Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Missionary Update & What's Happening Hot Stuff??

Sorry, no updated picture this week, but thought it would be fun to put last year's Christmas picture with Chloee right before he left.
Here's Elder Lukie's weekly update (excuse his grammar and spelling, he's losing his English):


Well, I am sure that you guys are probably guessing what all happened with the baptizm......She went through with it and got baptized!! how sweet is that? it was so awesome and an amazing experience. SHe is so happy and so is her family. I honestly would be sending you guys a picture right now but the thing isnt working so i am not able to send the picture ;( This week was really rough actually. A lot of sun, not a lot of work, lots of challenges, and just an overall rough week. But today and tomorrow are big days, or what i mean by that is, this wednesday there are transfers....... I am feeling that one of these two options are going down.... Either I am heading out, or me and my comp stay here another 6 weeks.....Ouch, the thought of not very pleasing haha. Oops, i probably shouldnt say that, but it reality, it is what God wants. I guess i just have to take what come and enjoy it.
I am glad to hear that cliff is back is i am sure that he is doing great- i would actually love to talk to him cause portuguse is really simiilar to spanish and i can understand most of what my comp says when he is talking in portuguse. So i honestly think that it would be cool- Wow, the one year mark is coming up so fast, and the time really has flown by. And will continue to fly by really fast, i am pretty sure of that. after the one year mark it changes from, Oh i have this much time in my mission. to... I only have this much time left haha. That is what makes it fly by.
I am sure that you guys are wondering about the details on the phone situation.....welll... we dont know yet. Its cause we have transfers this wed. so we cant make plans until we know what is all going to happen. but i am way excited to talk to you guys on the phone. It just kinda sucks cause i would love to talk all day to you guys on the phone honestly, but what can ya do.
The christmas spirit isnt very high haha i am not going to lie. I just can get past the fact that the weather is hot, and it just straight up feels like summer. OUr misison pres. said the same thing, that is just is not the same at all. But The singnificance is what matters right?

Today I am going to send home a little something to you guys that I hope you guys enjoy, if you get it before Christmas, you cant open it until Christmas day!!!!
Thank you guys so much for all of the support that you guys have given me, I love you guys so much. Oh before i forget dad, i took out some money today, so that you know, and the sunscreen is still holding up good to go! Thanks for all that you guys do honestly!! Love you guys and am looking forward to NEXT WEEK THE CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Catmull

And we can't wait either! (BTW - did his finger just land on the exclamation mark and get stuck?) LOVE THAT KID!

So What's Happening Hot Stuff and what's my goals for this week? Let's check in with last week's first.
Get home safe and sound from St George - check!
Find a good home for Hummer - check! Thanks to Natalie and thanks to Kim
No weight change - FAIL! - lost two, but pretty sure the cookies I went down on yesterday will fix that this week.
Get at least ONE present purchased - check!

Now for some lofty ones this week:
1. Stay professional at ALL costs during meeting with revenue consultants on Tuesday. Refrain from saying inappropriate things or jokes. For the love of all that's holy, PLEASE be a grown-up.
2. Get another present or two purchased. Really. There are only 9 more days.
3. Get lesson prepared for Sunday, BEFORE Sunday.
4. Begin calendar count down on the 19th. That is Luke's 1 year mark, we will then commence the countdown - YEAH!
5. Gain two pounds.
6. Be reasonable at all parties this week. Again, let's put our grown up hat on for a few hours and pretend that we are mature and appropriate. Talk, act and eat sensibly. Your job, family status and friends could be in jeopardy if not.
7. Keep it together while saying good-bye to Ellie. At least until they drive away. Then permission granted to bawl like a 2 year old. Kicking and screaming also acceptable.

Okay, I think those are pretty lofty and if I attain all 7 of them, I will certainly owe myself a pat on the back. Keep your fingers crossed for me! 1, 6 and 7 are all going to be pretty tough!


rychelle said...

i love that you post letters from your missionary. i teared up just a little, and i don't even know him.

i think you should sluff work on the 30th, and join us for breakfast. i'm sure it'll be worth it. ;)

Vanessa said...

I bet you are so excited for that phone call!!!

Kristina P. said...

This is too funny! I clicked over to your blog yesterday from Rychelle's, who is a cyber-BFF turned real-BFF, and unfortunately, I had to do work stuff before I could comment!

I'm so glad you found me! I will add you to my Reader!

tammy said...

I love your list of goals.

Wow, 1 year. Has it gone by fast, or not so much? I think I will have a love/hate relationship with missions when my sons' times come.

tiburon said...

You are going to be unbearable to live with next week waiting for that call. I just know it.

You are allowed to cry over the dog - just not the ugly cry.

Don't you worry about gaining that weight - I took care of it for you.

PLEASE don't be a grown up.