Saturday, December 25, 2010

Need a litle time........

I should be posting my next Christmas Tradition installment.
Or that great Marine poem my son sent me.
Or something Christmas-y and warm and fuzzy.

Can't.  Can'.t do it.  Got a phone call earlier tonight that the mother of my granddaughter, my son's ex-wife, my former DIL, took her own life.  On Christmas eve.

I have been punched in the gut.  I cannot think straight, or breath right.  I can't get an image of her last moments out of my head. 

Gonna be ignoring the blog for a little while.  We have a 3 year old that needs my full attention.  Arrangements needs to be made for her further custody and care.  Our lives as we knew them, are turned upside down.

If you're the praying kind, I could use a few.  'dawg could use more.  Sissy could use a lot.

For now, we move forward with Christmas as usual for a beautiful beloved angel girl.

For her Mother - Jillian - I know you have now found the peace that escaped you in this life.  Know that your baby girl is safe, loved and will always be taken care of.

For my boys - including Splenda - time to step it up a notch, Sis needs us.  I know I can count on you.

For my 'dawg, who at this moment is sitting alone in a hotel room in Southern California - know this......everything happens for a reason.  God has his hand in our lives.  Things will work out.

Finally, for myself, - I will take a little yellow pill now, go to sleep and start all over again tomorrow. 


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Traditions - Installment Eight

There is a little cul-de-sac in the next town over that, FOR YEARS, has decorated all their homes and placed large signs with an abbreviated "Twas the night before Christmas" story.

My boys loved it when they were little and it was something that we made sure to hit every year.  Now that Sissy is old enough to enjoy them, we took advantage of an errand-less night to go enjoy them.
(The large inflatable  Mickey Mouse was  a big hit with Sis.)

(Sissy wanted another pic of the big Mickey Mouse)

Yes it was a hit!  She loved the lights, she loved the animatronics and all the fun blow up characters.

After we left, this town we went to the next one over and to Winder Dairies.  As we pulled in Sis had a potty emergency, so hurried up the lane and into the country cottage in search of a bathroom.  We were hit with a huge line of people waiting for scones and hot chocolate.  I pushed my way through, got her taken care of and re-evaluated the line sitch.  We could have hot cocoa at home!

She watched the lights on the lane on the way out, but I will admit - I was LESS than impressed.

Overall, she loved the little venture and I can see that we are back to honoring this particular tradition!


Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Traditions - Installment Seven

The annual Bonco dinner/ exchange.

Or better titled for 2010 "The year Splenda copped a feel on Donna"

Okay, so I have talked about this group of friends many times before.  They really are the greatest people ever! And even though we started about 18 years ago, we haven't actually played the game bonco for about17 years.  Yet month after month we get together for dinner, or something else fun and catch up, talk, vent, laugh and create more and more memories.

This year's Christmas get together will go down in history.

We all met at the Dewitt's lovely home and Debbie had already ordered Chinese for us!

Dinner was the bomb - but then it's hard to go wrong when you order from Enjoy.  If you are ever in the southwest part of the Salt Lake Valley - hit me up and I'll take you there.  It's the best!
l-r around the table
Splenda, Val, John, Rob, Scott, Debs, Debbie, Donna and Wendy
Same shot only now I'm there and Debs is behind the camera
After dinner we went back up to the family room and started chatting.  Deb had bought a new game.

If you haven't played this, then you are serio missing out!  I think it might be the funnest game I have ever played.  We had 10 people playing so we modified slightly and ended up with two teams.  Boys against girls.  As it should be in any rousing, entertaining, and hysterical game.  Especially with our crowd.

I'm not gonna take the time to explain the whole game, but there are questions that you have to answer "would you rather"  For example - would you rather go camping in high heels or wear birkenstocks to the oscar's?  On occasion there is a challenge card issued.  The challenges are physical and involve general humiliating amusing stunts.

Debs had to lap water from a saucer for 30 seconds

Donna had to slow dance with a mop for 60 seconds.

Some sock switching between us girls

And then poor Splenda.  Now let me remind you.  My cute little Splenda is a very quiet, conservative, "never draw attention to myself" kind of cat.  We are polar opposites.  Yin and Yang .  So to have to do a challenge that involved being the center of attention is NOT his comfort zone.  Even with friends of 20 years.  Just not his style.

His challenge involved being blindfolded and then using only his hands and only touching his teammates faces, he had to correctly identify them. After much coaxing and encouragement he finally agreed to do the "stupid" challenge.

Debbie provided the blindfold and three of his teammates lined up for him to correctly identify them.
Unbeknownst to Splenda, John substituted his wife Donna in his place and well, Splenda reached a little low, and well....... it LOOKED like there was some brushing of a boob. 

(it all happened so fast {thats what she said} that I didn't get the money shot!)

Oh.My.Heck.  We fell apart laughing hysterically.    Splenda ripped off the blindfold while the rest of us were rolling around on the floor and the couches crying tears of laughter.  Really - not wise that people our age laugh that hard and that long.  Our wicked old bodies aren't necessarily up to the toll.  I'm sure that someone peed a little.  I think we are lucky someone didn't break a hip or pop a lung!

We finally calmed down and finished the game - with the girls winning of course.
We also do a white elephant exchange - the same ugly hats keep coming back year, after year, after year.

A snuggie even showed up this time.

Some more laughing, teasing, pie  and then it was time to call it a night.

Another successful year with my Bonco besties - I love them all to the moon and back!

PS - for the record - Splenda states that there was NO actual touching of a boob.  It looked like it, but merely was a brush of his hand on her shirt.

Suuurrre........  we all believe him.  We really do.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Traditions - Installament Six

Every year, the Monday before Christmas, I actually break down, put myself in the kitchen and *cough* bake.

Okay, I said BAKE!  I can only do a few things culinary wise and Pumpkin Dessert is one of them.  Even I have to admit, it's pretty good.  It's become a family tradition that we take in a batch to share with our co-workers for Christmas.

Well since there are 4 of us working now, I was up this morning at 5am baking 4 different Pumpkin Desserts.
This picture totally doesn't do it justice.  I should have checked my camera settings, and done a better job but trust me - it's GOOOOOOOD!

Without fail, I am always asked for the recipe, and since I not "one of those" people who won't share, here you go:

1 yellow cake mix
1 can Libby's Pumpkin Pie mix (not the regular canned pumpkin - but the pumpkin pie mix)
3/4 cup milk
3 eggs
3/4 cup butter or margarine (needs a soft consistency to mix)
and additional 1/4 butter or margarine (same mixable consistency)
1/4 up sugar

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees

Take one cup of the cake mix and set aside in a separate bowl.
Spray or grease a 9/13 cake pan

To the remaining cake mix, add 3/4 cup margarine or butter and 1 egg.
Mix until moist/crumbly but not sticky.  Press into the bottom of the cake pan

Combine the pumpkin pie mix, 3/4 cup milk and 2 eggs.  Pour over the layer in the pan

To the remaining 1 cup of cake mix, add 1/4 cup sugar and generous sprinkling of cinnamon.  Sift together and then add 1/4 butter/margarine.
Mix to a crumbly consistency (not sticky) and crumble over the pumpkin layer.

Bake for 1 hour.

I love to serve it warm with cool whip, but it's also just as good chilled.

Let me know how you like it!

My Marine Monday

Not gonna lie - this sucks not having him home for Christmas.  If he had been able to do his cycle of training, he would be on his way back tomorrow.

He ended up with his Christmas present before he left, and I was grateful that worked out, but really, I wanted him to have SOMETHING from us for Christmas.

Who comes to my rescue?  Momma Lisa!
My diva, my running partner, my Legally Dead cohort, my partner in crime!
It just so happens that she and her family are going to SD for Christmas and offered to take packages.  I sent his Christmas jammies (to be opened Christmas eve), and his stocking full of goodies.  We also sent his laptop so he didn't have to borrow anyone else's.

Most of their meeting and adventures of the day are highly classified but suffice it to say, they met, spent a little bit of time together, exchanged packages, got some civi clothes and ate Chili's in the car.

I cannot thank you, my dear friend enough!  I ruv you Risa Runjah!

Another note for the week - 'dawg's good friend KM stopped by last week with an early Christmas gift for our family.  When I opened the bag I cried

Her thoughtfulness and kind words about making sure he could watch his princess open her presents on Christmas day melted my cold heart!

So thankful for my good friends, and for 'dawg's good friends looking out for our family and showing us such love!
(I'm thinking this will be the pic for Sissy's flat daddy - thoughts?)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Traditions - Installation Five

The Ward Christmas Party

For my non-LDS friends, a ward is the congregation that meets each Sunday.  Members are determined by geographical boundaries - at least that's the simplified way of explaining it.

Our ward has the Christmas party fairly early in the season, which I personally prefer.  And it always includes a great dinner, and then some entertainment.

For the past several years, we have had the high school Madrigal singing group or other performing choir come and perform.  Which for us older adults, is great.  But for the scores of little kids, it can make for a painful evening of being sssh'd and having to sit on hard chairs.

This year, I don't know who had the brilliant idea, but it was PERFECT.  They had the primary kids present the program.  Hands down, it was my favorite year!

Was it the cute songs?  The little ones dressed like angels, shepherds and wise men? 
Or was it really my own personal star of the show?

So when they called all the primary kids to come and get into costume, Sissy watched and decided she wanted to be a part  of it.  I tried really hard to get good pictures
she wouldn't turn around, but from the back she is a dang cute shepherd kid

While the kids were getting dressed The Brownings performed and Bishop accompanied on the guitar.  How many of you can say your Bish can shred it up on the guitar?  yeah, I didn't think so - he rocks!

Some ventriloquism work - nicely done Jared!

The kids started to gather but Sissy was more comfortable having Splenda close at hand for the first few minutes

getting a little bored.  In fact, at about this time, they moved a couple of young kids up to the stage to be narrators.  Sissy decided that she wanted  to be on stage to, so much to my embarrassment, she got up, walked around the group of kids, climbed up on stage and proceeded to cross the entire thing to sit with the narrators.  Splenda lost the paper/scissors/rock and had to go after her.

Finally on stage.  Why yes, that IS a cookie she eating.  She snagged that as they were walking up backstage

She was mildly interested in the other people on stage with her.

This pic is dark, but notice the shepherd staff in her hand.  This becomes important later.  She totally kifed it from some other child

This is one bored shepherd - such true Sissy fashion

And this one is purely for my friend Karen.  Now she can snag it and blackmail him the rest of his life.

The cutest little shepherd ever has tossed the turban (itchy), finished her cookie, had to give back the staff and is now ready to go home.

And while I got some crappy pictures, cute Kirsten got some awesome video.

My cookie-eatin, ninja bo-staff wielding shepherd girl

She is the one on the far right of your screen. Seriously was the crack up of the program. 
Thanks Kirsten for sharing the video

Best Ward Christmas Party evah!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful that Christmas came a little early at my house!

Merry Christmas to ME!!!!!

Meet Captain "Jack" Black

He's an 8 week mini schnauzer.  Black, with salt and pepper on his paws and a white triangle on each cheek.  He is ADORABLE.  Sweet, loving, calm and a loads of fun!

Jordan wasn't too thrilled at first, but over the past week that we've had him, she has warmed considerably and now plays growly and snuggles with him.  It is so fun to see her happy and playing!

He did make it a little difficult to work yesterday when he spent a lot of time jumping on the laptop and biting my hands.

(really Mom?  He's kinda bugging right now)

(she tries to walk away sometimes....)

(but he just keeps at her!)

He's a small, small mini schnauz - just like my Jordan.  Based on the size of his parents, his likely won't get any bigger than 9 or 10 pounds.  Perfect!  I watched a lot of litters and waited until I found just the right one.

I've been asked, will I now breed my two kids?  Doubtful.  Granted they are both papered purebreds, but I didn't get him for breeding purposes, strictly companion.  And while he is adorable, he doesn't meet AKC standards in that he has the white patches, and his neck is a little too long for their dimensions, so if I ever did, it would be for strictly companion puppies.  A little early to be making any kind of that call though, we are going to just enjoy his fun, cute, sweet personality amid the potty training and chewing that comes with it!
And really - who can resist this face and all the sweet puppy breath that comes with it?

Welcome Jack to M-Cat's litter!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Spam - and I ain't talking meat here

I find it fascinating the spam email that hits my box on a regular basis

I have won multiple contests
I have several people refer to me as 'dear'
I have offers in languages that I can't read
Strangers want my help
Someone thinks I speak something other than English
I need to buy gold
Apparently I have a friend named Ahmed - and he wanted to let me know it was him!
I even have an offer for a larger p**** "like a girl".  Pretty sure girls don't have those, just dudes.

It never ceases to amaze me what crap hits that folder.  And quite frankly it bugs the ever-loving heck outta me!

Don't call me dear.
Don't tell me I've won a contest
Don't ask me for my help if you have a name that I can't even pronounce
Don't hawk gold to me.  I have Glenn Beck for that.
I don't know anyone named Ahmed - unless he is the new dude at the sev that was there this morning in his turban.
I speak English.  That's it.  Unless you count some occasional piglatin and teenage-ese.
And I for SURE don't need a larger P****.  Serio.

Let's not even start on the spam that hits the ol blogger.  But just to keep everyone happy, I took the WV off.  And now I am paying for it.  All kinds of shitake mushroom crapola pops up. 

At least I can laugh at it, right?

Monday, December 13, 2010

My Marine Monday

Not a whole lot to report.  A few texts this week, a facebook message here and there.  I was kind of getting sad until this evening when an unknown number appeared on my phone and lo, and behold, it was 'dawg!

Sunday night he and the other boys he is hanging with while waiting for MCT training were assigned to an Infantry group to do field experience.  'dawg and his group are the enemies and have been exchanging fire (blank rounds) with the infantry group so that the infantry boys get training in all scenarios. 

He is LOVING it!  He's firing an AK47, launching grenades and literally living like a taliban enemy to engage with the Marine's and hone their fighting skills.  It is an entire makeshift town, they have identies, and jobs.  Their "wives" show up tomorrow.  He is learning a lot!  I can only imagine this will help him when he does his own combat training.

Our chat was very brief, but at least I knew where he was and what he was doing and it was fantastic to hear him happy.  He even is wearing a 'mandress' right now!  I am demanding pictures!!

Anyway, at least he's doing something very productive and not only serving his brothers in the corps but better preparing himself.

My BFC send me this video - and I LOVE it!  How fitting after my call tonight!

Also, I have a story featured over here if you are interested

Semper Fi

Friday, December 10, 2010

Funny Bone Friday - Things I may have heard, or said, or just thought in my head

I don't think that particular craft project was supposed to be bright green.

I can palm and I can fist, but I don't think I can stop counting.

"Dang, I think we missed the annual sing-a-long"
"No, honey, there was no dang."

Why do you have a potato in your purse?

I'll just put my junk on your junk

I went to school to get my MRS degree

I wanted to date her, but I was already married,

He shushed me, I prayed for him to go away, and then he got the flu.

Life lesson of the day - you can't reason with crazy.