Thursday, December 25, 2008

A very Sissy Christmas

Okay, not gonna lie, Christmas and grandchild - THE BEST!
Ever since the puppies came, she would NOT leave the crate alone! She loved dumping all available items in it, crawling in and then hanging out in her "hut". We were constantly pulling her away from the crate.
So early this morning, I cleaned, sterilized and moved the large crate to her bedroom. With some princess blankets and a princess pillow, the former dog crate is now a Princess "hut".

She's not quite old enough to really get into opening presents, but she did seem to like her haul. What's funny, she was just as interested in the shoes at the front door as she was anything else.

I think though, once her powerwheels gets charged and she gets her helmet for her scooter, the shoes will be soooo yesterday.....
Her latest cute thing? Sniffing...... go figure


rychelle said...

Kids really make Christmas magical, don't they?

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh she looks so much like her dad! She looks so big taking care of her nose.

tammy said...

Loving the princess hut! And I had to laugh at her sniffing everything. My 12 year old started smelling everything at an early age, and still does. Kind of drives me bonkers now.

tiburon said...

The dog crate is the BEST!!

Love it! And love that Chloee!