Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday-Missionary Update - 51 weeks and counting....

Another week gone by, and since we got the news of his being released later than anticipated (still ticked off), I decided to count down in weeks for a while...
As you may remember, he has been struggling in this new sector, especially with his companion who may or may not be certifiably crazy.
Here's his update (you notice his English gets worse every week)....


Well, what a heroic week hahaha. It was very very very long and to be honest with ya, a lot happend. I was glad to hear from you guys and sounds like things are going....up there haha. I hope that you guys are happy and that you guys can have a good week this week.
Well, to start. Where to start? The new years was sweet! We ate dinner with a family and celebrated the news years there. It wasnt a party or anything, but we listened to music and it was interesting to see how they do it hear. That actually should be the last one that i am away from home right? I will send a picture. oh speaking of pictures, just a side request....haha mom, if you could, could you take down that pic on facebook of me brushing my teeth? haha that would be great, hahahha.
We also had interviews with the Pres. this week. And this is where it gets intersting. I cant tell you what has happened, sorry :( nothing dangerous or to worry about, but just a sure fact, my comp will be leaving the sector..... I will send ya a tape of why....dont worry. I am not sure when, and not too worried about it. It is for his better. But so that you know, we have become really good friends. It is way cool. A story for the books that you can share with whom you would like, but is very spiritual and again, the power of fasting.

Coming to the date of the first Sunday of the month, the ideas and reasons for fasting were not many. I flat out, did not know what to fast for. Apart of ALL of the challenges that we have in the sector and what needed to be improved, I wanted to make this fast, and GOOD one. Thinking it out, it came to my mind, to ask God what I should fast for. Never thought of that before but hey, who better to give advice, than the father? He told me, Fast for your companion. Side note: my companion from the time that I have got here, has not wanted to work. Didnt want to be here on the mish, and has had lots of problems lately, for expaple, lost his documents that makes him legal in CHile, has had no money for weeks, had a lot of problems with the members, and the list goes on. He didnt really want to be on the mish. What can I do? I had previously reviced help from God with the matter and has worked, but YOU CANNOT CHANGE THE FREE AGENCY OF SOMEONE. That is HUGE. Someone can only do so much until the person HAS to make the decision. Thats life. Back to the stroy haha. So I decided to fast for my comp. And i knew it would not be easy..... with the humidity here and the heat that has been going, its gotten up to 80, 90, and even a couple days, 100. That day, we walked ALL day, and was very, extremly hard to fast. My comp couldnt take it, he gave in and drank water. i couldnt. I really could not fall. This was important to me. THe well being of the companion who at one point in our time together, wanted to fight with me. Well i pulled through. The next day, was the miracle. As we were sitting in chruch, waiting for it to start, my comp left to go to the bathroom. I followed and stood right outside of the door. Was a long time haha. Cam e out diffierent, looked worse. We sat down and was waiting for the sacrament. As We took the sacrament, i wanted my companion open the scriptures. I didnt think much of it and continued. We ended the chruch meeting and went to eat lunch. At lunch, we talked for a bit, and my comp seemed different. Kinda weird. Actually seemed happy haha. We got home and i will tell you right now, i thought to myself, well, i dont think the fasting wroked, but hey at least i kept the comamdemtns and tried. In that mmoment, my comp began to tell me his experience:
At chruch, he felt sooooo bad for all of the things that he has done, and not done. It is the same guilt someone feels when they have not repented. He wanted to leave the mission and not doing anything. I needed to pray, he said. For some reason, he needed to pray, he felt that. That is why he went to the bathroom....... during the sacrament, he felt the spirit say, open your scriptres. And he did, and read a passage that seriously penitrated his heart. He then wanted to change. He told me after telling me this, I want to work hard. I want to change. I want to do good. I want to fix what I have down. In that moment, I wanted to cry. How could the pray of one change someone? He told me how much I meant to him sticking out this time with him, being patient and everything. I couldnt believe it. The best part comp has no idea that i prayed and fasted for him. I never told him. What i had never thought part of the mission is not only helping other people and baptizing, but is helping your companion. Kinda a cool story that happend. Felt really good after that. I Love the mish!!!!

It was amazing that it happend to my comp. was a cool experience. cant really gve ya more details, but he is going.....not sure when. mom that actually was my assignment here, was to help my compaion. at least tha tis what pres. told me

Thank you guys so much for sending the package, i cant wait to get it! Dad your package should come within this week, so be looking for that! I hope that you like the stuff! Wel parents, it was great hearing from you guys. If you are on, go ahead and emial back. Love you guys!!!

Elder catmull

Me - wiping tears.
Me - repenting for having bad feelings towards his companion.
Me - wondering who this man is, and what happened to my little Lukie.
Seriously, he has to be on some sort of Spiritual Steroid.


debilyn said...

wow...I really don't even know you guys, and I'm right there, all teary eyed with you!

what a beautiful letter, and what a proud mom you must be!

Vanessa said...

Please pass the Kleenex!

Kristina P. said...

Your son definitely sounds like a spiritual giant!

tammy said...

Me = wiping tears and crying like a baby for two boys (men) I don't even know.

Heavenly Father really does listen and answer prayers. What an amazing experience for your son to have.

Pedaling said...

gotta love those missionary reports, letters and extremely rare but cherished phone calls.

love your blog- came over through tib and i hear you are in for the women of steel tri this spring! we could form an entire blogging team, i'm thinking, if we wanted.

tiburon said...

Awwww what a cutie patootie!

I heart him. And I still need a triple.


Kitty said...

Hi, Melissa, it's Kate from the gym. I love your blog! Can't wait to keep up with you this way.

Sher said...

Wow! That is really amazing. Thanks for sharing his letter with us. It's obviously he is being blessed.

MiaKatia said...

Ahhh the power of prayer and fasting.