Monday, November 30, 2009

How to decorate for Christmas.......

Ghetto style!

You may remember this post?

Yeah, not much has changed. I didn't suddenly grow decorating bones or brains. You can find that all over the blogosphere. Just visit any one of them on my side bar and you'll find great decorating tips. But not here. Nope, I'm still rockin it WT style.....

Now, I don't know what a good decoration is from a bad one. If I get something Christmasy, it stays, and finds a place somewhere. Until it breaks. Hopefully, at least it lasts a year.

Let's start in the kitchen. You know that ugly back door going to the garage? Yeah, throw something on there to help festify (yes that IS a word), the kitchen.and notice on the doorknob? It's, um, a dishtowel thingie..... but that seems to be the only place I could reasonably find for it. Totally doesn't match anything but, dangit, it got used!

Moving through the kitchen, let's do something with the banister.You've got some long fir, type of something. Years ago, you threaded some lights through it and strung it ever so lovely between the banister rails, cause you saw that somewhere and it was pretty. And the first year it was. This year, you realize the lights don't work and you don't have the energy or gumption to wind it ever so lovely. You throw it up there and wrap it once around to get it to stay. Kitchen covered.

Front Room/Home Teacher/Visiting Teacher/Jesus room. The only other room that gets decorated. Ever. Let's start with the coffee table. Now, you've got so much of Elder L's mission stuff, that there isn't much room. Instead plunk down some stupid center piece thingie that you bought the year after you graduated high school from your former dance club teacher, with whom you stayed friends.Just look how hideous that thing is! But at least it adds something to the coffee table. Right? RIGHT?

How about those end tables? At least do something with the one that people see the minute they step in the door.Now the lighted Santa? So far that dude has made it a couple of Christmas's. He's skating on thin ice at this house. And my nativity sets? Yeah, those little things you see there? The white set came all the way from a flea market in Mexico. For reals. We've had it for years and only Joseph got broken. We pretend one of the wise men is instead the carpenter.
The other one? Pretty cute huh? Freebie from Deseret Book. Yeah, only the immediate holy family, and this is their second year in our home. They take a deep breath every time I pass by, crossing their little ceramic fingers that I won't bump them. At one point, we had a BEAUTIFUL nativity set. I mean BEAUTIFUL. And I'd like to blame the boys, I really would, but I'm really the one that's the bull in the china shop. My favorite ceramic, that one of Santa kneeling in front of baby Jesus? That is my favorite and I can't believe it's made it through so many Christmas's. Keeping my own fingers crossed now!

Moving on to the mantlesome people hang their stockings with care, and while I was doing it, I was being careful, but for the love of all that's sacred and righteous, I couldn't hang something straight if my life depended on it. Don't worry about correct spacing between socks..... just throw them up there Ethel!

Down below the mantlesome miscellaneous decorations that you try cleverly to work in to the overall feng shui.

Now do you see that beautiful little village. I'll have you know, we have had that several years. We were given that as a special gift the year our family went through the temple to be sealed. Which is December 6th, BTW - but I digress. Anyhoo, it was a special gift to remind us of the special year. I love it! I actually still have ALL the pieces, and there's only a small chip on one of the houses. The lights? A different matter. There was this trick to getting them in and I, of course, didn't get the trick. They still work, just fine, but notice the plug there to the left? Yeah, won't reach an outlet. Can't find an extension cord. Leaving it there until I muster some vim and vigor to get it taken care of.

I've got two chairs that the Freakshow no longer insists on taking over, so with a few extra decorations, you can turn those pieces of crap into something, well, uh, decorated!
Yes, again, I realize that there is a dishtowel set. I just don't know what else to do with it! Cut me some slack man!

The Front Door. This has everyone on the outside fooled. It's a pretty decent wreath which might lead others to thinking that it's super cute inside as well? Don't I have them so fooled? And yes, the front door still needs painting in a desperate fashion, but I figure with the snow blowing around and stuff, it can wait until spring right?

And certainly don't forget to put down the welcome mat that your middle son made for you when he was in the 3rd gradeNow that's just cute, I don't care who ya are!

And finally, de piece de resistance. The TREE! What you can't tell is that about half the lights are burned out. Yep. Too tired to unstring them and go buy more. Putting on my list of things to do the day AFTER Christmas. Do I have a theme to my tree? Gold ornaments? Blue balls, and pinecones? Red and white candy canes? Heck no! Every ornament on my tree was homemade, handmade or given to us for some reason or another. Some are old neighbor gifts. Some are from the arctic circle drive through kids meal. I even think the bow at the top (no angels at our house), was a trimming on some other lovely wrapped present. But most of the ornaments, or toys as Sissy calls them, are ones that my boys made all through elementary school and in primary. See they used CONSTRUCTION paper. That is hard for me to break. Those make it through year after year.

And there you have it. Yet another fine lesson in decorating. You think I'm kidding don't you...... I'm really not. Not a decorator. Not an artsy, craftsy gal. Never have been, and not interested in becoming one. I appreciate it others. I admire it and even envy it in others, but I have come to realize that it's not me. And I'm totally okay with it.

Besides, who else would I laugh at, point fingers and mock mercilessly if not myself?

Monday Missionary Update

(old pic again - but I love this one!)


How are you guys doing?? Good to hear from you this week!!! I am glad that everything back home is going great! Here in the mish things are going great. This week was really long and a very hard week, but very fruitful. I don’t know if I told you guys yet, but me and my comp got the number to a near by pizza place here that delivers, its called Telepizza. Anyway we basically have been ordering pizza almost everysingle night haha. We decided to set a goal and save all of the pizza boxes and stack them up until we get to the ceiling. We so far have 20 boxes of pizza saved, in just this transfer. I think that it is a great diet haha.
I was still thinking about the whole work after I get home thing…. I made like a little list of all of the good things that come from studying right when you get home, and the bad things of doing it. Then the good things of waiting to study and just working, then the bad things of it. Still kinda indecisive. My thoughts are leaning more towards working when I get home. But I wanted to know, when does the school start in January?? Like what date is it? Ah and to answer your question….about calling in Dec. I will be able to talk to you guys so there is no problem there. We already got the number and house picked out so there is no prob, and nothing to worry about.
Things are going great with my comp. We get along just great and it will be hard to got home and not have one haha. Deigo is way happy and wants to go on a mission!!! Can you guys believe that?? Wow I am so excited for him. Of course he will have to wait a year, but still that is sooo cool.
Just so you guys know, we are defiantly going to have to go to a Jazz game we I get back. I just think that would be freaking awesome. Anyway just something to think about. I am sorry that there are no fotos. My batteries are all dead and are charging as we speak. The next p day I will be sending some. Also I am going to buy another memory card to get as much video and pics before I come home!!! I love you guys so much and thanks for all that you guys do for me. I hope that you guys have a great week and that things work out for you!!!!

**Great email. I just noticed that he didn't even sign his name. I'm going with the theory that he was in a hurry. Only 32 more days left!**

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009 Part II

I know I said that we broke off from our different sides of the family for Thanksgiving and we still stick by that, however, this year Splenda's brother and kids were in town and the whole fam damily was there. We couldn't ignore the opportunity to visit, so after the movie we toddled off to yet another pig out feast!

At some point, I just handed my camera over to the boys and said take me some pictures. I deleted the gross ones, and here is what they came up with: KH with what appears to be a secret she may or not be sharing with the camera

Tuffy, when someone shouted "Paparazzi!" at him

Me and RC - One of the nephews from LV. Yes, that is Jordan on my lap. Yes, we did take her to the dinner. Yes, we were feeling bad for leaving her alone all day long. Yes, we are weird.

Scooter - being, well Scooter

EC, MC, BA, R and CC enjoying some visiting. MC and R are from Las Vegas. If you ever want to have the perfect divorce situation. They could teach you how. She is still as much a part of our family as anyone. Love that she came this year!! (I have no words for the photo above of just myself. I am obviously talking quite animted since my hands are involved. Wait. That's me all the time)

Splenda, SC, TC RC and DC - some more talk. I suspect some politics may or may not have been discussed. I wisely stayed away.

LL - being, well, LL

Scooter with Grandma Joy. She is getting ready to put her mission papers in. This will be the second one for her!

Me and Splenda being, well, Me and Splenda......those rolls! YUMMY!

KH, RH andMe. One last shot of some fam togetherness.

Love those Catmull's. Really. Some dang good times

Thanksgiving 2009 Part I

We started the day off with Family Prayer (the three of us - Splenda, Tuffy and Myself), expressing gratitude for everything we possibly ever had, have now or will have in the future.

We then headed off here:Why the Golden Corral? We broke off the year that Elder L left and my own little fam does it's own thing. The first year I cooked. It was last we were going to have with him for awhile and I wanted it special. The next year, without him, I didn't feel like cooking but I needed it meaningful. The Golden Corral is the last Thanksgiving I had with my grandmother before she passed. I remember sitting in a corner table with her, my Mom, aunt, uncle, and a couple of cousins. My uncle offering prayer right there at the table, just like Grandpa would have it he had been around.

Next to my Dad, I miss my Grandma the most. I used to dream about her every single night. The first year or so after she died. Now, it's every so often. But I miss her. A lot. That is why the Golden Corral is meaningful to me.
My poor, yet patient boys. They have to put up with me.

After the VERY satisfying lunch, we headed off to the movies and saw this:A fantastic movie! In fact, it will be a purchase for our own, and viewed every Thankgiving. So many meaningful lessons to be taken from it. Little nuggets of wisdom and thought provoking scenes. I think my biggest take-away, is you never know the influence of one good person in the life of another. Loved it! Will likely see it again before it leaves the theaters! And Sandra Bullock? Outstanding performance. Yes, I know there is some Oscar buzz with her name, my fear is, it's not the "oscar type" film so she'll get overlooked. But in my book? Phenomenal!

The day was getting off to a great start........

Tickle Me Pink Tuesday

Okay, yeah, whatever. I'm so late. I've had things to do ya know.

I am tickled pink to discover that my winning jewelry was, in fact, made by the wonderful Sarah HERSELF! For reals! Look at it!It's gorgeous and again I am astounded at her talent! Thanks Sarah - I heart it!

I am tickled pink that I am a MeeMaw. I got a call early Monday morning with the information, the my darling girl had made something for me all by herself.Okay sure, she had some help from her Mommy with the writing, but she chose and placed all the stickers. Seriously, being a grandparent is the BEST.THING.EVER!

Slang Gang Word of the Day

November 26: turkey bark

Farting after eating turkey.

I let out out a massive turkey bark after Thanksgiving dinner.

**No additional explanation from me. You all know you do it, you just now have the official name**

Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Missionary Update


I guess that you guys both would be wondering about how the baptizms went….well here are some pics!!! He is freaking amazing. He is 18 years old and just loves the church. He is thinking about going on a mission too so that would be great! He really is my great friend and brother. Just trying to think on how much really, this baptizm changed the sector and the members. Let me explain.
In this entire year there has only been 1 baptizm….apart of Diego (who I baptized). The members were totally discouraged. This sector is HARD but posible. At first when the members started to know Diego they were like well… he is good, but nothing like WOW hey someone really coming to chruch. Like it really didnt mean much to them. Well, he got dunked and now all of the members are just way excited for the missionary work. They are offering to help us out more and Diego will be giving us some references. There is more……Diego has brought encouragment to the liders of the ward which as a result has animated other kids to come back to chruch. This has giving the members more excitement to work……Well in a nut shell…..did we just change one life? Or a generation? I think that the answer is too obvious. The sucess of a missionary does NOT depened on his baptizms…… it depends on his dedication to the work and how hard he does it. Then if its the Lords will, he will provide you will the people to dunk. There is more good news. I told you guys that went I left Franke there were people that were going to get baptized. 3 to be exact. Well they all got baptized, as a result……3 more got baptized and some of them have callings in the church. I was not there to see that…but I was there to do what the Lord wanted me to do. See? Just some FYI stuff that has happened in the mish. Now if you really want to get tricky….as a lider you have to help other missionaries… Once you do this, they baptize and the same chain occurs…..sooooo….did we just help one missionary? Or a generation? The answer is obvious. Some people are reapers…others are sewers. I mean come on… Elder Alves da Costa ended with more than 25 baptisms hahahahahahahaha.

Okay on to some other stuff. About the job thing and starting school. What kinda job do you think that I could get that would help me with my schooling? Cause I mean i Know that for one time I wanted to be a translater and I think that would be awesome if I could. But from what I am aware of, you have to pass a test and that certifies you as a translater. THEN i could get a job like that. I am not sure what the test is, how to take it, nor how much it cost. Or what else could I do as a job? Just a thought. I would love to however use my spanish a lot in my job. Oh and speaking of the money situation, I have kinda just spent it on random stuff, like souveniers and stuff for the baptizm and food that I needed and a tie and socks and just stuff that I needed. I havent spent all of it, but I guess that I just took out more that was needed.

So is that my for real realease time??? Wow, that is crzy. I would like to have bish smith there and the current bish. Then just our familiy would be good. I guess that if anything changes I will let you know. Feelings?? I dont know what to feel really, I guess that it is hard to explain, Happy and Sad. Weird. Well I mean we will only me emailing eachother 5 or 6 more times and then I am home. That is wierd. So I guess there should be some good emails huh haha. Okay so this email is getting pretty long, I guess that is okay. Tomorrow is my last zone conferenece in my mission. I will be bearing my “last testimony” in front of the missionaries and I am nervous. I know i will cry. I love you guys, and thatnks for all of the support. Have a great week, see you guys soon!

Elder Catmull


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Slang Gang Word of the Day

November 21: PED XING

A wealthy Chinese philanthropist who paid large sums of money in order to have his name plastered everywhere, so that people would remember who he was.

"Look there's another Ped Xing sign"
"Oh that Ped Xing, how we'll remember him"

**I laughed outloud at this one.**

Friday, November 20, 2009

Funny Bone Friday - Things I may have heard, or said, or just thought in my head

"Let's not judge each other on our beverage choices."

"The BABY ate your DINGO!"

"Quit your clickin"

"I'm a THESPIAN, and that's NOT lesbian with a lisp"

"It's not us, it's you."

"Everyone's pitchin a tent."

"That is a speedo. That man has to be 60 something. Think Mr Burns. Ewwwwwwww."

"You know why I say tough tits mom? So I'll refrain from using the kind language that you've set as an example for me."

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday - Part II

I am thankful that when my favorite 7 year old draws a special picture for me, she draws me standing OUTSIDE of the rain.

I look at this picture on my fridge and see myself in the middle of every day life. It is raining and gloomy on one side or it is sunny with beautiful flowers on the other.

Which way do I choose to look?

Thanks Ava for the beautiful picture. You had no idea how profound it would end up being did you?
Aunti M

Thankful Thursday

Today I am super thankful for blog give away's and that sometimes I come out a weiner! I mean WINNER!

So..... a while ago, I won a fun little give away on Sarah's blog. We've been talking back and forth about how I was going to get the goods. We live close enough to make a lunch date out of it, so we were arranging schedules.

Well, my friends, today was the DAY!

We met at one of my favorite eateries. Luckily, The Shark was available as was Miss Mart, so we made it a lil 'ole bloggy lunch!

Sarah is fun, smart and easy to talk to! I am amazed at her strength and her honesty with life. She definitely puts me to shame with her attitude!

I don't know about the other girls, but I had a great time! All too soon, it was time to get back to work. Shark took off before we got pictures (lame).

And my prizes?That would be The Cake Wrecks book, which we have been giggling over all night, a beautiful necklace with matching earrings (remind me Sarah where those came from so I can give them a shout out), a gift card to Target, but most prized is the picture of the Logan temple. Sarah's husband is an up and coming photographer, and I asked them to just choose me one of his photo's. She came armed with several for me to choose from, and while I finally narrowed it down to two, I settled on this beautiful one. I can't wait to get it matted, framed and hung.

Thank you Sarah for making the trip south, and for a wonderful chat. You are a darling that I can't wait to get to know even better.
Thanks Shark and Mart for coming along and making it a fun bloggy affair! You girls are all so funny and delightful! It was a welcome respite from the my day gig in hell.

Slang Gang Word of the Day - Triple Threat

November 17: Palintologist

A person that follows/studies political dinosaurs.

Dude1: You'll remember Dan Quayle once said "I am not part of the problem. I am a Republican."

Dude2: Remember Dan Quayle quotes? Dude what do I look like a Palintologist?

**Is this any kind of reference to Sarah Palin by chance? Mmmmmm......**

November 18: darth breather

Adj. a person who breathes so loud, and sounds like Darth Vader while breathing, especially in quiet places.

Michael: Man! I couldn't complete my exam yesterday.
Jeffrey: Why? Was it that hard?
Michael: No, but there was a darth breather behind me.

**Could also be applied to people who make a LOT of noise when they are asleep. You know, THOSE people.**

November 19: expiration chug

when someone drinks milk very quickly on the day of the expiration date

Person a: what happened to that gallon of milk in the refrigerator?

Person b: Oh, I gave it an expiration chug, so it wouldn't go bad.

Person a: Good thinking!

**Prolly has happened at my house, however, I wouldn't know since I don't drink milk. But it's a dang good idea**

No go to. I have armed you with some hip, happening slang words. Implement them in your daily lives.

An Open letter to the Grim Reaper

Dear Mr. Grim Reaper,
So far this year you have taken away my favorite actor Patrick Swayze, and favorite actress Farrah Fawcett.
Just so you know, my favorite politician is Barack Obama.

Thank you,

**Thanks for the funny today CA**

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesday Wrandom Wrambling's

I feel very out of touch with the blogging world. Overwhelmed at work and exhausted at nighttime leaves very little time. I am afraid to open my reader. Very.afraid. But I still love all of my bloggy friends and the blogs that I secretly stalk, I just can't get to my reader. I feel kind left out of the circle. No cool kids table in the lunchroom for me right now.

I like to make sure that my ground beef (when I am cooking it), is chopped into tiny, tiny, tiny bits. I CAN.NOT stand big hunks of ground beef in anything. Gross.

Jordan is a little human. Don't judge. She likes spooning. At nighttime she will paw at me gently so I will lift the covers. She snuggles underneath and since I sleep on my side, she wriggles her little back right next to mine. If she gets too hot, she creeps up until just her head is out of the covers. Crap, I love that dog!

For some reason I can't open my eyes all the way today. They burn. I've been dumping tears in them but I think they are just tired.

GNO tonight. I hope I can stay awake. I'll never get asked out on a GNO date ever again if I don't. Keep your fingers crossed.

I've got some pretty political rants coming up. Stay tuned. I am certainly fired up about a few things.

I shave my legs every single day. People are surprised by this. I don't understand. Why wouldn't you?

In fact, I have a very set shower routine and do NOT vary from it ever. If I do, I am out of sorts for the whole rest of the day.

I think I might be a tich compulsive about a few things.

I am okay with that. I wish I were more compulsive about a lot of more things.

It's hard not lifting anything. I forget. My back feel pretty good so I forget that I should take it easy.

On the other hand, there are still weird things with my leg. I am seriously considering a Chinese acupuncturist. For reals. And I don't even believe in them.

I need to start getting Elder L's room ready. Anyone interested in a pretty nice beginner's drum set? It's going on KSL - THIS WEEKEND! If it kills me, I mean Splenda!

That reminds me, we owe Elder L TWO Christmas's with this third one all together. I guess that foils my plan of quitting my job. Crap.

I have a great pot of corn chowder on the stove for dinner tonight. It smells delish! Too bad I'm not having any of it. I'm having popcorn for dinner!! Yippee! That's the price you pay to go to the movies and have the great movie theater popcorn.

Man, I hope I can stay awake.......

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tickle Me Pink Tuesday - illustrated version......

I am tickled PINK that the boy gets us a good student discount on car insurance!
Way to go Tuffster!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Missionary Update

Parentals Units,

Okay, well I guess that you guys need some answer and are probably looking foward to knowing what is going on with me. I am A LOT better than I was before. Last tuesday I went to the doctors to see what was all going on and I had the funniest doctors experience en chile as a missionary. I have been making a tape for you guys for navidad so I am going to be sending that off to you guys. I told the story there haha. Anyway...the doc said that I had Gastritis. I dont know if that is in spanish or english. But it is basically when someone eats something bad and it like hurts your stomach....something like that. Anyway, they made me go buy some stuff, some meds, and in about 4 more days I was better, and working. It was a loooong time just resting and not working. Good thing though, is that everything is back to normal and I am eating just fine. Only bad thing that is lost I am now on a get fat diet if you could believe that haha. I guess we will see how things go with that.
The pics where great!! Looks like some things are changed around cause I dont remember corbs old room like that at all! Kinda funny how they went to sadies with the call of duty t shirts haha. That is so tuffy. The weather is getting good here though, or I mean, warmer. Dad says that it is going to rain....and thats not good news haha. Ah, and the reason that I said because today we start the week of my last transfer in my mission.....That means that in 6 weeks...I am coming home. Fast huh? Anyways transfer are coming up and my comp is going to coyhaique and I am training a new zone leader. I forgot what his name is but he is fromthe same group as Elder Larsen. Should be really fun. Larsen told me that he is a really good guy though. My goal is to get 3baptisms inthis time period. It is going to be tough, but Posible!!!
I guess that I am going to start buying a lot more soveniers. I really havent bought that much, so I guess that it would be good toget some huh?? Also I wantedyour guyss help and opinion.. about coming back and getting right into studies?? or waiting and working for a little bit toget some cash then study? What do you guys think that I should do? Or isit too late to get inlisted or whatever? I am not sure how all that works, but I dont know what to do. What else can I say?? I amhappy, working hard and loving the mission!!! I love you guys so much and thanks for all you do for me! I amgoing to send you guys a pic and if your on and want to give an opnion that would be great! I cant reply back, but I would love tohear from you guys!

Elder Catmull

**Parental Units? Two years later, and he's still our funny kid! Much better email this week. Interesting that now at the end of his mission, he is getting gringo comps.**

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sadie Hawkins 2009

I've always wondered.....exactly WHAT is Sadie Hawkins? I suppose I could google bit, but I am too lazy to, and prolly just don't care enough to need to know.

Around here, it's a girls choice, casual dance. The kids had a ball. Scavenger hunt, homemade pizza's, the dance, and then watching a slide show of all the pictures from earlier in the night.

As I mentioned the dress is very casual, and usually the girls get matching shirts for their dates. Over the years I have seen some different trends go by, but this was the first year that screen tee's were the choice. Each couple had matching tee's with the same screen or logo on them. Some were cute like ernie and bert, or cookie monsters, but Tuffy's gal knows how to do it right.
Yes friends, that is a "Call of Duty" shirt. The latest craze right now in the video game world for mature teens. He has been rockin the game since he bought it last week and loves it. She did a very good job on the shirt choice!

Tuffy left the house at 12:30pm and walked in shortly after midnight. Other than a few minutes for me to take pictures, I didn't hear from them.