Friday, January 2, 2009

The Pregnancy Pizza - Act I

My cute friend Linda (she's the one on the right), is now two days overdue! Baby was to come on New Year's eve but..... no appearance. I promised her that whenever she was ready, I would take her for "pregnancy pizza".

Really. No lie.

has a pizza that is sworn to induce labor.
Anyone I have ever heard about who has eaten said pizza, when at term or near to term, has gone into labor within 24 hours. You can even go into the restaurant and just say "I want the pregnancy pizza" and EVERY server knows exactly what you are talking about. Now, Snopes will discount any theories and say it's all a lie. But I tell you, it works! Almost two years ago, I took my daughter-in-law there, she ate half of it that night, the other half the next morning and delivered Chloee that night!
Locally here, people are swearing by it! I, for one, am a believer!

Keep your fingers crossed! I'm hoping I am blogging Act II by Sunday. And if I am, I am going to demand they name the child after me. Wait, it's a boy. A boy named Melissa? Just not right...never mind, life will be hard enough. I guess the name they already have picked out will have to suffice : )
Good luck Linda!!!


Kristina P. said...

That would have been awesome if she had the baby on the table.

And I have only been to Trio once, and it's been a few years! I need to go again, apparently.

Jan said...

That is so cool. It's like castro oil only better. I hope it works. Momma Mia Pizza reliever. Looks good too.

tammy said...

I hope it works - for both your sakes. And lol about Kristina wanting her to have it on the table. That would have been awesome though.

(and yes you can steal the thing you asked about. just because i love you)

tammy said...

So what's on that thing anyway?

Denise said...

Looks good....hope it works. What's on this magical pizza anyway??

Melissa said...

The pizza is a pure pie of garlic, garlic and more garlic. With some roasted chicken, carmelized onions, mushrooms and fontina. It would never fly past my lips, but hey, when you're overdo and desperate, you do what it takes!

nikkicrumpet said...

Well I hope the pizza works and you have a new happy healthy baby and mom by Sunday! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love meeting fellow Utahans! Ok...I guess I'm technically not a Utahan anymore since I live in New England...but I'll always be in Utah in my heart! I so miss it!!!Now I'm off to snoop around some more.

debilyn said...

oh my!...thankfully, all of my babies were early...or I think I would have gone absolutely crazy!!

found you by way of Sher's soon as I saw the name of your blog, I KNEW I had to stop and I may be rivals for the #1 Fan of THE OFFICE spot!!...seriously, the BEST.SHOW.EVER!

Wishing you a Belated Happy New Year...I'm adding you to my Blogroll so I can keep up with the fun =)

tiburon said...

Soooo?!?!?! Did it work!!?!