Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ellie update !!

Now, Ellie went to her new home a week ago, and I got an update a few days later, but have been waiting to post until I got some pictures. They speak better words than I could ever!

She was the only girl of the bunch and in her new Mom's words:
"Hi Melissa,

Just thought you might like to hear how Ellie is doing...

First of all, I forgot how energetic puppies can be! Ellie is definitely a hyper one. Jesse thinks she's ADD - she can't concentrate on one toy for more than 20 seconds. Here's the latest:

1. She's a little scared at night still. The first night, we had to get up about five times cuz she was wimpering. Poor thing. Last night we only got up once though! She's getting better!
2. I showed her how to get up the stairs in the front of the house, feet first then bum. Sure enough, the next time she went outside, she got right up those stairs, with a little encouragement from mom. So now, if we take her outside when she doesn't want to, she just runs right back up the stairs into the house! Little snot! Now if she could learn how to go DOWN them.....
3. She loves running back and forth throughout the house, she's such a speed demon. Good way to wear her out before bed time.
4. She's fascinated by her tail. She jumps around in circles trying to catch it and sometimes wonders "what is that thing touching my back!?"
5. She's making friends with the puppy in the mirror. Yesterday while I was at work, Jesse caught her watching herself, then slowly inching up to the mirror sniffing. Then, she lunged at herself and hit the mirror, yelped and ran away. Oh I wish I could have seen it! This morning I caught her waving to herself. So cute! I need to get it on video.

I was thinking this morning of how lucky we are to have gotten Ellie from someone like you - someone who really cares about the puppies and who they go to. Others just say "gimme the money!" It's really comforting to know that our little Ellie was so well taken care of before we got her.

Thanks again for everything. Please keep in touch, and I'll do the same. Ellie and Hummer have their office play date on tuesday so Kim and I will let you know how it goes!

Have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy your call with your son!"

Thanks for the compliment Natalie, but really I am the lucky one to have found 3 PERFECT homes! Seriously, if I knew I could guarantee that again, I would go for it. Note to anyone thinking of breeding....DO NOT think you are going to make a ton of money. You don't. You'll be lucky if you break even.
And if you are thinking that, then you definitely SHOULD NOT be breeding. Period.


tammy said...

What a cutie! I love the part about the mirror. Cracking me up.

Aimee said...

What a sweetie. I love puppies. Then they grow up... LOL!

tiburon said...

Awww that Ellie is a cutie! Glad they are liking her!

Martha H. said...

So glad she went to a good home.