Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday Wrandom Wrambling's

What a month! Really. I'm tired and hoping that tomorrow, October 1, brings something a little better than September did. September totally blew.

So I keep having some increasing trouble with my leg. I went back into the doctor and he ran a bunch of more tests, consulted some other doctors and came back with a discouraging diagnosis.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

He has referred me to a pain clinic that specializes in this rare disorder. I go see them tomorrow. Based on my phone call with them, I am not holding out hope. Could be just a bad first impression. If they end up taking care of me, I'll shout them out and I'll have a heckuva Thankful Thursday post, if not, I guess I'll keep looking for help.

For now, since my foot turns colors and my leg goes numb and hurts whenever I stand up, I am pretty much horizontal most of the time. That sucks.

My hip, which should be to the point of now being able to take some weight bearing is nowhere close. In fact, my leg hurts now as much as it did right after the race. Even just changing positions in the bed.

I'm tired of this. I'm tired of trying to digest the diagnosis and mostly tired of not understanding what this means for me. Answers tomorrow - keep your fingers crossed. Okay, enough whining.

On the bright side? I've had lots of very thoughtful prizes, calls, texts, and kind words from so many great friends. I am beyond blessed with fantastic people who are all around me.

I have a fantastic boss and am employed by a great company that is working with me to let me keep working and staying on top of all my day to day stuff. It keeps me busy and helps me feel useful. TR you frickin rock! I know Paul will see this and pass on my love for you!

Can I tell you how much I love fall TV?? SYTYCD - Biggest Loser - The Office - oh baby, they are fun, fun FUN!

Splenda's Mom is moving this weekend. She has lived in her home for 40 + years. It's the only home Splenda remembers. It's bittersweet. We'll all be there this weekend for one last gathering as everyone hauls her boxes to the truck. I will gladly direct traffic with my ever present crutch and shed the tears that Splenda will want to, but won't let himself.

In case you didn't know it, Olive Garden has their never ending pasta deal going right now. Does it get any better? Nay, it.does.not. Mmmmm.....breasticks......Your welcome.

It's UEA weekend here in UT. No school for Thursday and Friday. I remember as a kid, this is when we went deer hunting. Now, I don't even know if it's deer hunting season or not. Seems kinda early. For the record, my Dad never got a deer. I'm not sure he could have actually shot one if he had the chance. I DO remember being shot AT! Good.times.

And finally, I am SO excited for conference this weekend. Every time it comes around, I think, "Oh now more than ever, we need to hear the prophet". But this time, I REALLY feel it.

Peace out, and don't forget....fingers crossed tomorrow.

Slang Gang Word of the Day

September 30: The book off

The act of getting a book out on the train, tube bus or plane in order to avoid talking to the person next to you. Substitutes include a newspaper, phone or iPod.

Person one: "Blablabla isn't the weather terrible blablabla"
Person two: (gets book out thus giving Person one "The book off")
Person one stops talking.

**When I rode public transportation for many years, I totally initiated the book off. Works like a charm. And if you are at church, just pretend to read your scriptures. A restaurant? The menu will work fine.**

Tickle Me Pink Tuesday - illustrated version......

Or we could call this the almost Wordless Wednesday.

Been a little down. Okay, been A LOT down. Have some answers but not ready to share yet.

I have a bestie who has outdone herself once more!

A bag full of prizes

A CD of happy, shiny music, extra large box of milkduds, and TWO huge bags of Skittles for my sorting and soothing needs.

fuzzy warm slippers

With non-skid bottoms so that I don't fall and hurt myself whilst hobbling along these STUPID crutches

And the uber-hawt jammies.

Shark - I love your guts. More than a fat kid loves cake. More than the sea. Thank you!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Missionary Monday - update

(again, an old picture. I need to get on that boy for something recent!)

well mom and dad, by the looks of things it looks like this week went good and bad. I LOVED the pics that you guys sent me, thanks a lot!!! I kinda felt like for a mintte that I was actually in that party haha. although I do have a question.... I really am not sure at all if that girl that tuffy took to homecoming was from our ward.... I seroiusly dont recognize her at all, but oh well i guess that a lot can change in 2 years. also looked like you had a lot of work to do huh dad?? i guess this means that we would not be moving if we are working on the fence.....??
this week went a long great here. just work work and more work. GREAT NEWS is.... i got the package that you guys sent me and I got the card (you guys know that). and just to clear tings up, I did get the package from griff, actually i got it like 3 weeks ago i think. i thought i t9old you guys that, but i guess not. oh well, i got it though and it was really awesome. i sent him a letter telling me thanks for everything. thanks so muh guys for the package that you guys sent me cause i really needed that. almost all of the candy is gone now hahha. i got a call after the missionary talked to mom on the phone from the guy and told me what you told him to do hahha. i just laughed and cause he is in osorno and i am in valdia, i told him i guess the next time i go to osorno you can do it haha. Tell the blands thanks for the b day present!!!!!!!!!! sorry mom about the hip thing, but i hope that things will get better so that you will be able to run again soon.

Voy a necesitar de su ayuda...... tenemos alguien aqui que se llama Felipe. realmente necesita una respuesta de Dios para que el pueda estar seguro de su bautismo. por favor si pueden orar por él para que esté seguro de su decision a bautizarse. es un muy buen joven y yo con mi compañero sentimos fuerte que él, con nuestro ayuda, VA A BAUTIZARSE. Gracias :))

I love you guys and miss you guys sooooooo mucfh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know that I only have a few months left so I am going to work really hard!!!

Elder Catmull

oh mom and remember to check and accept the people on facebook thanks!!!!

His Spanish part translated into English via Google Translator:I need your help ...... Here we have someone called Philip. really need an answer from God so that he can be sure of his baptism. please if you can pray for him so he is sure of his decision to be baptized. is a very good girl with my partner and I feel stronger than him, with our assistance, VA baptized. Thanks:))

** I realize that the translator is obviously not perfect, but the gist is Phillip needs prayers. If ya don't mind, could you also remember him?**

Sunday - Family and's about time

** All photo 'scourtesy of the Shark. She was my official photographer since I can't seem to do very much on my own, and she takes better pictures, and she fixed my settings on my camera so that it wouldn't bother her any more. Thank you Shark!**

We like to stretch birthday's out a reeeeeeaaaalllly long time.
Some friends and family over for the Tuffster's big 18

Blowing out the "candles" Who says we can't improvise? can take the girl outta the trailer park, but never the trailer park outta the girl!

A and O - cute daddy and daddy's girl.

Splenda preparing to wield a knife.

I like how the gray crtuches match my black and white dress. Lovely coordination there.

A and O. Sisterly love. Look at that chocolate on O's chin. Yes, it WAS that good!

BFF SIL T, S, Grandma Sue and John-Pa's legs

Poor Freakshow and Jordie....they want some so bad. I held it there for a few minutes and the RUDELY shoved it into my mouth. HAH! That's what comes with being a two legged walker!

The teenagers hanging downstairs. Between their cell phone and rock band, I'm pretty sure there weren't many words actually spoken.

Tuffy helping E on the drums for Rock Band


Freakshow bogarting Grandma Sue's space...

Splenda - the dog whisperer

E having a little fun on my crutches

Picture taken by A - she did a great job considering she had such a poor subject.

The boy with his fudge chocolate cake.

(Not pictured but celebrated with us: Grandma Joy, J, the B family, and a whole gaggle of Tuffy's friends.)

Tonight? Dinner out for his birthday. Will the fun never end??? I better drug up now so I can handle the festivities!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tuffy's Senior Homecoming

This is his last at WJHS. Unless of course he goes back as a "super senior" but I'm pretty sure he wouldn't get caught DEAD doing that. Such a stigma on the "super seniors"

He took a darling date who also happens to be one of my YW. My boys have all had a thing about NOT dating the girls in the ward. "Ewww, they're like my sister or something" But on occasion, they've gone anyway and had a great time. Last night was no exception.

Now if you don't live in UT, I'm pretty sure that the way we do dances here is going to seem strange. It's because it is.

There is no simple asking, and answering. There is a whole PRODUCTION.
There is no simple having a nice dinner and going to the dance and then going home. It's an ALL DAY AFFAIR.

Tuffy asked MB by getting a dozen of beautiful friendship roses and then sneaking into her car while she worked and writing a cute poem across all her windows. In the flowers, he left a cute little card with his name, so she would know who asked.

MB answered by "bombing" his room while he was away with balloons, crepe paper and then left on his bed a delicious looking chocolate cake. He found the answer "yes" baked inside.

Very fun! I liked that they both kept it fairly simple, but cute and certainly not a wallet breaker!

The morning of Homecoming, they were out the door at 7:40. Breakfast at Denny's at 8:00am and then headed to the zoo. They were in a group of about 10 couples. That's 20 kids! How fun is that?!

After doing the zoo all morning and into early afternoon. They dropped their dates off to get ready. Tuffy relaxed by drumming. And drumming. And drumming. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE IT! He is good and I love to hear him.

About 3:00, he started getting ready again. I ironed his shirt, and pants, he pulled out his new (match her dress) tie, and by 3:45, he and his bestie were out the door to go fix dinner(yes that is Tuffy grabbing B's butt. He's such a clown!)

The boys were cooking dinner for the girls. They had reserved a church so they could have room for everyone and set up a nice table and decorations on the stage. Someones mom did a great job of helping them!! Apparently it was filet mignon with strawberry cheesecake for dessert. And the cost for each couple? MUCH cheaper than a restaurant which they would have spent half the night waiting for a table anyway.

They picked up their dates, came home for pictures and then away they went. (placing the beautiful corsage)

(I am not biased or anything but they are damn cute!)

(Since they are both "my" kids I decided I needed to be in a picture too)

(And the "pull a funny face - but mom you're such a dork" pose)

I didn't see him again until this morning as he headed out the door for work.

Me: So how was last night?
Tuffy: Great! It was fun.
Me: How was dinner?
Tuffy: It was really good actually.
Me: And the dance? Did you guys actually dance?
Tuffy: Yeah (chuckles)
Me: What did you do after the dance?
Tuffy: Watched a movie.
Me: Which one?
Tuffy: Something like Matchstick men or something like that
Me: Was it good?
Tuffy: Yeah, it was all right.
Me: What time did you get home last night?
Tuffy: About midnight

And that my friends is how post-date conversations go with sons. I'm sure had he been a girl, I would have gotten detail, after detail, after detail.

Do I know he really was home by midnight? Yes. I'm the bad mom that doesn't sit up and wait till all her brood is home safely in the nest. That's Splenda's job.

He had a great time, with a darling girl and since this was her first dance, I am hoping she had just as great a time. I hope to hear all about it in YW on Sunday!

PS. Notice how modest her dress is? YESSSSSSSS!!!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Fun with Sissy

Friday nights are our night with our girl! Every week just seems to get more and more fun!

She found a pair of Tuffy's socks and wanted to wear them......

Riding Kasey.....

Self portrait....

And her favorite thing this Friday? The fun shoes that Kado sent "tank -ooh- kado....."

Slang Gang Word of the Day

Um, so yeah, my updated Yahoo account started moving all my daily Urban Dictionary emails to the spam box and I missed a ton. Therefore, a plethora today.

September 18: shirt mask

the part of the shirt located just below the chin one uses to filter foul odors, instinctually used when in uncleanly bathrooms, or after a destructive passing of gas(fart, chemical attack)

1.Duuude.. that truck stop restroom was so narsty i had to use my shirt mask just to take a piss.

2.that fart was so pungent that my shirt mask was the only protection i had

** I don't believe any commentary from me is necessary**

September 19: pirate bath

The process of washing just the arm pit area and the private area with a wash cloth or handful of water. People will ask you to define a pirate bath, the easy definition is "pits and privates"

Kyle was in a heckuva hurry and didn't have time to take a full shower. He instead took a pirate bath and he was on his way.

**To be used wisely and only in times of extreme deprivation. IE: girls camp, 27 hour relay races.**

September 24: cyberchondriac

Someone who spends their time searching medical websites for diseases they convince themselves they actually have

Similiar to a hyperchondriac

'Then i went on this website and found out that i actually have diabetes AND chronic fatigue!'
''re a cyberchondriac'

**Admit it, we have all googled our ailments and self-diagnosed. I go so far as to self-treat as well.**

September 25: Upper Case voice

Noun. to raise your voice or accentuate part of a sentence to stress significance as you would while typing in the digital world.

"Listen! Don't make me use my Upper Case voice!"
"I got a BRAND NEW car!" she said in her upper case voice.


Happy 18th Birthday Tuffy!!

My boy. My baby. My youngest. The last of the fruit of my loins. 18 today. At 10:05pm to be exact.

He was my easiest pregnancy. My easiest baby. The most mellow, easy going person you ever met.

So in honor of his big milestone birthday, I present the top 18 reason I love Tuffy:

18. He is completely self-sufficient.
17. He rarely ever raises his voice or sparks contention.
16. He is a quiet thinker, who's confident in his opinions, but doesn't necessarily share it with the rest of the world.
15. He is loyal.
14. He is the most non-judgemental person I have ever met and corrects me when I need it.
13. He saves all his change in a huge jar.
12. He is a GREAT cook.
11. He is amazingly creative
10. He Makes the best brownies
9. He is a dummer extrordanaire.
8. He has a wickedly funny sense of humor.
8. He will stay lay in my bed and watch TV with me.
7. He willingly goes to the SEV for me and get my perfect bev.
6. He has a great sense of style.
5. He loves Scrubs and The Office and we can quote most of them all the time to each other.
4. He is a fantastic uncle to Sissy. Plays with her, helps her and loves her.
3. He is a trustworthy friend who never gossips or bags on people.
2. He still goes by Tuffy. For reals. He's been Tuffy since before he could walk and still lets us call him that. In fact, he promised his first born son to be named Tuffy Jr

And the number 1 reason, I love Tuffy?......

1. He is a kind, loving, respectful son who not only treats me like a queen, but has been a steady rock for me when I've needed some encouragement.

Happy Birthday Dirtbag - I love you like a fat kid loves cake!

Who has two thumbs and thinks his mom is a complete dork?

This guy!

Thanks goodness that he will still fetch me my bev!

Yes I realize that most of the pictues suck. Scanner is broken. They are pics of pics. Sorry. Sue me.