Monday, December 1, 2008

Missionary Update and What's Happening Hot Stuff...

So our cute Elder Luke is doing much better. I guess the Mission President is spared a phone call from the states : )

Here's what he has to say:
Dear Parents,

Wow another week gone by and i guess that transfers are coming up here soon. They will be on the 17 of Dec. Wow time is flying by really really fast. The week was actually a lot better than before. The interview went good with the Pres. and we talked about some of the things. Basically, all is well, and he knew about all the problems that my companoin has, which is why, he called me to be here. Kinda cool huh?

The activity went really well in the church. We had some good talents, and some not so good talents hahaha. Or i mean, they had perfect intentions, but sometimes you just have to stick to what God has given ya haha. As you are probably guessing I am talking about some singin that went on and almost broke all of the windows in the church haha. No but it was really good and we accomplished what we wanted to accomplish. We are now going to try and plan another activity soon, a Bonfire!!

Things are going a lot better here with my comp. I have learned pacience and LOVE haha. Also, we want to see if we can change houses. This place is a mess and everyone here knows where we live, which can be dangerous...... So we are looking at some of the apartments that we have in mind. They arent the best, but a lot better than what we got. In our house, haha and get this... we have ELECTRIC SHOWER. Or electricity is used to heat up the water. How smart is that?? Only in CHile........

Okay now for the facebook update:

Not too much that will be going on this week. Should actually be pretty normal. There is a memeber here that had his birthday a little bit ago and this week we are trowing a party for him. But other than that, it is just the good old Lord´s work :) Also, you guys can email me if you want to send me a message. It would be a lot faster and easier. The only problem is, is that I cant email you guys back (i dont get it either) but i have to write you guys back by hand, and it takes about 3-4 weeks to recive it. But feel free to email me!
Here is my email:

Sorry mom and dad, i would have sent some more pics, but i left my camera a couple of weeks ago at the house of my zone leaders, so today after email i am going to go and pick it up. Either today, or next week i am going to send a small gift with a tape for Christmas, nother big cause i cant, but i think that you guys will love it!

It was funny cause I was talking to my companion the other day, and we came to the conclusion, that really this sector is really hard, but this has been the time with the most spiritual experiences haha its kinda cool to think how that works. It was also interesting because yesterday, we actually made some guys admit that their chruch is false, but they still didnt want to change. I feel really bad, but the free agency is what dominates.

Dont you guys worry about me though everything is fine here and will be fine. But know that I am thinking about you guys a lot at this time of the year, Christmas. It is the best time of tranditions, and for christmas i am going to But I love the pic that you guys sent me and I love getting pics. I hope that your week goes well and hope to hear from you guys soon. Love and miss you guys!

Elder Catmull

p.s. i never got a letter from dad? what happened?
p.s.s. Mom fantastic job on running!! I really am proud of ya!!!

Did he really use the word "dangerous", doesn't he know that sends a Mom into hyperventilation? Good thing, I know he is watched over and protected and, really not worried about him anymore. Yeah for Christmas when we get to call him!! : )

So this week:
Gotta hit as many classes at the gym as possible. There is a little contest and, if you can imagine, I want to WIN!
On call for work - knocking on wood that the pager will be quiet.
A ward Christmas party Friday and the Gym Rat Christmas party on Saturday night.
Usual drudgery the rest of the days.
However, Saturday is considered our Family Anniversary! It's the day we were sealed in the temple as a family. We usually try to celebrate it all together, but this year is a little odd. We'll see what happens.

Before I list my goals for the week, maybe we should look to see how I did last week.....
Didn't kill anyone Tuesday - check
Didn't get fired - check
Successfully ate through the pain on Thursday - check
Finished the 6k is less than 30 minutes - check
Didn't gain any more weight - check
Sounds like a great, successful week!

Up this week:
1. Don't kill anyone Thursday (same old ladies)
2. Find good homes for the puppy boys
3. Don't get fired for my constant sexual harrassing
4. Gain a pound.

Here's to having a great week on the Happy Bus!!


tiburon said...

Hey now - I didn't think not gaining more weight was a good thing! What happened to a pound a week? That is all I ask....

That Elder Catmull is a cutie - he seems to like scaring you though!

Natalie said...

You make me laugh! I'm glad I found your blog! If you're looking for a pound, you can have some of mine!