Saturday, December 20, 2008

Super Saturday - Act III

Next up?
Race home to get showered, get Ellie washed and dried and all her things packed and ready to go for her to get picked up by her new Mom and Dad.
Now, I knew this moment was coming. I had been preparing for it all week, but I still moped and pouted as the time drew nearer.
Once I got her all cleaned up, I didn't want ANYTHING to touch her so, of course, needed to hold her every second. And get as many pictures with her as I could.

And of course, everyone else in the family had to say good-bye....

Most importantly, her four-legged momma to spend a few last minutes

The big moment came and Natalie and Jesse arrived. Bless them, they came bearing "comfort food" for me! MY FAVORITE!! Chocolate covered cinnamon bears! So very nice and thoughtful!

After some last minute details and explanations, it was time to hand her over.
Splenda Daddy and I's last time:

The hand off:

And, now, the new Family!!

The icing on the cake? I got a text message shortly after they left to let me know that Ellie was settling in and adjusting just fine.
While I just couldn't be happier that Ellie has gone to these fine kids, I'm not gonna lie.... a tich hard to give her up! I can't wait to see pictures of her as she grows up.
And, okay, admittedly once the front door got shut, I did have to step into my bedroom for a few quiet moments. All right, truth, so that the kicking and screaming could be done privately. Then went down on the chocolate cinnamon bears like a fat kid on cake! BLESS NATALIE!!

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tammy said...

I'm proud of the way you handled that. I think I would've backed out at the last minute.