Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday art form

The weekend is half way over and I'm exhuasted. As I think about it, I think I have good reason to be.....
My weekend thus far - and again, it's only half way over.

Friday: Since Tuffster wasn't interested in the same kind of hanging out as I was, I basically took the day off for nothing. Well, maybe not completely nothing. I did get all caught up on my reader, all caught up on facebook and learned a very important thing about my granddaughters now former nickname. After learning such tidbit of wisdom, I decided I JUST NEEDED TO BE WITH HER. Our first stop was to get her hair cut. You should have seen the poor girls face at the salon when I asked her if there was anything we could do to fix the bang mess. Nope. Nothin. Maybe a little layering and minor blending. Wish I had a picture, but I was too busy wrestling her, attempting to hold her still and listening to her scream "OWIE! OWIE! OWIE!" Such.Drama. And when it was all over, I had to fork over 15 bucks for what looked like nothing with her hair had changed. *sigh*

The next stop was to the mall to get her ears pierced. Again, wish I had a picture. However, all the people who happened to stop in their tracks and watched me hold a two year ear in a full-on headlock while two HEAVILY pierced teenagers attacked her with their piercing guns got a visual they are likely not to ever forget. And the people at the OTHER END of the mall heard enough to know that venturing down to our end was probably not going to be a good idea. This time, though, her screams lasted less then 5 minutes. Not long at all considering. She did give the stink eye to both above mentioned teenagers and when waving 'bye-bye', pretty sure I saw her chubby little middle finger come up all by itself.
We decided to get the grocery shopping done since Saturday's are hectic, Sissy was already a little tired, but she stuck it out.
I finally got her to pose for some pictures to show her "pretty ears". She still hollers when I clean them, but they look so stinkin cute I don't care how much she protests!

I've got a half marathon coming up in April and have I done any serious distance road training? NOPE. Figured I have GOT to start at it! Got up at the butt-crack of dawn. Actually, before then, 0-dark-thirty to be exact and figured I would run until 7:00am when the lifting class started at the gym. So off I trotted in the freezing cold darkness. Everytime I get running, I am reminded why I love it so! Something about being by myself in my own head with a little background music from the podder. I made it to the gym in time for class, lifted for 45 minutes and then jogged to the church nearby for our priests first region church basketball game.

Our priests have either been region champs or second place for as long as I can remember so this is serious stuff kids, we have a legacy to keep going.
They were fantastic, Tuffy did awesomeHe's there in number 34,
and as you can see from the scoreboard, we came away with a W!

Next up? Go drive my running route so I can see how far I actually ran. 9.5 miles. YESSSSSS. I should get more in, but for now, that is good enough. Quickly get cleaned up and toddled out the door to a surprise baby shower for my cousin Steph.

Good times. However, my niece who was there too, was bored out of her 12 year old skull and since I was leaving early, she hitched a ride home with me. She is a darling, fun-to-be-with young woman. She just turned 12 so, YW is new and exciting to her and I dig spending time with her. She hung out til my SIL (and her mom) picked her up. We were just kind of puttering around until.......
the doorbel rang. Seems that a little gift was coming Tuffy's way. He was hoping K would say yes to his invite to prom, but this was the official 'answer'.
A brown envelope.
So guess what we did for the next hour? Chased clues in brown envelopes all over the big shopping district next to our neighborhood. Really fun and very creative! Well done K, and yes Tuffy was pretty happy and relieved that you would say yes.

Dashed home to change clothes, and then Chad and Tib came to my door ready for a scheduled bike ride!
We rode to over to our friend's Rick and Katrina's house. He recently got a job in Denver and they are re-locating there, but they still have some loose ends to tie up here so we still get to see them occasionally. In fact, they are selling most everything in their house, rather than move it, so check out craigslist for some great deals!

l-r Katrina, Rick, Chad, Me, Tib
By the time we left to head home, it had turned down right chilly! Nothing like some downhill and a stiff cold breeze to speed up your cadence to get home to something warm fast! That being said, we rode for 11 miles total, and it was great! I could definitley add more to the next bike ride, I just need to plan a little better. Like say, earlier in the day, and WARMER! : )
Splenda and I went out for quick bite to eat, and then played with the sissy for a little bit. Now I am ready to fall into my bed because every muscle in my body is stiffening up and I am EXHAUSTED. Here's to hoping the baby will sleep in a little bit tomorrow morning so we can get some sleep! And even hoping harder that I can actually get this body out of my bed come tomorrow morning. It might not cooperate.

PS - If you actually read this entire post, which ended up being a novella, you might notice that we now call her Sissy or Sis. Using the name nickname her Daddy has always called her. That other word is getting erased from our memories......

Friday, February 27, 2009

Holy.Mother.Of.Freakin.Heck!!! - HELP.ME.PLEASE!

Friends, friends, friends.......
If any of you knew this already and purposely did NOT tell me, well, I will have to consider removing you from my BFF circle. Really.I'm.not.kidding.

Thank you Selean! I did not know that Chunch meant something very dirty and vile in the Urban Dictionary. In fact, I didn't even know there was an Urban Dictionary. But cute Selean was kind enough to allude to the fact that maybe Chunch as a nickname for my granddaughter might be, um, a problem?

So I frantically call the Shark, who is all knowing on such things. She constantly is reminding me that I must live under a rock because I am so out of touch. I say to her "Do you know what Chunch means in the Urban dictionary?!!?! What is the Urban Dictionary"???!! Tib kindly stops what she is doing, hits the dubya.dubya.dubya and proceeds to read OUT LOUD the definition of Chunch. As she reads, she has to even start whispering so her children don't hear this definition! *GASP* I.AM.HUMILIATED.

What started as a cute nickname related to her chunky cheeks, now has me throwing up in my mouth. Okay, yes Shark and I did laugh. But only because of my blissful ignorance. But now that I know, I can't bring myself to call her Chunch or Chunchie anymore. And really, you don't need to go running and look up the definition, suffice it to say. IT IS NOT MY GRANDDAUGHTER!!!!

So, here's the dealy-o. I need a new nickname for my beautiful, smart, funny, silly, lovable, delightful two year old granddaughter. I am taking ideas.......

Dear Salean...........

Dearest Salean,
Come back! We need to talk. Please check the comment board again under the Red Envelope project.......


Best in Show - another Friday funny!

We've seen the movie a gajillion times and laugh out loud every scene. Ran across one on my favorites and thought it would fun for a Friday.

And you should see Tuffy do her "walk". Hysterical!

Funny Bone Friday - Things I may have heard, or said, or just thought in my head

1. "I don't know what that means, I don't speak woman."

2. "You realize that the cheeseburger is a gateway burger. Next thing you know, you'll be downing Big Mac's like nothin!"

3. "I like a little cat under my tread."

4. T: "I'm getting a goat hair."
Me: "Really?"
T: "Yeah go get a flashlight and I'll show ya."

5. T: "Check it out, my first chest hair! Come look!"
Me: "Niiiice, a proud Mom moment, come here and let me hug ya!"
T: "No,no,no, that's a father/son thing, but I'll let ya stroke it."

6. "You know, that disease where your fingers fall off?" huh? wha?

7. "The sh** storm is starting to rain on her parade."

8. "Butt boogers."

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Erupting volcano in southern Chile - Elder L is safe

For those who are wondering, yes we are aware of the volcano that is erupting in Chitean, Chile. It was the same one that erupted last May and basically wiped out the small city.

At the time of last year's eruption, Elder L was close enough to see the ash and clouds as it erupted and assisted as they evacuated the city's occupants to his then area.
Where he is serving now, is about 100 miles away from the volcano. So probably close enough to see the dust and ash, but certainly not in any imminent danger. Click here to link to a news story that gives a good outline of what happened last year and what is happening now and a video. Or click here for some awesome photos.
I'm glad he is where he is now, as his last sector was even closer to the volcano which apparently is in danger of further eruptions.

Thanks for your concern and thoughts, I can't wait until Monday to hear what he knows about it!

Rude - not Rude...Random musings

Work is a little slow today, and I am taking tomorrow off, so that makes it even harder to stay focused. I started noticing some things around here that are either Rude or Not Rude. And, they shall be dubbed so for ever after........

It's hard to see unless you click to enlarge and even then it's blurry. Sorry.
The fact is THIS IS RUDE! It is a friggin meat locker in here! I can't feel my toes, I have the ugly office sweater on and I really believe it's just a degree away from seeing my breath. Not to mention that the air vent is situated right above mine and Martha's cubes. It is blowing cold air DIRECTLY AT US! That is just downright rude. I'm giving the maintenance dude another 30 minutes, then I am climbing up on a chair and covering the vent myself. Rude.Rude.Rude.

NOT Rude. I came in this morning to find a sweet little Patrick from Sponge Bob Squarepants sitting on my monitor. In honor of my own Patrick the Purple Road Eater. This, ladies and gentlemen, is why I love my friends at work. Yes, they are friends whom I happened to meet at work. Some people would call them co-workers. Not me. So....NOT Rude!

RUDE! Really, is it necessary for a scale in the restroom? That forces me to see it about 25 times a day as I go dispose of all the water that I drink. Sure, I would want to get on it and see where I am at, but that violates the official "weigh in" rules. So instead, I go past it all day long and fixate on how my body feels at that moment. Usually fat (don't judge me). RUDE.RUDE.RUDE.

Pellat ice. Best.Ice.Evah! Fun to crunch if your an ice cruncher, and even funner to have in your beverage just floatin around. So....NOT RUDE!!

Really. Do I need to say much? Not only is this bad boy just a few steps away from my cube, but you have to see it when you go get the cool ice. We really shouldn't be tempted like this so much. I think that is in violation of the Geneva Convention. RUDE.RUDE.RUDE!

I've mentioned many times about how much water I drink and admittedly I am a water snob. I prefer mine without chemicals, fluoride or other deposits that probably aren't for human consumption. This bad boy is just a few mere seconds away from my desk and is big enough to allow me to fill my 1/2 gallon jug in one shot. The best part? I can get hot OR cold water. So if I need to make some oatmeal (yum - not) or hot herbal tea to try and warm myself up, it's readily accessible. Sooooooo NOT RUDE!

And since I have been composing this post, the maintenance guy still hasn't shown up. I'm climbing on a chair and fixing that freakin vent myself! If I fall, is that workers comp?

Thankful Thursday

You know, the weeks are just flying by! That is a good thing, it means Elder L is closer to coming home.
I've had some very thought provoking experiences in the last day or two and have quite a list of things that I am thankful for:

My blogging friends. Each and every one of you who took the time to comment yesterday and give me advice. I realize I was truly ranting and venting and was afraid that I would lose some friends over my outburst, however, you were all very kind and offered up ideas on how to handle the situation. I spent many hours Wednesday thinking over the situation and all of the many thoughts and ideas you sent my way. Finally in the end, I realized I need do nothing. The situation really lies with said BFF. I need to learn that when I get my panties in a wad over my friends issues, then I need to sit with that wad and do nothing. Be still. Things work out. I love my friends and will give all the support in the world, but really in this case, I don't need to do or say anything. If the offender approaches me wanting dialogue, I can be truthful with her about her behavior, but I don't need to go seeking a fight. Before you know it, the panties are unwadded. Which is a good thing. Having your good-girls all in a bunch is just uncomfortable. I'll accept the fact that I am fiercely loyal, and learn to tame my emotions.

My BFF SIL Terri. We had lunch yesterday and I was reminded of all the reasons why I love her so much. We have so much history together and have the kind of relationship that I TRULY can tell her anything and I know that it will never be repeated. She knows the same with me. She also "gets" me. So when I confide things that would probably sound crazy to someone else, she can understand COMPLETELY. And if she by chance doesn't understand, she just loves me. She also keeps me grounded with gospel principles. As we share our struggles and frustrations, she can always tie gospel principles or scripture to them and though we often come away with no answers, we still feel better for just having "talked it out". She's had a rough past 6 years, and I hope that Heavenly Father will finally give her a break soon!

My new bike Patrick and the Shark and her Daisy who will train with me. Who knew that after just 9.5 miles, I could fall totally head over heels? And with all the events planned for this summer, the training needs to start happening NOW. It's so nice to have a BFF training partner! Aaaaannnnnnd one that makes me laugh hysterically while we are at it!

PT Camp and my trainer Purdy. Today is our last day for this round, but you can bet I'm going to be signing up for the next one. Ralynne is too great of a trainer to not tap her resources. She pushes me, knows what I struggle with, and is a dear friend. She is knowledgeable, smart and constantly learning new things to bring to our training sessions. Who can honestly say that they LOVE their trainer? Most people, it's a love/hate relationship, but for me and the Princess of Pain - it's a love/love.

My job and my boss. I used to list this every week, and yet I haven't for a while, but lately feeling extremely grateful for not only the job I have, but the company I work for and most importantly my boss and my BFF co-workers. Really, I'm a very lucky, blessed girl for this. In this economy right now, having a job alone is a blessing, but one that you LOVE? That is a pure heaven god-send.

Milk Dud's. 'nuff said.

What are you thankful for today?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Red Envelope project - Please be a part of it!

Stole this from Tammy over at Time Flies - and absolutely need to be a part of it!

Get a red envelope. (You can buy them at Kinkos, or at party supply stores.)
On the front, address it to:

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington , D.C. 20500

On the back, write the following message:

“This envelope represents one child who died because of an abortion.It is empty because the life that was taken is now unable to be a part of our world.”

We will mail these on March 31st, 2009.

I wish we could send 50 million red envelopes, one for every child who died [in the U.S.] before having a chance to live. It may seem that those who believe abortion is wrong are in a minority. It may seem like we have no voice and it's shameful to even bring it up. Let us show our President and the world that the voices of those of us who do not believe abortion is acceptable are not silent and must be heard. Together we can change the heart of The President and save the lives of millions of children.

Please forward or link to or copy this post to your own blog.

Did someone mention FREE?

And yet another great and wonderful give away!
That Mindi over at Word to Your Mother is having an awesome give away!
I want you all to visit her page, but don't feel inclined to enter, I REALLY want to win!

Patrick's Maiden Voyage

So, the Shark and I had some time this afternoon, the weather forecast was for warm temps so we thought we get some riding in.

When I got to her house, dark ugly clouds were starting to build, and we contemplated whether or not we should proceed. Heck yeah I'm thinking! We started off and the further south we got, the more sunshine we encountered. It was WONDERFUL! We stopped at our trainers house to show how cool we were but if you can imagine, she was in the shower! Just cause she works out training and teaching like fifty million hours a day, like she needs a shower...pssshhaw! We looked at the sky and realized that the direction we needed to head home, now looked down right nasty. We headed back and other than big hill at the end, me not getting into my toe clips and almost biffing on the take off's, Shark hitting a curb and busting her reflector on Daisy's pedal, we returned unscathed.

I.WAS.EXHILERATED! Really, I can see why this is so addicting! In the neighborhoods when we could ride side by side, I felt 8 years old again with my friends in the 'hood (trailer park) riding our DI hand-me-down bikes, with someone on the foot pegs, someone on the handlebars, streamers from the handles and a cool banana seat. Of course back then we didn't wear helmets so I had to really imagine the wind in my hair today. I got cold on the way back, which doesn't say much, I am cold in 110 degree weather. Yup, get a slurpee and I'm needing a sweater! I'm the only girl on the beach in Cancun wrapped in a blanket. But I digress. Back to the bike ride.

It was awesome and I can't wait for the next warm sunny day to get Patrick back out eating up the road. I do really need to practice getting in and out of the freakin toe cages! I completely humiliated myself at an intersection because I couldn't get going. I finally had to WALK the bike across with a dude honking behind me! *Gasp* I need to practice and quickly get myself upgraded to clips.

If it's Wednesday, then I'm wondering WHY?

Okay, today is a very important question. It's a two-parter and I am hoping someone out there will give me SOME idea or clue as to how to handle this sitch.

Here's the low down: WHY are some people just so miserable and unhappy that they can do nothing but bring everyone around them down? They literally SUCK all the goodness and positive energy from EVERY SINGLE PERSON they encounter. You know the kind of person I am talking about. They are constantly complaining, whining, criticizing, finding fault and generally being a total fiend to be around. They go out of their way to find shortcomings in others (real or otherwise), and then proceed to point them out to everyone and anyone around them that they can get to listen to them for half a second. Even to go so far as to write emails or make phone calls to someone that they think can reprimand another person for a perceived fault or error. They delight in bad gossip. They want in "on the know" NOT because they are concerned about a friend, but simply because they delight in the bad fortune in others. They get off on trials in other people's lives. Have I described this type of person well enough? We all have either been the target of someone like this, or have seen this behavior in someone.

Here's the next part. How the crap do you deal with this? I am at a loss. There is such a person, let's just call her crybaby for now, that has chosen a BFF as her target right now. I'm sure said BFF is not her only victim since crybaby seems to just operate this way as a normal function of life. For me, I generally just let this kind of person to drop right off my radar. I let them go. I've no time for such nonsense and won' let myself get brought down. Remember the Happy Bus? But, that being said, you DON'T mess with my BFF's. Plain and simple. I will not stand for it. So how do I handle this? I know how I want to, and it's NOT appropriate. It would NOT be appropriate to confront her and call her a big, fat, ugly pig. And, to call her on the carpet for every mean thing she has said and done for the past several weeks involving my said BFF, tell her how much no likes her and that she is a pain in the a** to be around and could she please just go find a new place to work out at and leave us alone. To threaten her that if she approaches my said BFF ONE.MORE.TIME, I might go all postal on her. NONE of that is appropriate, I know. That would be stooping to the 14 year old mean girl in me. I am better than that. However, I am no where good enough to know the right way to deal with this.

Help? Suggestions? I'm all ears on this one.......


Splenda Daddy came through, the planets are now all back in alignment and I might even show him my good boob.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A strongly worded letter of complaint

Dear Grocery shopper for the family,
In the unsacking of groceries last night, I did NOT see any Milk Dud boxes. When you ask me what I would like from the store and I say "Milk Duds", I am not kidding.
Please correct and remedy this mistake as quickly as possible as it is Fat Tuesday and the one day I get to go a little wild. Otherwise, I will have to consider not allowing you to grocery shop alone. Ever.Again.

Your chocolate and caramel craving wife.

(response - in a not-so-timely manner I might add)
Dear Mrs. Catmull,

I want to apologize for my inadvertent oversight. I was too distracted with the new tattoos and earrings people were wearing as well as the many different languages spoken around me. I will remedy this tonight. We really appreciate your feedback and will do our best to ensure this does not happen again.

Splenda Daddy

And this, my friends, is the EXACT reason I LOVE this man!
He understands that if Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. If Papa ain't happy, ain't nobody cares.

But wait! There's more!......more tickling of me today

So my eldest offspring sent these to me. Is he trying to tell me something?
Let it be known, these are three more reasons why I don't drink. Alcohol that is. Unless it's Nyquil. Then


Oops-a-doodle squared

There are no words....
And I was pleased not to recognize my son or his friends in these particular videos. (although I would have laughed even harder) : )

Tickle Me Pink Tuesday

It's that time again!! Things that are just "tickling me pink" today:

When I go into the women's restroom at work and pick a stall that still has the seat up from the cleaning crew the night before. That means I am the FIRST to use that stall today! WooHOO! (and referring to an earlier post, the handicapped stall here doesn't have a lock so I am FORCED to use the small ones)

Chad. Dude seriously rocks! Offers a trailer to borrow to carry my new bike; to come train on his trainer so I won't wipe out when trying to get in and out of clips; will do races with me; smiles EVERY SINGLE TIME I SEE HIM! Dude rocks, and deservedly is in the BFF circle!

My new water jug. Saturday I was being careless and let mine fall off the spinning bike and the entire top broke off! Splenda Daddy very kindly picked up a new one for me last night and the planets are now back in alignment.

My new shorter commute. CUT IN HALF!! Annnnndddd, can't wait til I'm brave enough to ride my bike to work.

Speaking of work, my new cube, building and most importantly the cafeteria! Excellent salad bar, and ssshhhhh, they carry my Monsters!!! Don't tell SD. Let's keep it our secret.....

Tiburon. 'nuff said. Seriously, who can I talk to 4 times a day and laugh EVERY SINGLE TIME!! She can take a frown and turn it right upside down. Wait, is that a primary song? Anyhoo - girl rocks! AND she let's me chew her a** out for eating McD's. She doesn't even hang up on me. She might pretend I am breaking up on the cell phone, but she doesn't hang up on me. True friend.

That I have picked up a few more followers. WELCOME!!! Hope you enjoy the read and my daily ramblings! It's kinda sad when my self esteem rests on the number of followers and comments that I get here in bloggy land. Really, I should get a life. But while you are here, feel free to comment..... (hint hint)

And finally, that today is Fat Tuesday!! Now, I'm not Catholic, but this is the one day a year, that I like to pretend I am, just to enjoy Fat Tuesday. Live it up before the sacrifice period of Lent begins tomorrow. I think I see a box of Milk Duds in my future today! Not the small box either, no what's the point? Living it up means the BIG BOX!! Then tomorrow, when I'm not Catholic anymore, I don't have to give them up. See? Perfect world! (and no disrespect meant to my catholic friends out there - I seriously dig you)

What's tickling you pink today?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Did someone say Free? Little People Wealth Give Away

Okay, okay, we hear about these give aways every day. And I love a good give away. Lots of times there are cute stuff and fun stuff and sometimes just good ole practical stuff. This little bad boy falls under that last category.

I found a new little site that posts great deals, coupons, savings tips etc. She is great about posting as much information as possible to help us save extra dough.
Little People Wealth is her name and savings is her game.
Click here for more detailsNever hurts to share ideas on how to squeeze all we can from our dollars! Go give her a whirl, I think you'll like her!

Monday - Missionary Update

Vive La Chile!
Dear Family,

Wow, what a week, seriously! It went by super fast, but it was a good one. Sounds like things are going good back home also :) That is good to hear. I loved getting the pics that you guys sent. Good news, me and my comp, we both got the packages. Wow, ill tell ya. My comp was super happy. He throws out a thanks to you guys for that. At chruch, we gave out some of the candy to the kids and the members. Was kinda interesting to see that the memers, too a tootsie roll, were saying, What is this, candy? I dont know what it is, but i like it. Haha I just laughed.
Speaking of church, me and my companion gave talks. I talked about the importance of missionary work, and my comp talked about how to do it. What freaking awesome. We nailed it honestly. Haha easily one of the most powerfull lessons that I have ever given. It rocked. I kept the talk for when I want to hear or see it again. Good idea huh?
I orderd some sweet scripture cases from a lady in Punta Arenas. Her husband draws them in leather. They are freaking sweet, but way expensive. Almost 30 bucks a piece. I bought two for my Bible and my BOM. I will send a pic when I get them. I am going to have to take out more money today to pay for them, so be expecting that.

That is so awesome that Chris is liking the MTC. I loved it. I still got all my photos and all of the videos that I got when I was there. I hope that he is doing well.
Thanks Dad for the weather update. The weather here is hot still. We are going to be dropping down here pretty soon. Spring starts in March, well the middle of March I think. Or at least from what I hear. I only got one more winter here, and I am home.....ahh....kinda wierd to say haha. Sorry to tell ya parents, the date is still the 30th of Dec. Haha dont think that it is going to change. I guess that is good in the fact that I get an extra two weeks on the mission huh?

Okay time for the questions.....
So questions:
1. How was your conference in Osorono? It was excellent. Elder Corbridge spoke, and did an awesome job.
2. I'm going to be sending another small package - do you need anything specific? You know what I could use? Some more Pday shirts. Haha I am getting sick of the same old shirt that I have. If you could send some of the golf or polo shirts that I left when I left on the mish that would be great. :) Thanks! Oh and also some white shirts, the button up ones that I use for work. I am down to 5 that work so I am having to use the same shirt two days in a row to be able to have enough for the lady to wash them haha. What a dirtbag I am haha.
3. Any message for your profile for Facebook? For right now no.....
4. When are the next transfers? Will you be staying or going? Still want to go to Puerta Arenas? The transfers will be 11th of March. I think that I am going to be leaving this sector, but ya never know. Still waiting to go to Punta Arenas!!!!!!!!! :)
Hmmm.....what else would be going on. Not too much. We are not going to change our house. The owner came and saw how it was after a long time of being a dissater. She remolded the bathroom and totally cleaned the house. Our shower is tons better and our house in clean after being a mess for I dont know how long. Things have gotten better in that aspect.

Well that is about it fam. I hope that you guys have a rocking week. Love you guys and miss ya.

Elder Catmull
p.s. I am going to send a part to tuffy and to chris, could you guys send the parts to tuffy and chris through email? Tha would be great. :)

While I would LOVE for him to experience Puerta Arenas, and he wants to badly, I'm not sure now would be the best time. They are headed into their fall and winter. It would be bitter-butt cold! And, it sounds like I'll be sending off another package this week! Awesome kid!! Love being a missionary mom!

A VERY public open letter to the Shark

Dear Tiburon,
I am SO SORRY that I said mean things about you in my blogger lunch post. Things like showing up without a Monster for me. How you taunted me with it and then put the empty can right in front of me on the table. I didn't realize those comments would cut you so deep. I didn't realize that the Shark had such tender feelings. Had I known, I most certainly would have not made those exact comments. Instead I would have phrased my words more like this: "That Tiburon, she is such a darling girl! She really knows how to party! She even BYOB her own beverage! Thus not imposing on anyone else to provide for her. That girl is a winner. She is also so thoughtful, she didn't just drop her empty can on the floor or in the garbage. No, that smart whip, she left it on the table so that the busser's could rightfully put it in the recycle can."
I'm really an insensitive lout and end up apologizing daily for things that come out of my mouth. But this time, I hurt one of my dearest BFF's feelings. I hope you can forgive me. I will also make sure that I let everyone know that you are the truly one of the bestest bestie's ever because you showed up at the gym with a little prize for me.In spite of my rudeness in the previous post, you took the higher road and brought me my "legal meth in a can" treat. I promise to keep it secret that I actually hugged you and kissed you on the face with my lips. I won't embarrass you by sharing that little tidbit.
So dearest Shark, I hope you accept my apology and know that I will NEVER openly mock you on my blog ever again. I love you too much to do that.

PS - the picture you detest has now been removed. Your.Welcome.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A curious 2 year old and her Mimi's spice drawer

This is what happens when Mimi turns her head for a few minutes whilst the Chunch is in full force exploratory mode.
I was chastised by Tuffster that I asked her to pose and say cheese. His words: "Now she won't understand that she is in trouble." Whoever said she was in trouble? Hello! Mimi's house = Chunch can do whatever the crap she wants.
I'm just glad we caught her before she inhaled or rubbed her face! Don't try this at home kids......

My new ride.... Allow me to introduce you to Patrick the Purple Road Eater

"Say hello to my little friend" (said in my best Al Pacino in Scarface movie voice)

This would be my latest, greatest and favoritist purchase.

This bad boy is a limited Edition '09 Alysafri Raleigh Road bike. I realize the actual name is a girl name, but as I explained to the sweet young Bryce at Taylor's Bike Shop who sold me, and then fitted me for this new investment, I DON'T RIDE GIRLS. Thus, he has been dubbed Patrick.
I took him for a quick spin after the blogger lunch (I happened to find a matching helmet), and I have to say instant love! Can't wait to get training on him!

OH.MY.HECK! Lunch with a gaggle of giggling blogger chicks!

Shot from one end of the giant table.Shot from the other end of the giant table.

WOW - is about all I can say. Kristina's little get together turned out to be a HUGE affair! LOVE IT! There were close to 40 women there and I didn't even get the chance to meet half of them. I will say this - the group down at my end of the table were THE BEST!!! So fun to actually put a human being behind the blog. To know that you all actually exist and aren't just figments of my computer imagination. Or some government conspiracy experiment. Really, it was great.

I was lucky enough to sit by the completely GLAMOROUS Vanessa on my left. She had this glitter eyeliner that made me covet her eyes ALL AFTERNOON! To my right was the hilarious Arianne. Omgirl kept me giggling all afternoon. Annnnnnd, I could lean over and whisper stuff in her ear that no one else got to hear. He he he.....Next to her was a new gal Amber (the cool one). HILARIOUS!! I think I met a kindred spirit! Can't wait to hit her blog!
Across from me was Tiburon. 'Nuff said right? Except that not only did she show up with a Monster for herself and none for me, she proceed to drain the can into her gullet and then set it RIGHT ON THE TABLE IN FRONT OF ME! I hope Purdy kicks her trash tomorrow just for being so mean. It's a good thing I do love her so. Next to Tiburon and across from me on my right was Veronica (can't find her blog to link to. Veronica - comment to me so I can add you for crying out loud!!). A beautiful, witty, and outgoing gal who made conversation easy. To her right and within my sights and talking distance was Sher. Let's discuss Sher. Can there be a more beautiful, regal, humble yet HAWT person? Seriously. In her presence, one feels not only frumpy but down right U.G.L.Y. How did I even muster the courage to actually talk to her? It was her kind hearted, humble, spirit. She is one of those gals that is strikingly beautiful, extremely talented (I hope I win her CD), uber-athletic and yet, doesn't even know it! I want to be her when I grow up. Just saying.

At the table behind us was Sheila and I am SOOO sorry, I can't remember her pal with her, but it was AWESOME to finally meet her in person! We are doing Women of Steele in April, and I hope I can possibly keep up with her! She is incredible! I just wish I could have had an opportunity to talk more with her.

I got a chance to meet Shauna as well. And of course, coming in late because she had something else MORE IMPORTANT (whatev), was the ever laughing Martha. She pulled up a chair next to me on my left and capped off the lunch nicely. By the way Goodwood, little Miss Martha owes you for a diet coke.

I did get a chance to visit with Kristina for about a second or two, Jillybean for another second or two and a couple of gals, that if I were smarter and had more brain capacity, I could remember their names. So many bloggers, so little time!
However, that being said, I had a GREAT afternoon! LOVED meeting so many of you and being able to put the real person, with their blog. It will make reading your blogs just that much more fun. And I even met a few new friends, whose blogs will most definitely be added to my "stalking" list.

Arianne jumping into the spotlight. This is PRECISELY why I dig her!
l-r Arianne, Me, Martha, Sheila, Tib, Vanessa
l-r Kristina(sans Snuggie), Amber, Arianne, Me.
(picture removed at subject's request
Me, Vanessa, Tib
Vanessa, Veronica, Me, Sher

My other personal highlight? When Tib passed me a bottle of barbecue sauce and said, "This is SO you!"And yet, one more reason why I love her like a fat kid loves cake!

Can't wait for the next meet and greet. Might have to rent out a banquet room......

Friday, February 20, 2009

Funny Bone Friday - Things I may have heard, or said, or just thought in my head

1. "So there was whale porn?"

2. "That's twice today I have cried at the finish line."

3. The EG just gave me the pinky and said "The fake flip off - when you just don't care enough to send the very best."

4. "Stop saying me and the Amazon in the same sentence. I mean it."

5. "I'm pretty sure that what we're doing here is in violation of the Geneva Convention."

6. "That's a recipe for trouble."

7. "Good to know. I'll store that information away for if you ever come home drunk."