Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I could make a list a mile long today, but will instead, try to keep it short and simple.....

1. I am SO thankful for my job. I work for the best company a girl could ask for. They have treated me very well for the past 21 years (yes I started when I was 10) and right now, we have great leadership who looks out for their employees and every day I realize how truly blessed I am for it.
2. I am SO thankful for D's job. They are not as stable as mine in the long run, and true, anything could happen, but for now, things are okay.
3. On that note, I am thankful for my D. He commutes an hour to work each way, EVERY DAY, and never complains. He rocks the house!
4. The Palmer's, The Le's and The Fowlkes'. They have made a Christmas miracle!!
5. Milk Dud's. A simple thing really. The melt-the-chocolate-in-your-mouth and then chew-chew-chew the caramel process. Taste and texture baby, taste and texture!
6. Friends. Friends. Friends. Really, can't have too many of them.
7. On that note, my cell phone and text messaging. Seriously. What would I do without the ability to stay in contact with all my besties all the day long??

What are you thankful for this Thursday?


tiburon said...

Thankful I am flying across the country.

Although I will miss you. Tons :)

val said...

hi melissa. i'm not sure how i came across your blog but fun to find you! isn't blogging the greatest? happy holidays to you and your family.
valerie sandberg bateman

Martha J. Hutchinson said...

I'm thankful that you go to St. George so I don't have to. I'm also thankful that you posted my comment about my 'tickled pink' moment at the gym yesterday. :)

rychelle said...

thanks for stopping by!

long commutes to work stink. i know!

Kami said...

Hi Melissa! Thanks for saying Hi!

ps. Goooo Yankees!! :)