Monday, January 12, 2009

Missionary Monday Update

Nothing exciting or thought provoking this week, not even a new picture... but here it is for posterity's sake.

Sounds like things are going pretty good back at home! liked the pictures of the whole wrist cutting thing, that was awesome!i havent gotten your package yet, but i think i will find out tomorrow. if it doesnt come this week, it will be the next week for sure. about your package, i am not sure, but it should come within this week or so.....
hmm this week i think that i am going to need some cash, but i have enough, so there is no prob. if you could just get it actived this week so that i could have it for the next week that would be great!
honestly this week was sooooo long. i dont have a new comp, and we wont be getting changes until 28th of Jan, or in about two weeks or so. which is okay with me, nothing hurt. but i am almost sure that he is going to be going, which is the best for him, this sector and for me. things are going good though. nothing big going on this week, just a normal week of work, hard work that is haha. i am not sure if we will get a baptizm this month, but for God, nothing is impossible!
Got some good letters this week from some friends and Robby sent me and email, complety in spanish. i forgot that he speaks spanish haha. really cool.
just know that everything here is going good, preaching the gospel still and saving lifes. haha how cool. i am going to send some pics of the baptizism i hope that this comp can do it. i have been trying to send pics the past coiple of weeks.
loved hearing from you guys, i hope that you have a great week! love you guys!

Elder Catmull

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tammy said...

How many more days is it??