Sunday, January 11, 2009

So that's why........

I had a lightbulb moment! An ah-hah! A Helen Keller at the waterpump moment......!
I AM a bull in a china shop!

No, really, I am. Seriously. I can't tell you how many dishes I have broken. Today? Another fine example.

I used to have some coordination and grace, I was in dance club in high school for crying out loud, but as I have gotten older, I really seem to have lost it! I trip a lot, drop things, break things, bump into things, frequently hit the curb when turning corners, and don't even ask me about jumping rope. When Purdy says, "grab a rope" my insides start to quiver just thinking about the humiliation I am about to bring upon myself much to the amusement of others.
I realized today as I broke yet another plate, that this might be why whenever I ask if I can help in the kitchen (at ANY function, ANY where), I get the "Oh no, thanks we got it covered in here, you just relax." It might be why, when given assignments for functions, it does not involve dishes, water or food. I'm safe to put up chairs and take them down again, as long as I have some supervision.
This is why, when I pointed out the lovely set of dishes on sale a couple of weeks ago, Splenda Daddy said quickly, "Ooooh look, something shiny over there!" to distract me away from the fragiles.
This is why, when someone brings in a dinner for us on those rare occasions we might need it, they NEVER bring a dish that needs to be washed and returned. They know they can pretty much kiss it good-bye.
And, really, I'm okay with it. I've come to understand that about myself and accept it. I am not a graceful swan floating about like a princess. I am a freaking bull with horns snorting her way through life!


tiburon said...

You and me are quite the pair.

I think you need some Chinette.

Just saying.

Mina said...

Think how much less work it is to toss non-breakable paper plates than to wash the real ones. I'm really environmentally minded that way!

tammy said...

I was in dance club too! But am so uncooridinated off the dance floor. Especially when I have PMS. I bite my cheek, stub my toes, sprain my ankles and drop everything. Really I shouldn't be allowed to get off the couch when that starts happening.