Saturday, December 13, 2008

It was......FOOD POISONING!!

Poor Tuffy...... it hit him at about 3am this morning. The violent bodily evacuations of toxicity. Years ago, through Dave's job at the time, we learned that 90% of all gastrointestinal sicknesses are NOT a viral bug at all, but instead some form of food poisoning. So therefore, every time something of the sort hits our house, we can generally track it down to a particular food. This time, the perpetrator? Jeno's pizza rolls and/or Little Debbie's fudge cakes. Probably undercooked pizza rolls, or cooked but then left out a little too long. Either way, the poor baby was sicker than sick. You know it's bad, when your 17 year old son just wants to crawl into your bed with you.
18 hours later, he's not moved from my bed and is weaker than a newborn kitten. Gatorade, coke and crackers are all he's doing.......Word to the wise - Not only are Jeno's Pizza rolls a poor choice nutritionally, but could in fact, lead you to be a victim of the dreaded puke and poop syndrome.
Do the words "never trust a fart" mean anything to you?


Natalie said...

Such a sad picture. Thanks for the warning about Jeno's pizza rolls.

tammy said...

Poor guy! Craking up at "never trust a fart". We call them "sharts". Ugh! Food poisoning is the worst! I remember crawling to the bathroom because I couldn't walk. My hubby got it so bad once that he had to have 4 IVs of fluid at Urgent Care.

tiburon said...