Sunday, December 7, 2008

Good Friends - Good Times

Oh.My.Heck! I think I laughed so hard Saturday night, I might, just might, have peed a little!

It was a holiday party hosted by Rick and Katrina Reed at their MOST beautiful home. Tons of food, lots of great people and most fun of all, funny friends from the gym! We started off the night by eating. Then some more eating. And then yet again, some more eating. There will be some serious work to be done next week, after that buffet of goodness.
Then we started the Secret Santa Gift Exchange, which is really like a White Elephant game. 16 of us, and yes, I was lucky and drew number 11. Great gifts and fun to watch how grown adults tried to choose whether or not to "steal" or just open a wrapped gift. There were a few REALLY good gifts that were targeted and luckily, we had Raelynn to referee and keep the rules straight about how many times gifts could be traded etc. Nothing like a room full of competitive athlete's playing a game to liven a party!
I came away with not only an extra layer of food sitting on my nethercheeks, but a VERY cute plate set that when assembled is a snowman. I was so excited, came home, got it put together with D's help, said "oh that's so cute." and then put it right back in the box to go to the next white elephant party. While dang cute, there is no WAY, I could ever have anything fragile like that in my house. Have you met me? Does the phrase "a bull in a china shop" mean anything to you?

The highlight of the night is when Tiburon, got her great gift stolen (which I brought BTW- and it WAS great), and then ended up opening another one. The look on her face as she realized she was now the lucky owner of a Chia pet was PRICELESS!
All night long, she tried to pawn that sucker off - to no avail! Cha-Cha-Cha-Chia!

I suspect, we will be hearing about that thing for DAYS to come. It was AWESOME!

Got a quick couple of pictures of all of together......

l-r Rick, Raelynn, Tiburon, Chris, Amy and myself down in front.

A little dark, but more gym rat friends.....

standing l-r Chad, Lisa, Sue, Becky, Chris, Bob, Suzanne, Mark
sitting l -r Rick's friend (?), Rick, Raelynn, Tiburon, Amy Katrina
and me at the very bottom.

Rick and Katrina were fantastic hosts, everyone brought delicious food to share and I think we all laughed pretty long and hard through the night. Good times, and can't wait for more!

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Katrina Reed said...

Chi chi chi chia..... hey, great blog! glad you came, we had a great time. Rick and Katrina