Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Facebook boredom......

You know those STUPID quizzes on Facebook? Well, I was a little bored this afternoon and took several of them that seemed amusing.
How insightful. I think I have come to completely understand myself now.

What Toon's character are U?
Romantic little skunk, with the sneaky nature of a ghost. Really bad judge of species. SHE ISN'T A SKUNK!!!

What Disney Character are U?
You have attitude written all over you! But that isn't bad at all it will make you a great leader for now and the future.

Which Gangsta are U?
Noisiest Of Them All. Your Mouth Is Like A Bazooka. A Young Baby But Gangster Enough To Be In Da Club. 1 Scream And Your Opponent Is Paralysed For 14 Days

Are you a knife, fork or spoon?
You are sharp, people may be scared of you. You like to slice things. Maybe you're even be a psychopath (some one who likes to hurt things).

What Deadliest Sin are U?
YOU ARE WRATH (r u REALLY that scary?) Wrath (or anger) may be described as inordinate and uncontrolled feelings of hatred and anger. These feelings can manifest as vehement denial of the truth, both to others and in the form of self-denial, impatience with the procedure of law, and the desire to seek revenge outside of the workings of the justice system (such as engaging in vigilantism)[citations needed] and generally wishing to do evil or harm to others. The transgressions borne of vengeance are among the most serious, including murder, assault, and in extreme cases, genocide. Wrath is the only sin not necessarily associated with selfishness or self-interest (although one can of course be wrathful for selfish reasons, such as jealousy, closely related to the sin of envy). Dante described vengeance as "love of justice perverted to revenge and spite". In its original form, the sin of wrath also encompassed anger pointed internally rather than externally. Thus suicide was deemed as the ultimate, albeit tragic, expression of wrath directed inwardly, a final rejection of God's gifts.

Lesson's learned from these very professional and highly recommended personality quizzes?
That I am a romantic, sneaky little knife with a lot of attitude who will one day be a leader. I am loud and my mouth is like a bazooka (deadly), and for the love of all that's holy - don't piss me off, because I am full of wrath and would likely kill you.

Yup. That's me in a nutshell.


Martha H. said...

Fascinating. Truly.

Denise said...

Wow....I think you take too many quizzes. Just kidding.

Cadance said...

Love your post!...those quizzes start off fun then zap your time away! Before you know it your mind is numb and you time is gone!...but lots of fun too! Thanks for the laugh!

Karen said...

Wow, now I'm kinda frightened that I sit across the aisle from you. If I promise to ply you with Skittles will you not knife me?

BTW, I'm in for an apron donation for your contest. That should keep you from getting violent with me right?

debilyn said...

no wonder I like you so much!! :)
and now I guess I know what I'll be doing on Facebook tomorrow....

nikkicrumpet said...

Just one question....You don't know where I live do you?

It is amazing that a person could spend countless years...and tons of money on a proffesional therapist...when all they really needed to do was take some computer quizzes to figure things out.

Trevor, Brianna, Alivia, and Tayvree Hansen said...

these comments said it all! :) yeah you make me chuckle......facebook didn't tell you that....that you have a chuckle-provoking ability!! :)

Tanja said...

Wow...with all that info., I can't wait to meet you! ;)

tiburon said...

I could have saved you an hour and told you all of this.

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

Does that mean you still don't like milk? LOL
I'm leaving comments from the bottom to the top in case you can't tell, cause I'm reading up from where I left off last time!
Does this also mean, we need to watch our backs? LOL