Friday, December 19, 2008

Oops-a-doodle - Forgotten Funny for Friday

Ruh Roh! The ever clever Tiburon reminded me that I forgot a funny from early this morning. Which by the way, at 5:30am, pretty much EVERY thing can be funny! Especially if you are still hopped up on pain pills and trying to kickbox.
It went like this:
Tiburon: She's hung over on Lortab.
Rick: Lortab? What's Lortab? Is that like Viagra for women?

I don't know what was funnier, Rick's comment, or watching Tib try not to pee herself. again.

Now there's an invention......Viagra for women......mmmmmmm

Note to P.O.P: Kickboxing whilst on Lortab is difficult as it is, please, in the future, refrain from adding other cardio/strengthing exercises which may or may not involve glide discs. My befuddled brain can't handle it......


tiburon said...

It may or may not have been hysterical that you put the glide discs under your hand.

Melissa + Lortab = good times.

rychelle said...

TOO funny!

tammy said...


p.s. can I have one?