Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday - Missionary Update

Yeah! Such a handsome stud! Not much in his email today since we will be talking later this week!
Dear Parents,

I guess that you are probably wondering what has been going on this past week. I decided that I am not going to beat around the bush, and there are a couple things that I am sure you guys would like to know. There was no transfer here in our sector, or i mean, i am still here with my companion for another 6 weeks at least. which actually wasnt to suprising, but wasnt the best news i will be spending my christmas here! And, also some good information to know aboout.......THE CALL!!

We had to change the date from the 25, to the 24 (christmas eve) this is actually the day the we can use the phone, and will have to be the day that we get to talk. The bad thing is, that you guys have that white elephant game at TNTs........I hope that doesnt cause any problems, but really is the day that we had to change to :( Also, that same day, we have a ZONE CONFERENCE, can you imgine that? So we will be in Osorno all day.....that means that the call would be about 8:00 (in Chile time) at night. The phone that we are going to use, we are going to take it back to our house because the family that is gonig to let us use the phone, probably wont be home. So, the important information:
The call: the 24th of Dec. at 8:00 Chile time.
As far as this week goes, it should be pretty laid back. WE will basically work about two days of the week. So nothing huge going on. I know that this email is really short, but i want you guys, if you have time, to respond back and tell me what you think. Also, we will be talking this week so not much to say here haha. I havent gotten any packages yet, tomorrow i will see if i get any, but i will let you know when we talk.
I love and miss you guys!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Catmull

Can't wait until the 24th! I guess it's okay that it's a day early.....we'll somehow have to cope with it! : )


rychelle said...

you can't beat that christmas gift!

merry christmas.

Kristina P. said...

I'm sure that will be such a great call!

tammy said...

So excited for you!

tiburon said...

The 24th?!?! THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!


Trevor, Brianna, Alivia, and Tayvree Hansen said...

yay !!! what time is that here if it's 8 in chile? hey don't pee your pants from excitement!! lol!! ;)