Thursday, December 25, 2008

Goodbye's are the hardest!.....puppies gone...WAAAHHHHH!!

So after the ever thrilling Christmas eve party, it was time to get the boys ready to go to their new families. Each of them had a bath, a blow dry and then some one on one time with me.
Me and Hummer

Me and Puppy boy

Handing off to Hummer's new family.

And Hummer's new family - the fantastic Kim and Khoi! (Maddie is missing, but hope to get a pic soon - he was her surprise!)

Hummer will be so happy in his new family...... wonder if Hummer will stay his name? That would be hilarious when he won't actually get any bigger than about 10-12 lbs. : )
Next it was Puppy boy's turn to get ready.....
Me and Puppy boy

The hand off....

And now with his new mom Melinda- now remember, he is going to a home with 5 kids who have been begging for a dog! He is their Christmas surprise, and I can't wait to get pic's!

Now, to self medicate with chocolate covered Cinnamon Bears that the super great Kim and Khoi came bearing. They sure do soften the blow. Or not.

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tammy said...

I want a new puppy now! Although I am going a little crazy with four dogs in the house right now. We got lucky and are watching my in-law's two dogs while they go to UT for the weekend. Why must they mark every flipping piece of furniture and item left on the floor??