Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tuffy's Seminary Graduation 2010

In our church, the youth have an opportunity to attend what is called Seminary.  It's a four year program that coincides with their school year.  The are released from the school for one class period to receive religious instruction.  They start in 9th grade and then complete it their Senior year.

For those of us in Utah, the release time is during the school day, and again is for one class period.  They generally walk across the school parking lot to the seminary building which is NOT a part of the school.  They do not earn school credit for this time, so they generally have to stay right on top of their other grades in order to reach all the credits necessary for school graduation.  In other areas of the country, and the world for that matter, they don't have the luxury of the release time during the school day, so Seminary is taught early  in the morning before school begins.  Either way, it is a sacrifice for the youth to do these classes.  They either lose sleep or miss out on other credits they could be taking to further their education.

My boys all went through the program.  In his Senior year, my oldest decided he didn't want to attend anymore, dropped out of the program and went on work release for his school credits instead.

At that time, Splenda and I decided maybe we wanted to add some incentive (or bribery if you must) for our boys to complete the program.  We feel strongly that their religious education is every bit as important as their secular education.  It's free, it's easily accessible, and we wanted them to accomplish this goal.  Our bribe incentive?

When they graduate, we treat them to dinner at The Roof.  I've mentioned this restaurant before.  It's beautiful, expensive and a rare treat.

This was hard for Tuffy.  First off, school is NOT his forte.  It's just not.  He's never liked it, never found it to come easy and has had to work harder than his brothers did.  He found himself short on credits late in his Sophomore year.  The only way for him to be able to graduate both high school and seminary would be to take early morning seminary for the last two years of school.  That sucks.  Being at the school and in his seat at Seminary by 6:30 am every morning.  I honestly didn't think he would do it.  But he proved me wrong.

And might I add, I never had to go wake him up to go.  He did it all on his own.  Both years.  Every morning.  He missed a few times, when he had worked the night before, but overall, the boy did it and did it himself.

Thursday night was the commencement exercise for Seminary.  They do a short program most of which consists if inviting the graduates to bear their testimonies of their seminary experiences.  Cold.Turkey. No warning.

Let me set the stage a little bit.  Tuffy is a very quiet kid.  Never likes the spotlight.  When he was little we couldn't even LOOK at him during a school program or he would burst into tears of embarrassment.  He's ever spoken in public before.  And most certainly never bore his testimony in public.

Who gets called?  You guessed it.  The one boy who would rather eat his own head than speak in front of a group of people.  Let alone share something so personal and spiritual like his testimony of Seminary and of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

My heart started pounding for him.  I think I was just as nervous as if it would have been me called.  His GF sitting next to me, began wildly tapping her fingers out of nervousness for him.

He killed it.  He didn't even SEEM nervous.  He brought a sweet spirit to the meeting.  Shared his heartfelt feelings, talked about how hard it was, but that he was able to stick it out and see it through.  I was proud of him for his clarity of mind and speech even though he was fighting back his emotions.  Certainly, was a moment that I will remember forever.

After the program, we grabbed a few quick pics out front, then headed to Cold Stone for some ice cream. 

Tres hombres

Tuffy and 'antanna

Mi familia

Grandma Sue, Grandpa John thanks for coming and supporting us.  Especially with the late notice!

Friday night, our reservations were for 8pm.  We got there a little early, and the sun was beginning to set.  They put at us the perfect table! 

We enjoyed some fabulous food and watched the sun set behind the Salt Lake Temple with Angel Moroni glistening in the evening sun.  Once the lights of the Temple came on, the view was even more beautiful.

The kids had a great time.  BB pounded down 60 shrimp among all the other things he ate.  GF - Antanna put away several pieces of Cheesecake and Tuffy tried lots of different and new things.  It was so fun.  Great kids, great food, great conversation, and a great view.  Couldn't have asked for a more perfect evening.

The boy and his besties!

Seriously?  60 shrimp?  Well done BB!

Besties in front of the temple, just can't see the spires so well

Pose like you are looking at the temple.  'Antanna's kind of sneaking her way out of the picture there on the left

And flop yourselves across the sofa like you've never seen soft velvet before

So, now that's it.  My youngest.  No more Seminary graduations.  I'll have to wait for my grandkids to be old enough to I can offer the bribe  incentive again.

And to my Tuffy - I know it was hard.  I know it sucked getting up early.  It's not easy to be asked to read your scriptures, and even share in class.  But you did it.  And you did it all on your own.  I hope that you are as proud of yourself as I am!

xoxoxo - ILYPI

Momma Cat

Friday, May 28, 2010

Another post where I tell you to click and go somewhere else - just too good to pass up

Post of Note today.  Click here and read, then take a moment to remember.

As always - Time Flies finds the GOOD stuff......  Thanks T! 

Funny Bone Friday - Things I may have heard, or said, or just thought in my head

Stop licking my hand.

I can totally rock the robot.

Beware, you will tingle in places you didn't know you could tingle.

Let's try it again, and I won't break it this time.

Me: "Look!  I earned a Zumba bracelet of awesomeness!!"
'dawg: "What the hell is Zumba?"
Me: "It's like Latin dancing.  Like this - see watch."
(demonstration ensues in which I very aggressively and adeptly, I might add, show him how to move hips and chest in Zumba-like moves)
'dawg:  "Stop that right now.  Never.  NEVER. do that again..........e.v.e.r."

It's a P to the O to the S!

I love it when you yell at me on Facebook.

If we're all going to hell, we may as well carpool.  Ill drive.

You wiped me already?  Why thank you!

I'm totally punching you in the ding ding.
Well then get ready for a home run!

Pardon my french, but that is bad a**

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Memorial day Weekend Movie Marathon and other Memorial day thoughts

I don't know about  you, but ever since Spielberg did a film about WWII, Memorial day hasn't been the same for me.  I consider it more than just a day of remembrance.  More than just making the trek to two different cemeteries in two different cities to remember mine and Splenda's dads with flowers.  More than an opportunity to have a picnic, barbecue, party.  More than the unofficial kick off to summer with camping, boating or other getaways.

No.  For me, it's much much more.  And now that we are becoming part of the Marine family, the purpose of the holiday is even more apparent to me.  This guy did a great post about it as well.  His post is short and to the point.  Take a second to read it.

Memorial day is the day to not just remember those in our circle of family and friends who have passed on but to REMEMBER and ACKNOWLEDGE and EXPRESS GRATITUDE to those who died in the service of our country and who serve now. 

The big holiday weekend is fast approaching.  Every blogger I know within 200 miles of Utah seems to be coming in for the big Casual Blogger Conference.  I am one of the few who made a choice not to attend.  Now don't get me wrong, I think it's a great way to network if that's your thing.  Sadly, it's not mine.  And although there are some VERY cool women who will be there that I would like either see again or to meet IRL, I couldn't see myself using this special holiday weekend for it.  No judging  of those who are going...... please understand that.  It's just not my thing.

Instead, we will have Sissy starting early tomorrow morning until Monday night.  First off - how great is that?  A long weekend with my love.    Secondly, the Marine's in the valley are doing a special event for all the current poolee's and their families.  I can't think of a better thing to do.  Thirdly, I am a woman of tradition.  There is a movie I have to watch every single Memorial Day.  Every year.  Without fail.  And now, I have a second movie to add to that tradition.  What are they?

Saving Private Ryan

I remember the first time I saw this film.  A buddy and I left work for a few hours the day it premiered and walked to the theater down the street.  There were few people since it was the middle of the day.  The only other ones in the theater were vets.  In their hats, jackets or other memorabilia signifying their service.  I remember munching on popcorn and laughing.  The lights went down, the film started and I didn't make another move for about 3 hours.  I have never been the same.  I cannot look at the flag and not feel something deep, deep inside.   I can't see someone in a military uniform or camo's without being stirred.
I remember telling Splenda that he needed to see it.  We went to a late showing a few nights later.  The theater was packed.  People were eating popcorn, slurping their cokes and noisily digging in their raisinet boxes.  I remember looking around them and thinking, "you have no idea what's coming".    And once again, the lights went down, the film began and not another sound was heard.  With the exception of sobbing.
As soon as it became available on DVD I purchased it.  I'm picky about what rated R films I own, but this was a must.  I allowed my sons to watch it.  We did together.  We talked about it.  We felt gratitude for so many brave men and all that they went through to protect us and save our freedoms.  It instilled patriotism in the Cat house at a whole new level.

Since then, it's been a tradition to pull that DVD out at this time of year, and at some point in the weekend, watch it and be reminded and feel grateful again.

Now with 'dawg taking the path he is, the military, particularly the Marine's, and all that they do has become forefront on my mind.  On my BFC's recommendation, we purchased Taking Chance.  'dawg and I watched it.  It took me several hours to process it all.  I needed to see it again, and I needed to see all the special features that are on the DVD.

So, last weekend, Splenda and I had rented The Hurt Locker (war movies are high on our rotation now).  It won the Oscar for best picture.  Meh. 

We then watched Taking Chance and all the special features.

Now THAT was Best Picture.  It's now made it to the list of traditions that will need to be watched this special holiday weekend.  It instills a feeling of patriotism that is hard to describe.  To think my son will soon one day be in Afghanistan and likely facing the same dangers, it humbles me.  It makes me proud of him and every other man and woman who chooses to devote a period of their life (sometimes their whole career) to serving, defending and protecting our sacred freedoms.

So as you go about your long holiday weekend, I hope you'll take a few hours and watch one, the other or both of the films I mentioned in between your parties and get togethers..   If you've seen them before, renew that feeling of patriotism and gratitude.  If you haven't, you won't be disappointed.  And I'd love to hear what you think.

Happy Memorial Day weekend.

God bless our troops!

Semper Fidelis and..................   OORAH!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday's Wrandom Wrambling's

School is ALMOST OVER!!  Yeah, almost!  The boy graduates from Seminary tomorrow night and then the formal high school graduation is next Wednesday night.  One more assignment to hand in tomorrow and I think he's done.  He's my last.  No more ever.  I am giddy beyond belief!! 

I think he is even giddier than me.  If possible.

What's he going to do after high school you ask?  Good question.  If I got to choose for him, he would go on a 2 year mission for our church while his girlfriend finishes up her schooling and starts some college for herself.  Then he could come home.  They could get married, and he would start school and they would be poor, starving, but blissfully happy, married college kids like everyone else had done.

But I don't get to choose for him do I?  Don't get me wrong, he's a good kid and no matter what he chooses, he'll be successful.  He's wanted to be a chef since he was little.  I think he might choose a local culinary school to attend.  I guess we'll see. 

Have you ever taken off acrylic nails?  It hurts.  Whether you soak them off or peel them off (done both), they hurt like a mothah!  Right now, I am too chicken to do either so I cut them down and letting the acrylic grow out.  Yeah.  Pretty funny looking.  Feel free to point your fingers and openly mock.

I have gotten a bit lazy with my hair lately.  I am in the "growing it out" phase and it's now long enough to pull back into a ponytail.  My bangs are grown out as well.  So it's pretty easy to whip it into a pony and then secure any wisps with a band or clips.  Amazingly, I got a lot of compliments on it Monday when I did it that way for work.  I was running late, didn't want to take the time to flat iron it, so I pulled it back.  NGL - felt pretty good to get compliments on my efforts in laziness.

I have a huge bag of Skittles sitting on my night stand.  And what's funny, is the fact that they are sitting there makes me not want any.  Weird huh?  If I didn't have any on hand, I would crave, and fixate on them until I got some.  Now that they are within arms reach?  Meh - whatev.   A little here, a little there and no more needed.  Maybe I'm on to something with a new diet trick?

What I am craving is a CFDCwV.  When I work from home, it's trickier getting one.  It requires a jaunt out to the sev.  At work, I just walk downstairs to the cafeteria.  And now that Luka is gone all day, I don't have anyone around to go fetch one for me. 

I decided I am going to tackle the Jordanelle Tri again. Splenda thinks I am nuts. He would be correct. But I want to prove to myself I could do it better this time. I'm bat-shiz ca-razy! Fact.

Brinley isn't doing well.  I think about her and her family all the time.  And I worry.  And I wonder what is the perfect treat or thing I could do for them.  Until I come up with it, I'll just keep praying.  Hope you will too.

And now, I can't fight the urge for the sweet mother's milk that comes from a beautiful red fountain at the sev anymore.  I'm grabbing my mug and making the run!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Top 15 Reasons I dug Traffic School

I was naughty.  I was not a good citizen.  I made a serious lapse in judgement and got caught.  I was speeding.  I was lasered at 50 in a 35 zone.  Nice cop (who looked 12 years old BTW) dropped it to 5 over and mentioned traffic school.  Didn't even cite me for talking on my phone.  Which I was.  See?  I told you I was bad.  The fine was $90.00.

I go into the courthouse to discuss the citation.  I am given an appointment to meet with the traffic ref.
I meet with the traffic ref.  He reviewed my record, my current sitch, and offered me the chance to pony up another $60.00 and attend traffic school.  I goon probation for 6 months and the points never hit my insurance.  I take the deal.

I'm ticked about traffic school.  First - it's an all night event.  Second - it's on Monday night.  Zumba night.  Me - ticked on all kinds of levels.

However, I walked into the classroom at 6:50 and walked out at 8:25 - a different driver.

And now, I present my top 15 reasons why I totally dug Traffic School.

15.  The officer was playing funny videos on the big screen while we wandered in and waited for it to start. (like the two below - LMBO)

14.  The cop wasn't ugly.

13.  The cop was a very good public speaker, was engaging, and I found myself entertained and educated at the same time.

12.  I wasn't the oldest person there.

11.  I wasn't the youngest person there.

10.  The little white haired Grandma sitting next to me giggled a lot.

9. And she had a cute yellow smiley face watch.  I wanted to put her in my pocket and take her home.

8.  I walked in the room with a 5lb chip on my shoulder and left 5lb lighter.

7.  The officer told us where all the cops hang out with their radar guns and laser machines throughout WJ.

6.  I learned that you don't have to wait 3 seconds at the stop sign.  There is no 3 second law.

5.  I learned that if you turn left in front of a car, regardless if you have the light, you will get the citation. 

4.  The kid on the front row rode a motorcycle and never wears a seatbelt.  And admitted it openly.

3.  The officer said that anyone who doesn't wear a helmet is an "IDIOT."

2.  The officer explained that they don't hang out at the high schools with the intent to cite for speeding, but rather to enforce the seatbelt law.

And my number one reason:

1.  Officer List ended the class with a powerful picture of an accident that happened in WJ a few years ago.  He demonstrated how they review the skid marks, and determine point of impact and speed.  He explained that based on all the evidence and forensics of the scene,  if the driver of the truck who was speeding was just driving a mere 5 miles slower, the accident would have never happened and the young mother and her toddler son would have never died.

And then we were excused.

I drive much slower now.  I can't promise I'll stay off my phone, let me baby step this.  But I will most def slow down......

Shout out to WJPD and especially Officer List!

Slang Gang Word(s) of the Day

May 23: Papal Pound

When at Church giving thanks, instead of shaking the person's hand, you give them a fist pound instead.

I am a huge germaphobe, so at church i give people a Papal Pound.

Some young punk at Sunday Mass tried to Papal Pound me.

The Pope, Papal Pounded Howie Mandel on the set of Deal or No Deal.

**I think this is a trend that should be started, no matter what religion you are.  Although the picture in my head of the Pope papal pounding Howie is hysterical**

May 24: Airplane Talker

1. A person who stands within the confines of your personal space bubble (causing extreme discomfort) to hold an ordinary conversation, like someone sitting next to you on an airplane would.

2. A person who speaks louder than the current conversation calls for, as if they are trying to talk over a plane's engines.

 Your friend, over there, is a total airplane talker.

**We all know one.  We all hate it.  Please step out of my personal space bubble and shut up**

May 25: intexticated

Describes people who drive while sending text messages on their phones.

"Dude, what was THAT?!"

"Probably just some intexticated highschooler."

"How did she get in a car accident?"

"She was intexticated."

**After traffic school last night, I  will never drive intexticated again.  I'll make sure to have a "texting tag-along"**

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I was prepared to Tri - and instead I Bi'd - BUT! I am a Woman of Steele!

The annual Bank of American Fork Women of Steel Triathlon was Saturday.  I did it last year.  It was my first ever triathlon.  I.LOVED.IT!!

So when registration came around for 2010, I was all over it like a fly on poop.  I knew the mistakes I had made last time, and was prepared to correct them and do better this year.  I trained harder in the pool.  I am much more comfortable on the bike, and while I haven't gotten my complete running mojo back, it's well on it's way and I can pace a respectable speed.  I was so excited.  I charted times, set goals, and thought of my friends who would be with me this year.  It was going to be perfect.

And then Mother Nature crossed paths with me again.  It's no secret how I feel about the cold.  The rain.  The snow.  The wind.  I hate them all.  HATE.  Anxiously, I watched as report after report continued to show that Saturday would be cold and rainy.  My dreams of a perfect morning were quickly evaporating.

For me, there was no debate as to whether or not I would go through with it, but I began to seriously question how I would perform let alone even enjoy it.  I fretted.  I stressed.  I complained.  I whined.  I fretted some more.  Pretty sure everyone around me grew weary of my cry-baby way, but I just couldn't get past the weather issue.

Saturday morning I woke up around 3am to the sound of pouring rain. P.O.U.R.I.N.G!!!  I laid in bed, and prayed.  Please Heavenly Father - make it stop.  PLEASE make it stop.  I fell back asleep until my alarm sounded at 4:55am.  I didn't hear the rain, but didn't dare sneak a peek. 

I had packed my bag the evening before, so I did a quick looksie to make sure I had everything.  Got dressed, started sucking down my monster and trying to find some light breakfast carbs.

At 5:20, LL pulled up and as I opened the door, my heart sank.  It was pouring rain.  There she is in a rain poncho.  It's pitch black, and we need to load my bike.  The cold air hits me, and I seriously wanted to cry.
Splenda meanwhile, was on his laptop checking the weather radar.  He assured us that according the computer, it should stop just at about race start time.  Nice.  Okay.  Yeah.  That makes everything better.

Loaded up Patrick and headed for the Shark's place.  Got her loaded and made our way to Utah County.  As we drove, we talked about the event, how we felt, and laughed at what we were actually going to do.  I kept thinking how disappointed I was for them.  It was both their first Tri's ever!  It should be sunny, and warm and beautiful weather!  Not this depressing, wet, rain.  We speculated on whether they would cancel the whole event or a portion of it.  I guessed if they cancelled any part of it, it would be the bike, since the roads would be slick.  All our chit chat helped settle my nerves and before I knew it, we were exiting and finding a parking spot by the rec center.

We grabbed our bikes, found our designated spots in the transition area and then headed to the indoor area for body marking and timing chips.  Since it was roomy, warm and dry.  We decided to hang out there until we absolutely had to leave. 

We chit chatted some more.  Met up with other gals that we happened to know. And, while I can't speak for my friends, I kept running my plan through my head. How I would line up for the swim.  How I would make the first transition.  My strategy for the bike.  Second transition.  Running.  I kept going over the course in my head.  I felt prepared.  I was excited.  I was ready to get going.

(no I am not really smiling.  She's killing me!  Her and her damn Boston hat!)

At about 7:00am, in came my friend from work AR.  This was her first time too, and she immediately met me with "what the crap have I gotten myself into?"  : )   She's a great athlete, she would be fine, but I remember the nerves last year.  Heck, I had them again this year. She stepped away for a second, and then came back and told us that they just cancelled the swim portion.

NO!  WHAT?  NO!  I looked at her in total disbelief.  In fact, I think I said out loud.  :"I don't believe it.  I want an official statement."  She looked at me and said, "THEY JUST DID.  They just ANNOUNCED they cancelled the swim portion.  It's gonna be a run, bike, run."

There are no words to even begin to describe my disappointment.  BITTER.  SINKING.  OVERWHELMING.  TRY.NOT.TO.CRY.
I looked at my friends and tried to guess what they were thinking/feeling. 
Shark.  Her first triathlon.  The ability to SAY you are a triathlete.  The swim is her strongest piece.  She KILLS it in the pool.  Her strong point, just tossed.  She can rock the bike, but she HATES running.  She will run only when chased.  And now they were swapping her strongest ability with her weakest.

LL. Her first triathlon.  When I first asked her to do this, she didn't even KNOW how to swim.  She's not nicknamed the Guppy for nothing.   She is a runner.  So what did she do?  She learned how to swim.  SIX MONTHS of lessons and pool training.   Overcoming her fear, and even getting her face in the water, all for this day and now........gone.

Myself?  I wanted to prove I could do better.  Without the swim, now I couldn't fairly compare this year to last.  My competitive self was having an internal hissy fit.

We bitched.  We moaned.  We complained.  I think I even begged a volunteer to please change their mind.
Nope.  Now instead of a 300 meter pool swim, 12.5 bike, and 5k run, it would be a 1 mile run, 12.5 bike and 5k run.

We changed our clothes, I re pinned my bib so I could keep my sweatshirt on, and swapped my flip flops for my running shoes.  All the while trying to swallow that bitter disappointment.

Soon it was time to head out to the transition area and get ready.  I found my bike that I had racked earlier.  Repacked my bag, and dried off my bike with my now, not needed towel.  The downpour turned into a drizzle.  I was mentally trying to resolve myself to the change in plans.

Splenda and KL showed up. 

We had the national anthem and then they lined us up on the street according to bib numbers (which were by age category).  Since the Shark is so much younger than me, she was a couple of waves earlier.  We wished her luck and LL and I made our way to our section. 

As everyone stood around for the final seconds and minutes before their waves started.  I decided to run a little and get going.  As I trotted slowly down the street, circled and made my way back, I started to feel excited.  In my head, I calculated my swim time from last year, and it was comparable to the pace I had been training on the mile.  I figured comparisons could still be close.  I let the feel of my running legs soothe my heart and my head.

I found LL at the start of our section, and we moved up as the other waves took off.  Soon it was our turn, we were given the go ahead and off we went.

I wasn't sure what loop they were doing for the mile, I had heard it was to be an out and back, but I soon discovered it was just a shorter loop of the 5k.  Had some hills at the beginning and I quickly found my legs.  I felt GREAT!  Running.  I was RUNNING!  Adrenaline got the best of me, and about a half mile in, I realized I started too quick.  My most common mistake. I wrangled with the idea of pacing back or just pushing forward and using the bike to recover.  I opted to push.

Since I didn't need to change anything for the bike other than my baseball cap for my helmet, the first transition was quick.  I was soon on my bike and back out of the gate.  As I turned left at the first corner, I was changing gears and getting a good rhythm.  The course then slopes down hill and takes a sharp turn to the right.  As I pressed both hand brakes, I quickly realized that I had no right brake.  Which means, no front brake.  WTH???  Crap!  At least, I could slow enough with my back brake, so I just kept on. 

The bike ride was good.  Able to get a good pace going, eat some shot bloks, and when I could push hard, I pushed hard.  When I needed to, I backed off a little to recover.  I was determined to stay in my big ring (you cyclists will know what that means), so the hills were harder on me than they needed to be.  But I wanted to prove to myself I could do it.

After the second bike loop, I quickly, moved into the transition area, swapped my helmet for my ball cap and took off again.  I tried to remind myself that it would take a while for my legs to work right after cycling.  It's such a weird feeling for your legs to go from that one type of movement to another.  Last year it took me about a quarter of a mile.  This year, I had a harder time.  I think my running ability, and the cold both played a part.  After cresting the large hill, I found my groove, and settled into a nice pace.

I watched the women around me.  Everyone battling their own physical demons.  Some seemed to be breezing right through everything, and some seemed to be working twice as hard and going half the speed.  But I never saw anyone quitting.  I was reminded of the strength that we women have.  I'm not just talking about physical strength, because it was obvious that some women were just not as strong with their physical bodies.  Instead, I am talking about the mental strength that we have.  We are tough.  Life throws curves.  Things don't go the way we want them to.  Change happens.  Disappointments get shoved in our faces.  And yet, we keep going.  I love that.  I am inspired by it.

I rounded the curve at the cemetery and knew that the rest was downhill.  I sped up, loosened up my arms a little, focused on my form, and pictured the finish line.  As I rounded the last corner, I could hear someone coming fast behind me.  I thought, "Oh hell no.  You are NOT passing me now."  I sped up and she came right along side of me.  She wasn't anyone that had been in my sights the whole morning.  I had never seen her before.  It's like she came out of nowhere. 

I tried to stay with her.  I pushed and pushed, and watched her slowly pass me by.  I fought away the feeling of defeat and just kept pushing.  I only had a few feet left before the last turn into the chute.  The street was lined with people cheering and encouraging.  I let that carry me until I turned the corner and finally saw Splenda standing there with the camera next to KL.

 I heard him cheer for me and then yell to "GO GO!  C'MON - GO!"  That was all I needed.  I pushed as hard as I could through the chute and across the mat.  I looked at the clock as I passed and I saw 1:25 and some change.  I did it!  I beat my goal.  I did it!

After grabbing a banana and a diet coke (yes, they know what to have at the finish line for a women only race) I made my way to Splenda and KL to see if LL had crossed.  She was just a few minutes behind me.  I was so excited to see my lil guppy in her green hat, and watch her fly strong through the chute.  She did it!

Now, we needed to get the Shark.  We know running is not her passion.  Not her love.  Not even her like.  I DID know that we wanted to find her and bring her in.  LL and I walked the course backwards until we found her about a half mile from the finish.  Her foot was hurting.  She was in a lot of pain, but she was moving forward.  She saw us, picked it up a little and we started running together.  The Trifecta.  Move aside ladies, we're coming through!

We took her to the chute, then yelled at her to finish strong.  Which she did.  Because that is how she rolls.  That's my Shark.

We grabbed a few more cookies, the boys checked our results.  I grew even happier with myself and was SO PROUD of my friends!

Splenda and I said goodbye and headed home.

Official results:
1 mile run:  8:39
Bike: 46:24
5k run:  25:23
Total Time:  1:22:45

I bettered my transition times by about 5 minutes total (both combined).  My swim last year was 9 and some change, so I posted a better time for that piece.  I was quicker slightly on my bike, but a little slower on my 5k.  At any rate, my goal was to beat my overall time from last year which was 1:28 and some change.  I wanted 1:25 or better.  I did it.  And while I still realize I am kind of comparing apples to oranges, I am happy with my performance.

Now, to plan another triathlon so my girls can say they did it.  South County Tri has us..  A local triathlon that is in reverse order.  5k run, 10 bike, and 400 meter swim.

The Shark and the Guppy will be with me.  The Trifecta will rule.  For now, we are Women of Steele.  Next month, we will all THREE be Triathletes!

The post in which I share another proud Mom moment. If only every mom could get a text like this during church.

alcohol + testosterone =

Actual text convo (me sitting in Stake Conference; the boy on his way home from Park City)

'dawg:  "Got in a fight last night ;) "

Me:  "about what?  are u okay and what does the other kid look like?"

'dawg:  "I'm fine.  My friend David got jumped and I whoooped that kids a**.  I have a fat lip.  That's it though.  Felt good to fight."

Me:  "felt good to fight.......u need to get ur butt to boot camp.  dinner @ noon"

'dawg:  "Haha.  I'm in Park City. We are on our way home.  Got a plate for Corby?"

Me:  "sure....I'm in stake conf   talk 2 u after"

'dawg:  "Love you.  Thanks Mom"

I'm still digesting the "felt good to fight".  I didn't actually see him today, just the picture of a slightly swollen lip.  I need to see his knuckles.  
Last I heard from him, he was on his way to rescue another friend who called in trouble, they never made it to my house for dinner.

Not surprised at the fight.  You know what happens when you mix beer, boys and adrenaline.  I am surprised that he let his face take anything. 

For the love of the Marine's and all that is holy could we PLEASE get this kid to boot camp and on his way?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - I mean Thursday night

Thankful Thursday

For her:

For a Splenda Daddy who knows I am stressed and freaking out and comes home with these:

I'm a lucky girl.  Who will feel better about noon on Saturday.

Today's Post of Note........ Washington - are you listening? Start packing.

My good friend Pedaling always seems to find the right stuff, and nails it!

Click here.

Watch the whole video.  Best 10 minutes of your day.  Read her comments.  Get inspired.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday's Wrandom Wramblings

I am beginning to think that the only time I post lately is if I have some funny slang gang word, or my random ramblings.

Maybe I've lost my mojo.

This is supposed to be my journal.  I am sucking at keeping a journal right now.

I just reached 100 readers!  Imagine how surprised I am at that!  Who was the lucky 100th  follower?
Her.  Well, actually, I'm not sure exactly WHICH one of them it is, but they are following me now. I clicked over to thank them and, you know, "meet" them.  Cute girls with a cute blog and really, let's face it.  They had me at Taco Bell.

I got my Social Security statement today.  I usually never even open the envelope.  I'll leave it on the kitchen table so Splenda can look at it if he wants too. 
I felt brave enough today to open it and read it.  Feeling sassy.  On top of the world.  Ready to tackle anything. 
My SS statement today kicked me right in the ding ding.  I will be working until I am 90 years old.  And even then, I am pretty sure that this "money" they say I've earned, doesn't really exist and I will never see one cent of it. 
Wind out of sails.  Deflated. Sass is now lying crumbled on the bedroom floor like a pair of socks.

Women of Steele Triathlon is Saturday morning.  I've prepared as much as I can prepare.  I am still nervous.  Remember last year?  Yeah, my stomach is kind rebelling again this year.  Didn't think I really got too nervous for things, but I guess I really am.  Even though I am more prepared this year than last, I am worried about the swim.  I just remember how much harder it was than I planned on.  All those bodies in the water.  Not being able to get air.  I can swim, but can I swim with all those bodies flailing around me? NGL - getting edgy.

I have been craving Arby's french dip sandwich.  But I have to be careful, and remind them to leave the cheese off.  I finally broke down today and grabbed one from the drive through late this afternoon.  I repeated my order TWICE.  Both times reminding the drive through lady "no cheese please".  She even repeated it back to me correctly.  I had no worries.  I fought my way out of the parking lot through construction and the death intersection and back to my humble little home and makeshift office in my bed.  Rip open the bag, get settled with the au jus sauce ready for dipping, and WTH???  There is that stupid CHEESE!  And it's not like a big mac, where you can kinda scrape it off and discard the patty and bun that it's touched.  No!  It's melted on the top bun and throughout the meat.  Unsalvagable.  Perhaps, I should have ordered is as "sin queso por favor".  That might have ensured that it was correct.  Not.happy.

I'm not gonna complain too loudly, because HE had it worse than me.  Far worse.  And I am linking back to him in the hopes that he might get some sort of compensation.  And I like the kid.  He might have far worse living conditions for the next couple of years, and it's a bummer that his last trip with his Momma involved staying in a crappy place.  So yeah, crappy Nauvoo Family Inn and Suites - you suck.  You can go hit his blog and up his page count.  Maybe crappy NFIS will see it and do the right thing.

If ya can't tell, I defend my friends.  In Real Life ones and the ones that live in my computer. I'm as loyal as a puppy dog.  And right now, as smelly as one too.  I have yet to shower since coming home from the gym.  Early this morning.  I've.been.WORKING. 

I DO, however, get to make a bunch of cupcakes and go have a huge birthday party with all the YW.  I love Wednesday's.........

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Slang Gang Word of the Day

May 14: and then I found five dollars

a phrase used at the end of a story that had really no point to be told to someone. used at the end of boring stories to make them seem more interesting and worthwhile.

"yesterday i went to the fridge and took out a yogurt but put it back and got an apple instead.
...and then i found 5 dollars."

**I had a very clever response to put in here and then I forgot it.......and then I found 5 dollars**

May 17: pretext

Verb, portmanteau - To pretend to text someone or reply to someone's text message to avoid awkward situations. This happens most often when talking to someone you don't really know or when you don't want to look weird while waiting for the bus.

My crush, Addie, and I have run out of things to talk about so I will pretext to avoid any awkward silences.

**I am mid sentence when people near me start texting.  I now understand why.   It's cause........and then I found 5 dollars**

Friday, May 14, 2010

Funny Bone Friday - Things I may have heard, or said, or just thought in my head.

I'd rather eat my own poo.

She charges by the inch.

Don't touch my flippers.

He's just a few inches shy of a mullet.

But it has SOY!

Do you still eat from her?

You're a lady lover.

There is no melo....just straight up DRAMATIC

Did you mean Liberal arts or Liberal nuts?

We're just A.D.D run amok

You need more acid than that

There's a 'but' hanging there.

The dumb bus just let off all kinds of people and gave them my pager number

I don't want to see what you found in your boxers

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday's Wrandom Wrambling

I am so, so tired.  I feel like I just haven't caught up.  Late nights for a couple weeks in a row, and I am just not dealing well with it.  If I'm not bedded down by 7:30pm, then I'm ruined.  Back on track tonight.  Or maybe tomorrow night.  If I can quit having things that need to be done in the evenings.

My times on my tri training today sucked.  I liked last week's numbers much better.  My legs are like jello.  I think Zumba is taking a bigger toll than I thought.  Who knew that latin style dancing could kick one's butt so well!

I have always liked Kevin Bacon.  I now discovered that I love him.  'dawg and I watched Taking Chance today.  Get the tissues and feel your heart swell with pride.  Very good film.  A must see.  No matter how you feel about war, this will touch your heart regarding those who fight and die in our defense.

My latest favorte snack?  Bottlecap candies.  All except the red ones.  The downside is if you eat too many of them, you get a sore tongue.  Oh, but the sugar!

Our youth group is supposed to hike Ensign Peak tonight.  NGL - the weather is def turning me off.  Don't get me wrong.  I love a good hike and this one is very, very easy, but the clouds, cold and possible rain?  Me no likey.

Spending waaaaaayyyyyyy too much time enjoying THIS this week.  I never feel like I have anything juicy to confess, and I question the reality of most of them, but it's still fun to feel like I'm eavesdropping without guilt.

I have a century ride (100+) miles on my bike in a few weeks.  Haven't logged more than 20ish in one sitting.  Getting slightly worried.  Hard to get road saddle time with this crappy weather though!

Speaking of weather - I think Mother Nature heard my violent threats towards her, it's gonna get in the 80's next week.  Now THAT'S what I'm talking 'bout!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Reality check from a valid perspective

I like to read stuff from someone who actually knows what they are talking about.  First hand experience.  Knowledge from the trenches. 

Click here to read more.....

and hugs to you Time Flies.......who lives is AZ.........

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day - Post mortem

Everyone else is doing it on their blog today, and since I easily give in to peer pressure, I figured I would do the obligatory post mortem of Mother's day.

First off - let the record state (you'd be proud of me JennyMac for my lawyery words)
I had a FANTASTIC Mother's day and in fact weekend.  FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC!!

Splenda has never let me down.  He has always made sure that his Mom is honored, that I am honored and that my sons at least acknowledge me. : )   I've no complaint there my friends.  I really did marry the Ken to my Barbie (even though I'm not really barbie-esque)  And really, the boys have ALWAYS made the day special for me.  I am certainly not ever going to complain about how I am treated on Mother's day.  I am a friggin QUEEN!

So what of Mother's day then anyway?  Saturday, we did our Race for the Cure.  We saw Ironman2.  We went to the Jazz game.  All were so much fun and I loved being with my boys even though, I don't think I saw Tuffy at all that day.

Sunday was delightful.  I slept in.  I think I made it to 6:30.  Which, in every day life, is totally sleeping in. 
I read blogs, I created posts, I read the paper, I did my 4 crossword puzzles that had stacked up.  I snuggled in bed.  I drank a Monster.  I ate a doughnut for breakfast.

And then.

It's time to go to church.

Let the record further state:  I hate church on Mother's day.
I have from the time I WAS FIRST a mother.  I can't stand all that stupid, cheesy crap!  I know.  I'm totally going to hell for it.  But really, I do.  When my kids were younger, I would sit and listen and then beat the sh** out of myself because I was such a crappy mom who wasn't any of the things that they talked about.

While a speaker raved about sewing skills, and being at home with cookies after school, and special homework projects, and helping with piano and reading scriptures and family home evening.....all I would think about is how I yelled loud enough at my boys as we left for church to have burst a blood vessel in my left eye.  And wondering if he would still "learn his lesson" if I smacked him again once we got home.

As another speaker might honor his/her mother with lovely poems including sunshine, butterfly kisses and unicorns pooping rainbows, I was strangling myself because my house was messy, my laundry undone, the kids rooms were disasters, and there was some sort of smell coming from the disposal I couldn't figure out.

Maybe one year a grown adult Mother would talk about her joys of Motherhood.  The rich blessings it brought into her life.  All the cute things her kids said.  How well behaved they were at home, school and during meetings.  She would verbally wonder what she had ever done to deserve the precious angels she had.  How smart, and obedient, and service oriented the little darlings were. 
I would stare out the window, ignoring the ruckus the boys were making and secretly wish I could go home and drown my sorrows in liquor. 

Don't get me started on the DH's that would get a chance to speak about how wonderful their wives were.  How perfectly patient, helpful, loving and kind they all were.  They served in their church callings, worked at the school, kept the house immaculate, taught piano to their children, and still managed to make sure their husband's needs were all met.
I would laugh under my breath, think about what Splenda might be doing at work that day, and then steal more treats from my kids treat bag.

You see..... I never once measured up to all those wonderful things that get spouted at the pulpit every Mother's day at church.  Nope.  Never.  There were some years, that I was so convinced I was an utter failure, that I wouldn't even GO to church that week.  It was too much to take.

This year was different.  I could sit through it and not want to throw up.  I actually enjoyed the young men who spoke so beautifully of their Mom's.  I loved the little primary kids going up on stage to sing to their mommy's.  I even enjoyed the DH who spoke such kind things about his wife.

What happened?  What changed?

I did.  I grew up. 

I never learned to sew, I don't play piano, can't even help with homework, and we all know my lack of cooking a decent meal.  I worked full time and juggled the duties of Mom, I wasn't always at the crossroads. 
My sons did not all learn music, earn their Eagle Scouts or their Duty to God awards.  Not all have served missions in the church or even still attend church.

But -

I love my boys and they know it.  They know I would give my very life for them even if I was calling them a dumbass at the same time.  I would die on the sword for them.  They know it.  And I know they know it.
That is enough for me.
They are smart, funny, responsible men.  They are kind to me, respect me and look out for me.  Their father has taught them the value of women in their lives and they follow his lead.
They laugh with me, cry with me, and sometimes, just come and lay down by me.  If for no other reason than to just be in the same room next to each other.
They are my best friends.

My gifts were simple, from the heart and the cards and love notes are special enough to me, that they ain't going on the blog.  They are staying in my secret drawer.  That's just for me.  
I am their Momma.  I am loved.  That is enough to know that I did alright.

So Mother's Day?  Meh - I think I can handle you now. 

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Utah Jazz vs LA Lakers - Round 2; game 3

This will be short and sweet.  Mostly pics because my words are inappropriate.

Splenda scored us some tickets.  Halfcourt on the very top row.  Loved them!

We were all together as a fam except Tuffy who had to work.

At the door, they were giving away t shirts and big signs that could be folded into fans that made the loudest noise ever!  They also had these posters with the most ridiculous picture of Kobe Bryant on one side.  He is SUCH a d-bag.

After we got in our seats, 'dawg and Luka went to walk around and Splenda and I started people watching.

Wouldn't you know it? A row of Laker fans were right in front of us. I watched them come in, find their seats, and then leave again. While they were gone, I took the opportunity to leave on their seats, each of  them,  a Jazz sign and the ridiculous picture of Kobe.

I wanted them to remember that they were in OUR house.

The game got started, the cheering was loud, and my hands were going!  At one point, I may or may not have yelled "Laker fans are pu****s!"  One of the dudes turned and looked at me. I looked back.  Arched my brow, and continued yelling and clapping.  Remember where you are mister.  And I will win a stare down every.damn.time.

We had a row of Asian gentlemen behind us.  With their camera's and Jazz enthusiasm, they were fun to have around.  The immediate bench in front of us were two couples whose apparent mission was to get drunk.  I swear if I didn't know that the actor Vern Troyer was dead, I would swear he was sitting right in front of us!

 Seriously,  all I could think of was Mini Me.   FUNNY!

And during the first quarter, we watched as two young men, who were stupid enough to ask someone else to buy beer for them got busted and escorted from the arena.  Lame.  Dude's you paid that much money to get into a game and pull a dumba** stunt like that?  Whatever.  I laughed at you.

The game was close, exciting and fun to watch. 

(end of the first quarter)

(half time)

(end of the 3rd quarter)

(final score)
All except for the last 4 seconds.  It was gut-wrenching.  And felt surreal.  Did that tip in just roll out?  Did the buzzer just really go off?

I hate Kobe Bryant.  I hate Phil Jackson.  I hate the Lakers. 

I am realistic enough to believe, that we very well might get swept in this series.  We don't have the size.  We have guys injured.  And apparently, the NBA believes Kobe walks on water.  So as the playoff's continue, I will cheer for anyone playing AGAINST the Lakers.

And while I am patiently waiting for next NBA season, I will now dig in and enjoy the MLB and my Yankees!