Sunday, January 18, 2009

Spiritual Sunday

After last night's temple excursion, it's hard to find something to top it. Especially when you spend the first 1 and 20 minutes of church battling the chunch. It's so HARD to sit still or even remotely occupied with ANYTHING that long when you're almost 2. Oy Vay!
Once she got to nursery, the planets were once again re-aligned and all's right with the world. Her nursery leader Lori, is the BEST!!
THEN... I got to tag along with the Splenda Daddy, the Tuffster and one of his besties to go take the sacrament to cute Linda who still can't venture to church with the baby. Now, I've tagged along before when they have taken the sacrament to someone who needed it, but for some reason today was special. My hubby, my son, my friend, and the tiny baby just all added up to 'Spirit Inducer'.
Then, back to the wardhouse to teach my first lesson to the MiaMaids. I freakin LOVE those girls!! Seriously. Something happens when you get set apart for a calling. Your whole heart seems to be wrapped around those whom you are to serve. A very unique phenomenon.
Here's hoping your Sunday was just as fulfilling!


CJ, the Purple Diva said...

AWESOME! I'm the nursery leader in our ward! I LOVE IT! I'm sure some of my parents feel the same way about just getting them to nursery!

tiburon said...

My Sunday was spent in my pj's. Lounging around.

Stake Conference...

LaurieJ said...

I just got called as 1st counselor in YW's and can't wait to work with the miamaids.
There is definitely something about a calling because I wouldn't normally look forward to hanging out with a bunch of 14-15 year old girlies :-)

tammy said...

My Sunday:

Freaked out about the organ a little because it was ward conference and not so comfortable up there yet.

Tempted to leave early to go watch the Cardinals play, but stayed.