll never completey give that up, I don't think.
Q.  Where did you meet Splenda?
A.  On a blind date if you can imagine.  My senior year of high school, my best friend and her boyfriend set me up with him.  He scared the crap out of me at first because he looked so OLD!  I was barely 17 and still in high school.  He was a freaking grown man!  But his mullet and porn star mustache won me over.  Once I met him.  That was it.  No more other dates for me.  And now, 25 years later.  I am still twitterpated.

Anonymous -
Q.  What is your full name, date of birth and social security number?
A.  Really?  Do you think I am that stupid?  Okay, my full name is Tweedledee, I am wicked old and I don't believe in Social Security.  Happy now?

Cherie -
Q.  What is the most sinfully, delicious, no-no- food that you love?
A.  There are two many to list.  The only food I really like is the no-no food.  Maybe I could just answer with Tiramisu.  A GOOD Tiramisu.  My favorite is from the Olive Garden.  But one slice is over 1200 calories.  Yikes!
Q.  Will you go see Eclipse when it comes out in June?
A.  Nope.  And since so many of my blogger friends are fans, I have made a committment to not mock.  Openly anyway.

Pedaling -
Q.  Why Mormon?
A.  Why not?  No seriously.  Let's see if I can answer this without making it into a whole post about my religion.  I was raised LDS.  Left for awhile as a teenager.  After my first two kids were born, I wanted a religion.  I wanted something.  Naturally, I turned to what I had already been taught.  I had looked around at other ideas and other denominations, but nothing struck with me like the LDS faith.  I love the gospel principles, the family values, but most importantly the doctrine rings true for me.  The idea of Jesus's church here once when He walked the earth.  His apostles all killed off so the church and His priesthood are gone.  Makes sense to me that there has to be a restoration of Christ's exact church.  It also makes sense to me that just as prophets existed in bible times, we should have prophets now.  Someone who can tell us what God wants us to know.  So does this mean that are all the guidelines easy to follow?  No.  But I also believe religion should stretch a person.  You should have to work to be found worthy to be in God's presence, and so the things that are asked of me, make sense.  The final kicker?  We have additional scripture in the Book of Mormon.  There is a promise that if a person reads that book with pure intent on finding an answer, they will.  You take the challenge, you find out for yourself, and that moment, that memory, never leaves you.
That being said, I honestly have respect and love for anyone who finds a faith, a religion, a way of life that makes them truly happy.  That's what it's all about anyway.
Q.  Why only 3 kids?
A.  I wanted one more.  Believe me I did!  We had to use fertility medication to get my youngest, so when I felt the need to have one more, that was going to have to be our option.  After careful consideration, Splenda and I decided to just take it as it came.  If Heavenly Father had one more in store for us, it would happen naturally.  It didn't.  However, now looking back on my family, and the blessing of Sissy, our family is exactly what is was supposed to be.
Q.  Do you wish you had a daughter?
A.  I dreamed I had a daughter.  I saw her in my dream and everything.  I was convinced.  And while Sissy is not my daugher, but my granddaughter, she fills that void nicely.  As do each and every one of my Young Women.  I feel like I have MANY daughters.  I'm a lucky woman!
Q.  Why run so much?
A.  Fastest way to burn calories.  And there is a sense of power, and freedom in your own legs.
Q.  What do you picture yourself doing in 10 years?  What will be different?
A.  My hope is that my kids have finished their schooling, are happily married and more grandkids for me to spoil.  I also hope that I am either retired or dang close to it.  Motorhome for traveling and hopefully a different house!
Q.  Favorite color?
A.  Anything that I think looks good on me and that I feel good in.  I'm particularly fond of red, black and pink.
Q.  What is your favorite kind of blog to read (answer truthfully - not trying to worry about feelings)
A.  Anything that is real.  I'm not especially fond of just silly, fluff stuff.  While they may be entertaining.  I can watch tv to be entertained.  If  I am going to sit at the computer and read, I want to read about REAL people, REAL issues, REAL stories.  Sure I love sarcasm and mocking of wordly things, but a little bit of that goes a long way with me and blogs.
Q.  Shall we meet up for little red?
A.  Abso-freakin-lutley!  I will be sad if we don't.  Tib and I have a hotel room for Friday night.  Come crash with us!
Q.  Why not Donald Trump? (could it be his arrogance, his hair, his appetite for beautiful women? i think he's kinda funny)
A.  His hair.  And his lips.  I just can't get past them.  However, he is a brilliant business man.
Q.  Lunch?
A.  Abso-freakin-lutley! Just say when and where. 
Q. Do you watch survivor? if so are you watching the current season? if so who's your fave?
A.  Sadly, no Survivor.  It comes on the same time as The Office and I don't know how to use the dvr.  I get dirty, pity looks when I ask for help from the men in my house.

Mae Rae -
Q.  Is there a deep dark secret in your past that even Splenda doesn't know?
A.  Nope.  Weird huh!  I'm a very open book.  Maybe a little too open.
Q.  If you were to ask yourself a question that you really wanted answered, what would that question be?
A.  Ooh Mae Rae - this is a tough one!  I have had to think over this one.  Hard.  I think I would ask myself why I let my thoughts tend to wander a negative path.  I'm always thinking the worst case scenario, imagining horrible things, and playing out awful outcomes in my mind.  I would like to re-train my brain.  Ideas?

Sher -
Q.  Do you dye your hair?
A.  Yes.  I have since Sun-In became big in the 80's.  I get bored with my look and that is the easiest thing to change.
Q.  What's your take on plastic surgery?
A.  Not a huge one for the liposuction.  I could see a tummy tuck, breast work (either augmentation or reduction, or lift), and definitely some botox.  I would LOVE some botox on my scowl lines and I would totally dig a nose job.  I think people can get carried away, but if there are minor things you'd like to adjust, I'm all for it!  (hint hint Splenda)
Q.  If you could have a free pass from the hubs to have one night alone with any hot celebrity you choose, with no strings attached, would you do it?  If so, who would it be?
A.  Okay, I am going to be honest.  1.  I would never get a free pass from Splenda.  Never.  And I wouldn't ever give him one.   2.  Can there ever be a situation where no strings are attached?  As handsome as Derek Jeter is, I just can't see myself doin the deed with a stranger.

Countess Laurie
Q.  What is your favorite holiday and why?
A.  I'll be boring and say that Christmas is.  Family, traditions and the smells.  After that would be mine and Splenda's wedding anniversary.
Q.  Do you know someone who irritates you just by knowing them?  What do you do about it?
A.  YES!!!!  Oh my heck YES!!!  I have become a good one at creating boundaries and I tend to let those people go by the wayside.  What if they are family you say?  Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries.  And always have a buffer person with you.  (Does that help in your present situation?)
Q.  If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
A.  Hard one.  I love Cancun and could be happy living there the rest of my life, but only if I had my kids with me.
Q.  If you were to be stranded on a desert Island, what two things (besides family) would you take with you?
A.  Cell phone.  Computer.
Q.  Book or eBook?
A.  Real book.  I love the smell of ink and the feel of pages between my fingers.
Q.  What would Splenda say is your most endearing trait?  Your least endearing trait?
A.  I asked Splenda for his answers:  Most endearing - "The way you can talk to people and make them feel comfortable.  You make friends whereever you go."  (aaawwwww)  Least endearing - "The way you criticize your body too much."  (he is a friggin saint)

Veronica -
Q.  When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A.  I always played school.  I think I liked the idea of being in charge and being the boss.  As a young adult, I toyed with the idea of being a lawyer.  Then a nurse.  The biggest problem was that little thing called school.  Me - not so good at it.

Becca -
Q.  Since you're ready to head out of town - one piece or two?
A.  Definitely 2 piece.  But modest ones of course!

Loralee and the gang -
Q.  What kind of pie is your favorite?
A.  Mmmmmm.......pie.  Not a fan of apple, coconut or cheesecake, but I likely wouldn't turn down anything else.  Chocolate pudding is right there at the top of the list!
Q.  Why do you HATE cheese SO much?
A.  Where do begin?  It's sour, it smells and it tastes nasty.  A big gooey cheese mess on top of anything starts my gag reflex.  Sometimes, I can handle a little bit of cheese in something just as long as it's extrememly mild and is completely covered by something else so that I can taste it or feel it in my mouth.

Patricia (where is your link darling, I can't find you!!)-
Q.  If you could live in any time period what would it be?
A.  While some time periods seem exciting like the wild wild west, or the days of knights in shining armour, people's body hygeine back then wasn't the best.  I can't get past the idea of people not brushing their teeth or showering.  I think I'll stick with now, and my modern conveniences.

Annie -
Q.  What do you do for a major health care provider?
A.  I work in the IT department.  Which is hysterical because I know nothing about computers.  Ask me about our specific software program and I might be able to come up with something.  I worked in the clinics with direct patient care for many years before, and sometimes I miss that.  The people interaction.
Q.  What is your blood type?
A.  O +.  Just don't ask me to donate.  I used to.  Last time, the phlebotomist missed my vein and hit my tendon.  I was crying in pain and the idiot wouldn't take it out, but made me wait until a supervisor showed up.  I am terrified to try again.

A Musing Mom (Taylorclan6) -
Q.  What is your bank # and your pin.
A.  If I only knew.  Splenda keeps that information secret from me.  He knows it would be devastating to our family finances.  Not even kidding.
Q.  How do you control sarcasm?  Seriously I need some pointers.
A.  Is there a way?  I don't think I want to know.  I love sarcasm.  I wish I could develop that trait a little more.

Vanessa -
Q.  How fast have you gone in the Mustang?  Don't even lie.
A.  I'm a big fat chicken.  I think I topped her out at 90 once.  And then I started to shake and hit the brake.

Sarah -
Q.  What made you want to be active in the Mormon church again?
A.  Funny.  Having my boys kinda spured me into wanting something.  But then I hurt my back.  Herniated some disc's and was flat on my back.  Couldn't lift my babies - couldn't do anything.  I had a lot of time on my hands.  I picked up my Book of Mormon and decided to read it and put it to the test.  I haven't looked back since then.
Q.  Are you interested in driving up to Layton for a blogger get together any time in the next few weeks?
A.  Of course!!  Bloggy friends + lunch = good times!!

CG -
Q.  What's the craziest place you ever did it?
A.  Did it?  Let's see...... do you mean read my scriptures?  Eat dinner?  Paint?  Talk on the phone?  Or do you mean be romantic with my husband?    Since my YW read my blog - they need to remember that I am a boring woman, and no one needs to be grossed out by "old people love".  However, I am jealous of a story I heard from a bloggy bestie that she once gave her husband a black eye on a jetski whilst being romantic.    I would pay money to have seen that!
Q.  What makes your good boob, the good one?
A.  That my friend, cannot be answered in  a public forum.  If I were to give away my secret, I might not be able to use it as leverage anymore.

Lene -
Q.  Paper or Plastic or bring-your-own
A.  I enjoy leaving my carbon print whereever I can.  If I am at Macey's grocery store, I request bread and chips in paper.  At the Wallyworld, you are stuck with plastic.  I do recycle them though - does that count?

And that my friends, is this edition of ask the M-Cat and see what she answers.

Thanks for playing, it was sure fun for me!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010