Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday Missionary Update & What's Happening Hot Stuff??

Silly, Silly Lukie - I mean Elder Catmull! Here's this week's update (Remember I left his original spelling and grammar in):

Subject line - The Miracle of Fasting
Dear Parents!

What a week! A week of miracles that is..... sounds like things are going pretty good back home. I did get your email dad thank you, i just got it after i sent mine haha. we havent gotten a new place to live yet because it is a is going to take some time. and i will let you guys know the moment that i get the card, or i mean, the moment that i can. I am also looking forward to the package. i am going to send you guys a package also. Also, i talked to the post office about the package that got lost a lot time ago, they told me that i need to call a numbers and some other junk like that. I sent the package (the big one a long time ago) through what is called TNT, whcih means, it should get there in about 8 days and it should never got lost. It is expensive and really safe. Oh well, i am sure that you will get this next package because it is really small, but i know that you guys are going to like it.

Now, you guys are probably wondering, what is the miracle of fasting?? lets hear the story right? It is a long one, but i will shorten it up the best i can. Very cool though.
Aight, here in the sector, we have what are called eternal investigators, which, have shared with the missionaries for lots of time, but never progress and always have an excuse to not be baptized. They are very good people and know a lot about the chruch, but just decide not to. We have one in particular, and here name is Barbara. She has shared with the misisonaries for a long time, that being said, her two children, Paul and Paula were baptized. She on the other didnt want to do it cause she didnt want to leave here husbad behind. Tons and tons of misionaires have tried to baptize here, and she never could do it. Also me and my comp have tried a lot too. We have shared tons with her and helped her out a lot. okay, that being said,goign to switch topics for a second. in the sector we have the great challenge of having investigators attend chruch, our goal, as a zone, is 2 that attend and those two have a baptizmal date. it we complete with this goal as a zone, we have been given permision to play soccer on p days haha. kinda cool. this week was difficult to invite and get people comitted to do it. Okay, back to the story to tie things in......whew.

me and my comp asked the lord what we needed to do and recived the answer that God is a little upset with here because she has been given so mcuh and puts other things first and doesnt want to be baptized, God gave us two chapters in the BOM Alma 32 and 34. Then we felt to give here one last chance to accept. Friday night ( i am skipping a lot) we had a goood lession with here. We were really direct with here and told her whats up. She acepted a baptizaml date for Sat. 13 of Dec. but she was scared and wasnts 100 percent sure if she wanted to do it. me and my companion, decided to pray....and fast. The heat here has gottten up to 100 deg. it is insane hahah. Fasting with that was not easy, but it was worth it, and i will tell you why.... hahaha sorry this is long.
We had conference Sunday, and she didnt show up, crap...... we had elder barros from the seventy and our mission president there and we knew it was going to be good. Well, as time went by, she shows up, and sits down and begins to listen. She was feeling the spirit way strong and was in here mind to be baptized. Untill.....Elder Barros was inspiried to say these words, I would hope that at least one person from this conference would change here life. I know that there are a lot of people here, but I would hope for just one.
And that hit her hard, and decided to be baptized!!!!!! she didnt care what here husband would say or anything else, but she wanted to be baptized. What a miraclce!!!! we talked to elder barros about it after the meeting and he was so happy. she made the decision and is going to be baptized this sat. but the miracle doestn stop there haha. Guess how many people were there at chruch? 2 .....and guess how many had a baptizmal date..? 2 can you believe that? the two reasons that i was praying and fasting for. How awesome!

The Lord listens,AND answers. We know for sure if it wasnt for our faith, she would not have made the decision. a small sacrifice for a great blessing. think what can be accomplished with the simple act of pray and fast.....AANYONE can be converted. so anyway, that is more or less the story. looking forward to the baptizm this sat..... :)

Easily this has been the most difficult time on the mission, BUT the most rewarding, funny how that works. As far as talking with you guys on the phone, i am more than stoked!!! details will be next week!

i sent you guys a pic hahaha of my guns and me brushin my teeth. not the most attractive, but its what ive got haha. this week should be pretty busy, so time will fly by that is for sure. I loved getting your guyss letters and i am looking forward to next week!!! Love you guys! oh and if you guys have time, feel free to respond back!!

Elder Catmull

ummmmm......who IS this kid and what did he do with Luke? Crap-a-doodle! Here's me wiping tears....He is having the best time of his life!

So What's Happening Hot Stuff?
This week is going to be busy. I am in St. George for a quickie, and then back home for work, work and more work. It's the last week of PT camp, so I am expecting P.O.P to kick butt, though I will miss a morning. And then probably should get serious about Christmas shopping....mmm...mmmm..mmmm. Not exciting at all.

So how did I do on my goals last week?
Didn't kill any old ladies - check. In fact, fell head over heels in love with them and want to adopt them both!
Don't get fired for sexual harassment - check. Still have a job, but this morning was dicey, could be the nail in the coffin.
Find good homes for puppy boys - half check. Got a GREAT one for Junior, who we now just call puppy. But still looking for one for Hummer.
Gain a pound - check. Exact to the ounce.

So this week?
1. Get home safe and sound from the lovely and much warmer St. George
2. Find a good home for Hummer
3. No weight change. No gaining, no losing.
4. Get at least ONE present purchased.
I realize these are sure not lofty goals, but realize, I gotta set reasonable expectations for myself...c'mon, after my week on call with the freakin pager, my self-esteem is in the crapper and will need this week to rebuild. Can't set myself up for failure..... : )

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