Monday, January 12, 2009

PT camp - day 1

It has begun. Day 1 of PT camp.
Now, I'm no stranger to PT camp, and have had my share of hard workout's but this morning was a tich on the brutal side. Thankfully, Purdy is no Simmons, so I don't have to fight the feeling of strangling said trainer.
Let's see, warm up. Which everyone BUT me did nicely in the gym. I had forgotten to bring my running shoes, so had to quickly toddle back home, run into the house to the yapping, I mean, warmly greeting dog. And race back.
The Princess of Pain, I mean Raelynn, informs us that she is going to "time our mile". Okay, running, no biggie. GO! In and of itself that would have been enough. But after that, it was stairs for 5 minutes. Then walking lunges. 50 on the right leg, 50 on the left leg. Then runner lunges. 50 on the right leg, 50 on the left leg. Is the hour up yet? No, now wall step ups. 50 on the right leg, 50 on the left leg. Now, fill out this waiver, (isn't it a little late for that)? Here's your exercise and food logs, everyone bring them back Monday or everyone does 25 stairs. I give the look of death to EVERYONE in the gym. Either bring them back or face my wrath!

Annnnnnd, then the sadist that I am, went BACK to the gym tonight for a rousing round of kick-boxing! I'm a sick, sick girl!
Now, time to limp off to bed......and turn around and do it all over again tomorrow!


Geri said...

I jogged five miles today, and, like you, I have to go back and do it again tomorrow. Apparently, I'm a sick, sick, sick girl too!

Martha H. said...

Sounds like pure and utter torture. Glad it's you and not me. :)

tiburon said...

It was actually stairs for 10 minutes.


Natalie said...

I wish I wanted to exercise!