Saturday, January 10, 2009

A small piece of humble pie anyone?

I will admit, I am the first to dis on the Wal-mart. In fact, let's be brutally honest, I HATE the fact that I have to shop at Wal-mart. And I HAVE to because of their prices on groceries. Especially now that time are tough everywhere, this is one of those areas that are non-negotiable with the Splenda Daddy.
So generally our Saturday trips to said Wal-mart, or Wally World, or Mexi-Mart, take your pick, are spent with much mocking on my part of the workers and my fellow shoppers. Much to Splenda Daddy's chagrin, I might add. I joke that you have to be missing teeth to be a certified checker there (or be a woman with a mustache), that in the summer the display of tits and tats is second to none (and they must be showing in your white t-shirt with black bra), and when ordering at the in-house McDonald's Spanish is a MUST (sin queso, sin queso, no con queso!) I left with a slightly different feeling. We stood in the checkout line for, oh I don't know..AN HOUR, or so, and were beginning to get a little testy. Also, there is where Splenda Daddy dreads the wait time. All sorts of splurge buys jump into our cart there. Milk Duds, People magazine, Diet Dr Pepper, and the like.
We finally got our turn and there was the typical checker. However, this one did have all her teeth, no mustache, and while she did look like she just rolled in from the trailer park (of which I WOULD know), she was friendly and efficient. A helicopter sounded overhead and she commented that she loved the sound because it made her think of her husband. We get talking and come to find out, she is merely in Utah waiting for her husband to get home from Iraq. He's been deployed for the last several months out of Camp LeJune and since she didn't know anyone there, she came home to family until his return.
It hit me....guilt. Guilt! I am so judgmental! She's just a hardworkin gal who's lonely for her husband who, by the way, is out there freaking fighting for freedom! How dare I judge her! Shame on me.......
She finished our business, I wished her luck and left with a much different feeling. A feeling like, you know what, I really need to lay off with the snarky judgements for a bit. Her husband is a freakin marine (boo-yah), wearing a freakin flak jacket in the freakin hot desert, serving other people, all the while hoping he doesn't get shot or blown up. I get to go home with my husband to my son, granddaughter and fun dogs and no, I won't get blown up trying to do that. Respect for him and for my Wal-Mart checker Kira was riding high.
Good feeling, good feeling, good feeling......until we hit the parking lot and there on my right is a gal who had to be a double E at least RUNNING to the entrance. Good feeling gone, replaced with snarky judgement.
Oh well, it was good while it lasted!
However, for Kira? All snarky judgements withheld. Instead - Semper Fi!


Kristina P. said...

I can always tell when my husband comes home from Walmart, because he's in a really bad mood from listening to screaming children. That's why I don't like Walmart. They seem to have a very high number of screaming kids in them. But I don't have a moral issue with shopping there.

Erin said...

The town I live in has a Wal-Mart and only a Wal-Mart. That's pretty much where I live in the wintertime because it's the only place to go! But I completely understand you on the judgmental thing - I keep noticing that people are surprising me based on my original perceptions. I've got to keep telling myself to KNOCK IT OFF!

debilyn said...

coming from a family full of former marines and one still current marine, I totally appreciate this post...

I still detest WalMart, though...and not really because of the people, it's just the whole anxiety-ridden experience...

that, and the fact that none of their carts are worth a d*$%!

Sher said...

I lovingly call it "Neck-mart"
You neck.
Target all the way for me. But, yes, it is nice that they price match on groceries.
I have the same trouble judging people.
p.s. I want to talk to you about the tri. I don't have your email, will you send me an email and we'll chat!

Vanessa said...

I still hate Wal Mart. But thanks Kira's hubby!

nikkicrumpet said...

Awww Melissa...You totally crack me up. I'm so glad I found your blog. I love the makes me laugh guilt free...because I can say....Hey I laughed...but SHE SAID IT! You're the best...and Yes.. Rah Rah to Kira and her hubby. Thank you both for you sacrifice and service!

tiburon said...

I'm a judger, he's a judger,
She's a judger, we're a judger,
Wouldn't you like to be a judger, too?
Be a judger ~ Shop at the Wal-Mart.