Friday, December 12, 2008

A big shout out and congrats are in order

Have to give my cousin (who was literally one of my best friends growing up) Alan, a HUGE shout out and a congratulations! He was just called and put in as his ward's Elder's Quorum president!
Congrats suckah! Or perhaps, condolences? Either way, he'll do a fan-freakin-tastic job!
And no, my brothah, there are no family secrets, this is what happens when I sup with your Mom!!



tammy said...

Nope, no secrets when it comes to blogging. Especially when we run out of other stuff to blog about. I just got a new calling too. And I think it will now be a good time for me to become inactive.

Natalie said...

It is true that condolences are in order...however, he will be an amazing EQ pres. Fun fact - apparently the EQ is in charge of snow removal at the church...just found that out today. Super fun!