Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tickle Me Pink Tuesday

Things that are just "tickling me pink" today:

That I got all the way to work with no spillage of the corn pops!

My new Skull candy headphones for the podder. SO COOL!

Crystal Light packets. Really. Makes drinking so much water actually palatable.

Marianne's new word she taught me. I can't share, this is a family-friendly site, but it IS making me giggle.

When Purdy says, take a deep breath in......and exhale, and your outta here!

That within the same family, two different kids can draw a picture of me. One a skinny Melissa, the other a BIG,FAT BLOB Melissa. I think I like the skinny Melissa kid better. Just.saying.

The fact that I never toss an old bag or purse. This morning I recycled a previously used bag that now is much easier to use to carry the laptop and work files. I can now walk down the street and look a little more normal and less mentally challenged.

What "tickles you pink" today?


Kristina P. said...

Cafe Rio for lunch! Yay!

Your Friend said...

The huge chocolate muffin/mini cake from Costco sitting on my counter right now that I am going to go devour.

I want Skull candy headphones!

::Jan:: said...

What I am getting a tickle about is that I can't picture a big fat blobbed Melissa. I would love to see that picture.

Martha H. said...

Harrassing Tiburon while you're on the phone with her.

Walking with you and the Evil Genius at lunch.

Seeing peeps from Boise.

Mina said...

My 7 year old, who hardly had time to kiss me, CUDDLED me all through American Idol tonight. That's my baby boy ...

tiburon said...

Control of my bowels.

And I think you should scan the pictures - just saying.