Sunday, January 25, 2009

How I spent my weekend - An essay of randomness

Is the weekend over already?? FREAK! Where did it go? A minute ago, I swear it was Friday afternoon and I was racing to get home so Jill could drop Chloee off, and here it is now, Sunday night, and I've lost two whole days!

Friday night was....... hmmmmmm. I can't even remember. We must have done something fun. Or not. It's gone like a good dream.

Saturday was..... hmmmm, I remember a little more about that. It started with the gym. Our good friend Rick who had the nerve to up and move back to Denver Friday, got his last request in for weights and he chose 200 push-ups. No, that is NOT a typo! 200 push up's. I missed him so much that morning, but today and those 200 pushups later - not so much! Yikes! Entire upper body muscles are crying big crocodile tears, not to mention I lost a bet with the shark and had to pay up with a candy bar.
Then off to church ball. Our priests played the ONE WARD we ever have problems with. Why this particular ward and the competitiveness, I have no idea. But it's been that way for YEARS! It was a close game, but in the end, our boys out-played them, and our coach out-coached them. Go Tuffy and Splenda Daddy! It was funny when one of our ward members mentioned that maybe we will all need to take the sacrament twice for the words and attitudes this game : ) At least no technical fouls and no one having to talk to the Bishop. That was a regular occurance with my oldest son.
Then Kim and Natalie brought the kids over for a visit.
How FUN!
The puppies are already so big.
and as for Hummer
he's just plain HUGE (for a small dog anyway).
They made themselves right at home and remembered exactly where the food was. Mom and Kasey got in on all the play.

I think those puppies probably slept for hours after all the action! So cute and so fun to see them again! It makes me lean toward doing another litter.....(don't tell Splenda Daddy).
Then Tuffy and I were off to get his answer ready. His answer ready you ask? What the?? See he got asked by a cute friend to go to "Sweethearts" at school. She brought him some McDonald's Friday night at work. A big Mac, shake and fries. With a note that said "Would a Big Mac like you, wanna shake it up with a small fry like me?" How cute is that?? So he got a couple bags of sweethearts, a few packages of DingDong's and then we headed off to Build-a-Bear. He made the cutest RockStar bear complete with rockstar shades and drum sticks.
Named him Tuffy's Rock Band name of "Kramer", and then put it all in three separate boxes.
Box #1 has the sweethearts with a note that says "Me, go to Sweethearts with you?". Box #2 has the DingDongs with a note that says "Don't be a DingDong".
Box #3 has the bear with a note that says "I'd be BEARY happy to!". Cute huh?! Yes, I helped with general idea however, the details he came up with and worked on. He'll be leaving it for her in Seminary tomorrow. I can't wait to hear how she likes it!

Sunday......mmmmmm would love to tell you that I went to church and had some amazing spiritual experiences. That I have been enlightened and uplifted. Nope.Nada.Zilch.
The chunch did NOT sleep well. She was up at 1:30am, and then wouldn't go back to her own bed. Which meant she was with us, so does that equal anyone sleeping well? NO!
Splenda Daddy had to get up early for meetings so she was up early again and when I finally got her back to sleep, it was back to snooze-land for myself. And since Splenda Daddy didn't make it back home before church, Tuffy got the pleasure of sleeping in too. WOW. And once that whole groove was thrown off, well the rest of the day we just kissed off! Seriously. You know what I am talkin about. Where you just really can't/won't/don't do ANYTHING the rest of the day. Nothing that didn't HAVE to happen like basic care taking of the chunch and potty breaks. Other than that, NON-PRODUCTIVE. Would love to tell you that I read my scriptures and prepared my lesson for next week. Would love to say I got caught up on all my Ensign reading. NOPE! But I did get all my daily crossword puzzles caught up, read half of one the two People mag's waiting for me, and read the paper. Also did a little on-line quiz about my real age versus my calendar age. Seems I am younger than I really am.
Calendar Age 42.5 Difference -2.8 RealAge 39.7
I'm really only 39. Niiiiiiiiice.

Did watch videos with Chunch and chill with the Tuffster.

Did a LOT of just laying around and basically vegging/playing.

Can you say day of waste rather than day of rest? Complete and utter breaking of the Sabbath! Would love to tell you that I feel bad about it. That I am repentant and will never do this again. NOPE! Don't feel bad for a millisecond. Wish I had a whole next day to continue this lazy journey. I have lots more things to not get done. Next Sunday will be better. I'm not a total slacker. I'm dedicated and try to do the right things, just today went terribly awry.

So now here it is Sunday night, and I have nothing but a few random pictures and thoughts to amount to my weekend. I'm okay with it really. In about 12 hours the pager for work will get turned over to me for the next 7 days, and I will have plenty to do and to complain about. Could be, off to do the last bright thing of the weekend, email my missionary!


Martha H. said...

May the gods of the quiet pager be with you this next week. I believe that I had all the weirdness this week, which generally means that the following week is non-eventful. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Loved all the pics of puppies and Chloee. So cute!

Kristina P. said...

Oh, the days of high school dances. I once put my answer inside all these fortune cookies. Awesome.

tiburon said...

Hooray for your lazy weekend. And a double hooray for my candy bars.

It was a suckers bet. Just.saying.

tammy said...

What a sad sad picture! I almost started crying. Love the dance ideas! Gonna have to file those away for future use. Of course I'm not letting my boys date until they're 25.

Anonymous said...

I do hope you're kidding re: another litter. With 8,000,000 dogs being euthanized in the shelters every year, it's just selfish to create more.

Erin said...

200 pushups? Are you kidding me? I couldn't even do 10. Wow. Just wow.

Anonymous said...

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Joel said...

Sounds like a crazy and wonderful weekend! I love his answer to his date's always so fun to see what people come up with for the dances. :)