Monday, January 19, 2009

Vive la Chile! Missionary Monday Update - calling your prayers.....

Here is Elder Lukie's latest updated: (remember I just copy and paste, so his original spelling and grammar are intact)

Wow, what a week ill tell ya. A really long one at that. it started off pretty good but kinda ended bad. nothing big happened, just the same stuff. however, it was really awesome becasuse i got your guys package today! it was awesome and thank you guys sooo much for it! wow, seriously thank you guys! really helped me, gave me a good boost!

Things are going good here though, the allergies, well they are gone, the weather, cooled down this week, and we are finding some new people :) dont worry about the pin number there is no prob at all. i am good to go moneywise so no biggy.

Sounds like the things went pretty good this week up there, and i really loved the fotos! i am sending some good ones home from christmas! i do have one quesiton thoguh. what on earth happened with Josh? how long was he out for? if you hear about anything let me know cause he really hasnt sent me any emails at all. good news is that chris is doing the right thing and i am really really happy for the kid that is going out on the msh. its not, ill tell ya that right now, its NOT easy....but its worth it. it makes me sad that griff, and josh came home, and from what we have seen, are not going back out. that really is too bad.

okay some good things to know. not this wed. but the next, there are transfers. and I KNOW that this is going to be a long week. i am pretty sure of what is going to happen. my comp will be transfered and i will be staying here with another for another month and a half. BUT of course you never know. i will still be able to email you guys on monday, so all will be good. I could however use some prayers this week, really haha. not going to give deatails right now, but things are pretty rough haha. nothing to worry about, because it is nothging that i cant handle.

also just a side question, do you guys need the original pin number from my debt card? if so just let me know :)

k, incoming fotos!!!! thank you guys for everything you have done the support, love and help. i hope that the week goes good for you guys!!

Elder Catmull

No pictures came through. We are thinking there is a problem with the PC he is using. BUMMER! Not gonna lie, feeling some discouragement for him as his Mom. Hoping things will turn around for him. This has definitely been the hardest time he has had on his mission so far! waaaahhhh. This is gonna be a long week for me too, until I hear from him again, and know that he is okay. This boy is my "sunshine" boy, so for him to be discouraged is a big deal. Keep fingers crossed that he survives until the transfers........


nikkicrumpet said...

It is so hard when they are far away and there isn't a darned thing we can do to help them out or pick them up except send letters and packages. I am jealous though...when my son was out he didn't get to use a computer so we had to rely only on regular mail...which really bites! They always seem to have ups and ya can't let the downs get to you. I hope he has a great week and finds those seeking the truth. It's such a great thing he's doing.

Missy said...

I will keep him and you in my prayers!

tammy said...

I know that's exactly where we're supposed to want our sons to be, but I have a hard time thinking about it!

Ev said...

Yeah missions are very hard. Josh is still having headaches but it sounded like he thought my Josh came home early. He didn't!!! Because he was coming alone & flights it was 2 days early is all. He did two years in a really hard mission and while there had 1800 people killed around him etc, robbed, ate crazy food etc. He took a Malaria pill every day. Let him know he made it through! It's worth it but missions are very hard. He gained a pound a day for the first week out of Africa and he's into school full time now & taking two institute classes. Just keep encouraging him and we always pray for our missionaries. Missions are really hard on moms who love their sons so much! He's make it!
The best! Love Ev