Saturday, December 20, 2008

Super Saturday - Act II

Scene: The vet office for second round of shots for puppies.
Characters: Ellie, Hummer, Puppy Boy, vet tech and Dr Silkman.
The darlings went in for their second series of shots and a check up by Dr Silkman the vet. They all are in EXCELLENT condition. In the words of Dr Silkman "rock solid".
Then they got their next series of shots and a squirt up the nose. This after getting their temperature's taken (not orally), and a hands on inspections by Dr Silkman. I could sense their embarrassment. Especially when the vet remarked that the boys' testes had descended. I'm pretty sure both of the boys blushed.
Here's Ellie - weighing in at 3 lbs (and some change)

Here's Puppy boy - weighing in at nearly 4 lbs

And finally , here's the Hummer - weighing in at 5 lbs (and some change)

Nice to see that all three were in exceptional health. Dr Silkman is wonderful to explain every little detail, and since he has bred his dog before, had lots to offer in the way of suggestions on how to handle it when it's time for them to leave. Both for the two-legged mom and the four-legged mom. Which leads into the next act.

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tiburon said...

I am dizzy reading all this stuff about your saturday!.

Dizzy I say.