Saturday, December 20, 2008

Super Saturday - Act V

Bonco Christmas Party!
Now I know some of you spell it Bunko, but for me I have ALWAYS spelled it Bonco, and will continue to til the day I die. Get.Over.It.
Let me give you some background. We started a couple's Bonco group about 16 years ago. That's right SIXTEEN years!
We originally started out playing the game, but within the first year got a little bored of it. However, we wanted to keep the group together and we really enjoyed hanging out. So it turned into a "dinner once a month" sort of thing. We have been doing that for the last SIXTEEN years! We have celebrated peoples 40th BD's, 50th BD's, have gone on overnighters, gone to Wendover, gotten some of our kids married, become grandparents, lost our parents..... we have been through it all, together. An amazing group of besties!
Our annual Christmas dinner is always ordering take out and staying in where we can talk. Really talk. Then we do a "white elephant" exchange. Only these are TRUE white elephants. Some years there have been some VERY funny stuff exchanged, and for a long time, we had some gifts make an appearance year after year.
This year, this was the funny of the night

Though we were missing two of our couples, here are the diehards....

l-r Debbie, Donna, John, Me, Splenda Daddy, Debbie, Scott
Rob (first Debbie' hubby is taking the picture)
Lah-Lah-LOVE my Bonco friends. Best Friends EVUH !!
Here's to another 16 and beyond!!


Kristina P. said...

Your Saturday was insane!

And I have never played Bunco, Bonco, whatever.

tammy said...

Love bunko! That's how I spell it by the way and always will. I know you won't hold that against me. Love the white elephant gifts!