Wednesday, December 17, 2008

If it's Wednesday, then I'm wondering WHY?

Golly, I need some enlightenment this morning......
WHY did the Today show allow Tom Cruise back on?

Do they NOT remember what happened the last time?

No one should be allowed to offend the ever-so-cute Matt Lauer and then be allowed back on. Even his "apology" yesterday does not redeem him and yet he's back on this morning. I.DON'T.GET.IT - WHY??

WHY must people be so politically correct that all we tend to hear is "Happy Holiday's"?

Face it people. It's CHRISTMAS. Let's say Merry Christmas. I realize that there are other holidays around the same time of year, so on the day of Hanuka, let's say Happy Hanuka. On Kwanza, let's say Happy Kwanza, or any other special day this time of year. But do we really have to lump them all together so as not to offend someone? Really. GROW.UP.
thanks for the pic Tanja

And finally, WHY Eggnog? Please explain. It's eggs (raw?), whipped, with some sort of something or another? It's a thick gooey texture that slides down your throat? Someone please explain the appeal. Personally, I am thinking eggs belong scrambled in butter and served with crumbled bacon. Just. Saying.


kimberly said...

I am SO with you on the egg nog thing! It is DISGUSTING! I don't know how anyone can drink that stuff.

Kristina P. said...

Did you just denounce Eggnog!?!? Don't make me go all Tom Cruise on your arse!!

And did you see where Tom was giving Spencer from The Hills advice? Hilarious!!!

Martha H. said...

Tom Cruise is a lunatic!

Eggnogg is hateful! Down with the 'nog!

rychelle said...

i only support pro-nog blogs. sorry.

oh, and merry christmas!


tammy said...


Except the eggnog thing. But only the grocery store kind. Not the homemade kind. Although isn't that kind supposed to have rum in it? I've been drinking it all wrong.

tiburon said...

Egg Nog - NASTY

Tom Cruise - NASTY

Happy Merry Ramahanakwasmas.