Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tickle Me Pink Tuesday

Things that are just "tickling me pink!" right now:

1. Barnum's animal crackers. I feel like a little girl again, opening the package and then carrying the handle on my wrist. It's like an purse full of goodness!
2. My fatties on Tuesday night. Don't judge me.
3. Kim and Natalie. If either one of them read this, they'll know exactly what I mean.
4. My brand new, brown pointy toe pumps. I "forgot" to pack brown shoes. Oops!
5. Christmas music. Especially the Forgotton Carols and Amy Grant.
6. Free popcorn at Wingers. mmmmmmm

What "tickles you pink" today?


Martha J. Hutchinson said...

Just have to tell you... I had the perfect "That's What She Said" moment at the gym today. We were doing pull ups and Michelle's hands kept slipping. So she told Steve, "I can't get my hand around it to grip it. It's too big." I couldn't help myself. I just blurted out, "That's What She Said!" I thought poor Steve was going to pee his pants. (It tickled me pink, even though it was Wednesday and not Tuesday.)

tiburon said...

Oh that comment from Martha just tickled me pink.

For real.

I hate the Wingers. Just saying.

Missed you. Glad you are home! Just in time for me to leave :)