Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Things I am Thankful for on this Thursday's edition:

1. Natalie and Jesse
2. Fowlkes Family
3. My D - yes he will probably be on here EVERY single week, but this week, especially so. Let's just say, had a little physical come apart Monday night and he was right there to take care of me and make sure I was okay. He's my best D evah!!
4. The Olive Garden. Need I say more? C'mon, the bread sticks and Zuppa Toscana are the BEST! Favorite place to carb load before a race!
5. My job. Really, as I see other companies dropping like flies, I am REALLY grateful for mine.
6. My corn bag. When I get so stinkin cold every night, that baby goes into the microwave and in 3 minutes, instant heat on my body! la la LOVE it!
7. Text messaging. What did I ever do before I was a texter? Now, I got some mad thumb skills!
8. Crystal Light. I HATE plain water. But with my little packets of sunshine and happiness, I can actually drink a gallon of water a day and not gag!
9. Tiburon for letting me lift her Thankful logo

What are you thankful for this first Thursday of December?


tiburon said...

Thankful that even though you didn't think it was the best logo I have ever created you still used it.

Way to take one for the team ;)

And what freaking come apart did you have and why didn't I hear about it?

Anonymous said...

Had to come say hi after I read Tib's Keep Calm post!

Love the list and isn't it crazy how many people would consider themselves texters with mad skills?
Me, being one of them in the over 30 crowd! ;)