Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hummer/Biscuit update!

How freaking cute is he?
His new family hasn't decided if he is going to stay with the name Hummer or go with Biscuit as Maddy wants. Either way, SO CUTE!

He is settling right into his new home (of course), and cute as ever!

In the words of his new Mom:
Hummer is doing so great! He woke up at 4:00 this morning, but I'd been awake since 3:00 anyway, and seeing as it was his first night away from home, I spoiled him and just let him out of his crate for an early start to the day. He was SO wild! I swear to you I played fetch and tug-o-war with him for 45 minutes straight before he grew tired of that game. I finally wore him out at about 6:30 and let him come lay down on my bed. He did a couple of those Chewbacca yawns, and they're adorable! And despite a fit of wild barking at about 5:30, he did not wake Maddy up. We finally dragged her out of bed at 8:30 and brought her downstairs to see him. She just wanted to open presents, a little bit of a let down (okay, a huge let down) for Khoi and I who thought she'd just go nuts over him. But she did warm up to him once the toys had all been unwrapped, and she keeps telling him that she loves him.

She wants to call him Biscuit, but we'll talk her out of it. We really love him, he's just so adorable and fun. We've taken about 100 pictures of him already, but our camera can't keep up with him and only about 10 of them actually look like a dog rather than a blur

Congrats Kim, Khoi and....

of course Maddy!


Kim Le said...

It's Hummer, we just can't find another name that fits him as well as the one you gave him : )

Martha H. said...

So stinkin' cute!