Sunday, January 26, 2014

Spiritual Sunday - My life is like a bag of Skittles

It's been a while since I've done a Spiritual Sunday post.  In fact, the last one was almost a whole year ago!  What the crap!  I'm a slacker and need to be better.  Certainly not a lack of spirituality in my life, but as I was digging back, it's clear that I'm just not writing near as much as I used to.  I blog as my journal so that someday my kids, grandkids, great grandkids can have a glimpse into me, my thoughts and my personality.  I stay public so that if someone along the way can enjoy, learn, or have giggle at my scribbles, then okay.  Based on how long it took me to find the last spiritual post, I do indeed, need to write more.

But I digress.

According to the training plan my coach put together for me, I had 11 miles on the agenda for Saturday.  I layered up, filled my hand held water bottle, packed some Gu, and since I discovered that Pandora sucks all the data plan on my phone, threw my ipod in my pocket, my headphones on and last but not least, my uber cool pollution mask.  Not even a mile into my run, it was clear something was wrong with the ipod and the music was all jumbled and sounded more like static.  Crap.   I decided I couldn't deal with that for two hours and instead was going to be stuck with the thoughts in my own head.  It's been awhile since I've run with no music but really, I think it's a good thing to be doing every so often.  Good as a runner to concentrate on breathing, cadence, and form.  Good as a human being because we can just.......think.

A facebook comment came to mind posted from a good friend who, after I had expressed a hard day with another to follow, offered to pre sort my skittles so they would be ready for me to eat.  I smiled, even giggled a little and replied thanking him for the offer, but that would defeat my main purpose in eating skittles.

So how is life like a bag of Skittles?  What's the point mCat, you take forever to get there! Well hang on, I've gotta give a little back history first.

I love Skittles.  Any kind of Skittles.  They have so many variations available now, that I never get sick of them.  In fact, I found a NEW one, the Desserts Skittles.  Huzzah!

My approach to eating Skittles is very particular and has been my entire life.  If I have a single serving bag, the bag gets dumped out so that all the colors are jumbled together.

I then proceed to enjoy them by sorting and eating by color.  However, I don't first sort them all and arrange them into their color groups, I leave the jumbled mess and carefully pick two of the same color (the one I am starting with) and enjoy them.  When that mouthful is done, I repeat.  Again never adjusting the jumbled mess that flew out of the package.  Just sorting out of the mess.

Life is often the jumbled rainbow that flies out of the package.  It's up to me to decide how to approach that mess.  Each color is a different experience in our mortality.  Some colors are more delightful tasting than others.  Some are just necessary flavors to be dealt with in order to complete the process.  Some experiences in mortality are sheer joys.  Happiness in our children, our families, our faith's, our friends, our hobbies etc.  Other experiences are the exact opposite:  heartache, sadness, loneliness, loss of the Spirit, hopelessness, tragedy etc.  I can no more throw away the less desirable Skittles than I can ignore the hard challenges of life.  It would skew my whole process into tackling that chaos and leaving me feeling like I didn't complete the job I was given when I chose to open that package of Skittles.  I would feel like things were left undone.  I would have started a job, and then when it got distasteful, I would have quit.  As in life, we have to accept and take the less tasty parts of the package just as much as we do our favorite flavors.

My sorting process does not go by flavor as many would think.  I am a strict one when it comes to this.  It goes by color.  More exactly, by rainbow color.  Lightest to darkest.  It doesn't matter what version of Skittles I have, it's going to be the same.  Lightest to darkest.  Regardless of taste.  So often, I may start with something not as yummy and end with pure delight.  Sometimes vice versa.  Most of the time, it's a mixture.  Some good, then we move to a different color, maybe not as tasty, then on to another color and it's back to yummyness again.  Isn't life so like that?  We have up's, we have down's we have good, we have bad and it's generally a roller coaster with variations inbetween.   Sometimes we even have trials that are downright heart rending.  They knock us to our knees, sometimes into a fetal position, and usually crying for help and relief.  It's a distasteful Skittle.  But in order to get back to the good flavors, we have to chew 'em, swallow and get through them.  And please don't misunderstand me and feel like I am making light of those challenges.  Lord knows, I have had my share.  I've been in the fetal position, burrowed under my covers, and begging for the distasteful Skittles to be gone (all while still in the chewing and swallowing of them process).

Sometimes the flavors end up getting intermingled.  I eat by twos.  But if I'm down to one yellow, I then pair it with one of the next color.  Sometimes that next color is my least favorite so I've got some yum with yuck.  Life hands us opportunities to find the good in every trial.  To savor the blessings that come from adversity.  To taste a new flavor combination (experience) that adds to our adventure here in mortality.  It's all part of the package.

When I open a bag of Skittles and dump them out, I have no idea how they're gonna land.  I don't know what mixture I'll be looking at, but I do have control over how I eat and enjoy them.  Such is life.  We have no idea what we are going to be handed.  But we have every bit of control and ability in how we handle the jumbled "chaos" that is ours.  For me, using an approach of order works best.  Creating structure is soothing.  It establishes a clear path in my brain and soul that allows me to tackle each experience with a plan.  I can go through each day knowing that there is going to be good and bad.  Sometimes the good lasts for a long time.  Sometimes the hard trials feel like they are forever, but in looking at the package of Skittles laid out before me, I know that if I just hang on, keep plowing through them, they'll be done and I can move on to the next color.

Mortality is hard.  It is meant to be.  We are here to learn, be tested, prove our loyalty to our Savior, serve others, and show that we will choose righteousness.  But it doesn't have to all be distasteful.  We also are blessed to have so much happiness surrounding us.  We just have to look for it, acknowledge it, and then soak it up for all it's worth knowing that inevitably we are going to move to another color (stage of life/experience) that won't be as enjoyable.   In the end, all of them are meant for our good.

One day my little mini schnauzer who NEVER gets into trouble, happened to be left alone for a long period of time and managed to get into an open package of skittles that had not been dumped out to enjoy yet.  I only knew what had happened by the rainbow colored vomit on my stairs.  Bless her heart, she was sick.  Her momentary delight in a treat that is forbidden from her ended up badly.  As much as I cleaned, scrubbed, soaked and then scrubbed some more,  there is a red stain on my stairs that I alone cannot remove.  One stair to be more exact.  The rest of my stairs are fine, just that one that is evidence of a very poor choice made by my four legged child.

There is where the Atonement steps in.  We are promised by our Savior that with repentance and doing all we can to fix our mistakes, He will step in and make up the difference.  I've done all I can do with that stain.  The only way to have the eyesore completely gone is to replace the carpet.  I'm going to have to call in a professional, rip out the old and have the pro lay some brand new beautiful carpet down.  When the Savior atones for us, it's much the same.  After we do all we can possibly do in our power, He comes in and removes it from us.  However, we have to call upon Him.  A carpet man isn't going to magically show up at my door with tools and new carpet.  I'm going to have to be ready to suck it up and pay the price to have it done.  I've done my part, the stain has served as a reminder for many years now.  When I'm ready I can then allow the healing power of the Atonement do it's job.  For each of us, the process may be on a different time table.  Someone else might not have been willing to live with that stain and immediately replace the carpet.  Others might even be okay to just leave it and after awhile not even notice it any more.  The important thing to remember is that the stain CAN be removed when we are willing and able to.  As with any trial, mistake, sin, challenge, or heartache in life, the Atonement of the Savior is available and will heal when it's time.

So to my dear friend who offered to pre-sort my Skittles for me:  I thank you again for the offer, but as you can see, it would take away my experience of the process and in the end I would be shortchanged and would have missed the opportunities that the sorting allows.

I often call my process of Skittles the "sort-n-soothe".  It IS soothing somehow in my head and heart to go through the steps that I outlined.  Why?  Is it because I can take a jumbled mess and make some kind of order and control of it?  Most likely.  I think that's what most of us yearn for in life.  Some sort of control of the chaos that surrounds us.  It's not always going to be as easy as opening a package of Skittles and eating by color, but I testify that when we follow the order the Savior has outlined for us (the commandments, the scriptures, the words of the prophets both of old and the living and staying close to Him) it does make the package doable.  We can look over the jumbled colors and start slowly, color by color until we're done. We can take each color as it comes, find enjoyment where we can, endure where we must, and learn from unanticipated mixtures we are sure to encounter.  We can know that no matter how distasteful a particular color may be, we won't throw it away because it would leave our experience incomplete.

And when our package of Skittles is completly consumed.  We can know we did our best, we tackled them all, we put in every effort at every color phase we encountered and can rest assured that even if a mishap occurred along the way and a stain may have resulted, our Savior's Atonement will fix and cover everything, even after we have done all we can.

Of this, I know.  I know first hand.  I know it on a very personal basis.  It's something that I will know forever and only hope to live in such a way that I can help others to know it too.  It's not just something I believe.

I.  Know.  It.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Revolution Run 2014 - First bling of the year

Virtually every runner friend I have was planning on this event.  It's an annual run held out at the Olympic oval.  For a period of a set time (this year was 5 hours), you run as many laps as you can.  A runner can go for a 50k, a full marathon, a half marathon or literally anything in between, more or less.  Completely individual.  Which is really what the sport is about - individual performance.

Well, last year, I bought a pass to the oval for the winter months when ice and inversion air would prohibit me from running outside.  It's almost as bad as the dreadmill/Satan's Sidewalk to me.  Around and around and around in circles.  Again, and again, and again. Ugh.  I often found that after about 3 miles I would be so bored I would start running the spectator bleachers in between to mix things up.  My garmin doesn't work inside and I would lose track of my laps so I would end up leaving with no idea of exactly what mileage I had put in.  I got my money's worth certainly, but it wasn't my favorite thing to do.

So when everyone started talking about this years Revolution Run, I was NOT ON BOARD.  Serio?  5 hours of running in circles?  Always turning left?  Sounded like a death march that would do nothing but irritate my IT band.

But then.......I discovered that I wasn't scheduled for work until the afternoon so my morning was free,  all my friends were signing up and starting to plan fun things for it, I realized that I needed to get serious about training for Boston and lastly, an opportunity for a 50% off entrance fee came open.

I jumped.  I caved.  I capitulated.  And I've never been more happy about it!
(picture courtey of Galen Garrison)

(picture courtesy of Galen Garrison)

I got to the oval about 7:30, picked up my packet (due to late registration - no shirt for me, but that's okay) and then went in search of my Run4Fun friends area.   On my way there, I ran into a couple of more runner friends and already the vibe was positive and I knew it was going to be a fun day!

I found our tables, ditched my outer layer of clothes, posed for a picture and then it was time to get going.  The event coordinators had a timing pad and your bib had the coordinating chip so each time you passed it, it would calculate your laps.  How awesome is that?  I could just run without even attempting to try and remember where I was at.  There was an aid station with all the necessary things but most importantly, the entire oval was filled with runners of all abilities.  I saw several ultra runners, marathoners, half marathoners and some people there just to kick off their new years resolutions of getting healthy.  
The Run4Fun facebook group.  Well at least some of us :)

Just a few of my running idols

Getting my 4 "tat"
(picture courtesy of Kimberly Hunt)

oh, and other group pic of us!  I love these peeps!

SO FUN!  There wasn't one single lap that I didn't have someone to chat with, laugh, encourage, tease or just try and keep up with.  It literally made the time fly by!  I knew I had until 11:30 to run before I needed to leave, and I wasn't really looking for any particular goal except get a chance to say hi to as many friends as I could.  I took it easy, adjusted speeds as I found friends to run with for a bit, wandered to the bathroom, sipped at my Monster on the table, and basically just had a fun party.
Me and my girl Kandi

The Rockstar Kimberly

My brothah from another mothah Paul

At one point, I decided to go to the table and see how many laps they had me down for.  To my amazement, I had done far more at that point than I would have guessed.  I could easily complete a half marathon within my time frame.  Easily.  With time to walk, chat and stretch.
Yo Enrique!  A benefit of my "job" - I get to make new running friends from loyal customers!

Sometimes I get to bump into friends I haven't seen in a long time (missed a picture with you Chadder)

Goll dang I love this girl!  But serio?  Look at my chubby face!  Momma needs to cut back on the skittles.....

Once I completed the 48 laps to equal the 13.1 miles, I walked a couple slow laps with a buddy who knew just what to hand me ( a vanilla coke zero) and then I wandered back to our Run4Fun tables and stretched and talked to some besties.

What a fun event!  More fun than I even thought it could be.  I really anticipated a borefest, interspersed with a little conversation with a few friends, but instead it was the exact opposite.  I fun fest with mostly conversation, and the running was just a sideline attraction.

After stretching, hugging and saying goodbye, I headed home with a huge grin on my face and just the right amount of soreness in my legs.  13.1 - not bad.  I'll take it.  But more importantly, I'll take all the friends, new and old that I have with this fabulous running community here along the Wasatch Front.  I dare say, we are a tight knit community that encourages one another, takes care of one another and looks out for each other.  I love it.  I couldn't ask more from my beloved sport.
First bling of the year!

So Revolution 2015?  Yeah, totally putting you on the agenda and plotting what more fun things to incorporate.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

I can BREATHE!!.....and run outside in the heart of any inversion OR more aptly titled "I'm in love with my new running mask"

As many people know who live in smoggy cities or like the Salt Lake Valley (soup bowl), winter brings with it inversions where the cold air is trapped in the valley, along with all the pollution.  It makes for difficulty breathing when outdoors and usually most people suffering with asthma, emphysema, Cystic Fibrosis or other lung conditions are left to while away the winter stuck in their homes with hepa filters.

For a runner?  Well since most of us are crazy anyway, we tend to go out and get our miles in regardless.  We know that NOT running is not acceptable so we fight through the yucky air and end up sounding like a 'pack a day of camel unfiltered cigarette" smokers.  This winter I have really forced myself to avoid the outside.  As much as we all hate the "dreadmill" or even better named by a running buddy "Satan's Sidewalk" it's what I've been stuck doing my training on since we've lately had pretty bad air days.

A couple of months ago, I heard about a mask that had a filter in it, that would keep the harmful air particles out.  It was designed to be worn while active outdoors and sounded like the perfect thing.  I just didn't know if it would ever be coming our way, or if it was just talk.

Then Friday at work, guess what got delivered????

This bad boy!

I literally yelled across the store  "I WANT ONE OF THOSE!" and as soon as I was free I was exploring and figuring it out.

Looks good no?

I had a long run on my training schedule today, so I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to test it out.

A quick and easy assembly, and tightening the loops to fit snugly,  then layered for warmth, and I was off.

I was a little curious to see if it would be comfortable.  Sure, it's lightweight and not even noticeable when just wearing, but how would it feel running?


This product lived up to everything I had anticipated it to and then some.

A couple of miles in, I noticed it wasn't as snug as I preferred, but I simply slipped off my gloves, and pulled the strings to snug it up to where I wanted it to.  All while on the run.

The mask is extremely light and other than me REALLY thinking about it, I didn't even feel it on.  It also creates some humidity so instead of breathing dry cold air, I was breathing warm, moist air.  That in turn helped me to stay warm all through the 8.5 miles I ran this morning.

There are minimal pieces to the mask and all but the filter itself can be handwashed.

This is the filter piece with the two exhale vents.  Those vents can be removed and washed with some mild dish detergent and dried by hand.

This is the outer netting piece with the ear straps.  This can be handwashed and drip dried.

The packaging states the filter will last as long as conditions and use permit.  It gives some guidelines as to when you might consider replacing it, but it's really basic common sense.

I expect to get an entire winter season out of one filter, and then would likely replace again next winter when January strikes and our air quality goes in the tank.

I've had several people ask questions about the use of the mask, and while the mask shown is the Sport Kit (I'm told the company offers a variety of masks for a variety of uses), I believe that this one can be used in virtually every situation.  

Need a run outdoors?  Check
Taking the dogs for a walk? Check
Just want to protect yourself while you wait for the bus or train? Check
Heck, in a crowded area to avoid air borne illnesses?  Check and Check.

I really LOVED my mask.  More than I thought I would.  It's light, easy to assemble, easy to wear and adjust.  Not difficult to run in, I felt like I was getting all the air that I needed.  In fact, I maintained the exact training pace (and faster for the first 4) that I needed to, so it didn't inhibit my running goal for the day.

Any downsides to it?  
I only encountered one.
We all know our noses run in the cold.  It's not feasible to lift the mask every minute or so to swipe at my nose with my glove so I discovered that just letting it run (don't be grossed out) worked just fine.  After a mile or so, I didn't even notice.

By the time I was done with my run, the mask was soaking wet.  Sweat, and humidity will do that.  I removed the filter from the exterior netting and laid both out to dry.  Within an hour they were, and then later tonight for kicks and giggles I put them back together and then took a big sniff to see if it was stinky.
Nope.  Nothing at all.  It evaporated the moisture off quickly enough that there was no time for 'stank' to build.

One additional thought I had was this:  While I'm not huge into essential oils, I could see putting just a drop or two (of very diluted) eucalyptus  or peppermint oil.  Something invigorating.

We carry these at Wasatch Running Center and they retail for $36.00.  Worth every penny if you ask me.  It was easy and comfortable to wear, allowing me to run outdoors, and most importantly, protect my lungs from the harmful inversion air particles.

Out of 5 stars?  The "I Can Breathe" mask gets all 5.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

mCat's response to Middle Aged Mormon Man's 12 Tips for a Better Marriage

Middle Aged Mormon Man wrote a great post today titled 12 tips for a Better Marriage - for Men (Level 1).  

Before we go any further, you need to click THIS LINK and read it.  Go ahead, I'll wait for you to come back.

It was good right??

 I think it was straight up stellar information for husbands.  Of course, as in every marriage, what works for one, doesn't mean it's going to work for another, but he really listed some good basic (Level 1) tips.  

As I read through them, I was thinking  - but what about wives?  If marriage is an equal partnership, then women should also have some tips to help them.

So being the bestest kind of  friend that I am, I decided to help our good brother out and provide the "other side of the story".

Without further ado, I present:

12 Tips for a Better Marriage - For Women (Level 1)

1.  If you've always wanted to have your side of the bed warmed up before you get in, then by all means speak up.  Suggest that while you are washing your face and brushing your teeth, your husband could simply lay on your side under the covers and yes, he can control the remote to his hearts content if you have a TV in your bedroom, so that when you are ready to climb in, your spot is sufficiently warmed.  Think also, his lingering scent will be there and who doesn't love to feel all wrapped up in your man all night?  Now, on the other hand, if you don't like that and prefer cool sheets to slip into, then make your preferences known and ASK him if he likes warmed sheets.  If he does, well, I don't need to spell it out for you.  Take care of his side of the bed and think of it as a win-win.  You get cool sheets twice, he gets warmed sheets.  Nobody suffers here.

2.  Men and boys like to drink from the carton.  It's just part of their nature.  Consider his/hers separate cartons and then he can do whatever disgusting thing he wants with his and you can still pour from yours knowing that not a speck of backwash is going to come flying out.  If his/hers cartons are not feasible, make it a habit to never watch your man drink.  Ever.  Turn your head, leave the room, avert your eyes and go to your happy place in your mind.  This is not a battle you want to pick.

3.  When your husband calls or sends a text to say he's leaving and is on his way home from work, respond with enthusiasm but since you aren't really face to face, go ahead and let loose with an eye roll.  You'll feel better and he'll never know.  Then add another 20 minutes to the ETA he's given you knowing that he legitimately is trying to leave the office, but because he is so good at what he does, and is highly regarded at his employment that he is certain to be detained.  Consider it a compliment to your husband and therefore that transcends to you and the kids.

4.  Decide exactly what household chores you will do and which ones he will do.  It's nice if husbands can throw in a load of laundry, or load the dishwasher but remember, that if he is willing to do those things for you, you should in turn be willing to mow the lawn, empty the trash, take the cans to the curb (in the middle of a polar vortex) and put them away (in the still raging polar vortex), change the oil and have to talk to the direct tv man without wanting to claw his eyes out.  Is this what you want?  If so, more power to you.  In all reality - this is a really personal and individual decision that couples should make early on in their marriage.  Splenda Daddy and I have a very solid deal that has served us well for nigh unto 30 years.  I never have to change the oil in the car.  Ever.  I wash people's underwear.  Fair trade.

5.  Encourage pictures.  Family pictures.  Silly pictures.  Random, candid pictures.  Please don't tell yourself that you don't want to be in the photo because you're carrying more weight than you would like.  Don't always volunteer to be taking the pictures so you can avoid having to see yourself and unleash the self criticism that is inevitable.  Your family needs reminders of you.  They need to see pictures.  Your smile, your goofy faces, your silly antics, even the posed formal family photos.  They are important to your children and to your husband.  Lose the attitude of "we'll get pictures when I lose those last 15 pounds"  Tell yourself the pictures aren't ABOUT you, they are FOR your family.  Your husband and kids don't see you the way you see yourself.  I promise.

6.  If you like physical affection, then instigate it on occasion.  Don't wait for your husband to "make the moves"  Grab his hand as you walk, hold his arm.  Simply touch him.  There is power in the human touch and your husband needs it as much as you do.  As for opening car doors, discuss whether or not you like it, want it, or are comfortable ditching that chivalrous act.  It's not really an act of chivalry unless both parties enjoy it.

7.  As much as your man might think he's an NBA star during church basketball, we all know those same skills don't necessarily translate to dunking his socks in the hamper.  So what?  They're socks for crying out loud.  Instead, as you bend over to pick them up, tighten up your core and glutes and consider it a chance for a little body work.  You can change the grumblings from his dirty clothes strewn around to thankfulness for him allowing you to get a little bit of a work out it.  Bonus - you can work on your toe dexterity by practicing picking them up with your toes.

8.   Use the inspired-by-God pause button as often as needed.
(yes I copied and pasted that from MMM's blog - it applies just the same over here)

9.  Just as you do daily scripture and prayer, add to your personal time of repeating the ever important mantra "If it's important to him, it's important to me"  Repeat it over and over and over again until it becomes ingrained.

10.  Sometimes when you get angry, you might see a smile sneak across his face.  Maybe he'll even laugh or giggle.  TAKE IT AS A COMPLIMENT!  Consider that he's smiling because you are adorable when you get mad.  Or, he's so embarrassed by his wrong act that all he can do is laugh out of sheer nervousness.  Either way, don't hold it against the poor man.  They often can't control themselves as well as we can.  Take it as a compliment.

11.  If you're married to a man that loves sports, you have a choice to make.  Ask him to limit his sporting schedule, or embrace the sport, learn everything you can about it, and make it something that you do together.  The first winter Splenda Daddy and I were married, I discovered that he liked NFL football. *GASP*  I could not for the life of me understand why he would want to spend the entire day watching football and not paying attention to me!  There was a Sunday or two that I left the house in a huff.  It didn't take me long to figure out that it was something he really enjoyed, it helped him decompress after stressful work weeks and it was unfair of me to take that pleasure away from him.  Instead I decided to devote myself to learning the game, choosing a team and watching with him.  Our fondest memories of our early marriage days are Sundays spent in bed, watching football, and eating a frozen pizza ( a treat on our poor finances).  My attitude adjustment made all the difference in the world and since then, when there are things important to me, Splenda Daddy makes the effort to learn about it and engage in it with me whenever possible.

12.  The bathroom.  There just isn't much you can do there.  Men have crappy aim.  And even those that do have some decent aim - there are......dribbles.  Leave a can of clorox wipes on the back of the toilet so he can easily do a quick wipe down.  Some Febreeze spray (works better than any other commercial product) or at the very minimum, a box of matches.  Having those readily accessible will remind him to use them.  If he forgets, simply avoid that bathroom for awhile.  Again, not a battle worth fighting.  And guaranteed, you're no rose smelling cable layer either.

Bonus tip:  When he is deep in sleep and snoring so loudly that you can't sleep yourself, just lean over and whisper in his ear "My wife is the best thing that ever happened to me"   Repeat it over and over and over again.

And that's it kids.  The first 12 step program in hopefully a series of tips designed to help us as wives to be the kind of spouse WE would want to be married to.  

PS - if you have any hateful comments that you feel inclined to leave because you disagree with me, go leave them on Middle Aged Mormon Man's blog.  He's anonymous and can take the heat.  Me?  I'm just lil 'ole mCat who thought it would be fun to offer another perspective.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Goals not Resolutions for 2014

Oh man is Facebook flooded with everyone's New Year resolutions and goals.  Personally, I prefer the word goals, because resolution in my mind seems so final.  And I don't believe anything is final.  I'm constantly a work in progress, so for me - goals seems the best fitting word.

My first goal to get started on is (drumroll please)......

To be a little more outgoing.  Less of a wallflower.  More willing to engage in meaningful debate over topics that are important to all of society.  I tend to keep my thoughts to myself and instead, I need to speak up and let my voice be heard!

First topic of the year for debate:

Skittles recently swapped out the flavor of their green skittles from lime to green apple.  Lifesavers also did the same thing.  Is it just me or is lime is getting the short stick (except for those who like a dirty diet coke)?  Is this a good thing or a bad?  What repercussions could this have on future generations?