Sunday, November 30, 2008

Spiritual Sunday.......

And yet another Sunday under our belt. It's now 7:40pm - the chunch is in bed, where a good chunch belongs, and I have time to take a breath and think over the day.
This afternoon was another teaching day for me. The lesson this week was on Ether chapters 1-6 in the Book of Mormon.
It's all about Jared, the brother of Jared and their people coming to the America's. To be honest when I first started preparing, I was getting NOTHING. Nothing jumped out as super exciting, new or otherwise spin-your-socks inspiring. Same story, heard it, read it, a million, gajillion times.
Then FINALLY, this morning (good thing church is in the afternoon), it started to come together.
As I taught though, a very remarkable thing happened. The lesson took a completely different turn than I had imagined.
It ended on a completely different note than I had intended, and what do you know, it was even BETTER! Several people came up to me after and mentioned that they had never approached this block of scripture in this way before. Very nice to know that at least someone besides myself got something out of it.
The bottom line that we came away with? Prayer and what it means to be sincere about it.
Whatever higher power or deity you choose to worship - one has to sincerely believe that if you ask for help, you will most definitely get it. Sometimes, well, most times, not in the way or timetable WE might want, but always, what is best for us.
Challenge? Quit just going through the motions and make it more meaningful. That could be applied to not just prayer, but life in general.

Well, those are my rambling musings for this lovely Sunday. Better start studying for the next one I have to teach : )

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tiburon said...

Geez. I have never seen this deeply spiritual and enlightened side of you before.

I feel wrong being irreverent around you now....

Or not.