Friday, July 30, 2010

Lessons I have learned from my new favorite lesbian

So I have this new totally cool friend.  She is officially part of the Diva's.  Which says A LOT!  Not everyone can be a Diva, for crying out loud - I barely can.  Most of the time, I am a "pretend" Diva.


So here's a little about Ree:

She is one of the kindest, most open and accepting person I've ever met.

She is a devoted, loyal and loving wife.

She is an amazing Mom who works her butt off for her son.

She can figure anything out and isn't afraid to give new things a whirl.

She's got mad cycling skillz.

She is spiritual and has strong values and morals.  And, she teaches them to her son.

She can Zumba like a pro.  I have to watch her and the Shark both to keep up with all the steps.

She has cool hair.

She has and still works very hard to become and stay healthy.  Major weight loss and I am very proud of her.

She would give the shirt off her back to help someone in need.  I can't tell you how many times on FB I see her offering to help someone else.

Oh, and one more tiny little thing?  If  you haven't figured it out already from the title of the post, she is a lesbian. Yup.  For  reals.  I finally got the courage to ask her if I could post about her today.  See, I have been watching her for several months now, getting to know her, learning some things not just about her but about myself and I've had this post muddling around in my head.  However, I wanted her permission before I did it.  My intention is to share what I've been learning and hope that it inspires someone else to let go of some misguided pre-conceived notions or stereotypes that might be holding them back from some awesome relationships.

I first met Ree when she came to a kicking-yoga class MANY months ago, maybe even a year ago.  She stayed in the back corner just kind of quietly minding her own business and doing her workout.  Of course, my big fat mouth got the better of me, and I made a joke or comment, not directed at her, but could have been construed as offensive.  I felt TERRIBLE.  Here was this new person in class, and I was behaving badly.  The next time I saw her, I apologized if I had said anything that was offensive and that I had felt bad.  She laughed and said, "It's okay, I realize I am the only lesbian democrat in this gym.  It's totally okay."

That's when I knew I was gonna like her.  She wasn't all up in my face, or unforgiving, or even seemed to hold a grudge.  She wasn't taking herself so seriously, and I LOVE that!

Over the course of time, and many a gym class, I have gotten to know her even better.  I've seen her kindness, her open mindedness, her friendly smile to everyone and have thought to myself.  I could be more like her.  I could accept people as they are instead of making some sort of judgement based on appearance, social status, religion, or anything else.
I could be more willing to see past what is presented to my face, and look deeper.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not completely ignorant of gay/lesbian people.  My nephew, a beloved co-worker (no longer with us), and some acquaintances are homosexual and are a part of my life.  But I have never really taken the time to understand as well as I could.  Ree's helping me past that.  Even to the point of answering my stupid questions
Me: "I don't know what the rules are, but can a lesbian hug a non lesbian?  Cause I want to hug you"
Ree:  "Yes, we actually hug non-lesbians and we won't even turn you into one."

She can laugh with us at everything.
Take the time at the pool, when we talked her into coming to swim with us.
She walked in and said, "So this is what a lesbian looks like in a swimsuit."
Guppy looked down at her own suit, and said, "Well then, I must be a lesbian"  (their suits were similar)
Later in the pool as she was toodling around, I asked her if that was called the lesbian stroke.  She laughed.

She can have fun with our differences.
Like when she was at Macey's grocery store, and ran into the Shark.  She made comment about being surrounded by "our" people.  (mormon mommies stocking up on food storage) - that just makes me laugh!

I think what I love the most and my biggest lesson learned from her, is to stop taking myself so serious.  Chillax, find the good in myself and others and love them for who they are.  Leave stereotypes in the garbage and embrace differences.  Love people.  No matter what.

Yes, Ree and I are at opposite ends of some spectrum's, but right beside one another on others.  We are both devoted wives who love our spouses deeply.  We are both moms who care about our sons and would die on the sword for them.  We are both spiritual women who recognize the influence of a higher power in our lives.  We both love our friends and cherish relationships.  We both value our bodies and our health.  We both like chocolate and going out to lunch.  We are women.  Our sexual gates might swing opposite ways, but that's about it.  We are women and that makes us the same in the ways that are important.

So to my friend Ree - I thank you for accepting me.  I thank you for being my friend despite my flaws and shortcomings.  For showing me how to accept others and embrace change and differences.  For teaching me a better way to treat people.  For being an example of Christlike love and acceptance.

(Ree's wife D and their darling little Doodle)

I'm hoping I can take her example, and become a better one myself to help others learn the value of setting aside differences and loving others for the mere fact that they are human beings, children of God and deserving of respect.  Despite which way their gate swings.

**PS - if you feel the need to leave a rude, judgemental comment -refrain.  If you do, know that it will be deleted immediately.

They fought for YOU!

*thanks Mom for the link!*

God bless our Troops!


*image via the calendar in Martie's cube*

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The woes of a runner's feet

I'm not a foot person.  I don't like touching other people's feet, unless your names rhymes with Schmissy.  I don't like people touching me with their feet.  I think feet, in general are gross.  Disgusting.

But dancer's and runner's have the grossest feet of all.

Remember when I got this:

Today it looked like this:

And not to mention this little problem:
That's my toe minus the nail.  Yup.  No nail at all.  Totally screws up a nice polish job.

You can't win as a runner.  Your toes and feet will always have something jacked up about them, but I will pimp out my favorite foot product of all.


I swear by it.  And while it won't cure my blisters or keep my toenails from falling off - it does keep my tootsie's nice and soft.  No gross looking cracked out heels for this girl.

*sigh*   Running or a perfect polish job?  I'll take running any time.

Wrandom Wrambling - Thursday Edition

It's so weird to have a wrandom wrambling post on Thursday instead of Wednesday, but hey, that's the way life is right now.  A little off kilter.  Or a LOT of kilter.  Depends on the hour.

I really need to ramp up my marathon training.  Planning a loooooong run early Saturday morning.  Before anyone gets any ideas about paging me.  Before the sun comes up, while it's cool and the perfect temp.  Just me, my ipod and the sunrise.  I can hardly wait.

It's almost August!  Completely freaking me out!  Where in the crap is time going?  If I thought July was busy, looking at August's calendar - it ain't much better.  That's okay though, I like lot's of things on the docket keeping me busy and motivated.

So a gym bestie found a fun run for us to do.  Check it out -The Dirty Dash
We are going to call ourselves the Dirty Diva's.  Should be fun, fun, FUN!

In a couple of weeks, Splenda and I will be celebrating our 26th wedding anniversary.  I would like to be the one to do something spectacular this year (he ALWAYS makes special days great).  I need your good ideas.....bantering around the idea of the cabin (where we spent our honeymoon), or Snowbird, or Park City......  ideas people. I need them.

I have a lunch date tomorrow.  With Luka.  That makes me happy.

This is NOT our weekend with Sissy.  That makes me UNhappy.

I only have three more days of the pager - that makes me muy happy.  Serio - the pager just isn't fun.  If I was brilliant and knew how to fix every single problem, maybe I wouldn't hate it so bad, but it seems like every time it's my week, all the calls are for stuff I have no idea how to fix.  It's a solid week of getting my self-esteem slammed with the reminders of just how inept I really am.  I would love to retire and just be a grandma.  And maybe a crossing guard when the weather is nice.

I'm totally into this season's So You Think You Can Dance.  Rarely do I get this involved.  It's now down to the final six and I am sweating like a hooker in church over how it's going to end up.  The funniest part?  I don't even vote..... I know right?!

Have I mentioned how much I love my car?  LOVE him.  Get so excited just to DRIVE. 
I'm so weird.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mini Cooper of Murray - HOW I LOVE YOU!!!

Remember my new ride?  The one I love so much?

So yeah, the check engine light came on in my NEW TO ME Mini Cooper (name to finally be revealed at the end of the post), and it was sputtering when it started.  Rut roh!  Crap-a-doodle!

I dutifully called the dealership and asked if I had to have an appointment to bring it in for service. I was told yes.  I asked when could I bring it in.  I was told August 11th.  HOLY HANNAH!  Are you freaking kidding me?  I said, "Are you SERIOUS?  You mean to tell me that my car could be totally broken down and I would have to wait clear until the 11th?"  The poor person on the other end of the phone took a few long seconds to answer me (I'm sure he was rolling his eyes at the crazy lady), and said that if I could leave it there, I could drop it off and hope for a cancellation and it get in sooner.

Hmmmm......let's see.  I can't drive it.  At least, my owners manual says I shouldn't.  So it could either sit in the garage until the 11th or it could sit at the dealership and I might get lucky with a cancellation.  Choice seemed pretty clear to me.

Yesterday morning, I parked in the service area, and walked in to a gentleman behind a desk.  I explained what I was told on the phone and he kinda looked a little incredulously at me (more like 'your frickin crazy lady).  In fact, he asked who I talked to that told me I could leave it. I dunno know, I tell him.  He opens a drawer to show me all the car keys of the people who are ahead of me.  People who have appointments.  I think he was making the point that any idea of getting it looked at earlier was a joke.

At any rate, I left it, had the Shark pick me up and take me to work and I fell into depression knowing my beloved car was sitting all alone in a dealership parking lot.  I was now stuck driving the Molly the Mustang or the Pete the Pathfinder.  I love them but NOT  like I love my Mini.

Fast forward to this afternoon when I received this email:

Your MINI is ready!

Just let me know when you would like to pick it up.
 Levi Vxx Xxxxxxx
MINI of Murray

I could hardly believe it!  As soon as Tuffy emerged from the Man Cave I had him and his GF take me over to the dealership. 

I walked into the friendly face I've ever seen!  Levi himself - right there -with my car ALL GOOD TO GO!

He explained what the issue was -some engine misfiring.  I sheepishly asked if it could have possibly have come from me running to just about bone dry before filling the tank.  Yeah, I totally pulled a Kramer.  It has this cool computer that tells me how many miles I have before the tank is empty and I just kept pushing it.  it was a small adrenaline rush......but I digress.

He gave me my paperwork, explaining that they also saw that my brakes needed some service and then also did a general overall inspection.  I again reiterated at how shocked I was that it was done so quickly, when just yesterday I was given the impression that no way in hades would I be hearing from them before the 11th.  Know what?  Levi had guys work late yesterday.  YES!!  I KNOW!!!!  I was a tich tempted to kiss him, but instead told him that he officially was getting a HUGE shout out on the old blog!

A cute young man brought my beloved Mini up front, and I was out of there giddy as 16 year old who just got asked to the prom!

Ahhhhh, my Mini.  I love him.  I do.  I've finally named him.  Benny.  As in Benny the Jet.  Sing it now....
Ba ba ba Benny!  Ba ba ba Benny!  Ba ba ba Benny is the Jet!
And to Levi and his crew at Mini of Murray - you now have a loyal and dedicated customer who will sing your praises any chance she can get.

*note:  I was in no way compensated by Mini of Murray - I just now REALLY love the dudes!*

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Do I understand this correctly?

Let's see if I got this right:









1 - A JOB













Is it any wonder why some of us are:

**thanks for the great email TR**

Monday, July 26, 2010

USMC - Reporting for Duty - FAKE OUT!

Total venting post.  Complete and total venting.  No one wants to read this cranky drivel, so clickety mark read and move on to something more entertaining, uplifting and fun.  M-Cat's pissed and it's not pretty.

Planned on reporting to MEPS at 0900.  Kept Sissy a little longer so she could be a part of it.  All but Luka were ready to go. 
Get a text, 1000 will be better. 
Work some from home - attempt to keep Sissy clean and entertained.

Make it to MEPS at 1000.  Ring buzzer to be allowed entrance.  Told will send someone right out.
Wait for many minutes in the hot sun.
Ring buzzer again.
Someone comes out - wands us all - including Sissy before we are allowed in the doors.

Enter MEPS - picture DMV without the white trash.  The people in MEPS are all the epitome of hard working, young people.

Check in, get visitors badge. Find  a place to sit.
'dawg emerges from a back room.  There is a problem with his last piece of paperwork getting processed. Might not go.  Will know within the hour.  He returns to his back room, we start trying to entertain Sissy.

People watch.  Recruits from every branch.  Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guard, Navy, Army.  Young people.  Some families obvio in the same situation as we are.

Wander around playing with Sissy.
'dawg emerges again.  Still no word.  Not looking good.  Frustration evident.
M-Cat praying the paperwork gets approved. 
Sissy doing the pee-pee dance.
Public restroom debacle. "DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING WITH YOUR HANDS!"

Find 1.25 in change and get diet pepsi.  Splenda pacing.  Tuffy attempting to sleep.  Sissy bored but being very well behaved.  M-Cat nerves. 

'dawg returns with a Marine officer.  Words like:  So sorry, paperwork going to take a few days to process, better communication next time.......possibly next sorry, not going today.


I understand the need for dottted i's and crossed t's.  But really?  Here he is, mentally ready to go. Do you know what that takes?  Goodbyes are said.  He has worked his butt off to get everything his recruiter demanded of him.  He's ready to serve.  Ready to give his very all, and nope.  Paperwork.  A small piece of paper standing between him and where he needs to be.  A piece of a dead tree really.

No one can even speak as we leave MEPS.  I buckle Sissy in her car seat, kiss her goodbye and I leave in my car for work.  Splenda drops 'dawg and Tuffy at home, Sissy to her mother and goes into the office.

I cry all the way to work.  I just don't understand.  What can possibly be so hard about the paperwork?  You've got a young man walking away from his life to give his country, his GOVERNMENT,  4 frickin years of his life.  Sacrificing time with his daughter, his brothers, his friends, and because of a little friggin piece of're telling that boy - no.  Don't want you yet.

And to top it off?  Maybe we'll go through this all over again next week.  Maybe the week after that.  Who knows?

Later this evening, his recruiter posted a message telling 'dawg that his new set date is 8/23.
I don't believe anything.  I won't believe it until I actually see it.  Another recruit commented on the FB thread noting that he has been given FOUR different "for sure" dates already going back as far as April.  I'm am glad I am not that boy's mother.

The frustration level at M-Cat's house is at threat level RED. 

I love the Marine's, I do.  But right now, I don't believe them.

(comments off)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

USMC - Reporting for duty - Goodbye's part I

'dawg enlisted on March 16, 2010 (his daughter's birthday).  At that time he was given a delayed deployment and it was scheduled for November.

Life comes at you fast.  A couple of weeks ago, he got word that his time had been moved up.  He would report to MEPS July 26th, as a back up.  If he didn't leave that day, he was going to the week after.

(yeah he shaved his own head.  Tuffy aided and abetted.  Sissy told him he was "weird")

Early last week, it appeared that was all changing.  Each day seemed to be another piece of information that was sending him sooner.  by Thursday night/Friday morning - it was a sure deal.  In fact, the poor kid spent all of Thursday and Friday chasing down paperwork, getting signatures, notary public name it, he had to get it taken care of.

He spent the day Thursday with his darling daughter.  She tagged along as he got most of his errands done. Friday wasn't much different.  Saturday evening we had all the family members we could gather come hang out, eat some treats and say goodbye. 

(like father - like daughter)

His friends had given him a big party a couple of weeks ago, since we knew the time was coming up, so we reserved Saturday night just for family and friends that are practically like family : )

Lot's of chatting, eating, hanging out, admiring each others car's, taking pictures and most of all LAUGHING!
I think the last person left about 1am.

Grandma Sue, Tayvree, Grandpa John, Kelsie, Splenda, Trevor)

(mi Sobrina, Mindi, Chet, and 'dawgs hands)

(could everyone stop screwing around long enough for a pic?)

(for reals - stop screwing around)

(who knew we'd have a black kid in the family picture before we had a democrat!)

(Sissy loving her cousins)

I am so thankful for everyone who took the time on the holiday to come and show the 'dawg some support. It meant a lot to him, and it meant the world to me. 

It made the weekend perfect having Sissy all weekend and then all the family to come spend time.

(she'll grab any shoes handy)

(we even managed a nap - "mimi, i need to snuggwo)

(loving her Unco Wook)

Tonight (Sunday), we dropped him off at the West Valley Recruiting Station, where he checked in.  He, with several other recruits were transported to a local hotel for the night.  He will be studying his general orders and trying to get some sleep and then will be reporting to MEPS first thing tomorrow morning.  We will get a chance to see him sworn in again, and a last goodbye.

Luka won't be able to be at MEPS in the morning so he got his good bye hug in tonight

Reality is sinking in. 

Semper Fi and Oorah

Deseret News Pioneer Day 10k - 3rd times the charm?

Nope.  Not really.

This is the 3rd year that I have done the Deseret News Marathon and 10k.

 I love this race!  I love the course, and the I love the crowds!  Even though last year I wasn't pleased with my results, I totally felt like I could do better this year.

It's held annually on Pioneer Day in the cool early morning hours.  The start line is up at the University of Utah Research Park and winds it's way down hill into the city, winding around the parade route and ending at Liberty Park.  It's about 95% downhill.  It's FAST, and once you hit the crowds of people lined along the parade route, you get an adrenaline rush that's incredible!

I was going solo for this race even though I had mentioned it to a couple of my runner friends.  I slipped out of the house early, stopped at the Sev for a Monster and made my way up to the U.
I found a parking spot, and as I was getting out of the car, I realized that Splenda had no idea what time it started and I wasn't sure if he was going to make it to the finish line or not.  I realized I would be running with my cell phone and car keys.  I did the only thing I could........ tucked them into my sports bra and walked a few hundred yards to the start line.

The gun was set to go off at 6am, and it was now about 5:30 but a crowd was already gathering.  All of us with running shorts, tanks, ipods, and bib numbers pinned in various places on ourselves.  I tried not to draw any attention to the fact that I now appeared to have a square boob and some odd growth in my cleavage on account of the cell phone and car key ish.

I lined up right at the front, since I'm weird that way and began warming up.  Getting my legs stretched, warm and loose.  I had already set a goal to beat my best time, which was 2 years ago.  I posted a 46:39 and I wanted to best it by at least 2 seconds. I was shooting for 46:37.  I felt good, felt ready, and completely confident I could do it.

The gun went off, and away the crowd went.  For the first time, I was actually JOSTLED around a bit.  A little more bumping of bodies than normal, but I knew I was going to be roadkill for many people at the beginning and psychologically, that is totally fine for me.  I would rather start right at the timing pad/start line and get passed by hundreds than start at the back of the pack and feel like I have to play catch up the whole race.

I hit a nice stride and pace and felt fantastic.  About mile 2.5 is when I started to pick up a few roadkills.  That definitely helps to add some speed!  I hit the water station at 3 miles, took some nice long drinks on the run, and pushed hard. 

As I turned onto the parade route, the people and their cheering is something to behold.  Many are standing, clapping their hands, yelling encouragement and even offering food and drink.  I like to look around to see if there is anyone I recognize and try to slap hands with the little kids that like to stand out there hoping for a "high five" from a runner.

At mile 4 I was getting a little worried about the "extra's" I was carrying.  I was starting to sweat profusely and didn't want a ruined phone.  The key was holding on okay, but I'm sure I was quite the spectacle as I groped around every so often to make sure it was still there.  I knew some friends would be on the parade route (they sleep out for a spot every year) and I was hoping they would be in their usual area.  Sure, it was on the home stretch, but I figured the sooner, I get the "extra's" out of my hiding spot, the better.

At this point, the route, is fairly flat with just an ever so slight downgrade.  I tried to keep my pace, and felt pretty good.  As I passed one family, the woman held up a sign to me that said, "Pain is temporary, Pride is Forever."  I LOVE THAT!!  I could not help but smile at her - give a thumbs up and push even harder.

I rounded the corner, and started the last mile or so.  I began looking for my friends on the south side of the street, ready to pull out the "extra's" at any second.  I finally spotted them, slowed enough to yell, "HEY - TAKE THESE!" as I hucked my phone and key in their general direction.  I saw the teenage son catch my phone (mind you - grossly sweaty) and then grab my car key from the street.  I'm pretty sure he is disgusted and will need some therapy to get over the fact that he had to catch my wet "extra's" that came from my cleavage.  Poor kid.

I pushed a little harder and tried to maintain a hard sprint for the last half mile or so.  I could see the finish line, I was racking up roadkills, and desperately wanted to see the clock.

FINALLY, I was within seeing distance of the clock and the chip pad,  I pushed as hard as I possibly could and looked at the clock.  48 and some change.  48 something.  48............

BUMMED.  Instantly BUMMED!  What the heck man?  I felt good the entire run.  I felt like I was really kicking it!  And yet, 2 minutes slower than my goal.  In fact a whole minute slower than last year.  I've gained a minute every year I have done it!  I get older, I get slower.  Sucka-rama!

I knew Splenda wasn't there, so I walked through the finishers area, grabbed a banana and the free Jamba Juice they were handing out.  I started walking the route backwards to find my friends and retrieve my phone and key.

The walk back was painful. Not physically, but mentally.   I was stuck on that stupid 48 and some change.  I didn't understand what happened.  I felt as good as ever.  I just couldn't figure it out.  I did see a friend/coworker run past so I started screaming and hollering and cheering his name.  Of course he was plugged in so he didn't hear me, but I think I was highly amusing to others watching me carry on.  Being someone else's cheerleader actually made me feel better. 

I found my friends, apologized for the grossness factor and then figured I would be walking back to the U for my car.  As I made my way east, I saw a text on my phone.  Poor Splenda.  He had woken up and didn't realize the race had already started.  Did I want him to still come down?  No, I texted back.  No biggie.  But then, my phone rang and he was already on his way.

We met up on the street, I hopped in the 'stang, he dropped me off as close to my car as he could get (the marathon runners were coming in) and I walked the final few hundred yards to my car.  I was starting to stiffen up, and the day was starting to get hot.

After some stretching, I headed home and as I sat in traffic, I got a chance to watch some of the marathon runners come by.  I was insanely jealous!  That's it!  I gotta do the marathon next year!  I realize I will never be a speed demon.  And I think I am okay with that.  I just love the feeling of having actually finished the event.  Finish and post a respectable time is all I can ask for.  I am going to learn to be happy with that.  That's my new goal.

48:29.8 - 7:48 pace
16th in my age division
174th overall women (1233 total)
628 overall (2343 total)
42 roadkills

Finally got a picture after I got home, and of course, Sissy needed to pose to.

My favorite part of it all?  Besides the awesome sign?

Sissy:  "Mimi - what you do?
Me:  "I ran a race this morning."
Sissy: "Mimi - you da runner"
Me:  "Yup baby, Mimi's a runner."
Sissy:  "Mimi - I  be a runner too."

I can only dream she will love it as much as I do!

**Right before I published this I went back and read last year's post.  I sound like a total whiner about my performances.  I am determined to become happy with my self.  DETERMINED I SAY!**

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Pretty simple today.  I am thankful that the Mormon Pioneers crossed the plains into the Salt Lake Valley and that someone saw fit to make it a celebration and state holiday.

That means a day off tomorrow.  Parade, family, parties, and fireworks on Saturday.  Prolly some great Pioneer lessons at church on Sunday with great hymns to sing and remember and be grateful.

Did I mention that it's a state holiday and that today is actually my Friday?
Yeah - I bet YOU wished you lived in Utah just for the extra holiday.  NGL - it's pretty sweet and I'm pretty thankful.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday's Wrandom Wrambling

There are ribs slow cooking in my oven right now, and they smell so good I am literally salivating in my mouth.  You know that sweet spot right on your jaw that let's the juices flow?  Yeah, they're flowing. 

I don't much care for press secretary Robert Gibbs.  Is it just me or does he kinda seem a little creepy?  I sorta feel like I need to wash up after I see him on TV.  Yuck.  I would also like to smack the constant smirk off his face.  But, maybe it's just me.

'dawg got word last night that Monday will likely be his leave date.  MEPS for his last IST testing and then board the bus and buh-bye.  Seems like that snuck up kinda fast.  Gonna have a family get together Saturday night. I hope they take him Monday and don't drag it out another week.  Could ya toss that into your prayers if your the praying kind?

Got in the pool for the first time since my injection and since my last triathlon.  I can't rotate on my right side on account of the herniated disc, so I tried to breathe on my left.  Didn't go so well.  I think I will prolly be doing the next two triathlons with the breast stroke.  It's my go-to stroke.  Not as fast as freestyle, but I'll make do.

A buddy gave 'dawg the book The Art of War - The Definitive interpretation of Sun Tzu's classic book of Strategy, by Stephen F Kaufman. Hanshi 10th Dan.  I've been reading it.  It is brutal.  Not much more I can say about it, other than it's straight up brutal. 

Splenda Daddy and I saw Inception this week.  He had gone with the boys last weekend, while I stayed home with Sissy, so it was my turn Monday.  What a great show!  Really, REALLY good.  In fact, I am gonna see it again so I can catch the little things I missed the first time.  Such a clever story.  Go see it!

So my little trek family (minus the Bird) are coming to the house for our Celestial BBQ - gotta go put the finishing touches on everything.  I freaking LOVE those kids!

Anatomy of Heartache

Sunday was typical except that no Sissy meant we could sit up front in the chapel at church instead of the back on a side pew.  We like to trap her in so there's no running up on the stand or rolling around in the aisle.
I can pay attention better when I am up front.  In the back, I get busy checking out who's wearing what, coveting someone Else's beautiful dress, or what kids are being so cute.  Basically my ADD kicks in and I'm generally a lost cause.

Yes, the speakers were great this week, but unfortunately I found my mind wandering again.  I happened to look at a woman sitting a few rows ahead of me.  I know her, but not well.  I am aware of a few of her trials, but not in detail.  We exchange pleasantries but don't share secrets.  This time, I happened to look at her, but a little deeper.  Somehow, I could feel her heart ache. 
I thought about the things I DID know she struggled with, and they are many of the same every day issues we all have.  But, for some reason my heart hurt extra more for her.

You see, I know heartache.  I know it up close and personal. We've been acquainted too many times in my life for my liking, but that's a part of life.
 Most of us do in some form or another.  I felt compelled to help her.  How could I though?  We aren't good enough friends for me to just approach her and say something.  No..... my assistance would be silent for now.  Prayers on her behalf.

My thoughts focused on heartache.  You know that feeling that your heart is going to burst because you are in so much emotional pain?  The feeling that it's even hard to take a breath because your chest is swollen up and breathing seems so taxing.  The loneliness of not being understood.  The isolation of keeping it all to yourself, for fear that if you verbalized your feelings, someone might haul you away in a tight white coat to a padded room.  That kind of heartache.  The kind you think will never, ever end.

I thought of her.  I could feel it.  I started to think of so many others that I knew of or had an inkling of their struggles.  Some friends, I know first hand of their trials, having experienced similar things, and others I can only imagine since I haven't been called on for that particular trial.  But, I think the heartache might be the same.  Crushing.  Overwhelming. All-consuming.  The despair that it oftentimes brings with it.

My thought was this:  I might not know YOUR particular heartache, but I know heartache and can that be enough to help you?  I know the feelings, can that be sufficient to succor you in some way?
  I also know that it will end.  The pain will lessen, the hurt will soften, the sting will appease.  Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but it does and WILL get better.  Can my knowledge of that be enough to give hope to you?

The thought of someone dying on the inside, alone and feeling isolated, is too much for me.

So again, I implore.............I don't know YOUR specific heartache, but I know heartache.  Can that be enough?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A few days with Sissy and lessons learned

Blah, blah, blah - another stupid post about her granddaughter and all the dumb pictures.  Blah, blah blah.

Yep.  So click mark as read and move along.  I realize that I am usually the only one highly amused by this precocious 3 year old, and I'm okay with it.  Besides, it's my blog.

Lesson 1 -  I'm not sure she has any girlie in her at all.

All Friday evening, she hung out in the dirt garden. Digging, flinging, scooping, and running her toes and fingers through all the dirty dirtness.  A clean freak - she is not.  Let her play outside with the balls, the dirt, the cars, and the sprinkler and she is a happy girl.

Lesson 2 - Give her some spare time, scotch tape and a screwdriver and she can fix whatever might be ailing Buzz.  Whether Buzz realizes or not, that he has an ailment.

She asked me to fix him so I did the screwdriver thing and made him Spanish for a few minutes, much to her delight. 

Lesson 3 -  While for the most part, the girl is fearless, she got it into her brain that she would "dwown" if she went into the water.  After some re-programming, she was soon happy as a fish in the pool with Poppa at the Ward Swim Party. 

(you have a life jacket, honey, you can't dwown)
(testing the waters)

(no life jacket for a minute)

(running on the sidewalk until the lifeguard hollered at her)

(having so much fun)

(water basketball)

(hang time)

(Mimi - I wanna woot beew fwoat)

(running around some more with other little friends)

(so much fun with Poppa)


(With her Daddy)

("Mimi - I need doze gwasses")

Let the record state that there are two circumstances in which one should not be in a public pool with others.  Ward people and Work people.  It's kinda crossing a line. But for something REALLY funny to read about public pools - go see what Cheeseboy has to say.  Dude is hysterical! Even if his name is Cheese of which we all know how I feel about.

Lesson 4 - She loves me and I love her

And that is what matters the most of all!