Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Crap-a-doodle! Look what's happened.......

I've gone off again!

Glenn Beck explains the Cap and Trade......

Slang Gang Word of the Day

June 30: take a digger

1. Commonly used to describe an ungraceful fall.
2. Fall forward or trip and land on one's face
Derived from the volleyball slang- a Digshot is a desperation diving hit that results in a faceful of sand.

I wasn't paying attention and I took a digger when I tripped on the crack in the pavement. I can't believe I fell flat on my face.

**And now there is an official name for what I do on a daily basis. I'm always taking a digger.**

PSA - A new source of political information

Most everyone already knows my political views. Surprising since I'm very quiet and subdued by nature and don't share much of my thoughts with others.......whatev : )

My BFF cousin sent me this amazing email with some very valuable links. She also guided me to a website to continually get information. I have found with anything, there are things I agree with, and things I don't. I take what is of value to me, and leave the rest for someone else to value.

Here is the email that was sent to me.
The author is: Ellen Miller

Times like these are too important for us not to hold government to the highest possible standards.

The House of Representatives is poised to take up debate on a health care bill in the coming weeks that will have a huge impact on each of our lives and our economy. The bad news is that if the last week is any example, it's not clear that we will even know what's in that bill. Indeed, it's not clear if even our representatives will have a chance to read the bill before they vote.

Whatever you think about the "Cap and Trade" bill that was passed by the House last week, or however you feel about health care reform, the process for considering legislation is not as transparent as we need it to be.

I'd bet you'd agree with us: Congress MUST read the bill and ensure that we, the public, have at least 72 hours to do the same.


To be perfectly clear, I'm not here to argue the merits of energy or health care policy. But, I AM demanding that when Congress takes up such far-reaching issues, they MUST have a transparent process that doesn't just include lobbyists and Washington insiders.

The only way our demand is going to be heard is if we mobilize in large enough numbers that Congress can't ignore us. Already, *over 11,000 of you have signed our petition supporting a 72-hour rule, and we need 4,000 more to reach our goal of 15,000 before Congress goes on August recess.

Please join us and ask 3 other concerned friends to do the same. As we saw last week, what is happening in Congress is too important to let them make up their own minds about how they should operate. Unless we demand transparency and accountability, it sure doesn't look like they're going to give it to us.


If you want to read more about what we learned through the Cap and Trade bill process, be sure to check out Paul Blumenthal's insights.

Be careful though; it may get you riled up.

You know what was most frustrating about the process? It's that for the last ten days our staff tried very hard to understand all that happened through the Cap and Trade bill, but nearly couldn't - which made me think about something else that happened last week.

On Friday, the House paid tribute to Michael Jackson in the middle of the debate on the House Floor. It just strikes me that if they really want to pay tribute, they can take a long look at the "man in the mirror," make a change, get this right, and Read the Bill.


ps We'd love for any of you bloggers out there to join our Transparency Bloggers list-serve and help us raise awareness of what's going on with transparency in Congress. We need to be our own watchdogs on this, and your help is going to be critical. Sign up, and then send an intro email to the group:


I clicked the transparency-bloggers link and joined. I'm looking for valid information, and hope this provides some.

Monday, June 29, 2009

A fun, fun weekend!

If I haven't mentioned it before, we get to have little Sissy come play every weekend. Her Mom drops her off at about 4:30 on Friday's and then picks her up Sunday nights around 10:15. Her Daddy will spend time with her too, but since it's hard for her to sleep at his place, she stays at ours. She has her own room, her own toys, clothes, everything she needs.

This weekend was particularly fun.
Friday started with a fourwheeler ride.
Picture this:
Big Blue Honda 4 wheeler. First Tuffy takes her around the neighborhood, then it's my turn. She LOVES it! She likes going fast, pointing out all the things along the way, and feeling the wind in her hair. Yeah, I know, I will be purchasing her own little helmet this weekend. Don't judge me. We don't go too fast.
After our ride, and she protests going in the house, I set the keys on the end table in the living room and go about some other sort of business.

Later when it's time to move the 4 wheeler inside, no key. WTC? I set it RIGHT.THERE. We search the entire house. Garbage's, every room, every crevice. The only explanation is that Sissy took it and set it somewhere. It's gotta be in the house, but where?
Two days later, Sugar Daddy finds it in the spice drawer. Sissy had so very thoughtfully put the keys away there. What a sweet girl.

Saturday was Sugar Daddy's Mom's birthday. We met some other family members at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple for a tour.
Picture this:
Hot, middle of the day, impatient Sissy and lines of people. Very organized and very well done, but hey, a 2 year old isn't interested in being reverent. She was the spirit killer for the afternoon. She enjoyed the stairs, and the "horses and cows" she saw inside the temple. We just tried to keep her from running beyond our reach. It really is beautiful inside. At least the glimpses I caught. I'm still glad we went, and I'm glad we took her. I can tell she is learning something from nursery, since she already could identify and call it the temple before we ever said anything. And the cookies at the end? Well, 'nuff said.

Saturday night was the ward barbecue. It was held up at The Spruces campground in Big Cottonwood canyon.
Picture this:
Beautiful trees, mountain air, and a small stream running through our reserved area. It was shallow enough that Sissy could get right up to it, put her hands in and play and throw rocks and pine cones into it to her heart's content.
She spent the majority of the time running from the pine tree to get the cones on the ground back to the water to throw them in. She also saw squirrels up close which was a thrill for her. All I could think of was DISEASE!
It was a potluck dinner, and someone had brought a watermelon. No knife except for a paring knife someone happened to have on them. While it was my turn to watch her, I got involved in a conversation and the next thing I hear is: "Uh John, would you mind just taking that knife away from her?". YUP! Being the good babysitter I am, she had totally gone to the watermelon and on her cute little tippy toes was going to slice her some!
Later, while it was Sugar Daddy's turn to watch her, she totally tripped and biffed it on the cement pad by the fire pit.
At this point, we figured it would be wise to go while we were still relatively injury free.
Sissy LOVED the mountains. I can not WAIT to get her up to the cabin. Last summer she was too young to appreciate and enjoy it. This year will be a blast.

Sunday we got together with Sugar Daddy's family to celebrate Mom's BD.
Picture this:
Perfect summer evening, out in his sister's backyard which is right by the Oquirrh Mountain temple and enjoyed an unimpeded view of it's glory. Family, enjoying visiting, strawberry shortcake and ice cream. Sissy playing with her cousins and running like a banshee. Good.times.

And...... that is how we spent a wonderful weekend. Wish I wasn't such a loser klutz and broke my camera so I could have some pictures. I might have to do a disposable until I get my baby back.......


Check out these fun pictures....

Oh wait, you CAN'T!!!

WHY? 'Cause I'm an idiot who dropped and broke her camera. CaaaarrrraaaP! I would break my own head if it weren't attached to my body. Wait, that's a different saying.

Anyhoo, picture this:

Home from Ragnar, wet, tired, sore. Hands full of shoes, milkshake, and camera. Get to the backdoor and it's locked. WTC? We NEVER lock that door! Turn around to go to front door and camera slips out of stack of crap and crashes to garage floor. SNAP!! Well, really it was a different word, but I'm working on not using that one quite so much. At least publicly. Pick up camera, peruse it quickly, seems to be fine.

Later that weekend, try to take pictures, no go. Won't even turn on. Discover, it's just dang broken. Cry. Big tears.

Sugar Daddy takes it, attempts to see if he can fix it. Nope.

Take to Inkley's to see if repair can happen. Nope. Not without shipping it out at a significant cost. Might as well buy a new camera. NOOOOOOO!!!!!

Sugar Daddy spends time googling and finds a company we can send to for much less money and they MIGHT be able to fix it. Worth the chance. Wrapped, and double wrapped in bubble wrap and shipped.

Now, just waiting......feeling like a big clumsy ox who can't be trusted with anything nice or expensive. I break things. I am a freaking bull in a china shop. I am the uncoordinated girl that trips over imaginary lines in the road. You should see my dishes. Even the RS ladies shoo me from the kitchen if I attempt to help. They are in fear for even their Tupperware. I will find a way to bust it.

So, with all the fun we had last weekend. Not.one.picture.
Feel free to ignore the next post. It's just for journaling anyway, sans pic's.

Stupid, stupid girl!

Do ya just need a laugh today?

I did, and thank you Giggler for providing it......

Slang Gang Word of the Day - Two-fer special

June 28: brain bleach
What one might use to erase a particulary nasty image or memory.
Man, I just saw Olga in skin-tight canary-yellow stretch pants. I need to score me about five gallons of brain bleach!

June 29: hotness hypnosis
When act of finding someone so physically attractive that you overlook serious flaws in their personality.
Brad Pitt finally wakes from hotness hypnosis, starts to realize that Angelina is batshiate crazy.

**When M-Cat appears in the pool with her pasty white skin, all within eye view needs some brain bleaching and it most certainly does NOT cause any kind of hotness hypnosis.**

Missionary Update

Subject: Mis queridos padres!!

Hey mom and dad, how are things going back home? Was kinda weird cause this week went by incredibly fast! It would good to hear from you guys.

So I did have to congratulate you mom on the race. Seriously just thinking about running that much, makes me tired. The last Pday that we had in the morning, I don’t know if I told you guys, but we got together as a zone to run at an Olympic Ring here. I made it one time around and I was dead. It was terrible haha. I really am out of shape running. Also with that surgery I am sure that is a good thing. How much does a surgery like that cost?
Sounds good to me that the blands are selling one of the 50 cars that they have haha. I actually was thinking…..if I could buy the silver bullet….. Dad I am not sure if you are going to sell it, but it would be great. When I get back, I really just want to buy a cheap car, nothing big. I know that I am going to need the money right?
I know that its good be to honest with you guys. I was sick for a couple of days this week. I had a sore throat and a fever. I still did go out and worked. It was hard, but it was worth it. I am feeling a lot better know. I just have tons of bugers now haha. Also about Felipe, we cant go and visit him for a while…. He has the sickness that is going around the world that came from Mexico. L We wont be able to visit him for a while and that’s why he couldn’t have the interview. Sucks how satan works so hard to keep people from being baptized.
This is a good thing that it will rain this week. I think that will be the only time that I say this haha. Just cause when it rains, its not that cold. Now that me and my comp both have water proof clothes its not bad at all to work in the rain. The only problem is that it is a little bit harder to get in houses and to talk with the people in the street. Sounds pretty sweet about the bikes dad. My comp always did motocross before he came out on the mish. He talks about it all the time and has some great scars and nails in his body, burn marks and lots of good stuff. I joke with him cause he has had so much crap happen to him, that he almost suffered the Atonement hahaha.
I am working hard here. Thanks for all of the support and love that you guys are showing me. This Sunday we have a Stake Conference so it should be awesomeª Have a great week this week and I look forward to hearing from you guys again

Elder Catmull

**NOT pleased to hear about him being sick. NOT pleased that the H1N1 is there and nearby. SUPER PLEASED that he is a hardworker and is happy. Can't ask for anything more........
I'm glad to see that they clean their bathroom
Looks like dinner for a district

Friday, June 26, 2009

Pardon me while I vent.......

If you are a Michael Jackson fan and are in serious mourning, then please, by all means, click mark as read and move on, this post is not for you!


Michael Jackson, the self proclaimed "king of pop" is dead. Yep, dead. Okay, whatever, let's move on! I am HATING the love fest that this has started.

I will concede, he was incredibly talented. Thriller is by far the best video ever made. He invented dance moves that I still hurt myself trying to do. His music was truly on the leading edge. He was an entertainer like no other for several years. No argument from me there. I loved him during the early 80's and his prime of entertainment life.

BUT - in my mind, he was a child molester. To me, that trumps talent. Sorry kids, it trumps any amount of talent a human being has. Period.
Now, before you get your panties in a wad and starting formulating a comment about how he was never convicted, get my facts straight, blah, blah, blah.....I KNOW ALL THAT!

He did however settle out of court on child molestation charges. To me, that says something. Whether you want to admit it or not, we all know he is as innocent as OJ is. You'd have to have your head buried in the sand to not get that.

I've heard some say, "Oh, but he just had a hard time adjusting to all his fame and fortune. His dad was mean and abusive. He had so much to overcome." "It's just so sad, really." HORSESHIT!

Lot's of people have bad things happen to them. You either let it define you as a strong, able, functioning member of society, who is better for your challenges, OR you let it define you as a freak. HE.CHOSE.FREAK.

And while I'm ticked and ranting, I must now bid adieu to NBC's Today Show. I have been slowing separating myself from them for the past several months ever since Obama became president and they his first-in-line worshipers, but today was the final straw.

We do NOT need a special edition of a "news" program to discuss Michael Jackson's life and death. Nope, don't need it. Has anyone noticed the economy, Iran, Afghanistan, unemployment (to name a few)? I had the show on this morning while I jumped in the shower. All Michael. I got out. All Michael. I talked on the phone with the Shark. All Michael. I did my hair, ironed my pants. All Michael.


He's dead. The child molester is dead. Done. Now all young boys and chimps can breathe a sigh of relief and for the love of all that's holy, let's move on.


Funny Bone Friday - Things I may have heard, or said, or just thought in my head

"I was totally loving it until I fell into a ditch"

"I feel a tour of Brazil AND Asstria coming on."

How many times can one apply deodorant in a 26 hour period? Is there a maximum dosage?

"I short bussed it the last downhill mile - yeah there was window-slobber-lickin goin on."

There is no I in team but there is a U in suck

"If you don't use the right key, it won't start"

"Damn economy, even the ears had to be downsized"

"Head Cheerleader and Boy Toy, now that's a combination."

"Just remember that when I flip you off, it's with all the love and affection in my heart."

"They were grilling him like a sirloin over coals in July."

"You'll pick up any ole screw in the road won't you?"

"I have no shame. I just showered completely naked with 5 other women and now am sleeping with about 70 strangers. I'm pretty sure there is a word for people like me and it's whore."

"It's not every day that you come to work and see someone's granny panties hanging in their cube."

Slang Gang Word of the Day

June 26: cha mon

A more animated way of proclaiming "c'mon" or "come on."

While playing poker and you need a high card: "I need this. Cha mon ACE!"

"cha mon let's go, we're late"; "cha mon, let's go get an milk shake"; "cha mon, you can do this, just keep pedaling."

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Random ramblings....

I finally have my google reader caught up! I have been terrible the past week. What with Ragnar, my eyes, crazy busy work...... but I have read every single one of them. Maybe not the best commenter, but I have read you!

Sugar Daddy is in the other room watching the NBA draft. He's got it on the TV and on his laptop. I wandered in and was talking about something and he, um, told me to "stop talking". Wow. I haven't been told to stop talking since like high school. Oh wait, Monday in staff meeting my boss told me to stop talking. Perhaps I speak too much.....

We are headed to C's softball game. He is playing with the boys that he grew up with playing. It's like old times. Feels weird. Half these guys are married and daddy's now. Weird. Life comes at you fast!

I totally forgot my wallet at work. It's locked in my desk, but now how am I going to get a milkshake? I've tapped out Sugar Daddy. I guess, it's shake-less night for me.

I love bacon. I hate cooking it. Rather, I hate it being cooked in my house. (like I cook- HAH) We had breakfast for dinner and it just permeates everything! Cooked pig......cooked salty, fat pig........

I wish I was in Sonoma.

I finally get to wear makeup tomorrow! YAY for trying to dress it up! Good thing, since me and my work BFF's have a dog and pony show to present tomorrow. I will enjoy not looking 65 years old.

My freak show dog is more than weird. He has it timed perfectly as to when to go lap up water. Right during our dinner blessing. We also use that time for family prayer. It's the only time we are all together. All three or two of us. So,it tends to be the most important, longer prayer of the day. Without a doubt, the minute we start, Kasey heads to the water dish. And laps. And laps. And laps. LOUDLY! It doesn't matter what time, it's never set. Even Sunday's when dinner is earlier, he heads for that water dish. It's like the minute we fold arms and bow heads, it's his que. Weird, weird, WEIRD dog.

I just reviewed my race schedule for the rest of the summer. I think I have bitten off more than I can chew, but still have a few weekends open that I am looking to fill. I am a sick, sick girl.

I wish I was in Sonoma.

Announcing!! - Running Bloggers get together!!

Several months ago someone suggested we should do a blogger 5k. I've been thinking it over, and find it to be a grand idea. I can't remember who mentioned it so if that person would kindly step forward and take the credit, that would be great.

Now, finding one that might be central to running bloggers in Utah County as well as Weber/Davis county area. That leaves us in the Salt Lake valley. Location - check.

Now, I don't know about you, but I like to do races that are for some meaningful cause. Cancer research, Heart disease, Diabetes research etc... I remembered one that we did last year that was not only for a fantastic cause, but was so much fun because of the atmosphere. Go peruse the web site here. They are a great organization that I feel good about giving my dollars too. Charitable cause - check

Now, we have to do a fun one, right? Serious for those that want to be serious, fun for those that just want the social and exercise experience. Read here to get the deets. Race - check

What's left? Just to commit to doing it! The above link will allow you to register or, this is the email that I received:
Hello Runners!
Our favorite charity 5K benefiting the Children's Justice Center is coming up! The date for this years event will be August 15, 2009. We will again have BACA and the Red Hat Society on hand to kick off the 5K and the kids Teddybear 1K. There will be free teddybears for all kids completing the 1k and some great prizes and awards for the 5K. Register now on active.com, stop by Wasatch Running Center in Sandy, or visit our website at www.cjcslc.org to sign up today!

So, here's the deal. If you want to participate with me and you're not a freaky freak stalker of some sort that can be trusted, email me at melissadotcatmullatyahoodotcom.
We'll talk more in detail that way.

Would love to have you! Annnnndddd, there are some fantastic places for breakfast nearby to replenish after our big race. Just sayin.......

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Shark's big day

It's here! The long awaited and much anticipated JDRF ride that my friend the Shark has been preparing for.

She leaves in the morning for her weekend adventure of not just fun but a personal test in her endurance and stamina. I'm not even batting an eyelash at it for her. She is going to take this ride by the horns and show it whose boss! She is going to KILL it! I have no doubt. And considering she has written many a check for my body to cash, I can only reciprocate in kind. She's gonna nail this one, I know it.

So, hop on over here and wish her luck, give a word of an encouragement and send her on her way with your best wishes.

WTC?? You're still here? Get your bootay over there now and send the pedaling Shark one last virtual hug of luck.......

PS - I lifted every single picture from her site - thanks angel Shark

Hoopes - there it is! Lasik surgery - SUCCESS!!

Okay kids, settle in for a little bit of Hoopes Vision Center worshipping.

Actually, let's call it this: Hoopes-Vision-Center-that-uses-their-remarkable-God-given-talents-to-work-wonders-and-miracles-but-that-we-all-know-where-the-real-credit-lies worshipping. I like that better.

I was so excited for my Lasik surgery that I could barely sleep Sunday night. I went into my work Monday morning for a few hours to get some things done and squared around. Now I couldn't wear lotion, perfume, hairspray or hair products, or make-up. I.was.a.fox.

I got all my Rx's picked up, Tuffy came home from school and off we toddled to here.

They really are first class. Every single staff member there makes eye contact and smiles as they pass by or interact with you. I heart them all.

I was taken back to the pre-op area. Vital signs checked and given the blessed Valium. Aaaaahhhh, Valium. Who doesn't love a good relaxant?

Another quick eye check while the drugs kick in. Meet Dr Hoopes Sr, review what is going to happen and what to expect.

Next was getting my eyes prepped. Tuffy thought I looked like the Joker's uglier cousin. I take that as a compliment.

Then the first step. Create the flap. I lay down on a bed, eyes propped open, laser aligned and talked all the way through it. It takes just moments. The flap has been created with tiny gas bubbles.

These gas bubbles need some time to work their magic so I am led to a chair, set down and instructed to keep my eyes closed. Tuffy is sitting next to me and all of a sudden, the chair begins massaging me. MASSAGING ME PEOPLE!!! Not a lame chair massager like you buy at the Target or Wally's but a massaging chair like I've never experienced. Oh the relaxation that was mine.

Tuffy and I are talking, he's laughing at watching my body go up and down while the chair works it's magic and then, what do we hear? Or rather, Tuffy sees, I hear? The cookie lady! "Would you like a warm, fresh baked cookie?" Um, schmell yeah! Aaaaahhhh hot, gooey cookie; entire body massage and I am literally in heaven.

Time for the next step. The flaps are good to go, I am led to the next laser table. This is where the actual vision correction happens. Let me just say......IT WAS COOL! For reals!! I looked at a blinking green light, listened to them tell me what was going on, and while my eyes were open and technically I could "see" what was going on, I really didn't. I just watched the red lights and the blinking green light and held still. I even liked it when I could smell the burning of the laser!

All done. That's it. Your finished.Led back to another chair for post op. Sitting and resting my eyes. Trying to tell Tuffy how cool it was, he is clearly not wanting to hear every little detail but he's stuck with me. Luckily, the cookie lady came by again! YESSSSSS, another cookie to top off my experience.

One more quick check, instructions for the rest of the day, the rest of the week and for the next month are given to me as well as an awesome mug full of treat prizesCool sunglasses now perched on my face and home to apply eye shields and sleep.

Before I really settled in for a nice nap, my BFF SIL came by with more prizes for me
The day just keeps getting better and better.

Once I woke up, it was amazing. I could see! I could really see!! I am beyond pleased. Granted at this point, things are a bit foggy, but that's normal

The next morning I went in for my first post-op appointment. I am seeing 20/25. I want to cry with happiness! To wake up in the middle of the night and see to put the dogs out or go potty, to see the alarm clock, to see my legs to shave in the shower, to see to do my hair unimpeded with glasses is a blessing I don't have words for.

It's now been a couple of days, and I am still doing artificial tears every hour, and some other drops every four hours, but I am back to work, back to the gym, riding my bike and doing my life like normal. The only thing I can't do is wear makeup until Friday and then the pool in two more weeks. Oh, and I have to sleep in the super hot eye shields for a week, but 'sokay.

I did what is called Monovision. They corrected my right eye for distance, and then slightly under corrected my left eye for reading. The theory is the brain and eye muscles work it out. So far, so good. Too much computer time or reading tires them, and I have to close and rest them, but all in all, I am immensely pleased!

If you are thinking about it, pull the trigger. It will be the best decision of your life. If you live anywhere near the Wasatch front, go see Hoopes. I shopped around, I researched, I even had a consultation somewhere else. These guys won my dollars. Rather, they won Splenda's dollars. I have nothing but good to say about them, about their service and their staff.

And a HUGE thank you to my Splenda Daddy. In fact, I have been given instructions that I cannot call him Splenda Daddy for one month. He is my full on, real deal, Sugar Daddy!

I wanted to post the video, but can't figure it out. And quite frankly, it's really not for viewing pleasure. NGL - it even grossed me out...but!

YAY for no glasses! YAY for no contacts! YAY for perfect vision! And, YAY for Hoopes Vision Center.

And yet.......more Ragnar fun

I know, I know, enough already! NGL - I'm still on a high from this freakin race and now for the remaining pictures.

Enjoy, and feel more than free to laugh at my expense.......

Headlamp glory - I.am.hawt!

The nighttime running was by far the best!

A couple of our teammaates were hysterical in their get up's. I can't believe he ran his whole leg like this. To the right you can barely see our other dude. Speedo's rock!

How cool is that? Someone climbed up that mountain and put her initials on there just to cheer her on!

And finally, my personal favorite. While I am probably the ugliest speciman of a human being at the moment, there really is pure joy on my face. Even hamming it up.

I don't wanna wait a whole 'nother year......

Monday, June 22, 2009

Slang Gang Word of the Day - Two for one special

June 21: beauty booger
Small adornment worn on the side of the nose, attractive to some, not so attractive to others.
In today's corporate world, fashionistas prefer a small jeweled or precious metal beauty booger instead of a nose ring.

"Dad, can I have a diamond BB for my birthday? All my friends have them, please please please please?"

**And now, we know the official name**

June 22: keep it bowlin'
According to Creed from "The Office", "Everyone likes bowling, so this is a phrase for when you want to tell someone to stay positive. For example, if someone tells you they lost their job, you can just tell them to keep it bowlin and thatll cheer them up."

Hey, keep it bowlin', buddy.

**My new personal favorite**

Monday - Missionary Update

Hey mom and dad, how are things going back home?? All things going good here in the mish!!! Oh and……HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!!!!!!!!! It does suck that we don’t get the same rights to call home Fathers Day, but hey what can you do? I totally would have sent you something home Dad but, I didn’t want to send another package home and have it get stolen… Sorry. What are you guys going to do? I guess it would be good to keep up the tradition and go out to eat somehwere good!!
This week went flying by really really fast. It is getting even colder (if you could imagen) and we are not even at the peak of Winter. I have a good feeling that this Winter is going to be a cold one…And I guess that it will be the last one too here in Chile… I did complete 18 months in the mish yesterday. Wow, I am not sure where the time is going, but its going.
Things didn’t go the best with Filpe. The thing is… he wants to be baptized, and loves the church. He even goes to seminary. The problem is… he still doesn’t have a testimony. We don’t want to baptize him if he doesn’t have a testimony so we are going to wait. The good thing is, the other day, we had a great lesson with him. He was committed to read and pray. Yesterday we called him up to see if he read and prayed. We didn’t have a lot of money to put in the pay phone but he told us that he read and pray and felt something weird, but it was great and he feels good. That is about all we heard until today!!! If he got his testimony, he will be baptized this next Saturday. Pray hard for him. If he gets baptized…he will want to go on a mission!!
Hmmm…. To answer your question dad about the dirt bike, I wasn’t really a fan of riding that one. So I am totally fine with you selling it. Another 4 wheeler would be great!! That I am sure would be better so the whole family could use. Also parents, you guys can look up an article… His name is Cristian and he was a runner here in Chile and now is being sentenced for murder. He lived in our sector and yesterday we were talking with his wife. She seems to be handling it well. He was accused of murdering a girl. Cristian was really famous and a great runner!
Mom, good news on the glasses thing! I am sure that will be a lot better and a relief to never use glasses. And would it even save you money? Oh mom, also….. this facebook update things, is for you, I am going to translate it. It is from a Sister here in our ward:
“hola hna soy la hna muñoz de osorno chile aca esta su hjo el cual conosco muy bien el es un muy buen niño esta haciendo bien su trabajo se q el padre le esta bendiciendo en cada momento el me dio ste correo q me dijo q podiamos hablar le quiero mucho ah su hijo es como si fuera mi hijo espero q podamos hablar algun dia con cariño hna jacquelines muñoz del bario francke”
Hey sister I am Sister Moñoz from Osorno, Chile. Here is your son, in which I know really well. He is a very good son doing really good his work. I know our Father is blessing him in every moment. He gave me this email and told me that we could talk. I like your son a lot, its like if he were my son. I hope that we can talk some day. Sincerely Sister Jacquelines Muñoz from Francke Ward.
Mom if you want to, you can write her back in Spanish. Use Word to do it, or a translator. She really is great!
Well that is about it. Have a great week, love you guys and miss ya tons!!!
Elder Catmull

**He didn't send any pictures this time, so the one posted is an old one......

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ragnar Relay - Wasatch Back - Yeah Baby!

I have wanted to do this race for awhile now, but didn't have a team, didn't know enough runner friends to put together one, so I settled for hearing about it from others. FINALLY! This year I got invited to take a spot on a team that needed a runner. YES!! Of course, I'll come run. I'm aware of the fact that I don't know a single person on the team other than Sher, who invited me, but yeah, sure, I'll come hang 30 hours or so wit ya!

If ya didn't hit the link to the race information, I'll give ya a quick synopsis. A team of twelve runners, race 188 miles from Logan to Park City, via the Wasatch Back. Each runner has 3 three legs. The legs are different in mileage and toughness, but each one gets a taste of it all. You run straight through, so nighttime running is involved for every runner.

You're divided into 2 vans. 6 runners in each. Van 1 starts, each runner does their first leg, then hands off to van 2, they each run their six legs and hands back to van one, they run their next set, etc..... you see how it goes. So van 1 starts it off, van two wraps up, then the whole team finishes the chute together. I was given leg 3 and assigned to van 1.

Based on each runners average 10k time, you set an average pace for each person. You then keep a clipboard tracking hand off times to project your finish time. You keep track all along the way to make sure you are staying on pace and at your estimated hand off times.

When I registered for the race and added myself to the team, it asks for your 10k average. I had only run 1 or 2 or so, and my average time was about an 8 min mile. That's what I entered. I was regretting that by the time we were getting going. I wasn't sure I could keep that pace, and sure didn't want to let my team down. I kept telling myself, to just run and quit worrying, but well, let's say that never happened.

Our team name was Insanity Prevails. Funny huh? I thought it was quite fitting especially for me. Remember how ding-a-ling I have been lately? Yeah, insanity fit perfectly. Like.a.glove.

Thursday night we had a pre-race dinner and planning session. I met my teammates, had some pasta and got the details of what I needed to do and when. NGL - extremely intimidated. These were hardcore runners! I was clearly out of my league and really started to get nervous. I got my instructions and headed home to pack.

Friday morning came all too early, I packed my gear, and the Shark so kindly drove me to our meeting place in Kaysville. She pep talked me on the way up as I shared all my doubts. By the time we got there, I was feeling a little better.

Our van then headed to Logan and the starting line. Each team is given staggered start times, based on your projected finish and what you request. Our start time was noon. We made some finishing touches to the decorated van,
hit the porta-potties and then the start line to cheer our runner number one, L, who also happened to be our team captain. She lined up, loosened up, and off she went.l-r S, C, Boy Toy, L, Sher, and me. Head Cheerleader was taking the picture. L loosening up L taking off!

I wasn't scheduled to run until about 2 so I was beginning to get a little nervous and fussing with getting ready. Have I hydrated? Yes. I have eaten appropriate fuel? Yes. The van follows or drive's by the runner based on what is needed. The runner tells the van when they would like water, another jumps out, gives them water, and we all cheer them on their way. The van then drives ahead to the "exchange" where the hand-off to the next runner happens. They gave each team a black slap bracelet that you pass off to the next runner. Remember, this is relay style.

I watch L, finish up, and she looks great. She is awesome! Our next runner takes off. He is the only man in our van so he was officially called the Boy Toy. He goes and is looking great.

I am getting nervous. The sun is high, the temp is, in my mind, completely tolerable. Hot for some, but great for me. We drive ahead to the exchange and get ready. Boy Toy is looking good. He had a wicked hill and with the heat, I was glad it wasn't me!

Sherrie and I screwing around before the hand off. Me and my silly inserts. I warm up and wait for the exchange. Here he comes..... ipod ready, and here is the bracelet! It's in my hands and I am off and running

Doing okay for the first little bit. Of course jumped out of the gate too quick. But I was able to pull back and get into a good rhythm. According to the race bible, I am running through Hyrum, Ut. It's pretty. Lot's of cow poop on the road, but pretty. Not too far in, I am realizing, that it's HUMID. I come around a corner and there is a small lake. HUMID. Ugh! I normally really like the heat and do fine with it, but I wasn't counting on humidity. I think all the rain Cache Valley has had for the past several weeks, has just sunk in and created this humidity, and once I had started to really settle in and go, my body picked up on it.

I was ready for a water break and there ahead is my team in the van, cowbell going and water ready. That little break keeps me going, and I am determined to stay on pace. Back at it, and crap it's humid!

Now I'm fighting with my glasses. It's the first hot run that I have had to do with them on. I threw in some ugly sunglasses inserts to keep the sun glare out, but between those and my glasses slipping down, I am now pushing them back up my nose every minute or so and repeating over and over in my mind, THIS IS THE LAST TIME WITH GLASSES EVER!

I think I get another water break and I'm really feeling the elements. No shade, the sun and humidity are knocking me a bit. I finally see the last mile marker and usually what I like to do is as soon as I see the finish chute, kick it in and sprint in. I willed my body to pick it up, and it just wouldn't.

I made it across handed off the bracelet and headed for some shade and walking around to recover. Now usually, I am quick recoverer. I can be in the 105 - 109% zone and within a couple of minutes be right back to like a 70%. I couldn't get there. I glance at my monitor, I'm still in the high 90's. Slow down the walking, drinking water, deep breaths. Glance again, no movement. WTC? And I am feeling rotten. For the first time, since high school, I am feeling like I could puke after a run.

More cooling down, more water, slow walking. Finally see it drop to the 80's. Feeling a little better. We head to the van and now several minutes later I am in the 70's. Feeling better and very confused as to why it took so long to recover. Slightly worried in the back of my mind. But remind myself it was 5.6 miles and rated moderate difficulty. I'll try to make up my lost time on my next leg.

We cheer on our other runners, they do great. S does great and hands off to C. Who is so stinking fast that she gets to the next exchange seconds before we can get there!

Sherrie takes off and I am not liking her course. Dirt road down switchbacks on a mountain course. I would be checking every footstep for rocks or crevices. She is doing fantastic! The road gets rough and now I am car sick! Oh, for the love!

Sherrie wraps up her leg nicely, we hand off out clipboard to van 2 for them to take over and we head to a cabin that belongs to a friend of L's who has graciously offered to let us stay there to rest and shower. It was absoutley gorgeous with a view of Ogden valley that just takes your breath away.

After finding a surprise on the floor when we first walked in(BoyToy - you are needed!) We all settled in for a quick cold shower, change of clothes, some calls and texts and some food.

I notice that my battery is getting low on my cell phone so I begin turning it off for periods of time to try and reserve since I didn't bring a charger. All too soon, we got the message that it was time to meet up at the next exchange to take back over from van 2.

This exchange is at Snowbasin ski resort which is beautiful. Cold, but beautiful. By this time it is getting dark. The requirements are a head lamp, reflective vest and a blinking reflector attached to your back. I was glad that my teammates had extra equipment to share.

We start L off, she is looking good and head to the next exchange after watering her a couple of time. I realize I am going to run shortly, so I begin prepping. I get a text from the Shark who tells me she is waiting ahead at the next exchange. REALLY? She came all the way up here and is waiting late at night just to be there to cheer me on? Seriously. I was amazed.

Boy Toy takes over and starts off strong. We jump ahead to the next exchange where I am to start. I jump out of the van and run to find Shark. There she is! Not only is she there but she takes my cell phone, puts it on the charger to give back to me when I am done and tells me she has an extra charger to take with me the rest of the time! Seriously! How does one find a friend like her?

I get ready at the chute for the hand off and all too soon, here comes BoyToy finishing strong! He hands off and I slip the bracelet over my jacket sleeve. This time, I pace much better and don't jump out too soon. Grab me a couple of roadkills and then settle into a nice pace.

Now I run in the dark all the time, but it's familiar roads with street lamps. This is in the middle of who knows where and all you have if the head lamp to show you a few feet forward. Great to avoid road hazards and keep strong safe steps, but you can't look ahead and see your route. I had to rely totally by body feel for down grades and up hills.

I realize I need to ditch the jacket. I am too hot. I wrangle myself out of it while on the run and when the van and Tib stop to water me, I hand it off to them.

Keep going and I am loving this! Virtually all alone in the dark with just myself and my music. I find myself singing out loud often at the top of my lungs just because of the amount of oxygen I am using. I am seriously in running heaven!

About two miles from the finish, I feel my left knee pain kick in. Don't know what is causing it, but once I get up there on miles on it, it begins to bug me. Sing through the pain. All too soon, I see the mile marker left and decide I can kick it in. I also realize that I no longer have the bracelet. It was on my jacket last I knew. Oh well, we'll have to get it later.

I see the exchange chute and fire it up. Sprint all the way to the finish and scream to S that I don't have the bracelet, but just go! Feeling pretty good. This leg was 4.9 miles and rated moderate difficulty. I was even able to add 3 more roadkills.

I come through the chute and there is Tib. Cheering for me! We walk a bit to cool down and recover. I get fluids. And we check and the bracelet is not on my jacket. It must have fallen off when I was wrangling out of it. I feel terrible. I apologize. I am so sorry.

Shark and walk around a bit more, I stretch and then she brings me my fully charged phone, an extra charger and a box of milkduds. I can't help myself but give her a huge hug and even a cheek kiss. Words can't really express how I am feeling. What a friend to come late at night, far away, to a remote location just to cheer you on for an hour. Bring treats and make sure you are set for the duration. I will love her to the day I die.

She heads home (it's now about 11:30pm or so), and our van heads to the next exchange, watering S on the way. Tib calls and tells me she even went back my route to see if she could find the bracelet. Seriously! If you don't have a Shark friend like this, you should get one. They are a rare breed indeed!

Sherrie is our final runner and her course is NOT to be envied. Basically 8 miles straight up hill. I looked at that and just feel dread in my heart for her. On the other hand, I have come to learn she is a tough girl and will battle her way through. She didn't disappoint. She took that hill by the horns and showed it who's boss. She kicked it!

Our van is now done, we have handed off to van 2 and we head for South Summit high school for a shower and sleep. It's about 3:30 when we roll in there. I head for the shower room and realize it's a communal shower. At this point, I don't care. Buck naked, I am in the communal shower with 5 other women washing the stink and sweat off for the day.

We bed down in the gymnasium on the floor. Rather than haul out my mummy sleeping bag which I never know how to fold back up, I just cocooned myself in my Yankees blankie and after some texting with some other teams, was able to drift off in a light sleep.

My phone buzzed at 6:00am. L and the group were leaving to the exchange and to get started for our last legs. Sherrie and I rested a little longer, and then when L finished up we loaded our gear in the vans and headed out.

Boy Toy's wife decided to run his last leg. It was a short one and she really wanted to do it. I am starting to prepare for my last leg and I knew it was going to be rough. It was my farthest and hardest leg in my series. 7.9 miles most of which was straight up hill. It was rated hard in difficulty. In fact, I started to psyche myself out a bit.

We get to the exchange, I jump out, hit a porta-pottie, and start watching for Head Cheerleader. I do some warm up trots and try to loosen up. I've applied my glide, reset my ipod to a running playlist with a fast beat count in the hopes of keeping up my leg speed.

As I am watching for her to approach, rain sprinkles begin dropping. Niiiiiice, we all know how I feel about running in cold or rain. I am hoping it won't downpour and I can get through the next 8 miles.

Head cheerleader crosses strong, high fives me and I take off. Again, did a good job of not jumping out too quick. Settled into a nice pace. The first portion was flat, and I was able to pick up several roadkills. It then went straight downhill for about a half mile. I loosened up and let the hill take me. Grabbed a few more roadkills and am feeling really good.

Hit the bottom of the hill and I am feeling dang good! The air smells wonderful and I am able to turn my thoughts to my Dad and what I am going to speak on in church the next day. I formulate and outline my talk and am enjoying the run, when I turn the corner.

There lied the biggest hill I have yet to conquer. And it just kept.on.going. My van stops to water me and give me encouragement. I tell them to stop again at mile 5 and check in on me. I then turn my thoughts to the hill. I want to tackle this and I want to do it myself. My knee is killing. Every strike sends pain through my leg. I decide I need to use my brain to deaden that pain. I start thinking of anything and everything else.

The hill begins to get even steeper. So steep that I am literally leaning forward just trying to stay at a trot and keep my feet moving. I give myself a few minutes of walking rest. I look ahead and the hill is still there and plenty more of it! I pick it back up to a trot/jog and make a few more roadkills. Each roadkill inspired me to keep running and not let myself walk anymore.

I look ahead and there is the van, with C on my side of the road with my water bottle. Dude has just passed me, takes the water bottle, gets a swig and hands it back to C! WTC?! We look at each other. I smile, she shrugs, its now raining and I really don't need the water. I double check, this isn't 5 miles yet right? No, but close and they just wanted to check on me. C offers to run the last bit for me. Nope, thanks, I need to do this for myself. I tell them that I will see them at the exchange chute.

I keep going, and a few minutes later the van passes me with that cowbell going and cheers. Amazing how that gives you a boost to keep going.

Finally! FINALLY! I crest the hill and I know that the last mile and a half is down hill. I have already picked up a few more roadkills and in the distance I see a few more I can get. I loosen up, and let the hill take me. At this point, I don't even really feel my knee. I know it's there, it hurts, but I have blocked it out and am working through it. That is huge for me!

As soon as I saw the exchange chute, I kicked it in, and finished strong. Sprinted all the way! Passed off to S and allowed myself to shout with joy! I was done! I did it! And now I was done! I was exhilarated. My ending spot had a beautiful view of the Jordanelle Resevoir I had also started my heart rate monitor/watch/calorie counter when I started my first leg and turned it off after I finished my last leg. Here are the numbers:Not too shabby.

We cheered on our remaining runners who all had fairly easy runs for their last and then handed off to van 2 to wrap it up. We were in Heber at this point, so we stopped at a delightful place for some real food. I had been living on trail mix, almonds, chicken salad sandwichs and water for the past 24 hours. I was ready for real food. This place didn't disappoint. I would love to tell you the name but by this time, my brain was completely fried and I can't remember. Sher even posed in her fanny pack knowing that she will be mercilessly mocked by the Shark. I have to admit, girl wears it great! Although truth be told, she is so hot, that no matter what she wore, it would be look great!

We relaxed a bit and then headed to Park City and the finish line. Our team still have a couple of hours to go, so I unloaded my gear, and parked myself under a tent to wait for Splenda Daddy to meet us there. It was cold and rainy, but the atmosphere was fun!

Finally, we hear that our last runner has started and we make our way down to the grassy area where she is going to come in and we join her to run through the chute. We wait, we wait, we wait. Splenda is at the finish line ready for pictures. At last, here she comes and looking strong! We all start cheering and carrying on and running through the final chute towards the finish.

At the finish line they had a huge clock with a time displayed and then some very sweet, special needs folks handing out our medals.

More pictures and then Splenda and I are out of there.

As we are heading to the car, the skies really opened up and we were drenched. Hit the Iceberg on the way home for my Peanut Butter/Chocolate milkshake reward. Then it was a hot bath, a shower, and rest. Few more texts with friends to see how everyone ended up. Another huge thank you to the Shark for her support and then off to nigh-nigh-sleep-tight.

My body was exhausted, my brain fried, but my heart full of happiness and pride.

My final stats: Total mileage: 18.4
Total roadkills : 21
Hours slept : Maybe 2 and a half. Maybe.

Team stats: We finished 9th out of 28 in our category.
Total time was 28:05:46.9

I'm thinking that ain't bad at all for a submaster mixed group. I checked their results from last year and while they placed second in their category last year, their time was in the 41 hour range. At least I didn't hurt them.

I can't wait to do this again. Several teams have invited me, and I hope that when it really comes around there will be a spot for me somewhere. I loved it! Every minute of it!

It is truly an unique, exciting, exhausting, fun and overwhelming experience. Thank you team Insanity Prevails for letting me join your fun. You are fantastic people that I felt a great connection to, I only hope I wasn't too obnoxious for you all. You know how I am......

WBR 2010 - here I come!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Funny Bone Friday - Things I may have heard, or said, or just thought in my head

"That's not a comb-over, that's a clip-over"

"I see you're wearing your lunch. That's what happens when you get big boobs"

"I find myself giving hand signals when no one is around"

"Do you promise that I can be your seeing eye dog?"

"They no funny, they get no money!"

"They are touching my eyeball with a probe!"

"My pupils are extra large? What a great pick-up line"

After he ran 10 miles, he had to go ride his bike to get the taste out of his mouth.

"My eyes are peeing"

"You had me at cookie"

"I don't have the eyes to be a pilot? Well, I'll just cross that off my career choices list"

"I can't be a cop either? Way to squash my every dream."

"His Tevia's got caught on the gas pedal."

Yes, oatmeal cookies for breakfast IS appropriate carb loading.....

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Totally missed last week's Thursday thankful spiel, I wish I could remember why.
But this week, oh the joys of this week!

I am thankful for:

New and improved eye surgery. I'm pulling the trigger on Monday and am so excited I piddle when I think about it! I'm even gonna get the DVD so be watching for that next week! I will be Ugly Betty in her four eyed glasses no more!

For Splenda's patience. He's a saint really. If I were Catholic I would petition to have him canonized. He embodies the very definition of mate, partner, helpmeet, cheerleader, supporter, BFF, and is my biggest fan. I got lucky when I tricked him into marrying me!

For Tuffy's goodness. The kid is good. He played me all his newly downloaded songs to his iTouch and then not only will let me rip them from him, but then played my favorites in my iHome while I fell asleep last night. As I was whining about coming up with things to say in my talk on Sunday, he had encouraging suggestions. Freakin love the kid!

For the Shark's honesty. I am a straight up, tell it like it is girl, and I love when others are the same. I hate the pussyfootin around crap. I like when someone is the same that way. People know exactly where they stand with me, and I expect the same from them. I can count on the Shark for not only telling it like it is, but then backing me up when I need it.

For the YW I work with. They are the BEST! Seriously. No clique's in our ward. No "divisions" between age groups. They are a unit that loves and takes care of each other. They are good sports and will try things even when it's a little bit uncomfortable. They are just plain fun to be with.

For my Sissy. I hadn't planned on being a grandma so young and certainly not in the circumstances that it happened, but with her in my life, there is an unspeakable joy! Everything anyone ever told you about being a grandma is true. Every word of it. There is nothing better, and I can't imagine life without her now.

Okay, I'll wrap it up, otherwise, this could go on and on and on and on and then if you haven't already marked it as read, you would now.

What are you thankful for today?