Tuesday, February 24, 2009

But wait! There's more!......more tickling of me today

So my eldest offspring sent these to me. Is he trying to tell me something?
Let it be known, these are three more reasons why I don't drink. Alcohol that is. Unless it's Nyquil. Then that.is.another.story.
Oops-a-doodle squared
There are no words....
And I was pleased not to recognize my son or his friends in these particular videos. (although I would have laughed even harder) : )


Martha H. said...

Loved the last one. Hello, crack!

Jillybean said...

Those were great! I can't belive that last guy put a hole in the wall.

America's Next Top Mommy said...

Hi there! Just stopping by from Missy's blog and thought I'd say hello. These were too funny!

I was kinda lost on the last line of the middle video. If you do do drink? Sounds like the person writing that tag line was do doing some drinking of their own :-)

Nice to meet you!!

::Jan:: said...

The plastered guy will have to have a plaster guy come and fix the wall.

Ding a ling.

Tink said...

That cracked me up! I think I saw my son in one of those :(

tammy said...

Which is exactly why I gave up drinking.

DeNae said...

If I can't have Nyquil in the Celestial Kingdom, I'm not going.

And not the new, safe stuff either. I want the Nyquil of my youth, the stuff where you could FEEL it putting hair on your chest even as it spun the room around you and sent you into that wonderful OTC coma.

Yep. That one's a deal breaker.

Trevor, Brianna, Alivia, and Tayvree Hansen said...

ACHH! Eww!! Ugh!! Sick! lol!

tiburon said...

Those are the greatest videos I have ever seen.

Although that measuring tape one...I would totally do that I am not drunk.