Saturday, December 13, 2008


I looked in the mirror this morning and what did I see, or rather, NOT see?!
What the crap?!?!
Okay, I am a plucker, but as of late, a couple months to be exact, I have been a slacker plucker. Meaning, the tweezers and my eyebrows haven't been getting it on lately. So imagine my utter surprise and dismay, to discover this morning that I have an ENTIRE CHUNK MISSING!! How in the ever-loving-heck did this happen? Did the eyebrow hair stealing fairy sneak into my house last night????!!!!
Yikes a-moley! I guess I'll have to pull my dry cleaning lady's trick and DRAW it in......


tammy said...

That's always fun. I'm always plucking something from somewhere.

Natalie said...

Oh you are brave and honest to post that picture. You make me laugh!

tiburon said...

How the crap does something like that happen!?

Blame it on Purdy.

I blame everything on Purdy.