Monday, January 26, 2009

A big shout out to Big D construction company

Dear Big D construction company,
Thank you, thank you, thank you for your oops-a-doodle this morning! Now, please know that I have been more than patient through all the demolition the past year or so while the Downtown Rising project has been going on. The many detours, sidewalk closures, building shaking, power losses, strange noises, vibrations and most importantly, the crane hovering around the windows ready to swing and smash at any moment. And who can ever forget the many times something caught my attention in the corner of my eye to see a porta-john being hoisted high above? (who needs the crapper up there anyway? Just wondering)
But today, well today is the icing on the cake! It made my Monday the best Monday ever! Nothing spells happiness like getting a phone call just as you get out of the shower from a work BFF who explains that whilst working early (the butt-crack of 7:00am), a loud announcement was made to "cease operations and evacuate the building immediately!" When said work BFF questioned construction worker (after safely evacuating), that the problems encountered would likely take all day to repair it just took a quick phone call to the boss, and then we all got the word to just go ahead and "work from home". Oh Big D! How could you possibly know that I needed a WFH day today? What with the storm and the roads being a skating rink and all. How did you know that I needed my hot corn bag, my baby Jordan and be in my home office today?
For this wonderful treat, I SALUUUUUTE you! Again, many thanks, and just a small request.....could you oops-a-doodle a lot more for the next 3 weeks until I move office's? I would sure appreciate it!

The work from home fiend


Vanessa said...

Way to go Big D!

tammy said...

They must have read your earlier post about wanting a day at home.

Tanja said...

Now you're talking!

Tanja said...

Now you're talking!

MiaKatia said...

Nice!!! Enjoy your day.

tiburon said...

I heart Big D Construction. And I heart work from home Melissa. She talks on the phone more.

And there are no speaker phone mishaps.

Omgirl said...