Sunday, December 28, 2008

Spiritual Sunday - Faith, Hope, and Charity

Wow! Great Sunday!
Chloee took a reeeeaallly long nap before church so she was actually good during Sacrament meeting. We made the whole meeting without having to leave the chapel. New record! Was officially released as a Gospel Doctrine teacher. They didn't announce my new calling because they still haven't been able to get the other person to release her.'ll all just have to wait until next week for that piece of excitement.
Sunday School was the last lesson the Book of Mormon. Most of the discussion was on Faith, Hope and Charity. A woman in the back posed the question. Why is it always listed in that order in the scriptures? (See Moroni 7:40-44; 1 Corinthians 13:13; D&C 4:5)
Well, that got me to thinking, I know, I know, scary in and of itself, but hey, cut me some slack.
Why ARE they listed in that order? Then I had a major epiphany for me. Faith is generally a thought, Hope is generally a feeling, and Charity is an action.
We have the thoughts, the feelings and then we need to do the acts. It generally goes right in that order. Thought, feeling, action.
You can think and feel all the righteousness you want, but without the acts (charity) you are nothing. I definitely came away with something I had never thought of before and something that will stick with me forever. I guess my challenge is to not just think the good thoughts, have the good feelings that I should do something, but ACTUALLY act on it. Here's to hoping I can vastly improve in this area.

After church went to Splenda Daddy's mom's house for dinner. Tomorrow is his birthday and she likes to have the kids over for a special dinner for their day. So nice to NOT have to think about what to do for dinner, nor clean up.
Back home, bathe the chunch, read to her and then she's in her blessed bed for the night.

Still contemplating the faith, hope, charity epiphany......I'm sure you all have long since figured that one out. I'm a little slow, and it's going to take a little bit to sink in. In words it sounds simple, in real life - now that's the challenge


Kristina P. said...

I hadn't really thought of the faith, hope, charity question. But it makes perfect sense. I don't even need to read my scriptures tonight after reading that blog post.

tammy said...

You're so good to write down your thoughts and feelings from SS/RS each week. I remember thinking how spiritually fed I felt yesterday after church, but now my blond brain can't remember the deets why. I need to start journaling them.