Sunday, January 29, 2012

Spiritual Sunday - Life, Death and honoring a good friend

You might remember this post where I shared our good friend's situation.

Sadly, Thursday night, his valiant fight ended and he was released from his pain and allowed to move forward to the next step.

In my church we believe that death on this earth is not the end of our existence.  We believe we existed before, and we believe life goes on after we die.  We believe that with the proper ordinances, our families can be sealed together and be as a family unit for the eternities.  Yeah, I know- cool right?

It's been a crappy week.  We attempted to visit Rob last Sunday, but it was now to the point, that only family was spending time.  As it should be in my book.  When the end is near, time for chit chatting with friends is no longer the priority, but your children, grandchildren and most importantly, your spouse takes precedence.

All week, we knew that it could be at any time that Rob would pass.  Many hours were spent thinking about them, praying for them and remembering fun times together.  Dewitt's were the number one thing on our minds.  As they were on many others' as well.

Even when you know the end is coming, and someones pain will be ended, it's still hard.  Surreal.  Not right.  Not fair. Overwhelming sadness for his wife, sons and grandkids left behind.  Bottom line.  Crappy.

And then, I would luckily be included on a daily email that Debbi would send out updating everyone and I truly am amazed at her strength and outlook.  She epitomizes the kind of woman who gains power from her trials rather then allow them to beat her down. Her perspective and even her sense of humor in the past couple of days have inspired me.

Of course, as with anytime that one experiences death close to them, you reflect upon your memories with that loved one, and refine your outlook on your own life.  Death can provide so many growing experiences.  Some of them extremely painful, but growing nonetheless.

I dreamed about Rob and Debbi last night.  I dreamed that I left church after Sacrament meeting (which we had done a lot of so we could sneak a visit in) and I was helping her with writing thank you cards.  So part of me knew that Rob had passed because she was writing thank you cards for everything.  But, then Rob was right there in the room.  Teasing, and telling me to sit down on the couch and get a blanket. (one of the last times we spent with him, he kept offering me his electric blanket because I was cold)  We kept at the cards while he kept teasing Debbi and talking and telling me to sit down on the couch.
Next thing (you know how dreams are), Debbi said she needed a break and was going to The Pie for dinner (we went there as a bonco group last year).  We all started to walk out of the house and I was telling her to just shoot me an email when she got back and I would head over and help her finish. 
There were four of us as we walked out the front door of their house.  Me, Debbi, Rob and their son Brent.  My house is east of theirs so I was starting to turn that direction to walk home and Brent told us all to look at the sky and the mountains on the east. 
The sun was setting (but on the east), and the mountain was lit up with an amazing color of orange on the trees.  We then looked up at the clouds and saw fascinating cloud formations and some moving along in a rapid speed. 
We were all oohing and aahing over the cool sight when out of the corner of my eye, I saw Rob turn and get in the truck to go to dinner.  Debbi, Brent and I marveled at the scene once more and then the dream was over.

I believe dreams are dreamer specific and meant only for the one experiencing them so know that my feelings are for my own learning. 

I woke up with mixed feelings.  I wanted the dream to keep going because the sun setting was so astounding and the feeling of being with Rob, Debbi and Brent was so comfortable.  Once I got past that feeling, I started to think about what it all meant.

I'm no dream interpreter, but the message stood out very clear to me, and hopefully will garner some comfort to anyone else who may be struggling with the death of a family or friend.

Death is not the end.  It will NEVER be the end.  It's simply the next step of an eternal journey that our Spirits have been created to experience.  Our loved ones, though their physical bodies may be buried in the earth, or cremated and ashes interred, are still among us.  Their spirits are.  They are still the same personalities, and beings that they were while we knew them on earth, there is just simply a thin veil that we don't see with our eyes that separate us.  We can still feel them.  They are always near us. 
What lies ahead of us after we pass on, is simply to beautiful for words.  It's majestic wonder is something we can't even comprehend.  The brilliant colors in my dream on the mountains and in the sky are just not really describable.  So too, is the experience I believe is ours when we pass on.
The feelings of comfort is simply having the knowledge and believe of eternal life.  I don't know how one can experience death without this knowledge.  Or at least hope of it.

This I know, death is not the end.

Debbi had attached a couple of links that I have found comforting and inspiring.  If you have the time, click them and enjoy. 

The first one is from a leader in my church.  If you are not a member of my church but your interest is piqued, I can arrange for you to learn more.

This next one is a beautiful, inspiring and comforting song

This last one is the link to Rob's obituary

Now, I am the first to admit, that I don't always take the time to click the links, and if you don't, no worries.   But you are missing out on some nice inspiration.

Take the time to hug the ones you love. 
Share your love more frequently and fervently
Make relationships stronger
Forgive where you need to forgive
Come to KNOW that life does not end with death.  We can be with our loved ones forever.

Thank you to my friends the Dewitt's for allowing us to quietly observe their experience and to learn all that we have.  They are a remarkable family that has shown their true colors with this trial.  Strength, courage, unity, loyalty, faith and love.

And finally to my idol Debbi

There are no words that adequately describe my love and admiration for you.
But you already know that.

And there is always a supply of the Snapple Peach goodness!

**comments off, but if you wish to know about my church and our beliefs, email me**

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Things that make me smile - picture style

It's January.  Hate January.  Like totally get super down, bummed and low in January.  To make matters worse, it's been a crappy week.  Details later.  CA-RAP.EE


Wallow?  Or find something to make yourself smile?

I chose to look around.  After a run.

See that cute lady on my side?

She's the cute lady that Stacy and I had the privilege of running in.  Glad someone got some pics and posted them so I could snag them.  Look how happy she is!  Love that feeling

One more cute pic with Brock.  He's out the door on his mission, and gone for two years, but I love that kid.  Like a fat boy loves cake.

My mom sent an awesome postcard.  I am so happy that she gets to travel and see so many fun things while serving her mission.  I joke that it isn't a mission at all, but her weekly updates show just how much work they really do.  It makes me smile to see her so happy

Check it out.  The dude is dead.  The man attacking me is no longer a threat.  Hit his jugular, heart and gut.  Threat crisis eliminated.

I don't go into my favorite room often enough, but today while cleaning, I put away some things and just looking at my room, the medals, the NYY stuff just made me smile.  So much emotion for such a small amount of space.

This is probably my most favorite picture of me and Chloee.  Neither of us are looking at the camera, it was just a great moment of a great kiss for Mimi.  Love that girl.  MORE than a fat kid loves cake.

So for today, the blues have been chased away.  No promises for tomorrow.  In fact, let's just take it a day at a time, until February 11th and I am on a flight south. 

But now, just smile.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wednesday's Wrandom Wrambling - Thursday edition

I remember a day when I was all over about keeping my blog updated.

I kind of liked that.

You would think with all this extra time on my hands.....but seriously, I gotta lot of important things to do like sleep, watching trashy tv, sleep, play wwf, sleep

Kinda, sorta solidified my race schedule for the season.  I prolly should update my sidebar-------->
I'm gonna work on getting faster this year, and not necessarily mileage.  Splenda Daddy says I need to change my nutrition. 

I hate it when he's right.

That being said, I did just register him for his first ever 10k.  That's 6.2 miles.  Easy peasy.  I'm so excited for him to do it with me!  I don't think he's all that excited.  In reality, I suspect he's only doing it for me.  To make me happy, excited and motivated to train.

I love him for that.

Have to say that this gig at Wasatch Running is turning out to be a pretty cool thing.  I have met some awesome runners whose dedication inspires me.  I have also met some pretty inspiring non-runners, who are there to get a decent pair of shoes in hopes of keeping their motivation to get healthy and to someday attempt a 5k. 

I love both types.

January sucks.  Nothing more to say about that.

Did I mention that I leave for my cruise in 16 more sleeps?  Yeah, that's right. I think that's the only thing getting me through January. Pardon me if I slip into "gloat mode"

Or don't pardon me.  Either way 'sokay by me

Lately, I've been feeling very "squishy" about my kids.  Is that a sign of old age, menopause, or delayed new mom bliss?  Not that I wasn't blissful when they were younger, don't get me wrong, but's a whole different kind of bliss. 

Weird.  I think I might be freaking them out slightly.

Actually, I am feeling kind of "squishy" about a lot of people
my mom (did you hear that gasp of disbelieve all the way from Sweden? haha)
special friends who are struggling right now
I get all sorts of weepy.

I think I seriously need to up my caffeine intake and hit the Low-Carb Monsters again.  Sounds like I need to balance out the "squishy"

Monday, January 23, 2012

St George Half Marathon 2012 - No man left behind

St George Half Marathon

I have to admit, I went into this one with ZERO training. Nil. Zip. Nada.   Running 6 miles does not count as training.  Remember how I was hurt after the St George full marathon?  Yeah, it took a long time to heal.  Then I got sick.  Then it was the holidays.  And finally, I just got lazy

However, in order to guarantee me a spot in this years St George marathon, I signed up to do what is called the Runner's Series.  Do two St George city races and then you get a spot.  This was one of them.

Then, I talked with a friend who works with a pacing group.  Pacers run the course at a steady pace with a finish time on a sign so that other runners who are attempting to post that time or better can stay with the pacer or just ahead of them.  I have used pacers for myself in the past, but never been one.  NGL - sounded kind of fun.  I could get this race under my belt towards the Series, and do something different.  I offered to take the 2:30 pace time.  I knew this was much slower than my usual half finish time, but I figured that with the lack of training, it would work out okay.  I don't have a Garmin *gasp* so it was nice to know that there would be another runner pacing the same time.  We would work together.

Friday night, Sheri  (a new running/gym friend) and I headed down to St Jeezy crammed into the cooper along with April (my bestest Santa Jorge friend/family).  The drive went fast since we chatted the whole time.  Hens a clucking  : )

We headed straight for Texas Roadhouse, and while April and Eric waited for our table, Sheri and I headed to the Expo to get our packets.  I met up with the leader of the pace group, got my pacer shirt to wear, pacer bracelet and then instructions on where to meet in the morning.  We also got our packets, some last minute Gu for Sheri and spent enough time for me to ogle the merchandise.

After a great dinner and fun night watching terrible tv, I crashed for the night with mild pre-race jitters.

Saturday morning.  Got ready, packed my stuff and headed downstairs to get Sheri and head out.  First thing out of her mouth was "It's raining."  

WHAT THE WHA???  I totally wasn't expecting this.  This was not part of the vision I had for this race.  Raining?  Seriously?  This is freaking ST GEORGE!  It's supposed to be sunny for the love of all that's holy!

I sighed, snatched my Low-Carb Monster from the fridge and left a thankyou/love note to Ape and Er for letting us stay and we headed out.  After a quick stop at the Maverick for the standard pre-race Maple bar, we made our way to the Expo.

Not only was it raining, but it was cold.  Had I packed for this? Nope.  Shorts, tank top, and a small jacket to drop along the way.  I was already deflated.  We found the pacer group inside the building, and I finally got to meet face to face some awesomely cool people that I had only known through Facebook.  Isn't it cool when you get the chance to actually meet someone in person like that and they turn out to be even cooler?  Yeah, it is. And yes, I used the word "cool"  too many times in this paragraph.

(why yes, that is me in the flash hat!  It's a completely reflective hat which is great for running in but not for pictures)

(the entire pacer group)

(me and Stacy pre-race.  I flipped the bill of my hat so it wouldn't flash, but now it just ends up looking ridiculous.  Oh well)

We chit chatted, I met my partner for the 2:30, met the leader, got our sign, donned a garbage bag that Jose kindly gave me, and then headed for the start line.  Stacy (my pace partner) and I lined up at the back behind the 2:20 guys and started talking to the folks lining up with us.  Got some names, talked about expectations, some positive reinforcement...... all things that I would want out of a pacer myself.

Off went the gun and away we went.  I quickly learned that I seriously made a judgement in error for choosing the 2:30 pace.  It was way to slow for my normal pace.  I wondered if I could seriously pull this off for two and half hours.

The course was great!  Mile markers at every mile helped Stacy and I stay on pace.  We had runners come and go with us, so we met some awesome people.  When running and chatting, the time seems to go by fairly quickly.  At one point around mile 9 or so, I pulled off to hit the porta potty and told Stacy I would catch up to her.  As I was finally getting a chance to push my legs and run at my usual pace, I felt FANTASTIC!  Oh, the feeling of sprinting for a while!

We continued on and now as we were nearing the end and passing runners, they would look up at our sign, see the pace time and either groan because they wanted better, or smile that they were exceeding their expectations even though they were getting passed.  At mile 10, we came up on a cute, cute lady that once she saw our pace sign tried to kick it up a notch.  She told us this was her first half marathon and she so badly wanted to be at 2:30.  She was struggling, so we talked, cheered her on, encouraged her, and then I finally told her to save her energy by not talking and just focusing on breathing and her foot turnover. 

She stayed with us for a little bit and then started to lag.  I so badly wanted to lag with her, but that's not the role of a pacer.  Stacy and I kept steady and then cute lady would catch back up, stay a little bit and lag behind again.  By mile 12, I couldn't see her at all.  I knew she was behind us, but I didn't know how far.

Stacy and I were ahead of our pace by about a minute, but at this point, we didn't have anyone staying right with us, so even though we tried to slow down, it was impossible.  We crossed 50 seconds fast.  I guess better to be fast, than behind the time right?

As I crossed, I thought of cute lady.  I wish I would have asked her name.  They cut off my timing chip and I turned around and ran the course backwards looking for her.  I remember having a friend run me in once and I badly wanted to finish this with her.  I didn't realize Stacy was right behind me for a second, but she too had the same thought.  We ran backwards looking for her and also cheering on others who had been with us at one point.  Finally I saw her struggling to move her legs but there was a man running with her.  I caught her eye, pointed right at her and said, "We are coming for you!  Let's go!"

Cute lady started to sob, thanked us, and then tried to kick it harder.  I told her to hold off, that she would finish strong, but to conserve for now.  She pulled back and we talked her all the way in.  She was so grateful and I was, quite frankly, a little overcome myself.  What a feeling.  As we came in through the underpass, the crowd cheered her even louder.  She started to kick again, but I knew if she did now, she would run out of gas before the actual finish line.  I cautioned her to hold back and that I would tell her when it was time to kick.  She kept moving forward, sobbing all the way, I was now getting teary eyed and watching the clock and the finish line.  I finally saw the spot in the road where I knew she had enough in her to kick hard and finish with more than she believed she had in her.

I pointed to the line in the road.  "Do you see those white lines?"  When we hit those, we're gonna push.  Hard.  Okay?"  She nodded and gasped yes.   As soon as got to the designated spot, I yelled, "NOW" and bless her heart - she kicked it with every last ounce of energy she had in her!  I was SO happy for her!  She crossed the finish line and collapsed in her husbands arms ( he happened to be the man who was with her when we found her).  Lot's of happy crying.  Some hugs, some thank you's, congratulations and then I bolted away from her and her husband.  Stacy had disappeared too.  We both made our way to our pacer leader to give him our pacer tank tops (yes sweaty and all).  Right then, I realized that I hadn't even gotten my medal.  I was in such a hurry for them to cut off my timing chip and turn around, that I hadn't gotten the medal.  I wandered back and sheepishly told them I forgot to get mine (lame, I know).

By now the rain was really pouring down.  At some point earlier in the course, I had ditched the jacket and garbage bag because I had warmed up and it was just a light sprinkle.  Now, however, it was pouring, I was trying to protect my ipod, and desperately wanted to stretch.  We found some shelter near the building in an overhang, stretched out quickly and then headed for the warm car.

After a quick stop at Chili's for food, we hit the road and headed back home.  Nothing like running 13 miles and then sitting in a car to have everything tighten up.  And unfortunately, the rain quickly turned to snow in some parts of the drive and so it took  us even longer to get home.  NGL - some scary slippery parts were freakin me out slightly.

Once at home, I relived the whole thing for Splenda Daddy and that's when I let myself get emotional about cute lady.  For me, it was no big deal.  I've done many a half and 5 full's so this wasn't a big deal.  The hardest thing for me was to hold back to a slower pace than I am used to.  But for her, this was a HUGE milestone.  I kept thinking about how she would lay in bed that night hurting, sore, exhausted but with the knowledge that she did it.  No one can ever take that from her. SHE DID IT!  I remember those feelings and was happy that she was feeling them too.  My only regret was that I didn't get her name.  I think she told us where she was from, but I don't even remember that.  At any rate, cute lady is the one thing that made this race for me.

Great race learning lessons for me:
1.  I don't think I am cut out to be a pacer.  At least not at that pace.  If I ever choose to do it again, I will choose a pace that is closer to what I normally run.  That being said, I'm not sure I like the responsibility of  maintaining a steady pace and having others rely on me.  I usually vary my time throughout the course so I would hate to have to maintain something steady because someone one is counting on me.
2.  I am more competitive with myself than I have previously acknowledged.  In the couple of days since, I've been reviewing the course and wondering what I could have REALLY done.  It was a great course.  Some up, some down, some flat.  Beautiful.....what could I have really posted?
3.  The fact that runners are the greatest people in the world was confirmed.  There is really nothing quite like running a race on a course filled with others that share your passion.  The camaraderie, the fellowship, the encouragement that exists from start to finish and beyond is truly something one should experience at least once in their lifetime. 

Even better life lessons learned:
1.  No matter what stage in the race of life someone is in, they always need a kind word, a friend to run alongside with, and encouraging words.
2.  You always have more in you than you believe you do.  You can do hard things.  Physically, emotionally, spiritually,  We all have more in us that we give ourselves credit for.  We sell ourselves short too often.
3. Because we sell ourselves short, we need to be a little kinder to everyone around us, and no matter what - offer a hand of friendship and support.
4.  No man left behind.  If someone slips away from you, get out there, find them and bring them back.  Sometimes just knowing that someone cared enough to find you is the lift you need to get through another day, another trial, another dark time in  life.

And that my friends, is the recap of the first race of 2012 for me.  Hoping I have lots more in the next 12 months to experience and learn from.  A big thanks to the following:
and cute lady that made the whole experience for me one that I will remember fondly forever,

And don't forget:

No man left behind

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cookin in the K(c)itchen with mCat - Episode 3

First of all, my hair is all kinds of B.A.D!  Um, who forgot to tell me I had some sort of rooster tail going on and what is up with the sides??  I blame Chief who was on vacay when I needed her on the set.

Second, speaking of "on the set" - it also appears that I need make up......

Gah!  I just watched it again.......please laugh WITH me friends, WITH me.  *shaking my head at my own lameness*

Thursday, January 19, 2012

That is the grooviest thing..... I want one

After some time on the firing range this week, a buddy sent me this link.
Mama gonna need this

Monday, January 16, 2012

Cooking in the k(C)itchen with mCat - Episode 2

mmmmmm..............Brownie's!  (for the record - I DO NOT HAVE A LISP!!  I blame poor camera quality)

43 minutes later......

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I know right?  It's been a long time since I've done a TT post, but I've something on my mind lately that I most definitely should express gratitude for.

I have to be the luckiest and most blessed woman when it comes to daughter-in-laws(daughter-in-love's)
Serious.  When I realized that I would never have daughters of my own, I feared that once my sons got married, we would lose touch since daughters seem to gravitate to their mother's and sons kind of get the leftover time.  I hoped and prayed that whomever my sons married would feel a part of our family, want to be with us and would want a great relationship with me.

I started with a great example with my own mother-in-law.  I've already mentioned that if we were Catholic, she would qualify for sainthood.  A great woman who has raised a successful family with both sons and daughters with spouses who do their best to honor her.  She has always allowed us to be our own family, while making sure we stay connected with Splenda's siblings and his parents.  I have always had a great example.

When Corbin met and began dating his first wife, I wanted to follow that example.  Circumstances were different and I found myself growing to love her, worry about her and we developed a great bond.  Many nights spent talking, laughing and bonding.  I miss her.  I wish that there was more that someone could have done for her.  With some outside perspective and help from someone much more qualified than me, I have finally come to the realization that her demon's were more than a single person on their own could assuage.  So even though there were offers of help, from every direction, she battled something much more than she could fight.  That being said, she really set the bar for me on the kind of relationship I hoped to have with my sons future spouses.  Someone with whom I could bond with, be friends with and could share fun family times together.

Enter Karalee.  Words cannot even describe how much I love her.  I have seen her calming spirit and force at work with every person in my family.  We loved the times she spent with us while Corb was finishing his training.  Watching her unconditionally love Chloee.  Watching how she instantly bonded with her and loved her more than I could imagine anyone loving someone else's daughter.  And yet, never feeling threatened.  She has done everything possible to honor Jill's memory while at the same time allowing Chloee to move forward and enjoy a stable, loving family home.  I see how much she loves my son.  She is the perfect mate for him.  He's not the same person he was two years ago, and while the USMC played a part in that, he really deserves the credit and in part his wife who came into his life at the precisely the right time.  I love that she will text me, or call me, or send a message on FB just to keep in touch.  I especially loves that she will post special pictures of Chloee that clearly shows what a sweet and happy life that lil punkin is now enjoying.

And now, Montana.  What is so fun and unique about this darling is that I have known her most of her life already.  She grew up one street over.  She and Tuffy went to pre-school together and while she was a couple years younger, they attended the same schools and knew all the same people.  I got to know her better through the Young Women's program.  Watched how she developed leadership skills and strengthened her testimony about being a daughter of God.  I watched her at camps be sweet and friendly to the other girls making sure that they felt included. When Tuffy and she started dating, I couldn't have been happier.  Knowing her family, and how solid they are, eased my mind about what she could bring to Tuffy's life.  Watching the two of them together, is like watching two old souls who have known each other forever.  They function together like clockwork, and a Mom couldn't ask for more than her child to be happy.  And she too, sends me texts, or calls, or fb messages.  If she sees something she thinks I would like, she fires it off to me.  Love that she will come and just hang out for awhile and be perfectly comfortable with it

(found this on my fb wall from her this morning - she knew I would love it)

So one can see, that indeed I am a lucky and blessed woman.  I couldn't have asked for better mates for my two sons.  They are exactly who they should be with, and complete them in a way that I feel like God intended couples to complete each other.  They are all still young, but life's experiences have teach each of them in their unique ways, how to be a good spouse.

Sometimes, when I let my mind really think about it, I am excited to see what kind of outstanding woman Luke will choose as his bride.  I anticipate seeing all three boys happily married, starting their families, and becoming their own units, with Splenda and me on the sidelines simply basking in the happiness that good women bring to good men.  I'm not naive enough to believe that they won't have trials, but I am confident that so far, my married sons have chosen wisely, and have by their sides, the person who will see them reach their full potentials. 

The icing on the cake is that I am blessed to have a great relationship with them and have now gained the daughters that I never birthed myself.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday's Wrandom Wrambling

My my my, how time goes by.

Whether we want it to or not, it just keeps moving.  Right now, I am finding that a good thing.

This semi-retirement thing is awesome.  So very awesome!  The freedom that comes from being able to do what you want or need to do WHEN you need or want to do it, is so liberating.  Sure, I'm doing more hours at Wasatch than I really cared to right now, but they are short on help and the busy season is starting, so I'll keep at it until things slow down a little.  Then I'll scale back and give myself more time to just..........I don't know, be myself.

I'm scheduled to be a pacer for the St George half marathon next week.  Luckily, I asked for a much slower than my normal time since training hasn't been what it needs to be.  You'd think with the wacky winter we are having, I would get more running in, but I'm still struggling to want to run in the cold.

I'm a wimp like that.

Do you ever have times where you are so proud of your children, you think your chest might burst?
Feeling that way right now about my oldest.  Not gonna share what's going on currently, but I couldn't be happier for him and more proud of his life right now.  Happiness.  Maybe later I'll talk about it.  Right now, just plain 'ole happiness.

So what are you thinking about the Republican doings right now?  I get bored to tears with all the sniping, finger pointing and mud slinging.  I prefer to just hear about their plans, research and then make my decision.  Leave the crap out of it.  I can figure that stuff out on my own..

Addicted to the show Breaking Bad.  I have now caught up on all the previous 4 seasons and I am DYING for season 5 to start.  It will be the series last season, and I'm sure that I'll suffer even bigger withdrawals, but for right now, I need a fix.

Yes, I realize how that sounds.  And if you watch Breaking Bad, you can see how it's totally appropriate.

So doc started me on a low dose of thyroid medicine (sucks getting old) and so far, I have lost 5 ellbees.  Mama likey.  Mama likey a lot.

So, it seems that the cooking episode went over fairly well.  I think we'll keep doing some segments.  Now remember, I'm limited on my culinary talents so I'll have to really tap my inner creativity.

If I have any.

In one month, I am leaving for a cruise.  I've never been on a cruise.  I am so excited I can't stand it.   I only hope I don't get sick on the boat.  Normally, I am totally a seasick kind of person, but I am hopeful that the ship is large enough that I won't feel it.  Suggestions (other than the patch or dramamine) are being solicited.

And this would be why I am okay with the time flying by right now.  I have stuff to look forward to.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cookin in the k(C)itchen with mCat - Episode 1

(in my book this is a spatula, someone told me it was really a pie server. I say, meh)

For the record, no animals or children were harmed in the making of this film, although I'm sure a little piece of Emeril died.....

(at the end of the day, if you have leftovers, aluminum foil is out friend)

Saturday, January 7, 2012


So, I spent some time with my cute lil Shark last night/today while she was recuperating from some surgery.

In no less than 12 hours, I was twice, TWICE PEOPLE, called/named/referred to as her mother!


Worst part?  Tib heard them both times in her medication induced fog. 
It's never going to go away. 

I finally made the RN on the day shift *shout out Nona*, write the following on the eraseboard that they use for messages in her room:

I thought about taking it a step further and taping a sign on the door to her room for those fifty million random staff members that come through and don't pay attention to the board, but then I got distracted with ice chips and green jello.........

*Healing vibes to my Tiburon**

PS - she's doing great and on her way to recovery.
PSS -  U of U med center, STAT means NOW!  As in right away and not Some Time Awhile laTer! Soooo not impressed.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Best text I've gotten so far this year

You now have 359 days to top it:

Happy 90th Bithday to an incredible man - A legacy of success

I am SO late posting this.  I took pictures with the idea of doing a post to honor him, but then life got busy/crappy and the pics have just sat on my computer.

Splenda Daddy's uncle (dad's brother) is an amazing individual.  Uncle Earl has been an educator for his entire professional life.  Starting as a teacher, and then into administration as a principal.  He just recently celebrated his 90th birthday.  His family threw a nice open house for friends and family to come and honor him.

I don't know Earl as much as I would like to, and I plan on studying his biography when I can get it in my hands, but I learned a whole lot more about him during the event.

His two sons are the most upstanding, outstanding and talented guys around. 

Bill, is a kindred spirit in that he spends his time running and competing.  I can't even remember how many marathons he has under his belt, and multiple Ironman events.  He's an athletic stud and my race hero.  He is also a talented wood worker who does cabinetry and other pieces of art.  In fact, he just delivered some race plaques to WRC for their New Years run.  His ability is amazing. 

Ed is a bit more famous in the public eye.  He is the same Ed Catmull who founded Pixar.  What I admire most about him, is his humility and kindness.  He is the most down to earth fella ever.  And by the way he runs his business and treats his employees, I think many more CEO's could take lessons and keep highly productive businesses with happy staff.  From the time that Toy Story came out, my kids have loved to watch the credits and find the Catmull name.  He's such a talented creator.

I remember Uncle Earl's first wife very vaguely, having met her early in my marriage to Splenda and more recently his second wife, but I also learned that Earl is a magnificent wood worker himself.  Bill taught him the trade and he has found a lot of fulfillment in that hobby

He is also a Marine.  He is a World Word II veteran.  Considering that there are not many of those around still, I find that remarkable.

Splenda and I spent a half hour or so at the open house, looking over the displays and talking to Earl and his family.  I was astonished at how many of his former students and those who were teachers for him, came out to see him.  And at 90 years old, he REMEMBERED them!  I loved listening to people approach him, congratulate him, and then reminisce their common memories. 

I left there thinking about what would happen if I turned 90.  What would be written or talked about regarding my children?  I'm proud to say, that they are each successful men with beautiful wives and beginning legacy's of children.  Would people remember me and have common memories to laugh about?  Would the get together require an entire cultural hall to accommodate all the well wishers?  Would I be able to remember ALL the people who came to see me?  Would I still be walking around, even if I had to have some cane assistance?

So many things to think about.  I know some of these questions people ask themselves when thinking about their own funeral, but the difference I found is that Earl's friends and family chose to honor him NOW, while he was still here to enjoy it and to be grateful for all the wonderful associations he has been blessed to have throughout his many years.

My deep thoughts takeaway?
1.  If I am gonna live a long time, I better be doing something worthwhile to myself and to others.  I better be doing something that makes a difference in people's lives.
2.  If I don't live a long time, I still better be doing those things.
3.  Make relationships meaningful so that I will remember all those who would bother to take the time to come see me.
4.  Make sure I keep all my own teeth so I can easily enjoy all the yummy food that shows up at these kinds of events.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 - A new outlook and some new blog features

2011 was a little like this ^
Most def a  year I would like to never repeat that's for darn sure.

2012 has started off a little rocky as well, but today, I have decided bullshi**  on that.
I've had enough.  This is going to be the year of F.U.N!

First off, I have to do some housecleaning.  My google reader is OUT OF CONTROL!  I have been so sucked into some life events that the reader has been neglected.  There is no way in hell I will be able to catch up, so I am doing the unthinkable and clicking mark as read and starting fresh.  I promise my bloggy friends that you will have my undivided attention.  I will be better at staying in touch with my virtual besties and enjoying the friendships that have come into my life from this wonderful thing called the internets.  Isn't it funny that some of your very best besties - you met on-line or even haven't actually met?  Love that whole thing about blogging.

Second of all, I gotta get my funny back.  Serio - it's been lurking in the back of my self, but when it starts to creep out, some other life situation forces it back to the dark side.  Piss on that!  It's coming out.  Look forward to more whimsical posts.  More irreverence.  And I'm happy to announce, ................drum roll please................some vlogging.  Yeah you read that right - some VLOGGING!

You see, I am such a fantastic whiz in the kitchen and that damn Pioneer Woman is getting so much attention that I thought "Hey!  I have my own unique flair for handling things in that room that has a stove, a fridge and a microwave thingie, I could display some of my finer talents"

The plan is for a weekly segment, but since Splenda Daddy will be the cameraman, his schedule might interfere.  Stayed tuned.  I've got some nice recipes and ideas up my sleeve that you are SO going to want to add to your own repertoire.

Updates on my spawn will continue.  They are all leading very busy lives, so it might be hit and miss there.
Still gonna have the wramblings since it seems to clear my head
And every once in a while I'll throw something political in here. You know, it is the season of course.
And let's not forget that once in awhile I seem to get a Spiritual side that I bring out with thoughts and ideas about religion.  Those will still keep coming.

So my friends and stalkers - prepare for the year of happiness!
mCat's gonna give her best shot.

Instead of the picture above, I hope to more like this:

Nothing but laughing baby, nothing but laughing!

Peace out